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1. 1MDB'S accounts for the years ended 31st March 2015 and 2016 have yet to be prepared and audited. The MoF has not commented on having the 2013 and 2014 accounts re-audited. No action has been taken by CCM (Companies Commission of Malaysia) to fine 1MDB or its top officers for the pathetic  failure to comply with the law!

2. Of the funds raised in the US, RM15 billion disappeared into Najib, Jho Low and their cronies' pockets! More is missing too from funds raised in Malaysia! CLICK HERE.

Based on 1MDB's 31st March 2014 Detoilette audited accounts, it had a total of RM46 billion in borrowings and creditors. (Detoilette because auditors Deloitte announced in 2016 that 1MDB's 2013 AND 2014 accounts audited by them could not be relied upon, and then resigned)! The details are as follows:

Bank Loans, Bonds, Sukuk, overdraft etc. - RM42billion
Derivative Debt, Trade and Other Creditors - RM4 billion.

Yesterday, Najib "cleverly" announced that about RM10 billion of 1MDB's short term debts had been repaid. He deliberately failed to say how much more was outstanding. Or, how these were going to be repaid, given it had sold its IPPs and Bandar Malaysia land. He also did not produce an unaudited 1MDB balance sheet to show us its current financial position.

Also, part of the RM10 billion was used to pay debts incurred by 1MDB AFTER 2014 e.g. RM950 million MoF standby credit!

Since 2014, 1MDB has had to service interest on its $42 billion borrowings at an average of say, about 5% per year. It had also defaulted on some loan interest as well as capital repayments. Tycoon Ananada Krishnan was instrumental in re-financing some RM4 billion of 1MDB's loans in 2015!

More than that, the US$ has ballooned to about 4.40 against the ringgit, adding some RM10 billion to 1MDB's debts, due to exchange rate losses.

Another headache is the US$6.5 billion that IPIC of Abu Dhabi has sued 1MDB for interest and loan repayment guarantees. This is the subject of an arbitration case being heard in London.

Based on the above table, 1MDB had about RM95 billion in debts, which after yesterdays announcement, is reduced to RM85 billion.

So, over to Najib:

1. How is this RM85 billion going to be repaid?
2. Which are the projects Najib is going to inflate to illegally cover-up 1MDB's losses? ECRL? Pan Borneo Expressway? KL-Singapore HSL? Rapid JB? More likely, ALL OF THEM!
3. Who should go to jail for it all? Surely, Najib first?
4. Why have the IGP and AG failed after 1 year, to charge ex-1MDB CEO Sharol Halimi for fraud, theft etc., despite a PAC report demanding it? What about Ismee, Chairman Lodin Wok, Arul Kanda, Mof Chief Secretary Dr. Irwan Serigar Abdullah and Chief Secretary to the Government Dr. Ali Hamsa?

Bamboo River Resort is soon going to be very, very over-crowded!



There was genuine public anger and outrage over the recent apparent racial and religious stereotyping in a government school test paper on 'Moral Studies'. 

So, Donplaypuks® went underground to see if there really was any of this dangerous nonsense which had become institutionalised in our government schools. Was it all the usual Zionist and/or Singapore plot to discredit our glorious and over-achieving Education system which even the USA, UK, Finland and Japan envy? Or, was it only a storm in a teh tarik cup stirred up by Godless Mainland Communists?

I am very glad to say that there is no rumour to the truth at all that racial and religious stereotyping is rampant in Bolihland government schools. There is no bigotry, prejudice or favouritism of any kind. It is proven 100% (+30%) by the following SPM trial exam test paper:






Six (5) students sat for her SPM examination, i.e.:

(A) Muthu

(B) Ah Chong

(C) Ali

(D) Gurdial Singh Gill

(E) Fatimah

(F) Mary Wong

They all apply for JPA scholarship to study Medicine, with Pharmacy as second choice.

