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by bnm disclosures department, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for no one would be that stupid affairs

Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies never applied here and now to anyone more than Malaysian Prime Minister Najib. 

From day one, when caught with his pants down over the illegal $2.6 billion that was transferred in 2013 from abroad to his personal bank a/c, Najib decided to take the low road. He could not overcome the  pull of that congenitally serial lying gene embedded in his DNA, and stunned the world by claiming that the money was a "donation from Arab sources". Not for him the high road of honesty, integrity and honour.

Najb's new-found scrotum carriers like Maslan, Sharir, Hanahdlah and others doubled the vigour with which they normally spoke up supporting Najib's lying and thieving activities. Everyone of them had been paid millions of ringgit to buy their sycophancy, with the $2.6 billion. 

They claimed that no one could be that foolish, especially Najib, as to channel such large sums as $2.6 billion through their personal bank accounts. They rushed to back Najib to the hilt by claiming that the Wall St Journal and Sarawak Report which exposed the incident, had "regime change" motives and/or were secretly backed by Zionist and Jewish plotters.

Now, they have been caught out by their own lies and short memories. DPM Zahid had at first claimed in August that he had met "representatives" of the Arab donor, and then back-tracked last week with having "met representatives of donors who were leaders of a Middle East government". DPM Zahid, a  PhD holder who does not have a copy of his thesis and who has great trouble reciting the English alphabets, bragged that it was not "donor", but the plural of it. This was contradicted by the MACC which confirmed it had met the "representatives of the donor".  Najib then weighed in by saying it was "donors"!! Zahid then adamantly maintained that his diametrically opposite statements were not contradictory.

Well, it's a simple matter which can be easily resolved if PM Najib would care to answer the following key questions:

1. If BNM knew about Najib's bank account and the $2.6 billion in 2013, why did it just impose a $57.3 million fine on AMMB over its failure to disclose exactly that matter officially to BNM? 

Najib is of course, as is normal for a crook, playing around with semantics and words by saying that "BNM had been notified about this account". CLICK HERE. What Najib really meant was that when the account was originally opened, God knows when, BNM had been notified about it. But it does not mean that when the $2.6 billion of illegal money was received in 2013, he or AMMB  informed BNM about that transaction. This is precisely why BNM imposed that fine on AMMB!

Otherwise, Yeti and BNM are lying and the fine is their CYA (cover-your-ass) tactic.

So, who is lying, BNM or you, O' Geat Serial Liar Najib?

2. If WSJ and Sarawak Report are wrong, why hasn't PM Najib filed a slander and defamation lawsuit against them yet? Their reports came out in July this year and five months have passed. What exactly are you waiting for " Great Serial Liar Najib?

3. If the $2.6 billion was a donation for UMNO's benefit, why isn't it reflected at all in its 2013 or 2014 financial statements? And how come no one else in the Cabinet or UMNO knows anything about the $2.6 billion, O' Great Serial Liar Najib?

4. If it was a donation to UMNO, then why was $2 billion of the $2.6 billion transferred by you out to Tanore Finance in Singapore without UMNO's knowledge, O' Great Serial Liar Najib?

5. If it was not "sub-judice" to talk about the $2.6 billion at UMNO's Annual General Meeting last week and to BN and UMNO members last year, how was it sub-judice to make a detailed statement about it in Parliament, especially since there is no court case at all, O' Great Serial Liar Najib?

6. If the $2.6 billion was accepted by you who are clearly a public official, whether or not the" donation" was made unconditionally, how is that not an offence for you under the Criminal Prodecure Code? Expecially when ex-Selangor MB Toyo was convicted this year for a similar offence, O' Great Serial Liar Najib?

7. Why are BNM, MACC, the police and the PAC now not talking at all about the $42 million that also flowed through your bank account, and which is a clear case of money-laundering and CBT also by you, O' Great Serial Liar Najib?

8. And in the final analysis, if there was no fraud, CBT, money-laundering etc., why did you sack DPM Muhy and AG Patel, and sabotage the inquiries being made by BNM, MACC and PAC, O' Great Serial Liar Najib?

Donplaypuks® with unanswered questions, O' Great Liar Najib!


Shirin said...

They should all be removed and let us start again with a cleaner and transparent government.

TWN said...

Is Penang, or Selangor government clean ?

MARR said...

TWN, the two states are better governed now than previously by the BN government. The two states now have lots more money to spend than before. Have you heard any corruption charges against leaders of the two states?

Donplaypuks® said...


Even if the Penang & Selangor govts are corrupt, and there's no evidence to suggest they are, two wrongs do not make a right.

Nothing can excuse $46 billion frauds, $2.6 billion CBT and international money-laundering and looting, outright lies by elected prime ministers and ministers, the Altantuya, Najadi and Kevin Morais murders. You and Najib had better understand that!

Alex Lee said...

We all know that just idiots like these are still licking his ass!!

Ganesh T said...

Kencing 1Malaysia?

Deva S said...

Money talk you don't sing and dance and you don't walk....By Neil Dymond.