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by luther vanplato, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for united opposition affairs

 Here And Now by Luther Vandross

Here and now is what matters. The future in unpredictable and the past, unalterable.

Here and now, let me state without reservation that my fight is not with RPK or Haris. They are not the enemy. Quite the opposite. Ther are comrade in arms.

Let me state for the record and acknowledge that both these individuals have made substantial and concrete contributions in the awakening of a nation to the indisputable fact that corruption, racism and religious bigotry must be confronted, challenged and destroyed. Corrupt, racist and bigoted administrations, politicians and government must be replaced and their successors made answerable to the Rakyat. 

They have also proven that the pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword. They have walked the talk.

Their rights to free speech and their own opinions are unquestioned by me. All I ask is that they be true to themselves, consistent and focus on the primary task at hand. 

And if we are not talking about a Tahrir Square response, but Rome and the ballot box (as per RPK), then our options have self-imposed limits. For there would have been no Rome without a Caesar who was undone by perceptions of having unbridled dictatorial ambitions. 

But what happened on the morning after the revolution? What happened to the backstabbing Brutus and Cassius or their counterparts in the 1789 French Revolution, Robespierre, Danton and Marat? - exterminated and consigned to the foootnotes of history, that's what. You can't lead or rule a nation of 30 million on a wing and a prayer or by mere consensus, common sense and disparate committees.

But lately, Haris and RPK have been walking a peculiar line.

And that's where we have a problem.

Here and now we do not have the perfect situation in the Opposition as a combined entity. We do not have 100% pure, pristine and wholesome candidates to field for GE 13. Would that we had, but we have to make do with the tools we have.

Nor do we have a fully awakened, educated and aware Rakyat who can unseat BUMNO/BN all by themselves by fusion and chain reaction. The time is too short.

And as much as Haris and his supporters are lobbying for it, none of PKR, PAS or DAP are going to let backline NGO's or prominent individuals determine which candidates they should field or agree to a 1:1 challenge against BUMNO/BN. These NGO's do not have the weight of history behind them, and in the end, who determines who has objective views and who, subjective ones?

Sure we have admirable candidates like Malik Sarwar and some doctors and lawyers, all pretty much untested. If elections are called in a few months time, do we have the bag of winners?

So, what's the first step? It must be to identify our goals.

Politics, as defined by Plato, is about achieving the ideal form of social organization and structure. Leadership and power are cornerstones of it. Without it, nothing concrete or lasting can be achieved. Integrity is another. Ideally, we would like to have perhaps a dozen Mandela's in our midst. But that's wishful thinking. Lasting leadership at the top has always been about the Power of One. 

Here and now:
  1. What is our Principal Objective? To unseat the EVIL BUMNO/BN hegemony and consign them to a minority party in Parliament. Is that too difficult to fathom?
  2. What is out strategy? To unite the opposition to BUMNO/BN under one banner to fight at GE13.
  3. Having identified the Leader of Pakatan for GE 13, what should we do? Back him up 100%, of course 
  4. Do we have a precedence on it that we can hang our hats on? Damn right we do. GE 2008.
  5. In victory, be magnanimous (you don't have to be generous) to the vanquished. Equally, the murderers, thieves and looters now camping in Putrajaya, MB's offices and the Economic Plundering Unit, ALL must be brought to book. Do remember that the evil is not BUMNO,MCA,MIC,PPP or Gerakan per se; it's in their leadership. Remove that layer permanently and you'll have a bright, new and glorious dawn.
Here and now, who can do it? Well, the candidates are not difficult to identify at all:
  1. Anwar Ibrahim of PKR
  2. Nik Aziz of PAS
  3. Lim Kit Siang of DAP
Given that it was AI who achieved the improbable at GE 12, I don't think we need look further for the Leader of Pakatan for GE 13. I am certain neither Nik Aziz nor LKS can make a fist of it. Anyway, why try and reinvent the wheel? (As an aside, it's interesting that some claim Daim Zainuddin had predicted the outcome of GE 12. I don't remember hearing a peep from Diam Diam, but of course, a million armchair "pundits" all forecast these things with the benefit of hindsight!).

Here and now, this is where we have another problem.

Having identified the logical steps we should take in achieving our objectives, some who profess they fully support these aims, seem to be doing everything to undermine it. In any planning, be it corporate or government, there are short, medium and long-term objectives and strategies. And when you don't have pure, pristine candidates, then you pursue what game theory advocates - minimax/maximin strategy.

Simply put, you drop the obvious losers, shirkers, non-performers, thieves and crooks and go with the rest. Then you co-opt in the new faces strictly on merit and all  of whom are already known in the public domain. There is no 100% guarantee, but the Leader has to go with gut feel and we have to back his judgement to the hilt.

This is not some treatise on political strategy, I don't have that kind of knowledge or practical experience. But it sounds simple and often simplicity is a good basis for tackling complicated issues. 

We don't need Tai Chee or Sun Tzu and his 'Art of War'. With the Rakyat, talking straight from the shoulders is always the best strategy.

Here and now, what we don't need is:
  1. RPK to tell us that there is/has to be a future without Anwar Ibrahim. We all, and all our uncle Bob's too, know that. But here and now, what's the alternative? No one is indispensable, and we can see clearly that AI and PKR have already in place a succession plan supported by much younger, but seasoned veterans to guide Nurul along. And if RPK is 90% sure AI is "morally unfit" to become PM, I can tell you 100%, he is. 
  2. As soon as some political scandal with sexual undertones erupts, all these slimy guys coming out of the woodwork and saying "Yeah, I knew Anwar in MCKK...used to hang out in the showers and gym with the boys (what else did you expect in an all-male boarding school?)....yeah, I knew about it but kept quiet for 30 years....." kind of BS. I once put that question to the late Captain Yusuff aka blogger Ancient Mariner who exposed the $12.5 billion PKFZ scandal. The Captain, who also schooled at MCKK, replied," That's 100% pure, unadulterated BS." That's good enough for me from a gem of a man who had no enemies and no political axe to grind.
  3. Haris and especially RPK, taking all sorts of potshots at AI and making all sorts of demands and innuendos backed up by unverifiable hearsay on really, here and now irrelevant issues. Bros, if you have a viable and workable alternative, state it and justify it. Convince us you have the know-how, savvy, experience and can deliver. Then we may well go with you. We, the Rakyat together with you, are the 3rd Force. We have to trust each other.
We don't have much time and the situation is not ideal or perfect. The system is stacked against us. Why do you think that despite Big Wig's huge unpopularity for over 20 years, no one could unseat him from Malaysian Indian Circus? His stooges were eased into power at every level, and with virtually unlimited money, they could stop anyone from mounting a successful challenge to their dictatorship. Thus, it took the Power of One, the great and heroic Dr. Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj of Socialist Party, to slay The Beast of Sg. Siput in an epic David vs Goliath contest.

