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by E.S.Shankar, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for political tsunami affairs


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Politics makes for strange bedfellows indeed! As much as it may disgust some - sleeping with a nanogenarian old enemy - that may sometimes be the only solution when faced with a national disaster like that serially lying, defrauding, looting and plundering Prime Minister Najib and his government of like-minded thieves.

The first salvo in the showdown between the Rakyat and Najib was fired today by the 'Save Malaysia' campaign and it's 37-point Citizens' Declaration demand. CLICK HERE for the Bahasa and English versions of the demands.

Leading the campaign was that much hated as well as respected old war-horse and ex-prime minister Mahathir, together with DAP head Lim Kit Siang, sacked DPM Muhyiddin, a host of ex-Ministers like ex-Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim, and NGOs like SUARAM, Bersih (Maria Chin), Hakam (Ambiga) and civil society activists who made it clear that it was not a political alliance, but a loose marriage of convenience to demand that Najib quits office.

In all, 58 individuals signed the 'Save Malaysia Citizens' Declaration' (SMCD) on 4th March 2016. In time to come, we may well look at this document with the same awe and worship this bold manifesto with the same reverence in the like manner with which Americans do with their 4th July 1776 Declaration of Independence.

Predictably, many have accused Lim Kit Siang, Ambiga and Maria Chin of having sold out to that old tyrant and "benevolent dictator" Mahathir. Many like me feel that Mahathir himself should be behind bars.

But, these are extraordinary times, when one man - Najib - has subverted every institution set up by Parliament to safe-guard public interest, in order to stay in power. In that process, he has also looted the Treasury of billions of ringgit for his personal gain (1MDB), and compromised the offices of the Attorney-General, Inspector General of Police (IGP), the Special Branch, Bank Negara Malaysia, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), the Auditor General, the Judiciary and the top rungs of the civil service (civil serpents) and GLCs!

All these instances of misrule, misgovernance, abuse of power, fraud and theft have been detailed by the SMCD. Strangely, no mention was made of the three murders that have revolved around Najib, and one at least, around Rosmah. CLICK HERE.

The main thrust of the SMCD, employing non-violent and legally permissable means, are simple and straight-forward:

1. To remove Najib as prime minister.
2. To remove all those who have acted in concert with Najib.
3. To remove those who assisted in covering up Najib's misdeeds.
4. To repeal laws introduced by Najib and others that are not consistent with the Constitution.
5. To restore the integrity of institutions set up to safe-guard the fundamental rights of citizens interest and the separation of powers.

Predictably too, Putridjaya and Najib's sycophants like brown-noser and tonguer Abdul Rahman Dahlan have issued statements that the SMCD is illegal. They maintain that the only legal way that Najib can be removed is at the next General Election (2018). How quickly they have forgotten that shortly after GE 2008, Mahathir, Najib and Muhyiddin elbowd out PM Badawi and replaced him with Najib. So much for UMNO/BN's respect for conventions and legal niceties!

There is a bad smell in the air that SMCD's action might be seen as a coup.

A coup is defined as a sudden, violent and illegal seizure of the powers of a legitimate government. But, the SMCD has no violent or illegal proposals. That is not remotely on their table or in their agenda.

So, Putridjaya and Najib's desperate cornered rats would like to resort to SOSMA (Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012) in response to the gauntlet that has been flung in their faces by SMCD.

Many feel that SMCD has acted prematurely. They should have postponed challenging Najib to the 2018 General Election. But, who knows, by then there may be nothing left to save in Malaysia.

No, NOW is the time to make a stand, when the world has been alerted to Najib's government-organized larceny on a global scale. All those arm-chair critics, fence-sitters and the "silent majority" had better get off their butts and offer real support to the SMCD movement, or be prepared to emigrate or suffer for another 50 years of dictatorial rule! There is no middle ground. It's either Us or Najib!

Yes, you and your family and friends might get threatened, arrested and suffer in the short-term. But, as Churchill said, 'You have nothing to fear, but fear itself'!

And if we lose, well, at least we would have gone down bravely, fighting. It is important for our self-respect to put up a fight. Never let a bully and a coward get away without countering punch with punch!

But, I tell you what, this is one fight Najib ain't gonna win. I guarantee you that. I suspect that soon Najib and his Mafia squad will all be looking for apartments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as long ago did Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin!

What really are you afraid of? So many of you always invoke God's name all over the place, what are you really afraid of? If you genuinely believe in your faith, do you think your God will let Satan Najib and his cabal of crooks, win?

Donplaypuks® with SMCD, Najib. Resign today! !


BK said...

Check the cargo manifest..

houdini said...

Only time will tell if it can work....or not. Cautious optimism.

Anonymous said...

If not, at the least this will be a major blow to create an injury big enough to leave them crawling while we work on the next final blow!

houdini said...

It is very URGENT now that the 1MDB is classified under OSA for non-BN members to leave the PAC.
They should submit their resignations by tomorrow at the latest

Anonymous said...

The investigations in other countries are too slow. If that comes in now, together with this Save Malaysia movement and the efforts to drag him to the courts with all the murder cases (Altantuya, Bala, Najadi, Kevin Morais, and even JJ) all these with strong suspected links to him , he will definitely mistep, trip and fall somewhere! He will fall so hard he will never be able to get up again!

Donplaypuks® said...

Anons & Houdini

Don't you get the feeling Najib's end is near? A new dawn for Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Keep on barking and dreaming......nothing happened
These were the same faces that for nearly 1yr try to unseat Najib but not insult others intelligience
Do not be uncivilised to discard democracy and wait for GE 14,then vote BN and Najib out
What funny declaration when most of them only on 1 MDB....Para 6 to 30
How can it works when each of them had their own agenda
With this declaration,I had the feeling he will be stonger and bolder as by now those UMNO grassroot members who were not sure of supporting Najib will rally behind him now as traditionlly hearing the name of DAP is a sin to them,what more to work with them to topple Party President
My big question here,if ever Najib being sacked who to replace him......

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 11.40

Civilized and wait for GE14?

Did you object vehemently when Mahathir, Muhy and Najib forced Bawadi out after GE 2008?

Anonymous said...


Jibby will now have control over yet another one of our institutions - Bank Negara. What do you make of this? Yikes.

Donplaypuks® said...


If the rumour turns out to be correct, then serially lying and looting Najib would have appointed another stooge, like AP Pandi, to BNM.

The main objective will be to make sure BNM carries out no more investigations into Jibby's $2.6 billion "donation" lie and other looting. Then, they will cover up everything.

All Malaysians with any conscience must oppose Jibby and put a stop to this govt of thieves.