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by pants on fire, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for serially lying affairs

Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib's continued insistence that $2.6 billion transferred in 2013 from overseas to his personal bank account with Arab Malaysia Merchant Bank Holdings Berhad, was a "donation" from Arab friends, belongs right up there with Clinton's blatant lie and perjury that he did not have oral or and/or other sex with Monica Lewinsky. He continues to lie bare-faced that the source of this $2.6 billion was not from public funds or 1GDB (1Grossmajib Development Bunkum).

Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib's further claim that the central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), was notified about the "donation" and the bank accounts that were created for the transfer of funds, raises more questions than answers.

" Do not be confused, the account is in my name, but it is not like a personal account," he revealed yesterday in a TV3 interview. 


We are confused. Who wouldn't be:

1. Last week Arab Malaysia Merchant Bank Holdings Berhad paid a fine of $53.7 million without the slightest protest to BNM for undisclosed "non-compliance" issues. Once again BNM's shameless and disgraceful Yeti has hidden behind BAFIA (Banking and Financial Institutions Act) to cover-up for Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib.

Everyone and his uncle Bob knows that this fine was imposed belatedly by BNM in a CYA (cover you ass) response after the Wall St. Journal exposed in July this year, what is without a shadow of a doubt, $2.6 billion of massive fraud, CBT, money-laundering and electoral bribes and vote rigging at GE2013, all committed by Chief & Thief Crime Minister Grossmajib.

Since BNM imposed that $53.7 million fine on AMMB, it clearly implies that BNM was NOT notified in 2013 by AMMB or Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib about the details of the $2.6 billion "donation", the identity of the "donors" or  personal bank accounts in the personal name of Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib that were not personal accounts, does it not?

Unless of course, Yeti and BNM are lying about it and making AMMB the fall guy to save their own negligence, inefficiency and pathetic underwhelming oversight performance. 

2. Wtf does Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib mean by a bank account that is in his name but is not like a personal account? After all, he did give instructions to transfer some $2 billion of the $2.6 billion back out to another bank in Singapore. After all, he did sign and issue cheques for $1 million and $2 million to BUMNO/SCUMNO party hacks Sharir and Mazlan from this account. What for?

3. What happened to the balance of $600 million (2.6-2.0)? Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib has been absolutely silent about it.

4. If it was really a genuine donation, how come no one else in BUMNO/SCUMNO knew about it in 2013?

5. If it was really a genuine donation to BUMNO/SCUMNO and Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajb was acting as some kind of a Trustee, how come the $2.6 billion is included nowhere in BUMNO/SCUMNO's 2013 financial statements?

6. If it was really a genuine donation to BUMNO/SCUMNO and Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajb was acting as some kind of a Trustee, how come no one else in BUMNO/SCUMNO knows about the $2.0 billion that was transferred back out to a Singapore Bank? Or no one but him knows what has happened to that humongous $2.0 billion?

7. What does Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib mean when he says he did not personally benefit from the $2.6 billion when he disbursed vast sums of money to BUMNO/SCUMNO party hacks to buy loyalty, and rig the 2013 GE?

8. Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib has also been absolutely silent also about $2 million that found its way into his wife's, (Grossmah) bank account.

9. Why did Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib first lie that that part of the reason for that $2.6 billion "donation" was for his record in combating ISIL when it did not exist in 2013? More so, when he had actually tried to rally BUMNO/SCUMNO support in June 2014 by asking its members to emulate the "bravery" of ISIL? CLICK HERE.  

Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib's statement that the MACC has "interviewed the donor in the Middle East" will convince no one that he is telling anything remotely resembling the truth. Even if the King of Saudi Arab were to emerge and claim to be the "donor" of the $2.6 billion, and swore on a stack of Qurans, no sane person in this UNIVERSE is going to believe him.

It is plain and simple that this $2.6 billion was raised using Malaysian government guarantees and are definitely related to public funds and 1GDB. Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib, who is also the Finance Minister and Chief Advisor to 1GDB, clearly abused the power of his office to commit the heist of the century.

We need not waste time worrying that the MACC will come out with a report that some Arab guy "donated" the $2.6 billion and clear Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib of any impropriety or crime.

We only need to sit back and ask a few simple questions to understand that Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib has decided to lie all the way to save, his face, his sacking and transfer to Bamboo River Resort and his party from annihilation and extinction.

If an iota of what Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib is true, and there is no impropriety or crime involving the $2.6 billion, then:

1. Why did Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib sack his Deputy Prime Minister for voicing concerns that Cabinet members were completely in the dark about the money and 1GDB's $46 billion debt?

