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by E.S.Shankar, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for insider outsider affairs


Malaysia is being held hostage by its serially lying, defrauding and looting Prime Minister Najib and his administration and government of thieves. Our economy is crumbling, national debt surging and cost of living spiralling out of control.

Three murders have also revolved around Najib. CLICK HERE. Najib and many of his UMNO/BN Ministers, Deputy Ministers and party leaders and members do not have the word 'honour' encoded in their DNA. They are so thick-skinned, a tank armour piercing rocket shell would not be able to penetrate their thick hides.

Najib is deliberately dangling the threat of dictatorship and martial law in our faces. But, that's as far as he will take it. He simply does not have the guts to take the final step which will surely destroy the nation and cause his demise. He is a born coward; sheep do not attack wolves.

It is in such an atmosphere of planned terror by Najib that the owner of The Malaysian Insider (TMI), Tong Kooi Ong, decided to shut down the second most popular Malaysian online news portal. TMI cited "commercials considerations" as the reason for its closure. CLICK HERE.

But ALL Malaysians know better!

The citizens have been cowed to such an extent, that they dare not call a spade, a spade anymore.

Every business will embrace the profit maximization model when starting a venture. And when a business takes a downturn, there will be a period when the owners will look at loss minimization, before finally making a decision to cease operations, if the losses are irreversible.

This does not necessarily mean making the maximum money. Non-profit and welfare organizations derive deep satisfaction from providing much needed service and support to the underclass and have-not. Profit maximization is also satisfied when there is an element of public service involved in the enterprise. Alerting and defending a country from would be dictators and corrupt politicians feature large in the philosophies of TMI and Malaysiakini.

So, it is pretty plain that TMI was shut down because Najib held Tong at gunpoint. Well, not Najib in person, but certainly through instructions to his Mafia goons. What is the evidence?

As Sherlock Holmes said:

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, MUST be the truth!"

It is a known fact that Najib has been arm-twisting TMI (and others) to sell out to UMNO-friendly parties, so that he could (try and) control epidemic level anti-Najib and anti-government public opinion and sentiments. In February, Najib got his stooges at MCMC to block TMI on the flimsy pretext that it had caused confusion and published unverified news. CLICK HERE.

To-date, the MCMC has yet to explain which specific law TMI broke!!

Tong Kooi Ong may have put a $10 - $20 million price-tag on TMI. But as any ordinary businessman or entrepreneur would do when he can't get his price, he should have cut his losses and taken the offer that was on the table. That's how one aspect of the loss minimization principle works in real life.

But what did Tong Kooi Ong actually do? He did something that makes no business sense whatsoever. He closed down TMI without recovering a single cent of capital!! Or, so we are told. Even if it was an over-my-dead-body situation with selling TMI to Najib's cronies, why was the Management Buy Out (MBO) also dismissed?

And, why should Tong Kooi Ong be afraid of selling TMI to Najib's cronies? If such a sale had taken place, it's guaranteed that almost 100% of TMI readers would have deserted it, and Najib would have been stuck with a pig in a poke!

And the beauty of it - Tong Kooi Ong could have started a new TMI abroad where Najib's grubby fingers could not touch it!

Obviously Tong Kooi Ong capitulated because there was Najib's gun pressing at his temples - either sell to my UMNO nominee or no one. Would you like to make a one-way trip to Kamunting or Bamboo River Prison Resort, Tongy? The threat of being locked up in prison by Najib for a long spell must have been the deciding factor!

I do not believe in karma/kismet/rezeki/fate. But, I sense that Tong Kooi Ong's problems started with his bad handling of the Justo-The Edge-Sarawak Report affair. Tong, through his 'The Edge' ought to have made a lot of money in justifiably exposing the massive $46 billion corruption, CBT, fraud, international money-laundering and plain theft at 1MDB by Najib. No one will begrudge him that.

However, he did not keep to his side of the bargain where he promised Justo US$ 2 million for whistleblowing on 1MDB. I do not know if Tong paid Justo anything at all, but it looks like he did not. You can stand on top of the Petronas Tower and shout to the world about the higher moral ground you have taken in fighting for your country; but, in plain Malaysian language, playing out Justo, a disinterested foreigner who was clearly after money, was bad form, old chap! CLICK HERE.

Regardless, I feel it is Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat's duty to tell us the whole truth, whatever the risks and consequences. Of course, if they are smart, and they didn't get to where they are today without being so, they will plan it from a safe haven.

I know what I am talking about - I need not elaborate further.

The rotten and stinking evil of men like Najib and his allies and supporters must be exposed for all the world to see and know. Tong Kooi Ong cannot, must not, allow TMI to sink from hero to zero in this manner.

We must NOT let Shakespeare's lines from 'Julius Caesar' come true:

"The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones"

Donplaypuks® with TMI, Najib. You are a despicable serial liar and craven coward of the lowest order. You are Asia's most hated, and the world's second-most hated, creature. You are not from the human race! !


houdini said...

Raja Petra Kamaruddin was probly after TMI and he wanted Najib Razak to make it possible at RM1/ TMI decided to shut down.

Donplaypuks® said...


Why would RPK be interested in buying TMI when it's guaranteed it will lose most of its readership after that?

You have seen the hopeless command of English that Najib's cybertroopers have. Most of the time they make no sense. Who, other than the brainless Jibby would want to invest in that?

Purple Haze said...

Bro, it Tong Kool Ong

houdini said...

RPK would have bought it under a forced sale & flipped it over to one of UMNO`s outfits at more than 10,000 times the amount.
What happened to it after that would have been of no interest to them.

houdini said...

That is why RPK has been venting his sour grapes like a man gone loco on Malaysia Today.
It was so near...and now it is fo far.

Anonymous said...

It was so near...and now it is so far.

Donplaypuks® said...

Purple Haze - noted and rectified. Thank you.

Donplaypuks® said...


It's possible. After all the ali baba flip-over instant million $ profit is a well-known fraudtrepreneur biz model in Umnoputra land.

But, I reserve judgement. Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

GOoD analysis; I'm C&Pastrying it at my site, heARTpressed4time&dime:) OR :( REgards, YL, Desi

Chan Sun from MC said...

Anyone who points out a 44 gallon oil drum to him will be enough to cause him cold feet.

Zack Mahmood (MC) said...

What? "Najib would have been stuck with a pig in a poke!"? Naahh, looking at current events unfolding he is the pig in the poke, slowly being roasted by internatioal media and local social media. He deserves that.

Pakia Pakia Speciosa (MC) said...

By the way, it's peanuts to tycoon Tong lah!

Joe Green (MC) said...

Najib Razak is not only a thief but also a terrorist. Terrorizing Malaysia. Arrest him.

KP tay (MC) said...

TMI had to be closed down notwithstanding financial losses to prevent a compromise on the initial principles by which the Edge Group stood. Actually it was a case of Hobson's choice with financial losses in order to preserve integrity, the loss of which would otherwise be of severe consequences to Tong and the Edge.

Melanie Ng (MC) said...

Well said. I do hope that TMI is resurrected outside of Malaysia with ears on the ground in the Motherland and continues to braodcast the news we need to hear and to bring about the downfall of Najib and UMNO