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by groucho gandhi marx, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for painfully laughable affairs

PM Grossmajib who wears the pants and her husband who wears the skirts, have evolved into the biggest, most shameless free-loaders, looters and plunderers in our political history. 

PM Grossmajib is a congenitally serial liar, who by virtue of that character flaw alone, has lost any legal mandate or moral authority to continue serving as the PM. He lied twice to the nation about his leading involvement in the Saiful-Anwar Ibrahim sodomy conspiracy. 

If it were only merely that.

But there are many more compelling reasons why he should not only have been publicly sacked from office a long, long time ago, but also flogged to within an inch of his life and dumped in jail. 

By his failure to force the IGP to investigate who gave the orders to kill Altantuya in 2006 - the crucial motive factor - he has virtually confirmed his complicity and cover-up role in the plot to murder Altantuya and blow up her body with C4 plastic explosives.


If it were merely that.

Now comes the biggest lie of all, that RM2.6 billion laundered through his personal bank account was a "donation" from his Arab friend. This is the kind of lie which saw new-born babies rolling in their cots and clutching their stomachs in pain from convulsing laughter. The whole world now knows we have a criminal, and possibly a murderer, as our PM.

This RM2.6 billion is clearly from funds raised by 1GDB (1Grossmajib Development Bunkum) which PM Grossmajib has saddled (together with the MoF) with debts of RM46 billion, interest on which it has been unable to service without government bailout and flogging off the nation's prized assets to foreigners. These desperate acts by Grossmajib have stood his own publicly announced philosophy on its head. 

In launching 1GDB with a mere paid-up capital of RM1 million and then borrowing RM46 billion secured principally by government sovereign guarantees, Grossmajib had boldly asserted that the acquisition of  assets such as the IPPs were of strategic importance to the country and for the "long-term". Barely 3 tears into its existence, Grossmajib and 1GDB are now busy dismantling these "strategic" and "long-term" investments to forestall bankruptcy!

The RM2.6 billion was routed through the USA and other off-shore companies and banks to hide their true source, i.e. 1GDB. PM Grossmajib then dipped  his dirty, grubby fingers into the RM2.6 billion to buy votes and rig the 2013 general elections. At least RM3 million found its way into the pockets of  serving Ministers and unscrupulous party hacks such Mazlan and Sharir, who have yet to account for what they did with this money or be investigated by the anti-corruption agency. PM Grossmajib also refuses to account for another RM42 million routed through a wholly-owned government subsidiary company, or RM2 million deposited in his wife's bank account. RM2 billion (US$631 million) was transferred out from PM Grossmajib's bank account to a Singapore bank with no explanation.

PM Grossmajib stupidly claimed not only that the RM2.6 billion was a "donation" from some Arab friends to his party, but that he had not "personally" benefited from it!! He and his party would not have scraped through victoriously at GE13 without this money to fund its campaigns. Of course, this also begs the question why if it was truly a donation, it was not accounted for in the annual financial statements of his party. Or why, without anyone else from his party being aware of it, the funds came in and a major portion of it (US$631 million) disappeared back off-shore never to be seen again!

At a bare minimum, PM Grossmajib is guilty of international money-laundering, wire fraud and theft, CBT and massive corruption.

If it were merely that.

In recent months, it has also emerged, as maintained by Pascal Najadi, that his father, Hussain Najadi, the founder of the Arab Malaysia Bank Group, was murdered in 2013 because he he had reported to BNM and the police about 1GDB's and PM Grossmajib's billion-ringgit money-laundering escapades.

If it were merely that.

In September this year, the cement-covered body of anti-corruption investigator Kevin Morais was found in a drum, awaiting permanent disposal in a swamp. The police made several arrests and claimed Kevin was killed for investigating corruption involving an army doctor. However, the police case was thrown into disarray when Kevin's brother, Charles, claimed a week ago that Kevin was murdered because he had been investigating the money trail involving PM Grossmajib's RM2.6 billion and RM42 million etc. 