2. Why did Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib engineer the Unconstitutional sacking of AG Patel on a cooked up story about his medical condition when he had drawn up a charge sheet against Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib for fraud, CBT, money-laundering over $42 million? Why did new sycophant AG Pandi lie to the nation that there was no charge sheet?

3. Why did Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib, with the connivance of new AG Pandi, sabotage BNM, MACC, Police and PAC hearings by arresting and interrogating investigating officerss and transferring out and promoting PAC members?

4. Why did Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib allow the two key officers involved in the $42 million fraud to abscond overseas to avoid being questioned by the police and MACC? 

5. Why did new brown-tongue AG Pandi unprofessionally and uninformedly advise Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib that it would be sub-judice for him to make any statement on the $2.6 billion in Parliament if everything was prim and proper? How can it be sub-judice if there was no on-going court case about it? Which online portal did new AG Pandi buy his law degree from?

6. Why does Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib not have the balls to sue the WSJ for slander and defamation?

One lie leads to another and another and another. Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib is Malaysia'a PUBLIC ENEMY No.1. His continued premiership will destroy this country. When you consider his failure to resolve the Altantuya murder, and now the allegations of links to the Hussain Najadi and Kevin Morais killings, this is the most dangerous leader we have ever had, a man who is willing to ruin the country to save himself.

Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib's ambushing of Parliament last week and ramming through the National Security  Council Bill is an ominous sign that if push comes to shove, he will invoke draconian powers, declare martial law and suspend indefinitely general elections. He is a Hitler or Stalin in the making. 

We must do everything in our power, and them some, to exterminate this vermin from public office. We must ensure that Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib is transferred to Bamboo River Resort soon and the keys to his solitary cell thrown away forever.

Donplaypuks® with 2.6 billion repetitive lies, man!


houdini said...

What is perplexing is the fact that back in July 2015 when the news about that RM2.6 billion was exposed, he and his whole army of sycophants denied ever having any sort of accounts!

Some even went all the way in trying to debunk the Wall Street Journal exposé by saying a whole lot nonsensical arguments such as – the SWIFT codes were incorrect, the accounts don’t exist and the name of Najib Razak was misspelled so the allegations couldn’t be true!

He also said that Tun Dr Mahathir who was working hand in hand with Wall Street Journal is behind this lie. One of his bootlickers even quipped that no Prime Minister is that stupid to receive money in his personal bank accounts!

Now all over the sudden, Najib Razak suddenly confessed that Bank Negara already knew about the existence of the accounts when they were first created and he has no intention to cheat.

Truth is, even the top leaders in Umno didn’t know about it.

houdini said...

China General Nuclear has no choice but to seek higher tariffs for Edra:CGN's financial metrics remain weak says Moody's

houdini said...

Is Tenaga paying for the "donation" that disappeared........

Now Tenaga gets a IRB bill for the same amount of 2.7 billion........

"The RM2.7 billion additional tax claim against Tenaga Nasional Bhd is deemed unprecedented in Malaysia's corporate history, according to CIMB Investment Bank Bhd.

CIMB analyst Saw Xiao Jun wrote in a note today that such a quantum would significantly dent state-controlled utility Tenaga's cash pile and raise its effective tax rates.

- See more at:

houdini said...

SR says....

Our comment
So, after a full nine months, the PM has finally sat down to a staged TV interview to ‘explain’ to the public that he has performed no malpractice in receiving a secret and anonymous donation into his personal account.

This is despite the fact that investigations are on-going, confirming that the PM expects to act as the defendant, prosecution, judge and jury (if the latter had not of course been abolished in Malaysia) in his own case.

There are very many problems with his excuses, not least the fact that such political donations are illegal.

However, the last sentence above is the most awkward one for him to justify, because if the Prime Minister is still saying that this was not an account for personal use then he needs to explain what happened to the money he sent back out of Malaysia again after the election.

Sarawak Report revealed in August that RM2 billion was transferred out of the AmBank account concerned and back into the Singapore Tanore Finance Corporation account on 30th August 2013, the day that the AmBank account in KL was closed.

If this money was not for personal use, how has it been deployed?

Donplaypuks® said...


Grossmajib cannot answer anything about the $2.6 billion openly because the whole thing is a scam and he's 100% responsible for it. Telling the whole truth is not an option for him.

Of course he dares not sue the WSJ or tell us what he did with the $2 billion that went to S'pore because he stole it!