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by the fake buginese shark, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for "revealing" serially lying affairs

Like the serially lying Prime Minister Grossmajib who wears the pants and her husband who wears the skirts, the Judiciary, Attorney General Pandi, Police Inspector General (PIG) Ashburn, Speaker Pandi, "top" civil serpents like Hamza and Abdullah and the Malaysian Corrupt Agency all, individually and collectively, totally lack any sense of credibility in the eyes of the Rakyat. No one trusts them any further than they can throw them.

To-date, the Rakyat has not forgiven the Malaysian Corrupt Agency for its failure to charge anyone with, or sincerely, properly and satisfactorily account for, the deaths of Teoh Beng Hock or Ahmad Sarbaini, both of whom died while in its custody. CLICK HERE AND HERE.

The police too do not lag any further behind with so many unexplained deaths in their custody and failures to hold mandatory inquests in such cases. The story of Kugan is perhaps the most infamous of such cases. CLICK HERE. But, the deaths of 14-year old Aminulrasyid and Gunasegaran Rajasundram also suggest that the rogue elements within the higher ranks of the police are wilfully assisting PM Grossmajib in turning our country into a totalitarian state.

And recently when PM Grossmajib Unconstitutionally sacked the AG and illegally ordered the PIG to sabotage ongoing investigations by the Malaysian Corrupt Agency, both their No.1 and No.2 were conveniently not around. PM Grossmajib broke the law in ordering the PIG to arrest the officers of the Malaysian Corrupt Agency investigating the $2.6 billion and the $42 million that were deposited PM Grossmajib's personal bank account.

Let us be very clear.

The $2.6 billion and the $42 million clearly indicate that serially lying PM Grossmajib commited fraud, misappropriation of money and CBT with the Rakyat's money, and that he also broke both local and international money-laundering laws. There have been so many contradictions in his explanations about these huge sums of the Rakyat's money, that anyone else in any other country would by now be in prison serving a life-sentence. In the case of China, he would have been beheaded or hung. That this has not yet happened in our country is the most damning of indictments of the pariah 4th world status to which PM Grossmajib has forced the nation to. He and Malaysia have become the laughing stock of the world for more reasons than one.

Will the Malaysian Corrupt Agency really reveal the truth?

Short answer, NO!

They will reveal a version of the truth, as dictated to them by serially lying PM Grossmajib.

Having given PM Grossmajib so much time to cook up the most implausible of answers and to bribe an Arab (or two) to lie that he "donated" $2.6 billion to BUMNO via himself, the Malaysian Corrupt Agency will give the following "explanations":

1.  An Arab (or two) "donated" the $2.6 billion to BUMNO.
2. An Arab (or two) insisted the $2.6 billion be TT'd to PM Grossmajib's personal bank account. The reason for this cannot be revealed.
3. The names of the Arab (or two) cannot be revealed in view of BAFIA and some other vague laws. It is up to AG Pandi to name them.
4. The $42 million was utilised for social welfare projects details of which cannot be disclosed (even though it was really for political gains). So, PM Grossmajib did not commit CBT!

What the Malaysian Corrupt Agency WILL NOT disclose are:

1. Whether they traced the source of the $2.6 billion to the USA and merchant banks such as Goldmansucks.
2. Whether they investigated 1GDB (Grossmajib Development Bunkum) and its over-pricing of bonds and yield in raising debt of $46 billion, who subscribed to these bonds and what they did with perhaps as much as $5 billion in illegal gains.
3. Why, if BUMNO, was the beneficiary of the $2.6 billion "donation" from an Arab (or two), PM Grossmajib transferred out $2 billion to a non-BUMNO bank account in Singapore, and what has happened to the money.
4. Why the two main officers involved in the $42 million "CSR" scam were allowed to flee to Indonesia and remain there if they are not guilty of any crime.
5. Why $2 million found its way into PM Grossmajib's wife's bank account, or millions of dollars were paid out to Cabinet members and BUMNO party hacks.
6. Whether they found any other big sums of unexplained and unaccounted for money (hundreds of millions of dollars) had also flowed through PM Grossmajib's  and his wife's personal bank accounts. 
7. Whether they investigated 1GDB and PM Grossmajib for fraud, misappropriation and CBT over transfer of billions of dollars to fake off-shore companies bearing names very similar names to real Middle East companies.