So, we are looking at taking our best shot, under the most challenging and trying of circumstances, to putting the known OGRE, BUMNO/BN, out of its misery and voting in PAKATAN! BUMNO/BN is too far gone down the line of corruption and wants, is begging, to be consigned to political oblivion for a while. But because of FACE and FALSE PRIDE they can't ask openly for it. So, the Rakyat has to take the initiative.

What's the known track record now of Pakatan?
  1. The new MB's in the Pakatan-controlled states are all known to be clean and not condone or perpetuate corruption. Isn't that a great start and achievement in 4 years vs 32 years of absolute political and financial mayhem and looting under BUMNO/BN?
  2. The Pakatan-controlled states are all running budget surpluses, holding cash reserves for re-investments and topping the destinations for FDI's. Isn't that another great start? BUMNO/ BN Federal Ministers are all falling over themselves claiming they contributed to it. But hang on, why did it NOT occur before this? Hmmm?
  3. Penang was the 1st state to reward its citizens with cash bonus. BUMNO/BN stirred the faeces pot by playing the racist and bigoted religious card by saying some of this money could have come from tax on 'haram' businesses and asked Muslims to return it. Barely a heartbeat later Dr.Imelda Birkin Rosemajib launches his $500 low income earners bonus scheme. What happened to all that "haram tax money" doubts?
Once we have won, then we can tinker and tweak the system and strive for perfection. But how are we to get there if there are any number of strategies, any number of opinions and any number of "do-gooders" (many of whom are "wolves in sheep's clothing") with any number of agendas?

Here and now, more than anything, we need a WINNABLE LEADERSHIP. Get that in the bag and it we'll coast to victory.

Or else, what's your proposal, Haris or RPK? What's your short-term strategy for assured victory?

Know and play your role. If you are an out-and-out blogger only, slaughter with the pen. If you are a blogger with political aspirations, then enter the arena. I do not doubt for one second that if Haris stands in the right constituency, it will be slam dunk. The only way to be sure is to take the risk and "turun gelanggang". If it were possible for RPK to return, then he too should "turun gelanggang" because that's the only way to slay the beast.

Yes, you can write and blog, but only so much. The last mile solution lies in uniting the voters behind you and engaging the enemy, face to face, at the polling stations and booths.

Do you have even a half winnable plan or not? Teetering and tottering from People's Parliament to Anak Bangsa Malaysia to 3rd Force and MCLM and Kita and ABU shows utter lack of focus.

Otherwise, here and now, stop griping, sniping and sabotaging (unless of course, your real intention is to back BUMNO/BN). Unite under one banner and back Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan. All we need to know and be assured of are, if more than anyone else, does Anwar have the character, qualifications and track-record to lead us to victory, and guide us thereafter. 

Let's not fall for this Mahathir, Najib and BUMNO red herring that Anwar is ambitious to become Prime Minister??!! You mean Mahathir and Najib entered politics beacuse they had no ambitions to become PM but aspired to retire as Chief Mandore to the Deputy Speaker or some such post? Sheesh, what pathetic hypocrites and creeps these BUMNO promoters are. 

We only need assurance that Anwar is for Rome first, and Caesar, second.

So PEOPLE, here and now, let us take our best shot and vote for the damn bloody obvious choice - PAKATAN!

Out with BUMNO/BN!

Donplaypuks® with our day in the sun, man!



by judge dread, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for fiduciary affairs
  1. We made too many wrong mistakes 
  2. I never said most of the things I said. 
  3. Half the lies they tell about me aren't true.
  4. I wish I had an answer to that because I'm tired of answering that question.   
  5. If you ask me anything I don't know, I'm not going to answer.
No, these are not famous quotes from the man dubbed 'Great Pharoah' or 'Maha Firaun'. They are priceless strings of malapropism and murder of the english language by that lovable, legendary and highly successful New York Yankees player and manager, Yogi Berra. For more Yogi Berra quotes, CLICK HERE 

But they could well be. And in dismissing the still rankling (with the Rakyat) financial gangsterism by which Diam Diam and Maha Firaun bailed out Mana Ada System Airlines at the height of the Asian financial crisis, we have all the classic Mahathirisms laid bare for us to dissect and see.

It has still not sunk into the psyche of Maha Firaun that it was a crime of the highest order to bailout MASA with some $2 billion of Taxpayers' money at $8 a share, when the KLSE quoted market price was $3.68!! Some ten years later, MASA's share price hovers at below $1.50!!?? And this, after repeated government bailouts of MASA over the years that has cost the Taxpayer between $10-$15 billion. There's no use BUMNO bloggers (as usual) pretending that because the figures are not reflected in MASA's balance sheet, that in never happened. It's there in the government's balance sheet for sure.

Only now has it dawned upon Khazanah that MASA's problems have always been with top management, the failed Bumiputra-only policy and championing of cronyism and non-meritocracy. Hopefully, the management talent from Air Asia will help turnaround MASA.

Maha Firaun's behaviour and words following the highly unacceptable "settlement" of Danaharta's $589 million loan recovery suit against one, TR, are instructive of what Maha Firaunism stands for. It would appear Danaharta wrote off the entire $589 million, allowing TR to get away scot free. We have also this unbelievable situation where there are several police reports by top ex-MASA management staff cataloguing alleged massive fraud by TR when in charge of MASA. Yet, Minister for Foot in Mouth, Nazi, issued a highly illegal directive to all Government Losing Concerns to withdraw all suits against TR, with the laughable excuse that TR's $13 billion counter suits could cost the Taxpayer plenty. 

There is poker, bluff, counter bluff and false bravado. The government holds ALL the trump cards which clearly tells us that Nazi's pathetic cop out is nothing more an extension of Maha Firaunism. It's, "FU, I dare you to do anything about it," in the face of the Rakyat! He's daring us to challenge him, thinking we are helpless.

And what is this aspect of Maha Firaunism that I speak of?

It is the promulgation of a culture of deceit, fraud, corruption and utter dishonesty at top government level. It makes Bernie Madhoff look a rank amateur. It has become the culture of BUMNO/BN. This is why BUMNO/BN is disintegrating at the seams and why they will be wiped out at GE 13. It did not happen overnight. It started the day Maha Firaun became PM of this country.

