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by porky pig, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for swine fever affairs


In these extraordinary times in Malaysian history, every principle of fair-play, truth and justice is being stood on its head by serially lying Prime Minister Najib and his government of thieves, looters and plunderers. Of course, Najib and his wife Rosmah, have long been implicated in Altantuya's murder!

Even more extraordinary is that Malaysia is being betrayed by two men with the word 'Pandi' in their names - newly appointed A-pandi Ali as the Attorney General and Speaker of the Parliament Pandi-kar Amin.

Pandi in Tamil means 'Pig' and the conduct of these two key Najib and BUMNO/SCUMNO appointees is nothing short of what filthy pigs do - defecate and swallow their own waste. We are being ravaged by an epidemic of swine fever!

Within the short space of two months AG A-pandi has lied to us that:

1. The sacking of ex-AG Gani Patail was on medical grounds (news of his debilitating ill-health was a huge surprise to Gani himself) and it was not Unconstitutional. Rest assured, no prime minister has the legal authority or power on his own, to sack any AG

2. 1MDB broke no laws in making misleading and false declarations to Bank Negara Malaysia.

3. Draft charge sheets for the arrest of PM Najib for corruption, criminal breach of trust and money-laundering of RM2.6 billion never reached his chambers. In fact, the charge sheets were prepared under the supervision of now sacked AG Gani Patail.

But of course, it is Pandi-kar who has taken centre-stage so far these two weeks.

In May, Pandi-kar manipulated ex-prime minister Mahathir, to force Najib to 'make a deal'  with him, cleverly using rumours of Mahathir canvassing support from BUMNO/SCUMNO to unseat Najib, as the ploy. He also hinted to Mahathir that he might spill the beans on many of Najib's crooked deals and grand larceny, especially the 'hot' 1MDB RM46 billion fraud, CBT and money-laundering. CLICK HERE for that earlier post.

Having got his retirement fund (said by some to be worth at least RM20 million) safely in place, Pandi-kar embarked last week on earning his ill-begotten male prostitute's wages in Parliament. 

Firstly, he blocked 7 motions by Opposition MPs on 1MDB, claiming that matters reported in the free press or online news portals could not be debated in Parliament or questions posed on them to Ministers. The same fate befell any questions about the Altantuya murder.

When talk arose about a vote of no confidence against Najib, Pandikar resorted to even more more trickery, claiming that such a motion required a 14-day notice. When his bluff was called, he astonishing demanded the Opposition hand over to him a list of all MPs who were proposing to vote against Najib, and if he was satisfied they had the numbers, he, and only he, would decide on proceeding with a vote of no confidence.

When the Oppsition protested, that swine Pandi-kar smirked. There was pandemonium in the House. Pandi-kar then claimed that DAP Leader Lim Kit Siang has questioned his integrity and used un-Parliamentary words and language. He demanded an apology and when Kit Siang demurred, he engineered his expulsion and 6-month suspension from Parliament, today.

It is also an undisputed fact that Kit Siang's suspension did not follow Parliamentary rules where the case of anyone accused of ungentlemanly behaviour must first be referred to a select committee to hear their side of the story. 

In this instance, Pandi-kar flouted his own SOP and rules, using BUMNO/SCUMNO majority to ram through his vindictive and thuggish act. 

Well folks, we are witnessing a naked display of evil and exercise of totalitarian power by serially lying PM Najib and his government of thieves.

There is no more law and order in Malaysia. There is no more rule of law. It's every crook and crony for himself.

Do not weep that this is happening. You were warned and many of you did nothing about it. The MAFIA has taken over the reins of government in Malaysia. So, what did you expect - that Najib and his band of robbers would be thinking of your welfare? Dream on!

They are looting and plundering everything within sight and reach - 1MDB, PFFI, 1.5 million Banglas foreign labour IT project, KLIA2, new warships, war planes, you name it.

We therefore have very limited time and opportunity to sack Najib, his Cabinet, top civil serpents, the IGP, AG and more.

So, do your duty. Call your MP and make sure they vote down Najib's miserable thieving and robbing budget.

Make sure they force the vote of no confidence. It does not matter if we do not win. But, it will definitely put the fear of God in Najib.

Do not worry about who will lead us tomorrow when Najib is thrown into Hell's fire. If you believe that good will always triumph over pure evil, and you believe in God, then the right leaders will emerge to help re-build a tattered and raped and torn nation. 

There is a schools of thought, and I have read their comments, that it is better to shelve the vote of no confidence and keep Najib in power, for surely he will lead BUMNO/SCUMNO to its defeat and death at the next General Elections. This is poor thinking and a silly strategy.

The longer Najib stays in power, the more entrenched he will become in his position. We cannot, must not, give him 1 more day to rob and rule, let alone 3 years. Pure evil of this nature must be eradicated root, trunk, leaf and branch, NOW!


Donplaypuks® with the Pandis, men!

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