1. One studen obtain Gred 1 with 15A+ including Basic Religious Studies, Advanced Religious Studies, Scriptures, The Holy Book, Jawi, History, Geography, General Science and Home Science.
2. One studen obtain Gred 1 with 15A+ including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematic, Advance Mathematic, English and English Literature.
3. One studen obtain Gred 1 with 12A+ including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematic, Advance Mathematic, English, English Literature and Dance (ballet).
4. One studen obtain Gred 1 with 10 A+ including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematic, Advance Mathematic, English and English Literature.
5. One studen obtain Gred 1 with 9 A+ including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematic, Advance Mathematic, English and English Literature.
6. One studen obtain Gred 2 with distinction in Basic Religious Studies and Scriptures.

You are require match the studens - Muthu, Ah Chong, Ali, Gurdial Singh Singh Gill, Fatimah and Mary Wong - to the gred in the examination and following program:

(a) Who have receive offer fully pay JPA scholarship study medicine at Havud Medical School, USA?

(b) Who have receive offer fully pay JPA scholarship study medicine at Al Aqsa Brotherhood Medical University in Khahera, Mecir?

(c) Who have receive offer fully pay JPA scholarship study Social Science at Penang Sains University?

(d) Who's father sells cows milk, wrongly lends money for interest (riba) and have receive offer job as Big, Strong and Friendly night-shift Chief Security Guard (Jaga) at Standard Chartered Bank?

(e) Who insensitively build temples (kuils), drink lot of toddy mabuk, have refuse offer scholarship and join 04 Kabali Hitmen Gang in Kelang?

(f) Who have receive no offer scholarship or job and force appeal Michael Chong at MCA Public Services and Complaints Department Help Centre?

E.g. your answer maybe (in your dreams) (A) (1) (a).

NB: All puns, grammatical and spelling errorrs are fully extended



On 20th July 2016 the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative unit of the US Department of Justice (US DoJ) filed a civil case against parties who had acquired certain assets in the US using money fraudulently diverted from funds raised by 1MDB (CLICK HERE):

The persons and affiliates stated in the indictment sheet are:

1. PM Najib Tun Razak, (Malaysia Official 1).
2. Riza Shahriz Bin Abdul Aziz or Riza Aziz, Rosmah's son and Najib's step-son.

3. Tan Sri Ismee Ismail, ex-1MDB Executive Director (1MDB Officer 1).
4. Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi, ex-1MDB CEO (1MDB Officer 2).
5. Casey Tang/Jasmine Looi, ex-1MDB General Counsel and Executive Director (1MDB Officer 3).
6. Low Taek Jho (Jho Low), 37, 1MDB investment advisor. 
7. Khadem Abdulla Al Qubaisi, a Jho Low Abu Dhabi associate.
8. Mohamed Ahmed Badawy Al-Husseiny, another Jho Low Abu Dhabi associate.

From the table below, it is clear that Najib, Rosmah, Riza Aziz, Jho Low and their associates stole approximately RM15 billion of 1MDB funds raised in the US through Goldman Sachs:

It is also clear that Najib and Jho Low planned this mega fraud and looting in 2009 with Rosmah and Riza. As explained in my earlier blog post, Riza schooled with Jho Low in London. CLICK HERE. It was Najib who handpicked Jho Low! This is referred to by the US DoJ:

Of the RM15 billion, we can account for RM8.99 billion from the US DoJ document, that Jho Low, Najib and the others pocketed and spent/invested and blew for their own benefit in the US:

1. Qubaisy - RM1.89 billion
2. Husseiny - RM270 million
3. Casey Tang/Jasmine Looi - RM20 million
4. Riza Aziz - RM952 million
5. Prince Turki/Obaid - RM18 million
6. Najib - RM2.94 billion (he has yet to explain what happened to  US$620 million or RM2.48 billion transferred out to Tanore S'pore on 26 August 2013).
7. Jho Low & family RM2.88 billion:
(a) Artworks - RM940 million
(b) Properties - RM1.38 billion
(c) 22% shares in EMI - RM430 million
(d) Bombardier Jet - RM140 million

This still leaves RM 6.1 billion unaccounted for by Najib and Jho Low. He was also involved with Sarawak Chief Minister Taib and the huge sale of UMG bank shares and other deals in London. So, the money was spread out around the globe. CLICK HERE.

