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by pinocchio, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for serial lying affairs


To everyone out there, do not be misled by the seeming ignorance and incompetence of AG Apandi Ali. He is only a low IQ lowly stooge, paid to heel and fetch to the whims and fancies of PM Najib. 

Do not be fooled by an AG who is defending the crooks against law enforcers.

Learn to see through the red herrings being thrown out by PM Najib and his government and administration of thieves, designed to fool only the uneducated and the feeble-minded simpletons out there in the boondocks of Malaysia.

One lie leads to another and another. 

Once you become implicated in corruption involving the purchase of Scorpene submarines costing RM8 billion AND murder, and embark on a massive cover-up, then it's a no-brainer that more looting and plundering will be the normal order of business of this rogue administration.

AG Apandi has been ordered to let 1GDB (1Grossmajib Development Board) off the hook at any cost by PM Najib.

So, AG Apandi, like the lap-dog docile and compliant poodle that he is, has lied to the nation that 1GDB broke no laws in misrepresenting to and misleading BNM over the RM 5.5 billion (US$1.83 billion) assets that it said had been liquidated and deposited in cash in a Singapore bank.

The clear and indisputable fact is 1GDB made false declarations to BNM. In the same way one is liable to the Income Tax for false declarations made in one's returns, 1GDB broke the law knowingly and wilfully. 

PM Najib had earlier this year clearly confirmed in black and white that much of 1GDB's financial dealings were deliberately transacted off-shore to stay below BNM's radar line! 

A sitting prime minister who is also the finance minister has told us that he sanctioned 1GDB's crooked dealings financed by the shady raising of RM46 billion in debt, to avoid scrutiny by the very body, BNM, set up by Parliament, to stop fraud and thievery by our government.

Do we need more proof that PM Najib, AG Apandi, various CEOs and Chairman on 1GDB, Deputy Ministers Maslan and Hanadzlah and other sycophants like Sharir who were rewarded with millions of ringgit for their loyalty, are all inveterate and incurable cheats and liars?

Only vermin of the basest kind, wallowing in absolute slime and filth, can support PM Najib and his claim that RM2.6 billion deposited in his personal bank account was a "donation from a friendly Arab party"!

So Malaysians, be very clear. Our entire elected government  under PM Najib is lying about RM2.6 billion of corrupt money and money-laundering, 1GDB, its RM46 billion debt, world-record money-laundering, fraud, criminal breach of trust and more.

AG Apandi Ali is lying through his teeth that 1GDB did not deliberately indulge in a serious breach of the laws of Malaysia, to cover up for massive fraud.

It also does not absolve BNM and Yeti of laziness, incompetence and dereliction of duty. The governor of BNM, Yeti, has to make amends for the pathetic vigilance under her watch, by revealing about ALL the money that has been laundered through PM Najib and his wife Rosmah's personal bank accounts since 2009.

Remember, where money-laundering, corruption and fraud are involved, no one, no prime minister and his wife, can be allowed to hide behind BAFIA (Banking and Financial Institutions Act).

BAFIA cannot be a defence for hiding crime, corruption and fraud that ranks at the top of global ratings!

And certainly not murder!  

Wake up Yeti! You have an opportunity to redeem yourself in the eyes of the Rakyat. Don't blow your only chance!

As for my fellow citizens, my advice to you is SPEAK OUT! Hound your ADUNS and MP for action, truth and justice.

Silence has never been an option. Do not think that by being silent, you will be safe. Put aside your fears. Call that rogue Najib's bluff. Do not always have that 'let that that other guy fight for it' mentality.

If you do not act now, you will pay for it twice over with your children and grandchildrens' future in tatters!

Donplaypuks® with RM46 billion lies and murder cover-up, men!


Anonymous said...

Bro! Just read your interview recently. Didn't realise that you were a fellow Victorian! :) I came two decades or so after you though. Hope you're doing well away from home. Exile, whether by choice or by circumstance isn't always easy to bear. You doing okay where you are? Do you have long term papers for it?

Hopefully things will sort itself out in KL soon, but experience shows that things usually get worse before they get better, sadly.

Man, they ought to flatten SJI and turn it into a car park for all the damage its infamous alumnus is doing to the country. They can make it a pay car park too- I don't mind!

Donplaypuks® said...


Thanks for the concern.

I'm fine where I am and am prepared to ride the good with the bad.


Donplaypuks® said...


Perhaps you'd like to check out my VI blog at :

Anonymous said...

Have every confidence Yeti will prove true. You can see the tides of change irreversible, only 30% support PM and less than 23% support the BN.
When everyone tills the oars, the pretenders will sink to oblivion.

Anonymous said...


I did check your VI blog for a bit, I read the first article I came across about the Prefects' Board (attempted) mass resignation. Thus I shall not sully your other blog with my comments.

Look, I do realise that the earlier generations were different in many ways, and they are exemplars and paragons to look up to, but with the passing years I'm afraid the calibre of people that flow through VI- both teachers and students- changed as well.

Mind you this is more than 2 decades after you. My opinion about prefects? Sure in Form 1 we looked up to them with awe, terror and respect, but as you get older .... Prefects ain't nothing but proto-fascists, man. Swinging their dicks and so-called authority around. Who put them there? Chosen by the teachers? Hell if I know. I have more respect for class monitors than the prefects. When cloaked with power, it's hard to see the difference, however notional, between 'prefect' and 'bully'.

Sorry bro, it's just my opinion as I continue to age and look at those juvenile years with more introspection. It didn't help the image of the prefects that a year or two after I left VI, one of the Form 6 prefects made the Head Girl preggers. Oh yeah, you heard that right. ELL OHH ELL

Unknown said...

All the best in the book launch

Roland Selva

Anonymous said...

I think you are being unkind to Najib. Have you forgotten Malayan Banking, Chinese Co-Ops (MCA), Samy Vellu's company that went belly up and was 'rescued' by an Indian millionaire (the poor Indians who invested were lucky to get a few cents in the dollars) UAB (MIC members), BBMB, MARA, MAS (twice), BBMB Finance murder in HK, Altanuya murder, etc. All these were more than the total missing in 1MDB (now headed by an Indian crony who talks thru his posterior. After Najib has an expensive dependent problem (what with expensive hand bags, shoes, carpets (remember that fella selling carpets who got multi-million dollar loans. UMNO has been ruling Malaysia for 50 years. Poor Malays are still poor. Rent seekers have got even bolder now. I will stop here as I beginning to be depressed. God save Malaysia because nobody else can.