Let us just list a few of the losses the Taxpayer incurred under Maha Firaun: 
  1. $30 billion forex losses in Bank Negara in the early '90's. Bank Negara Malaysia governor Jaafar Hussein resigned. Chief forex Trader Nor Mohd Yakcop who was asked to leave BNM is now Minister in Prime Minister's Department as head of Economic Plundering Unit!!
  2. MASA various bailouts - $10-$15 billion.
  3. London Tin Council losses - $6 billion.
  4. Bailouts of Renong/UEM - $3 billion.
  5. Crooked Bridge - $750 million.
  6. Perkapalan (owned by Maha Fiarun's son) by Petronas - $2 billion.
  7. Proton rescue by Petronas - $1 billion.
  8. 6 patrol boats contract awarded to Amin Shah Omar Shah/PSC Dockyard - $ 5 billion.
It is fortunate that Maha Firaun was a big fish in a small pond. Had he been born in USA, he would have easily surpassed Bush and Poulsen's $700 billion fraudulent bailout of Wall Street, the $3 Trillion budget deficit and bakrupted the whole world in the process. Of that, there can be little doubt. We should be grateful to God for small mercies.

And look at what his response is when challenged about the MASA bailout and Danaharta's surrender to crony TR. He asks why we pick on him. He fumes and points at ex-PM Abdullah Badawi and accuses him of losing $7 billion when he cancelled Maha Firaun's proposed NS double-tracking railway project. 

Huh? That cancellation cost us $7 billion? Anyone heard of it? That's typical Maha Firaun misdirection. Under Maha Firaun, that project started off at $42 billion, was reduced to $28 billion and finally awarded to Sime Darby for $18 billion. Just when it was thought it was game over, Syed Mokhtar Bukhary pitched in with an offer of $14 billion while it was rumoured in the market that he was looking to close a deal for sub-contracting it out at $9 billion!!?? Wtf? Good Lord, how many and how much fraud can there be in one project?

"I never blame myself when I'm not hitting. I just blame the bat and if it keeps up, I change bats. After all, if I know it isn't my fault that I'm not hitting, how can I get mad at myself?"

That's classic Yogi Berra again, and again it could well be classic Maha Firaunism It's never his fault when we lose big. It's always to his credit when we win - Twin Towers, KL Tower, KLIA. 

WE THE PEOPLE need to send a clear and strong message to Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi and Najib Tun Razak. In the real world we hold all professionals responsible for their actions. We call this fiduciary duty or duty of care. We hold doctors, lawyers, accountants, investment bankers and advisers, teachers and others responsible for their negligent actions taken in the course of executing their duties to paying customers. This is also happening in USA and Europe in the corporate sector. Main Street has had enough of this kind of fraud. No longer can top CEO's profit and walk away with $ millions in compensation while leaving a sunken ship behind and consigning to bankrupcy and oblivion the lives of thousand of workers.

In the same vein, we should mount multiple class action suits against Maha Firaun and wayward politicians for their utter negligence in gambling wantonly with billions of dollars of the Rakyat's Reserves. We need to do this not only to bring Maha Firaun to book, but also to warn Najib Tun Razak that it cannot continue his regime. There is strong suspicion that this kind of massive economic gangsterism, corruption, stealing, theft and fraud is continuing right now. The $7 billion Banting-Taiping Toll Highway, $2.2 billion Kidex Toll Highway awarded to companies owned by BUMNO/BN lawyers and the wife of an ex-CJ, $250 million Cowgate Project, $53 billion MRT project etc. all seem to have elements of being tainted. We must prevent this Maha Firaun sick culture from continuing to thrive.

Too many contract worth again, billion of dollars, are being awarded behind closed doors in an atmosphere of secrecy, non-transparency and unaccountability. Crony politics, economics and business continue to thrive. The national debt, excluding contingency liabilities and guarantees, stands at a record 54% of GDP. No doubt, 96% of this is local debt as opposed to foreign debt, but it still has to be paid and should not become a millstone around the necks of future generations.

Yogi Berra - "It's like deja-vu, all over again." Isn't it, though? Maha Firaunism continues to haunt us.

Yogi Berra - "It ain't over till it's over." 

Yes, it ain't over. Pakatan leaders and lawyers take note. This is the way out. Slay the beast. File your multiple class action legal suits tomorrow. Hold all these sons of a bitches accountable for their gross and criminal negligence of their duty of care.  Give them no peace.

Pakatan, let all these Firauns and their adherents, including all the fraudtrepreneurs created under the NEP, Bumiputra or not, know that you will come after them with an RCI when you form the Government. There is no forgiving or forgetting. Justice must be seen to be done,and prevail. Then, we'll talk about peace and reconciliation.

Yes, Maha Firaun and your ilk. It ain't over till its over. We're comin after yo ass, baby!

Donplaypuks® with us, Maha Firaunism Man!
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by hrh raja stat decl, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for frenemy affairs

If we carefully and dispassionately examine our lives, we will not fail to come to the conclusion that by and large, we are ourselves 99.99% of the time the primary architects of our own fate. So, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, RPK, of Malaysia Today, must increasingly find it totally depressing that instead of basking in the warm adoration of legions of fans, he’s actually languishing in cold, wet and dreary Manchester, and increasingly being more reviled, loathed and cursed than ever by disappointed Malaysians.

Wither Tai Chi and Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ whose tactics and strategies RPK claims to espouse wholly, much to the mystification of his readers? Sadly, this is what transpires when you watch too many Hollywood and Honky Kung Fu movies and American TV programs. In many years of travelling through Malaysia, Singapore, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia, I have never come across a single tycoon or top CEO who actually practises any of Sun Tzu’s strategies. It’s called ‘The Art of War’ dummy, not ‘The Real Art of Doing Real Business’. In Malaysia especially, you only need ‘The Art of Angkat Bola’ or “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ to become fabulously rich.

As for Tai Chi, the only variety of it being practised anywhere outside of China appears to be the one where a lot of OAP’s gather in the gloom of early morning in the remaining open green spaces fast being reclaimed by greedy developers, and go through these ‘slow mo’ moves to improve blood circulation, and then head to the nearest coffee shop for a monster cholesterol-oozing breakfast.

Surely, if RPK is any kind of a worthy exponent of Tai Chi and ‘The Art of War,’ he should have been able to walk straight through the minefields of BUMNO/BN and Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib instead of having to run for cover to London and UK, should he not? Reminds me of all these clairvoyants who claimed to have predicted 9/11 and JFK’s assassination, but not the exact day, date and time of their own misfortunes or death!