Whatever the Malaysian Corrupt Agency "reveals", there will only be more questions than answers.

In short, it will be a total waste of everyone's time, more so with PM Grossmajib having given himself unfettered powers under the National Security Council Act!

It's time the King and the Rulers and Governors of all the states act to have PM Grossmajib, his Cabinet members and their cronies arrested. Either that, or this will mark the end of Parliament, democracy and the rule of law and the beginning of Stalinism/Hitlerism/Maoism in Malaysia.

Donplaypuks® with "reveal", Malaysian Corrupt Agency!


David Koh said...

Ada kah?

RC said...

Parliamentary democracy HAS already ended in Malaysia with Pandi as the gate keeper. The respect and adherence to the Constitution is nonexistence as evidenced by the passing of the NSC bill. The UMNO dominated BN government has betrayed its oath to safeguard the Constitution. Malaysia is now a full pledged dictatorial regime with zero respect to the rule of law. The muzzle of the army gun and men in blue will replace the force of civil law.

bumi-non-malay said...

Don't Bother with Sultan-Agong-Govenors as they Are Cahoots with Celaka Melayu UMNO-BN(Bangsat Negara) IS ISLAM CULT Team..... All the Royals + Govenors have been Paid $25 Million Ringgit Each Like the Previous Sultan BERAK during the Demoncracy Fiasco after the GE12 Election....

Malaysian only hope is to Continue to Trade and Commerce in Foreign Currency because suddenly Ringgit will BE WORTHLESS in the Coming Years......Its too late...time to Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak and CONTINUE THE 77th HUGNER GAMES Of Malaysia!!...End the Terrorist IS ISLAM RACIST legacy if UMNO Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor......Like Sultan Brunei....if Not Making your stance NOW....soon Devali and Chinese New Year should be Celebrated in Moderation so as NOT to insult the Weak UMNO Islam IS cover UP and use only Halal Microwave Muslim!!

houdini said...

Monday, December 28, 2015
To The Media : Please ask who is the donor behind that RM42 Million?
This is taken from The Malaysian Insider through Yahoo News here

Only AG can reveal outcome of RM2.6 billion, SRC probes, says former A-G
(MACC) cannot reveal outcome of investigations into SRC, RM2.6b donation
for A-G to state reasons not to press charges although MACC recommend(s)
Abu Kassim said MACC would continue investigating without fear or favour
Abu Talib said MACC would recommend whether charges should be brought
they are required to draft charges for consideration of public prosecutor
A-G not required to follow recommendations of investigation agencies
up to his wisdom, Article 145 (3) of Fed Const gives absolute discretion
Abu Talib said Apandi must be accountable if there were to be no prosecution
these are public interest and he is obliged to reveal if he decides not to charge
Najib said RM2.6b was donation from Arab
PM denied money was from public fund nor had any link to (1MDB)
RM42m from SRC (100%) owned by Finance Ministry in Najib’s account
WSJ reported in July that govt investigators found the money
My comments : This is just wasting time. I dont think they are going to charge anyone connected to this whole fiasco. I think my good friend Tan Sri Abu kassim will let this bird just fly away.

But here is a thought for the Press or the Media.

There is a big hole around the RM42 million that was also found in Najib's account. He has not denied the RM42 million.

What he has not said is where and how did this other RM42 million come from? Was it also from another donor?

It is media reporting (based on investigations thus far) that this RM 42 million is from SRC. But Najib has not said so. He is keeping quiet.

Because if Najib acknowledges that yes he did receive the RM42 million from SRC (as CSR, donation etc) then he has nailed himself inside the coffin. It is an offence, a straight admission of guilt. Which is why he will not say any such thing.

So this RM42 million is just hanging there, without any putar alam spin. So ask Najib where did that other RM42 million found in his account come from? Jeng jeng jeng.

Another non existent donor? Maybe from planet Mars?

Posted by Syed Akbar Ali at 10:00:00 AM

BK said...

What, there''s more truth than what our Crime minister has decreed...amazing accountability; stop already and put someone in jail!

GT said...

No, but pigs might...