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by salleh no beef , donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for cowcondogate affairs

The full acquittal on 24 November 2015 of NFC Chairman Salleh on two counts of criminal breach of trust (CBT) involving $50 million and two counts of failure to obtain approval at NFC's Annual General Meeting for usage of the company's finances to part-fund condominium acquisition, is yet another shocking, shameful, disgraceful and damning indictment of our totally corrupt legal system. CLICK HERE.

The rot in our judicial and legal system started in 1987 with the sacking of  Chief Justice (CJ) Salleh Abas on trumped-up charges. It was engineered by then prime minister Mahathir, who convened a kangaroo Tribunal which included  local as well as judges from Singapore and Sri Lanka, to do the hatchet (kapak) job. CLICK HERE.

Since then, justice in Malaysia has headed pretty much in one direction - downhill! So much so that the country needed a Royal Commission of Inquiry in 2008 to look into the scandal over the fixing of appointment of judges, in what became known as 'Lingamgate'. The RCI not only recommended the government take action against Lingam and two former CJ's - Ahmad Fairuz and Eusoff Chin - for corruption and undermining the judiciary, but that, among others, Mahathir and current UMNO Secretary-General Tengku Adnan be charged for their roles in the debacle. CLICK HERE and HERE. True to form, PM Najib has taken absolutely no action whatsoever to implement the RC's recommendations!

By then, the cancer has already infected the AG's office with the persecution of Anwar Ibrahim and the cover-up in the Altantuya murder. Lawyer Rosli Dahlan and ex-top cop Ramli Yusof were then victimized by the MACC and the AG in a case where triad gangsters like Goh Cheng Poh and Moo Sai Chin became involved in a frame-up. CLICK HERE. 


What then should we make of a Home Minister who gloats over association with Line 3 thugs and writes character support letters to the FBI for known international gambling kingpin and match-fixer Paul Phua Wei Seng? And also lies to the entire nation without blinking an eyelid that previous Home Ministers had committed similar acts? CLICK HERE.

No, the system is sick and pus-filled to the core. It needs a complete revamp from top to bottom, in that order.

The most disconcerting and appalling facts about the Salleh acquittal by the KL Sessions Court judge are:

1. The case was heard after two years of investigations by the AG, and after Salleh had failed in his bid to have the charges thrown out.

2. A witness had been called to the stand to testify.

3. Then AG Pandi had  (why?) agreed to a discharge NOT amounting to an acquittal based on a "letter of representation" received from Salleh's lawyer, Shafee.

4. Presiding Judge Norsharidah Awang consented to a discharge NOT amounting to an acquittal, based on the request by AG Pandi.

5. Upon further protests, "submissions" and "representations" in chambers by  Shafee, AG Pandi and the judge capitulated and agreed to a full acquittal.

It's crystal clear that the AG would not have pressed charges or fought off Salleh's strike-off bids if at any time before the hearing commenced, he really believed he had such a weak case that he could not secure conviction.

Yet, AG Pandi confounded everyone (but Shafee) by succumbing to Shafee's "letter of representation". Salleh must have thought that Santa Claus and Xmas had arrived early!

And what exactly was this astounding master stroke of  a "letter of representation" that UMNO and Najib-linked lawyer Shafee produced that "convinced" AG Pandi to support a discharge amounting to a full acquittal?

The public does not really know since it was all transacted, negotiated and sealed behind closed doors and chambers. But it would appear that Shafee submitted signed NFC AGM resolutions approving the $50 million investments and outgoings.

Never mind that a company entrusted with a $250 million project to secure livestock and beef for the nation should, even before it had turned in a decent profit, "invest" government grants in upmarket condos.

But NFC had also also not filed any accounts for several years. Charges had been levelled at it by Opposition politicians that it's statutory books and records were not up to-date.

So, it's pretty obvious that the resolutions were back-dated and signed to avoid the CBT charges. Knowing the resolutions were signed retrospectively, AG Pandi accepted them? It would have been a fairly simple matter for AG Pandi or Judge Norsharidah to summon NFC's company secretary to ascertain when exactly the company resolutions were signed and submitted for filing. Did they go beyond paper shuffling and falling for Shafee's "letter of representation"? I doubt it.

When news first broke out about the NFC $250 million financial scandal four years ago, serially lying Prime Minister Najib, as usual, mumbled something about "leaving no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of it". Now, we can clearly see his filthy, grubby sticky fingerprints all over yet another judicial cop out. Case closed, justice knocked out! Here is another opinion on the ridiculous, unjust verdict. CLICK HERE.

Regardless, WE THE PEOPLE, are entitled to ask the following since it's all our $250 million that's gone up in flames:

1. Besides the $10 million "investment" in a Bangsar condo and transfer of $40 million to a subsidiary, NFC had also "invested" an additional $35 million in a Singapore condos "for the family". CLICK HERE. Now that NFC has been put into cold storage for all intents and purposes, Najib needs to answer if either all the condo titles have been transferred to the government or condos sold and cash deposited with the Treasury.

2. What about the huge multi-million dollar losses arising from the farm, meat sale and restaurant businesses? Who will bear them? Salleh (who is married to UMNO Wanita Head, Shahrizat) and his sons, or is it once again a case of 'Piratise the profits, Socialise the losses'; A government bailout?

3. How much of the $250 million has the government recovered? Is it a total write-off while the Salleh's get to walk away with $45 million of condos, not to mention a heft salary and expensive cars, for free? What should the Rakyat think? Where is the final report?

Justice and the rule of law no longer prevail. There is no separation of powers between the Executive, Parliament and the Judiciary. Rest assured that nothing will change for the better until we arrest and throw Najib into a solitary cell in Bamboo River Resort. An administration led by a serially lying, murderous, bent and corrupt prime minister can only produce a government of murderers, thieves, looters and plunderers, supported by equally crooked cronies, yes-men and sycophants.

Donplaypuks® with $250 million cowcondos, man!

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