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by bengkok negara malaysia, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for prime ministerial looting affairs


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More news of financial fraud, thievery, looting and plundering by serially lying Prime Minister Najib was revealed by the Wall St. Journal on 29 February 2016. CLICK HERE.

It is now clear that besides the $2.6 billion, $42 million and $32 million Najib stole in 2013 from funds raised by 1MDB (using government sovereign guarantees), there was more looting earlier by Najib in 2011 and 2012.

Between 2011 and 2012 several hundreds of millions of ringgit had also found its way into serially lying and defrauding Najib's personal bank account.

This had already been mentioned in earlier reports by Sarawak Report. Now it has been substantiated by the WSJ, although, for obvious reasons, they have not made public the documentary evidence. They are giving Najib enough rope to hang himself.

This expose also confirms that all our institutions set up to safe-guard public interest have been turned upside down. No doubt, this subversion began with Mahathir, but now his pupil, Najib, has surpassed his master.

This obviously brings into question why Yeti of BNM and Ash of MACC have kept absolutely quiet about this further confirmation of Najib's massive crimes which involves flouting local and international money-laundering and banking laws, including that of the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore to name a few!

What is the central evidence that Najib is a crook and is lying abut it all? It is  when he said he did not authorize, and more importantly, KNOW that the $42 million and $32 million had been transferred to his account. Yet, Najib issued over fifty cheques against these millions without knowing the money was in his account, many of it to his Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, BUMNO chiefs and party crooks? That crook and stooge AG Pandi cleared Najib of corruption on the basis of this kind of pathetic excuse? How much lower can this disgraceful and shameless Najib go?

The clincher was of course when Najib said he "returned" $2.03 billion to the donor without producing a shred of proof, and his stooge, AG Pandi, absolved Najib of corruption. How could stooge-AG Pandi know if any money was returned when the MACC had not mentioned anything about the $2.03 billion in their recommendation to him to charge Najib with corruption AND he had not sighted any bank statements or TT advices?

It is so obvious that when BNM and MACC looked at Najib's bank statements going back to the $2.6 billion in 2013, they would not have just stopped there. No decent person or professional would have. Given our laws on remittances from abroad and the rules on remittances out of funds exceeding $10,000, the red light would have been flashing and alarms screeching at BNM when hundreds of millions of ringgit were transferred to Najib personal bank account.

Yet not a word has emerged from Yeti of BNM or Ash of MACC. Najib has not reported this money or the $2.6 billion, $42 million and $32 million to the authorities. By these omissions alone, Najib is guilty of corruption for which there are automatic jail sentences. And if we add in that huge lie about the $2.6 billion being a "donation" a Saudi royal, there is enough there to lock him away for life.

So, it's obvious that at first, Yeti of BNM and Ash of MACC wanted to cover it all up. Then, when it was too hot to cover-up, they deliberately restricted the information that flowed out to the $2.6 billion and $42 million. They have also apparently not investigated Rosmah, Najib's wife's, for millions of ringgit that was moved through her bank account.

Yeti - International banking icon? My ass! Big cover up and con artiste - yes! So too Ash of MACC. They are both playing a game to cover up for Najib and limit and contain the fall-out. It would seem that race and religion comes into the equation, and by extension, the skewed and filthy philosophies of Ketuanan and 'some are more equal than others'!

I say sack these spineless civil servants with no pension rights!

Donplaypuks® with serial looting of billions of ringgit by PM Najib, o' Yeti of BNM and Ash of MACC!


Anonymous said...

Something is seriously wrong with the "Malays"?
Something is wrong with the way Islam is taught and practiced in this country?
Must be the Chinese and Indians fault!

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 7.49 p.m.

In the end it is the Malays and Bumis who will have been cheated the most. Their own kind are robbing them blind!!

Anonymous said...

When she was about to say in public that she wouldn't want to be sent to jail for any exposure that can be construed as breaching account confidentiality, she turned to her subordinate sitting next to her as if intent to seek agreement.

Now why would the chief of an organization need to look at her subordinate for dutch courage if it wasn't just meant to be a politically correct statement.

Her hand was forced.

She knew.

Donplaypuks® said...

When asked by the press last year about the $2.6 billion, she replied she was "looking into it" despite the fact that the money went into Najib's a/c in 2013.

If that's not a cover-up, I don't know what is!

AO said...

For acting against our interest, these public servants who failed us (after all d fringe benefits + buta gaji given); must b held culpable n charged accordingly

Angela said...

Hear, hear!!

Unknown said...

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