Let me make some bold assertions:
  1. I’d still rather have RPK around blogging up a storm than not. On balance, I think he’s on the side of Pakatan winning GE13 and BUMNO/BN being relegated to a minority party in Opposition.
  2.  I accept he should do exposé’s to reveal shenanigans, whether by BUMNO/BN or Pakatan. But RPK must accept that you can’t expect perfection in politics, which, as much as it may be about the art of the deal, compromise or possible, is also about settling for the short-term on the lesser of two evils.
  3.  He’s got absolutely no loyalty to anyone but himself. Whistleblowers must be congenitally insane to confess their secrets to RPK; they can expect no protection from RPK as a benefactor
  4. He’s nothing more than a blogger, but a good one. He’s not a professional journalist or serious writer. He knows it, that’s exactly what he wants and that’s why his modus operandi is more akin to that of a bull  in a china shop than that of say, a savvy, experienced, smooth PR expert and strategist.
  5.  He sure as hell made some kind of a deal with BUMNO/BN and Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib over that TV3 interview which drew attention to his (in)famous Statutory Declaration about allegations of Altantuya’s murderers, which begins with “I have been reliably informed…” No one is that naive. It was meant to give relief to Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib. What was the carrot? Money, $millions of it? Was it a deal involving his son’s release from remand on framed up charges and subsequent  no-questions-asked flight to London?  
But for all that, he’s lost the plot.

But should we have expected anything more from a man, who by his own admission, has embraced causes ranging from the Iranian Islamic Revolution to the Iraq invasion, Talibanism and what else not? That RPK should present these in his resume to convince us that he’s paid his dues to the nation, is, not only just laughable, but downright silly. It clearly shows the immature mind we are dealing with. Or is it the kind of reaction we expect from someone who says he’s a serious blogger, invites people for their views and then lashes out at criticism with “Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do….”

You can have an uncontrollable quick temper when you are in your twenties and, possibly, early thirties. Beyond that, such outbursts usually result in disaster at the personal level as evidenced by RPK’s sudden departure from office in PKR. Any man who exhibits such massive egotism and megalomania is a danger unto himself. I mean what kind of a fuck philosophy is "If everyone hates me, I’m doing my job.” Listen man, if you are doing your job well, everyone (who matters) should love and worship you. The flip side of that coin is? If they hate you and curse the ground you walk on, you are doing shit fuck all! Think Ghandhi and Mandela vs Stalin or Mao.

I have been reliably informed (no SD) by two leading lawyers in KL that the day RPK returns to Malaysia, he will be slapped with a dozen subpoenas for defamation suits, over and above those that Shafee and other pro-BUMNO layers have already filed. Why? Because recently, he fired a salvo against Pakatan lawyer-MP’s and Aduns for allegedly corruptly profiting and benefiting to the tune of $ millions from work done for the Selangor State Government and its agencies. This totally false accusation famously and spectacularly blew up in RPK’s face for which he did not have the decency or grace to apologise.

He has again taken to shooting from the hip in straining to convince his readers that he has a balanced approach in his ooh, Tai Chi and ‘Art of War’ machinations. RPK has revived the ghost of corruption in sandmining involving State-owned companies in Selangor. There is also this further allegation of 7 sandmining whistleblowers having been sacked from their jobs. Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim responded immediately with a Selcat public hearing. He’s even invited Selangor BN Co-ordinator, Mohd. Zin Ahmad, to present evidence of corruption in sandmining at the public hearings instead of sniping from the sidelines with bland, standard innuendos and threatening statements like “I have been reliably informed…” 

Would such a strong, positive response have come from an BUMNO/BN controlled Selangor State Government, now, or previously when they were in charge? Does it remotely look like MB Khalid Ibrahim condones corruption in Selangor? Compare this with the denial mode in which BUMNO/BN has been lurching from one financial crisis and scandal to another vis-à-vis $250 million cowgate affair, $7 billion proposed Banting-Taiping Toll Highway, $2.2 billion Kidex involving an ex-CJ’s wife and UMNO lawyer, $7.6 billion purchase of armoured vehicles…….the list is endless!

Which brings us to RPK’s latest “John Soh reliably told me….” exposé.

But first, let’s dispose of Haris Ibrahim of ‘The People’s Parliament’ blog. While still bleeding from RPK’s backstabbing wounds resulting in him (Haris) resigning as President of Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM), Haris rushes to give a modicum of respect to RPK’s latest character assassination attempt on Anwar Ibrahim by demanding Anwar reply to RPK’s totally hearsay blogpost, or else.

Or else what, Haris? Will you never learn?

Haris, like his mentor RPK, seems to be all over the place; a jack of all movements with jackshit to show for it. You want to have a say in which party nominates which candidate for GE 13, then ‘turum gelanggang.’ Sign up with PAS or DAP or PKR or Parti Socialis, whatever and move it. ABU is not a political party, but a clever campaign slogan.

And Haris, what are you hanging on to RPK’s petticoat for? He’s told you in refined classic Mancunian – “FOOKIN ‘ELL, FOOKIN 'ARIS IBRAHIM OF MALAYSIA, FOOK OFF!” – and you still would give him a veneer of credence? You still don't get the message? Have you no shame or self-respect? You saved him in Bangkok and this is the reward and show of gratitude?

Why ask Anwar to respond to RPK? Why should he? Are they equlas? Has RPK been doing Anwar any great favours recently? No, in fact he’s 90% “convinced” Anwar is a sodomist and that he’s not morally fit to be Malaysia’s Prime Minister, ever. Anwar's lately been through hell and back. So, if he's a bit remiss in communicating with RPK, does that warrant RPK pouting and behaving like a petulant child and playing ball with Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib and government controlled MSM? With “impartial” friends like RPK, Anwar needs enemies?

Why did you not demand John Soh sign a Statutory Declaration confirming all that he’s supposed to have sobbed out to Dear Aunty RPK?