It is also obvious that Jho Low is Najib and Rosmah's nominee (front) for much of the "investments" held by him ultimately through his family trust company, Jynwel Capital incorporated in Hong Kong.

It also means that at least RM15 billion of assets shown as 'Investments Held for Sale' and 'Deposits with Aabar' etc. in 1MDB's 2014 balance sheet, are simply not there.

I say "at least" because 1MDB raised RM42 billion in loans and if there was blatant fraud from Jho Low's end in the USA, the chances are 100% certain that there was further fraud in Malaysia, committed by Najib and other executives in the company!

E.g. Najib, who is also the Finance Minister, Chief Secretary to MoF, Dr. Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah and Chief Secretary to the Government, Dr. Ali Hamsa, are hiding behind the OSA and refuse to make public exactly in what assets $4 billion borrowed by 1MDB (and later transferred to SRC) from KWAP was invested in! 

Also, IPIC of Abu Dhabi is suing 1MDB for US$6.5 billion or RM26 billion owed it, which 1MDB claims it had remitted to dummy  off-shore corporations set up by Jho Low, Qubaisy and Al-Husseiny!

Which is why everyone from Najib, CEO Arul, Deputy Ministers of Finance all lied that these investment were represented by (fake/non-existent) "Units".

Which is also why in 2016, auditors Deloitte resigned after announcing that their 1MDB audited accounts for 2013 and 2014 could not be relied upon. In short, the accounts stink to high heaven of massive fraud and cover up by Najib, Serigar, Ali Hamsa, Chairman and Board of Directors, CEO (s) and top executives, past and present, at 1MDB. Deloitte was unbelievably professionally negligent and should be taken to court by the government!

Yet, in recent days Finance Minister II Johari Abdul Ghani had the cheek to say that there has been no prosecution of anyone in Malaysia over the 1MDB fiasco because, we only have half the picture! Of course, if you only have half a brain, then you can only see half the picture. CLICK HERE.

In all likelihood, 1MDB has lost in excess of RM30 billion due to internal fraud, looting and plundering, as a matter of corporate  and UMNO culture.

Should anyone have expected any less, given that Dracula Najib and his government of werewolves and thieves were in charge of the blood bank?



Riza Shahriz Bin Abdul Aziz or Riza Aziz, is Rosmah's son and Najib's step-son. He has a BSc in Economics and Masters in Political Science from the London School of Economics. He schooled in London with Jho Low of 1MDB infamy. That is how Jho got to know Rosmah and Najib.

Riza shot to fame in 2013 as co-founder and owner of Red Granite Pictures, USA, which produced and financed the movie 'Wolf of Wall St' starring Leonardo DiCaprio. 

The $64,000 question is of course how and from where someone like Riza who was not known to be a tycoon, got US$64 million or RM256 million to bankroll the movie.

The answer is clearly stated in documents related to the July 2016 civil action indictment brought against Jho Low, Riza and others by the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative (aptly KARI) unit of the US Department of Justice (USDoJ). CLICK HERE.

The USDoJ document clearly identifies Riza by name, and Najib as MO1:

The DoJ has followed Riza's money trail to US6.5 billion raised in 2012 and 2013 by 1MDB through Goldman Sachs, USA.

In short, Riza received money that was clearly, fraudulently stolen by Najib from 1MDB, aided and abetted by Jho Low, a couple of Arabs in Abu Dhabi and the top management at 1MDB. Najib and his partners-in-crime had defrauded 1MDB to the tune of RM42 billion. Of this, US$238 million or RM952 million was transferred in various blocks in 2012 to Riza Aziz.

Riza used RM377 million to acquire upmarket properties in London, New York and Beverly Hills, California. Another $256 million was used to finance production of Wolf. Millions of ringgit more were transferred to the off-shore bank accounts of Eric Tan Kim Loong, which, it is now certain after a court hearing in Singapore, is a fake identity used by Jho Low to fool the financial authorities in USA, Switzerland, Singapore etc. to launder money. The table above shows how this easy and new-found money was moved around to pay for gambling debts, jet and super-yacht expenses and the high life! That includes $12.32 million misused to pay for Rosmah's diamond shopping in Hong Kong!

