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by no shit sherlock , donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for murder cover-up affairs


As logically concluded in 'Murdered In Malaysia:The Altantuya Story', there was a clear conspiracy and cover-up in Altantuya's gruesome execution (in October 2006) with C4 explosives. The fingers clearly point to PM Najib, his wife Rosmah and the IGP.


Because, to-date no one has investigated who gave the orders to kill Altantuya. It's obvious that Azilah and Sirul were involved in the murder. But, they had no motive whatsoever to kill Altantuya. Altantuya was a complete stranger to them.

And if the IGP refuses to investigate the motive angle, and the PM and AG do not order him to do so or sack him for failure to do his duty, then, the obvious and logical conclusion is that the PM, AG and the IGP are acting in cahoots to cover up for the murder.

Now, we come to the murder on 29 July 2013 of Hussain Ahmad Najadi, founder of Arab Malaysian Development Bank (AMDB). Hussain was shot dead in broad daylight in Lorong Ceylon in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

As a result of police investigations, the following events took place:

1. Koong Swee Kwan, A hit man and car repossesor, was convicted of murdering Hussain in September 2014 and sentenced to death.

2. A taxi driver, Chew Siang Chee, was sentenced to 10-years jail and six strokes of the rotan for possession of a gun and bullets.

3. Koon Swee Kwan had confessed to being paid RM20,000 for the contract killing by a certain Lim Yuen Soo, described by police as a businessman who ran entertainment outlets and car parks.

However, Lim fled to Australia and then to Shanghai, China where police claimed they lost his trail.

Hussain's son, Pascal Najadi however maintains, and not without considerable justification, that there has been a cover-up, and that the Mastermind behind Lim Yuen Soo is a lady connected to a very prominent and powerful politician in Malaysia!

Pascal poses the following questions:

1. Why were police quiet about the fact that Lim Yuen Soo is a 30% shareholder in a security company, with ex-Melaka Tengah police chief Mohd. Khasni Mohd. Nor holding 30% and a certain Ismail Mohd. Nor holding 40%?

2. Why did the police publicly issue a wanted alert on Lim Yuen Soo when he was in Australia, giving him the opportunity to flee to Shanghai? 

3. How is it that  the police are unaware that Lim Yuen Soo has subsequently re-entered Malaysia and is continuing to go about his business without being arrested?

4. How did IGP Khalid Abu Bakar declare that the Najadi murder 'was solved" with such great certainty when the Mastermind(s) behind it had not been apprehended??!!

But what should awaken everyone's eyes is Pascal's vehement assertion that his father was assassinated for lodging a complaint to Bank Negara Malaysia and another to the police, about corruption at AMDB linked to 1MDB. Hussain was killed some 4 months after the infamous RM2.6 billion (US$700 million) (lying) "donation" was deposited into PM Najib's personal bank account with AMDB.

The official explanation that Hussain Najadi was killed because of some dispute over a land deal concerning a Chinese temple is the stuff of which 5-year old kids may be fooled.

And, do remember that both Hussain Najadi, (and his son Pascal too), was a highly intelligent man and a banker and financier with impeccable qualifications, track records, credentials and reputation. Hussain rubbed shoulders with key figures in our financial and political establishment. Honesty, ethics and morality mattered to men such as these.

Before this, the Najadi's had no axe to grind with the powers-that-be. So, we can rest assured that Pascal's pursuit for justice is not based on vendetta or some crooked deal gone sour.

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As in the case of the Altantuya murder, there seems to be no will power within the authorities to track down the Mastermind(s) behind the Najadi murder. No will power to pursue the motive angle. No will power to apprehend Lim Yuen Soo.

And the usual suspects are all there - PM Najib, the AG, the IGP, the spineless Cabinet and that tantalising 'lady connected to a very prominent and powerful politician'!!

A little bird tells me that things are going to get very hot soon for PM Najb, the AG, IGP, 1MDB, Yeti, BNM and 'a lady connected to a very prominent and powerful politician'.

And yo Yeti, after 2 years you are still investigating whether AMDB informed BNM about that RM2.6 billion (lying) "donation" of PM Najib and you approved it? Another cover-up? What, you are going to withdraw that approval given, like you did with 1MDB, after the horse has bolted? Deja vu? Ha, ha, ha! Come clean or face the wrath of the masses!

To me, this only confirms we have become a police state and the MAFIA runs it!

Donplaypuks® with murder, man!

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Unknown said...

why the deliberate slowness? Justice delayed is justice denied. Najib must be guilty n has no answer (escape route) for the 2.6 billion. was the 2.6 billion used for black ops to murder Najadi & shaharuddin? was the 2.6 billion used for black ops to shoot down MH370-MH17-MH198?
The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has yet to record a statement from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak over the status of the RM2.6 billion deposited into his personal accounts, said Datuk Paul Low.
This despite the anti-graft agency saying in August 5 that it will quiz Najib to explain the money which the commission had established came from a Middle Eastern donor.
In a written reply Low, a minister in the prime minister’s department, said MACC was still investigating the issue.
“MACC is still investigating on the issue raised. MACC also want to inform that every witness or individual related to the case will be summoned for investigative purposes.
“To date, statement has yet to be taken from the prime minister and it will be done when the time comes,” Low told Hanipa Maidin (Amanah - Sepang).
Hanipa asked if MACC or the police have summoned Najib to record his statement under Section 23(1) of the MACC Act in relation to the matter.
He also wanted to know when was Najib summoned and the status of the investigation if Najib had his statement taken and, if otherwise, to state why the prime minister had yet to be summoned.
Later at the Parliament lobby, Hanipa was mystified over the delay in taking a statement from Najib.
“I am surprised. The answer given is as though there is no investigation. When are they going to call Najib? This is a national issue, and international issue.
“The prime minister is the prime person to call and I am sad that to date, there seemed to be no seriousness into this,” he said.
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) had on July 2 published an article quoting an “unnamed investigator” saying that almost US$700mil (RM2.6 billion) was banked into Najib's personal accounts before the 13th general election in 2013.
1MDB refuted the claim, while Najib denied taking any state funds for personal gain.
Despite threatening to sue WSJ over the allegation, Najib never explicitly denied that the money was in his accounts.
Two months ago, MACC issued a statement that the RM2.6 billion was from donors and not from state investment firm 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).
Some Cabinet members have defended the holding of the alleged political donations in a personal account, saying Najib had the power to do as an Umno trustee. – TMI
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