What seems to have escaped these brilliant Tai Chi and ‘Art of War’ exponents is that they have all been had, set up. They have all been had and set up, bad! Why?  
  1. A tycoon may be worth $billions on paper, but how many have $300 million spare cash to bribe 30 politicians to jump ship, even as a bridging loan? John Soh? Even in his heydays, John Soh was not worth $1/2 billion. I am reliably told (no SD) that even today many ex-Omega Securities remisiers who lost all their deposits in the 1997 $400 million fleecing fraud at Omega Securities, have parangs in their desk drawers awaiting the return of one, Yeoh Lee Ho, CEO of Omega, who absconded to Australia.
  2. Both Tony Tiah, then major shareholder and CEO of TA Securities, and John Soh, were fined $6 million each and banned from holding any directorships in public listed companies for five years, when after lengthy plea bargaining, they pleaded guilty to two charges of providing false statements to the KLSE over the Omega debacle.Now, RPK and Haris expect us to believe a word of what this discredited John Soh is supposed to have confessed to RPK?
  3. And had John Soh actually coughed up $300 million from thin air, BUMNO and ‘Gua Tolong Lu, Lu Tolong Gua” Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib would have counter offered with $450 million ($15 million x 30 frogs)? And these frogs would have actually been free to spend $25 million each?  I think it would be easier to sell that other story to Malaysians - that Santa Claus actually exists and lives in the North Pole.
  4. Then again, if Anwar has all these $ billions stashed away in Satan and Zion Lands, wtf would he want to put himself in the clutches of a shadowy operator and apparently, a manipulator, like John Soh, or anyone else? Sodomist, Bigamist, Morally Unfit, and now Masochist and Sadist as well, not to mention Stupid? 
Set up by who? I was reliably informed (no SD) by Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib when we last met, I forget when and where, that Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s gullibility had to be seen to be believed. There is a school of thought, and it's not as far-fetched as it sounds, that it's BUMNO/BN and Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib who are keeping RPK financed in UK, where he can do more damage to Pakatan (by the TV3 deal struck) than if he were physically in Kuala Lumpur.

If RPK is to be believed, people everywhere are falling over themselves making all sorts of confessions to him. Even Anwar:

“I can believe this because this was exactly what Anwar told me when we met in London in 2010. In fact, Anwar was even more blunt in his criticism of the Menteri Besar. He said that Khalid was stubborn and had a huge ego and would not ‘listen to advice’. My retort was: you created the monster so why can’t you just un-create what you created? (In fact, I wrote about this before)… Azmin Ali is up in arms. He is grumbling that Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is bypassing the ‘correct channels’ in making decisions...”

And RPK is credible because? He once hobnobbed with the great Maha Firaun? Does he not realise that in Today's Malaysia, that's a kiss of death?

Well, as each day passes by, it’s becoming painfully obvious that the deal RPK signed with ‘Gua Tolong Lu, Lu Tolong Gua” Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib includes:
  •  A blitz in Malaysia Today to try and influence Malaysians not to vote for Anwar Ibrahim, along the lines of “even if I lose one eye, Anwar should lose both”.  
  • Driving a wedge between Khalid Ibrahim, and Anwar and Azmin. “Even if I lose GE 13, you (RPK) must help us (BUMNO/BN) get Selangor back”.
I think RPK would be better off writing brilliant exposés like “The Reward For Giving Perak Back To BUMNO” than wasting time on cindrella fairy tales and BUMNO/BN propaganda. 

RPK should also start a ‘Dear Aunty” hard-up and sob story blog. He’s got a gift for it. 

To slightly twist a well-known adage:

There are causes and there are horses. There are causes for horses, and horses for causes.

So, if you are a leader, be a leader. If you are horse, then know your place, but by all means rise and gallop away to glory. But when you try to be all things to all people, you usually end up being universally distrusted and intensely disliked by all.

I still read RPK’s ‘Malaysia Today’ and Haris Ibrahim’s ‘The People’s Parliament’ daily. It sure beats paying $2.40 a day to sift through the trash in the New State Parsely Sage Rosemary & Thighmes or the Daily WCW Jalan Alor Setar Hackrag.

Again, I feel that we are on the same side. I sympathise with RPK's and his wifes' predicament. No Malaysian citizen should have to fight his battles from abroad by involuntary exile. In a perfect world, our laws, the laws of asses, that pushed RPK to the brink would be deemed ultra vires (Buntutsan, please note this means 'illegal and not 'insulting') our Federal Constitution by fearless judges. That day will arrive soon.

And yet…and yet…? You too? You get that funny feeling that we are all being had?

And once again, who am I? Just a humble, nobody Malaysian first, middle and last blogger who cares how and where we are heading as a nation.

As for Tai Chi and the ‘Art of War’ I was reliably informed (no SD) by their Chinese founders that they are turning so much in their graves, it’s threatening a 10.0 Richter Scale earthquake blowout in China.

Donplaypuks® with your loyalties and statutory declarations, man!



by maha tutankhamun, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for 1M F ALL pyramid scheme affairs

Ex-Chief Jedi Master Planner of The Realm, Rama Maha Firaun Kutty Jedi Darthvader The First, the world’s first ever ‘Benevolent Kutty Jedi Darthvader Dictator’ since time immemorial, more affectionately known as ‘Pak Che Tak Bajet’ or ‘Tak Bajet’ (Never Budget) for short,  surveyed the Glocal Towering and sprawling edifice that was 3M Corp (Malaysia) HQ. 

 "It's so sad. Our HQ building looks like some old historic ruins, battered by eroding hot sirocco-like winds, tsunamis, tropical thunderstorms and the scorching sun," remarked Maha Firaun, as the tears flowed down his cheeks and up his bulbous nostrils. "We need to leave inspiring footprints in the sands of time, not derelict old buildings and slums. What we need is a makeover, a new Pyramid Scheme, don't you think Bongkak Ali?" he asked

His faithful stoolie of late, 'I got degree in Mess Communications, so don't messing with me' Abraham 'Kaki Tiga' Tongkat Ali, stared in stupefaction at the stupendous skyscraper.

"It's Tongkat Ali, O Great Pharoah. But anyway, why you nots get new funs from Imelda Birkin Rosemajib? They and PEGUNDU (Performen & Gundu Delivery Unit) announ so many new $billion projects and award of con-tracts even before engineering plans bin draw up what. How can? Who's blocking funs to you? "


"(Gulp). Don lah please four letter word me, O Great Firaun. I here to haps yu ony."

"Don't be dense, Bangcoq Ali. It's actually 5 words. I meant First Lady of Curtin University."

"Bloody hells, how can they so cruels to you? Especially Imelda Birkin who I must admit I'm infatuated with. But, O Great Darthinvader, they just announ new whine in old botol Nashnal Health Insuran Pyramid Skeem. Many $billions for us all to share what. They say they con-sul all steakholders one. So how comes your majesty don know? They never con-sul you?"

"The fools! The ones no one should consult are any stakeholders, especially the 20% who pay tax in this country and subsidise the 80%. Anyway, who announced it? What's the damage?"

"You don read online newspepper, ah? Minister in Lying for Tung Shin Clean 2.0 Tear Gas Hospital announ it. $44 billion."