Some of the properties were first acquired by Jho Low who later added on a hefty profit margin before "selling" them to Riza!

Najib, Rosmah, Riza and Jho Low then tried to cover up the looting by producing fake letters purporting to show that they received these huge sums of money as donations and gifts from Arab parties:

1. The purported Al-Husseiny of Abu Dhabi "gift letter" to Riza.

The letter is clearly a fake because there was no US$94.5 million transferred to Riza Aziz; the amount, as shown in the table above, was US$94.3 million!!!

2. The purported, mysterious and as yet unidentified HRH Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud "donation" letter to Najib.

NB: Unusually, the letter has no email, telephone, address or any other contact numbers! Also, US$375 million is far short of RM2.6 billion that Najib claimed as Saudi "donation"!!

Suffice to say that all this thievery and fakery was pre-planned. The USDoJ document is full of Jho Low and his Mafia gifting each other billions of ringgit to avoid paying taxes all over the world. We all know that:

1. Money does not grow on trees.
2. No one gifts or donates billions of ringgit to perfect strangers or mere business acquaintances. Even Obama did not raise raise that much donation for his 2012 re-election campaign.
3. There is no free lunch.

Najib's ridiculous claim that $2.6 billion was a Saudi Royalty donation from which he did not benefit, has been dismissed by 6.99999 billion humans. Najib also conveniently forgot to mention that another, approximately RM 1.6 billion, had flowed through his account between 2011-2013. His further claim that he did not know several millions ringgit had been credited to his bank a/c, but spent it anyway, is the stuff of legends.

Riza seems to be following Najib's tactics by claiming in the US Court that he is the "innocent owner" of the RM952 million who did not know it was stolen from 1MDB, and that in any event, it had not been proven in any court that the money was stolen at all. We might just believe that Riza was innocent if he did not hold a Bsc degree in Economics and a Masters in Political Science from LSE. Is Riza honestly expecting us to believe he did not ask his mother Rosmah, step-father Najib and buddy Jho Low where all this hundred of millions of durian runtuh was coming from? Or that Rosmah, Najib and Jho did not tell him?

If only Riza had not schooled with Jho Low, if only Jho had not met Rosmah and Najib, if only......

But, the truth is 1MDB was short of cash and had to be bailed out with short-term loans of RM975 million by Najib's MOF, $4 billion re-financing arranged by tycoon Ananda Krishnan, and by flogging its prized IPP and land assets to Chinese government state-owned companies. The sale of IPPs - Edra - resulted in RM2 billion loss to 1MDB. Wide-spread public accusations that Najib has sold out our sovereignty to China to cover up his massive thievery, has much substance.

If some RM30 billion was not missing from 1MDB's bank, why these  desperate measures?

If there was no fraud at 1MDB: 

1. Why were auditors removed twice by Najib?
2. Why did Deloitte say their 2013 and 2014 audit reports could not be relied upon and resign in 2016?
3. Why have the accounts for 2015 and 2016 yet to be audited, delayed by 24 and 11 months?
4. Why did Najib and his stooge Attorney General classify the Auditor Genera's 1MDB report under the OSA. (This is actually Unconstitutional as neither PM Najib nor AG Pandi have any blocking authority over the Auditor General's report to Parliament).

The truth is Riza, Rosmah and Najib are the Malaysian Mafia who roped Jho Low (also Malaysian but apparently holds a US passport) into the heist of the century. Najib is using the full power of his office, and the sycophancy and corruption of UMNO/BN, the IGP, AG, Judiciary, MACC, PAC, Parliament and Bank Negara to thwart every attempt to send him and his family to prison for a long time. Their conduct is treasonous.

Najib has even convinced himself that if by flogging 1MDB's assets at a profit, and fraudulently diverting money from inflating other government projects, he is able to cover the huge short-fall in its books, he should be forgiven for his looting and plundering, and be awarded the Victoria Cross and the Nobel Accounting Prize!