Charles further disclosed that shortly before his death, Kevin had mailed him (in USA) an incriminating thumb drive, and that Kevin had also been assisting our ex-Attorney General in drawing up a charge sheet to arrest PM Grossmajib for corruption. PM Grossmajib had not only engineered the Unconstitutional sacking of the AG, but also wrecked all other investigations - by the PAC, BNM and police - into the RM2.6 billion crime probes. Then, a new running-dog lackey AG asserted that no charge sheet existed. This was soon proven a blatant lie by Sarawak Report which published its draft copy, and now, by Charles too.

Strangely, 4 C's have featured large in these deaths and charges implicating PM Grossmajib in gross criminality - C4, Corruption, Cash and Cement!!

So, the 3-minute statement in Parliament yesterday by that ass-wipe BUMNO/SCUMNO stooge, thug DPM and Home Minister, that PM Grossmajib would not, in contradiction to an earlier promise, be delivering any explanation on the RM2.6 billion is not a mere cop out. It is an admission of  total guilt.

A further "clarification" by an ass of a Minister with her proven non-Islamic sexuality, that PM Grossmajib had been advised to remain silent by the AG as any statement would be sub-judice, only serves to cement the fact that the entire government and its agencies are behind the cover-up of the century.

Sub-judice is defined as a particular case or matter under trial or being considered by a court or judge. 

The RM2.6 billion and associated moneys are not the subject matter of any court case as yet. So, how did the AG arrive at the conclusion that the matter was sub-judice? Sub-judice what?

Of course, if you have no moral compass, are spineless and have been bought over, you could, without an iota of guilt or vestige of remorse or shame, declare that Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Idi Amin, Saddam, Karadic et al were all great libertarians and benefactors of mankind.

And that's who we have running our country now - murderers, serial liars, looters, plunderers and corrupters. A government of thieves and murderers, all led by a megalomaniac who has succeeded where few others have made even a dent, i.e. in reducing his status to below that of an international pariah.

So too, the passing of the of the National Security Council bill yesterday is another nail in the coffin of democracy in Malaysia. Malaysia is not under threat of war from any country. We really do not have any enemies who are plotting to invade us.

Yet, PM Grossmajib has laid the foundation soon for the march of the SS, goose-stepping Gestapo, Nazism, fascism and the totalitarian state.

There will be no GE 2014 because that most cravenly of cowards, PM Grossmajib, trembles and shivers at the prospect of being publicly proven a murderer and thief. BUMNO/SCUMNO quivers and quakes at the thought of being made a mere foot-note in the history books.

As for the Opposition, we cannot afford to wait till GE14 is announced. 

The only way out is the Gandhian way. Non-violent mass national civil disobedience. If that scrawny Giant, uncharitably described by an ungracious and sore-loser Churchill as 'that half-naked fakir', could topple Britania which ruled the waves, what is that fat, weak, loathsome, venal ogre PM Grossmajib and his corrupt, lily-livered traitorous regime, by comparison? Let us send too AG Pandi and Speaker Pandi and PIG (Police Inspector General) to where they really belong - Bamboo River Prison!

Arise, O' Malaysians, and exterminate the evil Grossmajib and his government of murderers and thieves. Stand up for our rights. We have nothing to fear. We must take back what is inalienably ours!

Donplaypuks® with sub-judice and civil disobedience, man!


Unknown said...

Thanks for crusading this issue of guilt or innocence of the leadership of our nation!

When the PM admits to getting 2.6 Billion in his personal bank account; the guild it already proven, as it is not your money! Why then did you receive it? Who is stupid enough to receive it with no other obligations attached to it? Why not give me the money, instead it is simply a gift? Did Najib declare the gist under our IRD rules? if not, why not?

houdini said...

Even if it is a political donation the money should have gone into the Party`s account...not in the personal account of a wretched failure.

STEADYAKU47 said...

pinjam sikit brother....

Donplaypuks® said...


Hussien Please go ahead. Every bit of publicity counts. Thank you.