"So, 10% of that for administration cost will be $4.4 billion. But don't forget that the government's current health budget at 3% of GDP is about $16 billion. 10% from there is $1.6 billion. So, total package for piratisation under Ali Baba Pyramid Scheme is $60 gross income, $6 billion net income. A handy sum for me to get my hands dirty, you agree, Phuket Ali?"

"You mean Abraham 'Kaki Tiga' Tongkat Ali Pyramid Scheme, don you? But O Great Pharoah, if Rosemajib can Nashnal Health Skeeming off the top for $16 billion curren budget, what we going to do with $60 billion? Reduce taxes? Build more hospitals, schools and low cost houses and hap the poor?"

"Angkat Bola Ali, were you born congenitally stupid or did you you go to university to learn how? Reduce taxes? Build more hospitals, schools and low cost houses? Help the poor? Never! The whole idea is to get everyone to rush and buy private health insurance policies and push them to the private hospitals. Nice problem to have, $60 billion to play around with. 

But we'll have to inject it into 3M Corp and list it on the KL Casino Exchange. Then, we will push for introduction of GST at 10% and piratise its collection. That will be enough to bankrupt the nation, won't it?"

 "I never knows 3M Corp Minnesota, USA, oreddy here in Malaysia, issit?" whispered, the running dog to his master. 

"Don't be an idiot, Songket Ali. My 3M Corp has nothing to do with that zionist and Mossad/ Singapore controlled stickityellowpaperuptheirarse terrorist USA company!" 

"It's Tongkat Ali, O Great Pharoah. But, not 3M Corp Minnesota, USA, got meh? That's mean what? I very confucius." 

"3M - Mok, Muk and Mir - got it, Ong Tingkat Ali?" 

"Tongkat Ali. But got it in one, oh Great Firaun, in one loh. Is that why Success Group Plc, controlled by your crony billionaire Chinese businessman "created by BUMNO/BN policies", suddenly announced last week they are going to selling pharmaceutical items - pills/medicines - in their Multi Level Marketing (MLM) outlets? Anyway, 3M Corp (M) HQ originally costo mucho dinero, no?" 

"Peanuts, oh, peanuts. Just a couple of $ billion, financed by direct negotiation general hospital monopoly contracts for supply of basic medical and diagnostic equipment - panadol, aspirin, disposable syringe, X-ray machine and so on, you know. Then some marginal $2 billion oilfield  O&G contracts and so on." 

"Oh yes, O Great Firaun, I certainly knows. Just like me. Your poor 3M millionaire children really had to slog to become 3M billionaires, beneficiary of affirmative action New Economic Policy ( for the benefit of the rich and richer) pyramid scheme, no?" 

"Turn off the recorder, stop taking notes and switch off your handphone, Dickhead Ali." 

"(Sigh). It's Tongkat Ali...." 

Click Here for Zorro-Unmasked's take on the national health pyramid scheme.

Donplaypuks® with our health, man! It might affect the supply of oxygen to our brains.

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by jantan tongkat ali & kacip fat mama, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for high T teh tarik affairs

The battle-scarred veteran of many a GATT/WTO skirmish for free AP handouts to rich relatives and cronies under the affirmative action (for the rich and haves) driven New Economic Policy, Madam rAPidafire Ironic Lady, stormed into the deserted parlour of 1M $40 Million Heavily Subsidised Ye Olde Madras Town Mamak Tea Shoppe.

" A pot of my favourite Intergri T, Maidin. Lots of it. And be snappy about it, or else...You know who I am, don't you?"

"Aren't you that Biggest Loser Lady who always doing the Hari Raya TV ad with frizzed out rat fur on her head, year in year out at the same rural, rustic house in Melaka?

"What? How dare you confuse me with country yokel peasants! And where's my Intergri T?"

"Well, you are a bit behinding the times, Madam rAPidafire. We not serving that Alliance Daching blend since 13th May1969, and certainly not after July 1981."

"In that case, a pot of Earl Grey, Darjeeling or Tetley's Tea Bags will do. Chop, chop! You know what they say:
  1. Tetley's Tea Bags - 90% aroma, 10% body.
  2. Earl Grey - 50% aroma, 50% body.
  3. Darjeeling - 90% body,  10% aroma.
"Sorry Madam rAPidafire, we don't serving yimported British or Yindian tea."

"Bah! What a low class joint! And I'll have none of the Boh ganja powder adulterated "got oomph" local stuff for me."

"Just for you Madam, we having special promotion of tea from downing under. Coming 5 flavours:
  1. Far T - 90% aroma, 10 % body. Sold by the cc (cubic centimetres).
  2. Shi T - 50% aroma, 50% body. Sold by the kg (kilogram).
  3. Cnu T - 90% body, 10% aroma. Sold by china doll.
  4. Pas T - 100% fundamental hot air for those religiously inclined. Sold by Osama (deceased).
  5. Dato Trio T - 100% HollyBollyTonkywood aroma. The creme de la creme of BUMNO sponsored salacious spicy teas, specially imported from the salons of Phat Pong in Bangcoq. When boiling water is poured over the tea leaves, a magical top layer of blue film will appear, which when sipped, can transform full-haired young men into pot-bellied grandpas wearing crew cut hairsyle. Must be consumed with jantan ali copporn. Boiling water must be timed with Omega Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Wrist Watch donated by Saudi Prince. For best results, comely China Doll will be on hand to ensure first boil is achieved satisfactorily in exactly 15 minutes and second boil, 30 minutes later. Sold by Cik Thamby Pendek.
Would you trying a cup of any?"

"No, not today, thank you. Just a bottle of mineral water then."

"Ah, that we having 3 types:
  1. Air Hitam du TOILET with brown sludge ooze and ammonia, optional. Specially collected and bottled from Puncak, Splash and Syabas underground springs in the Klang Valley.
  2. Air Derriere du FLOM (First Lady of Mongolia) reserved to keep in shape the blossoming butts of FLOM, FLOS (First Lady of Shopping) and FLOP (First Lady of Putrajaya).
  3. Air Asia du CHEAP (Certified Helluva Experience Aero Planes) at $15 a bottle with $30 coqscrew if booked online and paid by credit card in advance. Otw, in-flight orders will cost $30 per bottle an coqscrew, $60. Now, Everyone Can Drink (if you can afford it, but you'll get coqscrewed anyway).
"Don't you have anything really special that you normally reserve for FLOCU?"

"Please don't be swearing at me, Madam rAPidafire!"

"Oh, el mega stupido Maidin, I meant  for First Lady of Curtin University."

"Oh, is there a doctor in the house?" 

 "Oh, do people have fake degrees here?'

"Perishing the thought!"