The law however, is certainly not on his side. If you rob a bank and then replace that stolen money by robbing another bank, you get a longer jail sentence for two robberies.

If you "borrow" money from public funds, use it for your and your family's benefit, then somehow find the money to replace the debt, you still go to jail, at a bare minimum, for CBT (Criminal Breach of Trust).

So, looking at it 360 degrees, the quartet of Najib, Rosmah, Riza and Jho Loh are facing something like 36,000 years in jail for all their abuse of power, corruption, fraud, theft, CBT, accounting fraud, looting, plundering, internationally laundering public funds, AND TREASON! There's no two ways about it!

The IGP who is apparently conducting an investigation into 1MDB, announced that he has completed Phase1, whatever that means. He says he has to interview several witnesses, some based overseas. CLICK HERE.

But why did he not arrest Riza who in November 2016 was with Najib and Rosmah? And surely, Najib and Riza would co-operate in getting hold of Jho Low for a nice chat with the IGP over teh tarik and nasi lemak? 

What a bunch of crooks and serially liars we have in Najib and his family, and what  a government of thieves, in UMNO/BN!



Refer also to my earlier post. CLICK HERE.

By now, it is clear to every Malaysian and many others around the world too, that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Rosmah are the main persons who plotted the $42 billion rape of 1MDB.

To this must be added $4 billion borrowed from KWAP and parked under SRC, which like 1MDB, is a 100% Ministry of Finance (MoF) owned company. Najib is also our Finance Minister under whom the MOF operates. Najib and the MoF have refused to make public exactly how and in what SRC's $4 billion was invested in, and have hidden behind the OSA (Official Secrets Act).

In their fraud, crime, looting and plundering spree, the Najibs were aided and abetted by many traitors - 1MDB's Chairman, Board of Directors and top executives like ex-CEO Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi, Tan Sri Ismee Ismail, Jho Low, Riza Aziz, MoF Chief Secretary Dr.Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah, Chief Secretary to the Government Dr.Ali Hamsa, top bankers and lawyers. They are also responsible for one of the biggest fraud cover-ups in world history.

Between 2011-2013, some $4.2 billion was siphoned from 1MDB and SRC into Najib's personal bank account with AMMB. BNM Governor Yeti Akhtar Aziz knew about it and did nothing to expose blatant criminality including global money-laundering by Najib.

Najib incredibly claimed "I did not personally benefit" from the $4.2 billion.

The truth has been exposed by the WSJ and Sarawak Report and many leading newspapers in the world. Najib used the $4.2 billion to line his and Rosmah's pockets and to get himself re-elected as prime minister. His UMNO/BN pipped the Opposition to win the 2013 General Election by massive rigging of the electoral process and bribery.

There are serious questions, satisfactory answers to which have not been given by Najib:

1. By what right was Roshmah given the authority to spend more than $3.8 million for Chanel products and Italian jewellery from public funds?
2. Ditto on nearly $500,000 on cars for Najib's son Nor Ashman.
3. Najib claimed Solar Shine, headed by his ex-aide, was authorized to spend $172 million on food parcels, cash handouts, stationery etc. Really? Public money can be used for UMNO election campaigns and expenses? Where are the audited accounts and how much was Solar Shine paid for its "work"?
4. Local fabric company Jakel claimed it supplied clothes worth $54.88 million to the poor and needy. Proof? What was Jakel's profit?
5. Of the $4.2 billion, it has been confirmed that $2 billion was transferred by Najib to the Singapore bank account of an off-shore company, Tanore, controlled by his partner-in-crime Jho Low. Again, Najib has yet to explain what has happened to this money!
6. Much of what the $4.2 billion was spent on is still a big mystery!

$952 million of 1MDB funds were also fraudulently diverted by Najib and Rosmah to their son Riza Aziz. Much of that was used to buy upmarket condos and works of art in London, New York etc. Some of it was also used to finance Riza's Red Granite Picture's movie 'Wolf of Wall Street' starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Riza claimed that $377 million of it was a "no strings attached gift" from Abu Dhabi Arabs. (In the same way that Najib lied $2.6 billion in his bank account was a "donation" from member(s) of  the Saudi Arabia Royal family). 

