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by Donplaypuks®, intrepid correspondent for general election affairs

An ex-school mate and long-time friend of mine queried me on Facebookabout about my "deafening silence" following the general elections announcement by that most disgraceful of UMNO/BN nominated prime ministers, Najib Tun Razak. Najib is to serial lying, thieving and economic plundering what Stalin, Hitler and Mao were to genocide, and Bernie Madhoff was, to mega ponzi-scheme conning, looting and freeloading on our, the citizens', hard earned money. 

It's really amazing that despite having been lied to consistently and persistently about everything from murder to sodomy to economics, government finances and the state of the nation, some Malaysians should seriously entertain thoughts about voting for UMNO and Najib when he barefacedly lies about building 1 million homes "for the People" IF UMNO/BN wins the election, and IF, they retain him as prime minister. 

Since April 2009 when Najib succeeded Badawi as PM, has he been responsible for building 250 homes for the people? No! So, why should any sane person fall for this last-minute "1 million homes" desperate lying? Remember that shortly before GE 12 in 2008, Badawi pulled out of thin air in a matter of hours, not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 Economic Corridors - Northern, Eastern, Sarawak and Sabah - with a promise of trillions of dollars (which no Malaysian government has ever had) of economic development and zillions of jobs which never materialised. What a humbug!

Do you remember that crook Mahathir's 1999 promises to Su Qui if the Chinese voted for him, and then his back-stabbing them post-elections saying he would not deliver on blackmail terms? Najib's impossibe promises, to the Rakyat and now that scumbag Waythamoorthy's and his Hindraf demand deal, belong right up there in that class of plain lying. Lying and cheating the citizens on a multi-billion dollar scale has become the preferred culture within UMNO/BN.

Had I been bought by UMNO/BN to be quiet? My reply to my friend was that there was not enough money in the world to tempt me. I have not been writing to bring down this UMNO/BN Government of Thieves since 2007, only to falter or succumb to unconscionable bribery at the eleventh hour!

No,  Najib's finally announcing the election date was a sort of ant-climax to me. My battle, for the moment, is over. It is now up to the PEOPE to see reason and act accordingly at the poll booths.

I will stick my neck out and predict that the Opposition, in the form of Barisan/Pakatan Rakyat will win GE 13 handsomely. UMNO/BN and its government of thieves will be buried for good, and consigned to the footnotes of history and its Recycle Bin.

Do I have a special crystal ball? No, but every fibre of my being tells me the moment has arrived. Believe me people, it is now. Don't doubt it. Tell all your friends and acquaintances and the doubters to get off the fence. 

Tell them so that one day they can tell their children and grandchildren that when the time came and they had to stand firm and tall against one of the most pernicious of evil rogue regimes in human history, they did not falter or blink!

Vote this thieving UMNO/BN and boot that snake oil salesman and racist, bigoted, lying and stealing ali baba Najib and his thieves OUT, OUT, OUT, forever! The die is cast.

For God is surely on our side, the side of the good and the decent!

Donplaypuks® with voting and elections, Man!