Donplaypuks® with INTEGRI T, man!  
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by volks toyodai, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for auto affairs

Here are some FACTS based on Proton Holding's unaudited Accounts for the six months ended 30th September 2011, as filed with Bursa/Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) and MSM reports:
  1. Net Tangible Assets (NTA) - $5,390,296,000
  2. Paid Up Share Capital - $549,213,000 
  3. NTA per share - $9.81  - (1) divided by (2) 
  4. Khazanah recently sold its 42.74 % equity shareholdings in Proton for $1.291 Billion @ $5.50 per share to DRB Hicom Bhd. which is also listed on KLSE. 
  5. DRB is now controlled by that most favoured darling crony of BUMNO/BN, "investor" Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary. He is of course the Scarlet Pimpernel of Malaysia as far as serial corporate acquisitions are concerned. He's here, he's there, he's everywhere, swallowing up State-owned and monopolistic enterprises with huge bank financed leveraged buyouts. Recently, Pos Malaysia (32.2%) monopoly was piratised to him/DRB by Khazanah for $623 million. Al-bukhary is also the front runner for the piratisation of KTM Bhd. (ex-Malayan Railways).
  6.  In justifying the sale, Khazanah's MD Tan Sri Dato Azman Mokhtar was widely reported to have said:   "It's true Proton's NTA per share is $9.81 per share. Our cost per share of investment in Proton is NOT  $8 per share. We did NOT make a Capital Loss of about $600 million ($2.50 per share). Our investment holding cost in Proton is below $5 per share. We will therefore book in a modest gain. 
  7. Do note that Khazanah MD wily fox did not say exactly how much "profit" Khazanah was booking in on the sale of Proton. And since it's classified under OSA, we'll have to wait till Pakatan comes into power to unearth that piece of vital information. 
Elsewhere he was quoted as saying Khazanah's holding cost had been reduced to below $5 per share by dividends received over the years.


I'm no chartered accountant or investment guru/expert. But according to long-established international and Malaysian accounting rules, the only time you write down the cost of your long-term controlling investment cost in a company by the dividend received is when you receive a dividend SHORTLY AFTER (within 1year) you have made that investment. In that specific instant, the dividend is deemed a return of Capital and NOT a return on Equity (investment).

So, what does Azman Mokhtar mean that Khazanah's holding cost in Proton had been reduced by dividends received over the years?

Let's be very, very clear.

Dividend income from equity investment is therefore 99.99% of the time treated as Return on Equity (ROE). The astuteness of MD's and their investment committees are judged by this % ROE benchmarked against risk free Fixed Deposit rate. 

So, Tan Sri Dato Azman Mokhtar, MD of Khazanah, why the ROJAK WAFFLE? What are you trying to hide? 

Here are some more FACTS:
  1. Some years ago, Proton was controlled by DRB whose major controlling shareholder then was the late Tan Sri Yayha Ahmad.
  2. Proton was subsequently bailed out by Petronas which then got rid of it to Khazanah.
  3. Since Dr.Mahathir retired as PM in 2003, he's been THE paid "Adviser" to both Petronas and Proton.
  4. Proton's Chairman since January 2009, Dato Nadzmi was once an executive in Petronas and later MD of Proton from 1993-1996.
  5. In 2006, Proton sold its investment in motorbike manufacturer MV Augusta of Italy for Euro 1, thereby realising an investment loss of over $500 million. Mahathir and his handpicked CEO Tengku Mahaleel who were both involved in the original acquisition of MV Augusta claimed they were not consulted in the Euro 1 disposal! 
  6. Proton, like so many of our mollycoddled and cosseted lame-duck Government Losing Concerns, has been suffering from serious High Level Management problems like, since, forever. That's palpably apparent to even any average standard six student. High Level Management problems compounded by even higher level paid "Advisers".
I mean, Dr.Mahathir was again apparently NOT consulted when PM Najib bulldozed his way through with the appointment of Dato Mohamed Omar Mustapha Ong as Petronas Director after elbowing out of office its objecting and long-standing, internationally acclaimed MD, Tan Sri Hassan Merican.

And guess who else sits on the Board of Directors of Khazanah?

Why, none other than Tan Sri Dato Nor Mohamed Yakcop who was once asked to leave Bank Negara for losing some $10-$30 Billion in forex dealings, when Dr.Mahathir was Prime Minister!! Now, some 15 years later, he is also Minister in charge of our Economic Plundering Unit, having before that been Finance Minister II??!! Wtf?

Before Proton was sold to DRB, Dr.Mahathir was openly championing a management buy-out proposal by Chairman Dato Nadzmi. Mahathir and Proton CEO Dato Seri Syed Zainal Abidin had also rammed through a $2.4 Billion 5-year Turnaround Plan for its UK loss making Lotus Motors. But this week, Mahathir is talking about selling off Lotus. 

Don't you think there's something very sickeningly incestuous in all this? 

Today, Mahathir's been praising to the skies Proton's latest 1.6 litre engine car, "to be released in a few months". If the prospects are so good, why sell anything to DRB?

Why sell Proton to Syed Mokhtar Bukary for $5.50 a share when its book and unrevalued cost is $9.81 per share? An early Hari Raya gift to al-Bukhary, perhaps?

Why after 25 years is Proton still uncompetitive and needs protection and crutches in the form of 150% Import Tax/Duty and $30,000-50,000 per Approved Permit (AP) cost for imported cars? And hasn't DRB, like Naza Motors, been raking in $Billions these past 25 years, being one of the main beneficiaries of selectively allocated and freely awarded AP's?

Now, can we all see where the source of all Proton's problems  have descended from all along and why the continual dithering? One stop forward, two steps back? You bet!

Medical doctors forcing their understanding of kitchen economics on $Billion enterprises, Bernie Madhoff fake forex losers, looting and plundering and amateur MD's, please get out of Proton, DRB, PNB, Khazanah and the like today, NOW! You are killing Malaysia and propelling it towards bankruptcy and 4th world status.

Get the professionals in now, even if you have to swallow your pride and court the experts from abroad.

Ultimately, this Proton fiasco may have been engineered by God, I think, to once and for all free it from the clutches of that interfering busybody amateur, Maha Firaun and that management washouts ridden and infested and secretive National Treasury Body!

Think about it.

God moves in mysterious ways.

Donplaypuks® with our Government Losing Concerns, man!
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by baron von moremoneyrichoften and latok cepatrotikayajala, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondents for scorched earth affairs

    "With about 650,000 former trainees, Rosemajib says, the brigade has the capability to emerge as a leading voluntary body in the country."