Do remember too that Asia Sentinel has printed it in black and white that three murders - Altantuya, Najadi, Morais - revolve around Najib.

In recent days and months, arm-chair economists and campaigners for clean elections have argued somewhat naively and misguidedly, that perhaps with a not so united Opposition, we might as well settle for another four years under Najib.

Let me put it this way:

I would rather have Hitler, Stalin or Mao than Najib for one day more! 



As emailed by me to a closed group last week, Nazri misled the Rakyat once again. I had also challenged Nazri's stupid statement via twitter and comments in Facebook and Mkini.

He claimed that Saudi Arabia King Salman's visit to Malaysia last week was proof there was nothing "shady" about Najib's blatant lie that he received a $2.6 billion donation from a "Saudi Royalty". CLICK HERE.

Here are the facts:

1. The $2.6 billion was transferred to Najib's personal bank account with AMMB in March 2013. CLICK HERE.

2. At that time, the ruler of Saudi Arabia was King Abdullah.

3. King Abdullah died on 23 January 2015. He was succeeded by his half-brother, now King Salman. CLICK HERE.

4. In July 2016, the the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative unit of the United States Department of Justice (USDoJ) had filed a civil action to recover more than US$1 billion from Najib's step son Riza Shahrin bin Abdul Aziz, crony Low Taek Jho (Jho Low) and certain officers of 1MDB. The USDoJ had charged that these parties and others had misused, laudered and illegally enriched themselves from the proceeds of US$7 billion raised by Goldman Sachs for 1MDB. 

1MDB, 100% owned by Malaysia's Ministry of Finance (MoF) was initiated in 2009 by Najib who is also the Finance Minister and was the Chief of its Advisory Baord with sole authority to approve its fund raising and investments.

As clearly identified in the USDoJ affidavit and investigation details, US$681 million (RM2.6 billion) was routed by Jho Low to Najib's personal AMMB bank account in March 2013. Refer Points 259-264 of the affidavit at CLICK HERE.

There, Najib is referred to as 'Malaysian Official 1 (MO1):

Point 28. Malaysian Official 1 is a high-ranking official in Malaysia government who also held a position of authority with 1MDB. 

Point 29. Riza Shahrin Bin Abdul Aziz, a Malaysian national, is a relative of Malaysian Official 1, and a friend of LOW.

There is therefore no doubt whatsoever that MO1 is Malaysian Prime Minister and Finance Minister Njaib Tun Razak!!! 

The USDoJ document and audit trail makes it very clear that the RM2.6 billion did not come from any Arab King or Royalty, but was wired from off-shore dummy corporations set up by Jhho Low.

So, as to Nazri's pathetic attempt to support his ATM Najib, it's obvious King Salman made no mention of the RM2.6 billion because no Arab, King, Royalty or otherwise, made any "donation" to Najib or anyone. In any event, it all happened before King Salman's time, so he would have no knowledge of a non-existent "donation". Money does not grow on trees, and no one is going to "donate" RM2.6 billion to Najib, when even Obama did not get donations anywhere near that amount for his Presidential campaigns.

A certain UMNO MP whose wife was recently appointed Auditor General, had claimed that the Arabs had donated it in recognition of Najib's stance against ISIS. The only problem was, the ignorant Najib had at first praised ISIS, and then quickly retracted his blunder. And, the RM2.6 billion had arrived at Najib's bank account BEFORE ISIS had been formed! One lie leads to another and another!

Oh, how the sycophants will lie to protect their jobs and gaji buta salries and perks! What a disgrace Najib and his government of thieves are to Malaysia, more so since they are mostly all Malay Muslims who wear their religion on their sleeves and say they will answer to only Allah!

And the final proof that Najib has been looting 1MDB of RM42 billion and lying through his eyeteeth?:

That empty threat designed to fool the uneducated natives in the boondocks has been issued for over a year now, with no action. Shameless crook!