    Last we heard, our Civil Service budget costs $40 billion per year and that the breakdown for its 1.2 million personnel, assuming pro rata cost, is:

    1. Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guards etc - 220,000 costing $7 Billion.
    2. Police/Fire Brigade etc - 220,000 costing $7 Billion
    3.Balance, Mandarins and their staff = 780,000 costing $26 Billion.

    If the APCO led spindoctoring apparatus of PM Rosemajib is to be believed, over and above this, we now have:

    1. Additional 2.2 million RELA members costing us @ $500 per person per month, $13 Billion a year.
    2. 650,000 National Service Volunteer Brigade  (NSVB) members costing us at say, $500 per person
    per month, $4 Billion a year.

    Adding all together, our known to be serially lying PM Rosemajib and Spindoctor APCO are now saying that we are committed to fixed cost of $57 Billion + $10-15 Billion every year for the PM's own department to pay Roti Kaya Jala's salary etc., (which is more than Obama's and yo mama's budget)!!

    And he has the cheek to say we should not become a Social Welfare country, and advises USA and UK not to print money?

    Is there some kind of a plan here?

    You betcha ass, there is!

    Many of our Government Losing Concerns (GLC's) are suddenly going on a peculiar spending spree:

    1. S.Darby's $776 million 30% acquisition of E&O Bhd. Plc with a 60% price premium, despite SD having an award winning property developing subsidiary in its stable. Allegations of massive insider trading by the husband of the Security Commission's (SC) CEO, and others, have been flying around. More than that, as disclosed by Straits Times Singapore, the top three at the SC over-ruled the findings of their own investigators that SD should make a General Offer to all shareholders of E&O and not just 3 of the major shareholders.

    2. PNB has made a unsolicited offer to acquire all the shares of SP Setia Bhd. Plc, another property developer. The cost will be in excess of $2 billion. This is another mystifying move by PNB given that together with EPF, Socso and other GLC's, it already has over 51% control. EPF has also substantial stakes  in other property development Plc's such as BRDB, TTDI etc. Why is the government allowing this when it has, through Khazanah and PNB, material and substantial stakes in Sime Darby, UEM etc. which are all big boys in the real estate development sector? UEM's acquisition of Sunrise for $1.4 Billion in 2010 is another of these eyebrow raising deals.
    • Why is a government investment holding body getting involved in management and the actual running of  Plc? 
    •  After the balls up in USA, UK and Europe, you'd think they'd be wiser here? No?
    3. Robert Kuok, it is rumoured, was made an offer he could not refuse by the Government to sell his sugar business for $1.5 billion to Felda. Subsequently, the Government allowed the controlled price of sugar to rise from $1.45 in 2010  to $2.30 per kg (60%) , which besides Felda, also benefited Tradewinds, controlled by Syed Mokhtar Bukhary. Apparently in retaliation, Kuok established the world's largest sugar refining factory in Australia costing some $10 Billion, and sabotaged PM Rosemajib's bid to get China to buy oil palm oil. That's serious Kuok talk indeed!

    4. EPF, PNB and Khazanah have also gone on a spending spree investing in real estate in London, Australia nad Singapore, purportedly for higher returns. But according to Roti Kaya Jala and APCO $1 Trillion  Economy Transformers, the best real estate investment opportunities are to be found locally, at:
    • Sg.Buloh land, Selangor - 3,000 acres
    • Sg. Besi old Airport land, Kuala Lumpur - 495 acres
    • Pudu Jail land, Kuala Lumpur - 22 acres 
    • Iskandar Regional Development in Johor
    • Real Estate development in conjunction with MRT development in the Kelang Valley
    5. PNB wants to put up a 105-storey office tower at the historic Merdeka Stadium site, where the minimum cost will be $5 billion, in the midst of global slowdown and commercial property glut in KL?

    6. MAHB has committed an additional $2 Billion to expand its LCCT project based on Air Asia's unstudied projection of 45 million passengers traffic by 2020? And now wants to issue $500 million new shares to finance it when only last year its Chairman said they would not be raising funds from the public?

    So, what gives?

    In 1981, PNB under Maha Firaun's orders mounted a dawn raid on the London. Stock Exchange. It eventually led to the takeover of Guthries' by PNB. Well, perhaps that was only right since all these colonialists had cornered our raw materials and were exporting tyres and tin cans back to us at inflated prices.

    But where is Guthrie's today? Why, swallowed by the Sime Darby merger initiated by CIMB (controlled by Rosemajib's brother) for a fee in excess of $500 million, supported by PNB, Khazanah and EPF and declared "an unqualified success" by CIMB and SD's Chairman Musa Hitam (former Deputy PM of M'sia). So unqualified a success that today SD trades on the KLSE at  about 50% of the combined pre-merger share prices of SD, Guthries and Golden Hope!!??

    So, do all these come under the umbrella of some kind of a warped re-colonizing master plan hatched by the "Boys" at 5th Floor Putrajaya?? 

    Only thing is, all these businesses being taken over for $ Billions were/are mostly controlled by local Malaysian Chinese tycoons. It seems to have escaped the minds of all these bigwig "super patriots" at PNB, Khazanah and the 5th Floor Boys at Putrajaya that these tycoons started from scratch and built their success by dint of  rolling up their sleeves and getting down to sheer, hard, mind and body numbing WORK. Know how built up from practical experience and failing many times. You can't buy lasting success, only build it slowly and steadily.

    And in the final analysis, they are Malaysians, not British colonialists or aliens. So, why is PM Rosemajib encouraging the Malaysianisation of what is already Malaysian owned?

    Or, is there another kind of thinking that they are really "pendatang" 2nd class citizens who are expendable? It recently came to light in a report submitted to the UN by our Government that the actual Malay population in Malaysia hovers at just about 51%. So, wither Ibrahim Ali's shameless claim for 67% share of  the economy by prolonged enforcement of NEP?

    More worrying is the veil of secrecy behind which all these wheelings and dealings are being conducted. Who brokers these deals? Who is paid what commission, especially for $ Billions for flotation of sukuk bonds and $8 Billion PetroSaudi deals where an astounding 25% return was fictitiously registered without taking into full account investment period and time value of money?

    With this massive thoughtless spending and committing future Governments and citizens to the burden of fixed cost amounting $ Billions every years, PM Rosemajib has clearly embarked on a scorched earth policy. 

    He is signalling furiously that he's already lost GE 13 and that his actions will be dictated by spite and contempt for not only the Opposition, but also for the ordinary people of Malaysia. 

    Donplaypuks® with our people, reserves and economy, sore loser man!