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by one step forward two steps back , Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for Ms Education affairs

This is a re-post of a September 2013 article in reaction to Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Muhyddin who decided to abandon the teaching of Science and Maths in English in the face of incensed opposition, including that from many Malays. The MoE paid a Boston USA consulting firm, some $20 million to advise it on an education blueprint for Malaysia. Incredible!

1Minister for Malay MsEducation, MopeyDopeyDin, has just completed his “I had a nightmare” speech on '1**!!## Master Blueprint for Education.' The blueprint was devised by non-inclusive, non-consultative and non-education experts and USA Con-sultans 1McKhinzir Boston Ethos Ong Sucks. Mopeydopeydin proudly announced to a stunned audience of tens of BUMNO supporters that the con-sultan’s promotional cheap sale buy 1 free 1 $20 million fee, (terma terms dan & condisyen conditions berapplikasi apply) was a “stupendously low” price to pay for a non-expert appraisal and exercise resulting in a con-clusive policy of the 1M government of thieves.

Here is the uncensored media release from 1McKhinzir Boston Ethos Ong Sucks Con-sultans, US of A, to 1(failing/failed)Malaysia: 

My fellow Americahns. Ten Hut! What’s up folks? Listen up y’all, we wish to touch base with all Mal Asians. We hail from Boston, good ‘ol US of A, not the boondocks of Asia or the land just North of Singapore. We know times are hard. Gas prices are up. Jeeze, yore automobile (what you call corr) prices stink to high heaven. The average Ahmad, Ah Chong and Muthu Joe cannot afford even a plate of nasi lemak or a cup of teh tarik hot dog halal kosher long sausage thingy, hamburger and french liberty fries, coke, mom’s apple pie and a cuppa java at Starbucks. You are caught between a rock and a hard place. We know that the two-bit slime balls and jerks are in control. They keep throwing curve balls at you. We know. We have visited with them. Look man, it’s like having a whole bunch of monkeys up yore butt. You must tell them, 'Take a bananapeanut hike, buddy!'

It’s a Catch22 situation. Do you fight back or not? Remember George Washington, Valley Forge, Lincoln, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Bush and especially a mouthful from William Jefferson Blythe III (Bill) Clinton? When the chips are down, the cookie crumbling and Monica kneeling? Remember what they said? We don’t neither. But how do we bring home the bacon or bak kut halal kosher chicku teh, chicken and beef ham and sausage, that’s the key question. 

This heah WILL be your new ejjucation policy from here on, 24/7, helmed by us. You have tried with all kinds of experimentation and failed, and goofed miserably at that. In fact it sucks, and sucks big time! Goddammit, failure is no longer an option. We have zero tolerance for losers. You want to be surging up smoothly on the elevator of progressive success, not come crashing down miserably on the lif lift of continuous failure. Otherwise, you will go the way of Eyeran and Eyerak and end up a disaster of biblical proportions. It would be like being up the shit creek without a paddle, with only your doohickey in your hands.  I kid you not.

The practicality of yore previous ejjucasyen policy was always highly questionable, if not actually commie or Taliban, based at it was on non-meritocracy, unlike our system which is based on who you know and how much big bucks/dough/moola/cabbage/ you have ours. Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning? We know you have been burglarized for 44 years by the raccoons, hogs, bob cats, gofers and poontangs from yore own government of thieves. Now it’s time to roll up yore sleeves and buck up already. It's time to kick ass!

Dude, pay attention! You can make a mistake once, but you can can’t fool all the people all the time. Oftentimes, even when you know you have made a major balls up, you may not want to admit it and make the necessary changes for the better. But you must or you will self-nuke. Don’t be a jerk. Do not be dumb. Son of a gun, we must agent orange-bomb and nuke out the commies and Taliban (and the Eyerakians, Eyeranians, Eyerabs, Syrians, Libyans, Moroccans, Algerians, Yemenis, Taliban and their like) in your boondocks country. Unless they agree to Russian Commie and UN education inspectors, we must bazooka napalm bomb ICBM serial bomb exsanguinate without prejudice the traitors or they will continue to cause a ruckus. Got it, chief?

Now hold yore horses. Why do y’all think most Nobel Prize winners are Americans? Awesome, isn't it? The fact that most of them are German Jews People of The Kosher Book, is just a coincidence, and irrelevant. Being second counts for diddly squat. You need a game changer, pronto; a pass mark of 14 for Maths just won't wear; it's gottta be at least 50 17.

Let’s cut to the chase. Lookee here pal, from today all Mal Asians will, 9/11 24/7, ditch the old habit of teaching Bahasa Malaysia in English (or Chinese commie or Tamil backward languages), or English in Bahasa Malaysia, and spelling or pronouncing words with silent letthers. You must monetize alphabetize your language and system correctly as in Uncle Sam’s way, or it’s the highway! 

There is honor in this new system. Remember you say thomatho, some say tomartoe, but we will all now say tomaytoe. You say pothaytho, some say potartoe, we will all now say potaytoe. Some say lieutenant, other say lefthenan, we will all now say lootenan. You must know yore onions. What’s not to like? Organize yoreselves. Which part of ‘organize’ do you not understand? Got it, dude? Forget learning the Chinese commie or Tamil backward languages. They will colonize you. You are either with us, or against us. 

Next, you may not borrow steal English American words like vision, mission, motivation, fashion, fission, fusion, position, passion and pussy and shamelessly pass convert them off to visi, misi, motivasi, fesyen, fissi, fusi, posisi, passi and pussi. Or, logic, music, toxic and tragic into logik, musik, toksik and tragis. Jakim Jack,  Jais just accept it withour rancor, or holy moley, there will be Jihad war! This, under American, International, UN America's God's Law, is apostasy; once you adopt English American words and spelling, you may NOT convert them back, EVER! 

You shall immediately incorporate, among others to follow soon, these English American words into your national vocabulary:

Antenna, not aerial
Apartment, not flat or pangsapuri 
Attorney, not lawyer, solicitor or loyar or peguam 
Automobile, not motorcar or kereta or motorkar
Buddy or pal, not friend or kawan or member or ‘ber 
Cab, not taxi or teksi
Cable guy, not TV Repair Man
Cell phone, not handphone or bimbit
Cent, not sen 
Check, not bill or bil
CIA, not Special Branch
Coach not bus or bas
Congress, not Parliament or Parlimen 
Dollar, not Ringgit
Drugstore, not chemist or farmasi 
Elevator, not lift
Fanny, not vagi** or pa*t*t in BM
Faucet, not tap or paip 
Fender, not bumper or bamper or bam or bum
Flop, not FLOM
French Liberty Fries, not pothatho fries or ubi kentang 
Garbage, pronounced 'gorbage' as in 'mortgage', not rubbish or politician/politikus or sampah
Gas, not petrol or minyak 
Kosher, not halal
Parking Lot, not Car park or Lot Parkir 
Senate, not Dewan Negara
Soccer, not football or bola sepak 
Stocks, not shares or saham 
Truck, not lorry, lori or trak
Tush, ass or butt, not buttocks, backside or buntut (hence the Buntutsan newspaper will be re-named Tushutsan or Assutsan). So it's kiss ass or butt, not backside or cium buntut! Oxtail Soup, not Sup Buntut Lembu
Umpire or Ump, not referee or lefree or pengadil
Washroom, not toilet or jamban or Tandas Puteri
Yo mama, not Rosmahjib 
Zee, not z 
World Series Soccer, not Piala FAM and more. 

Now, you can’t have your hot dog halal kosher sausage thingy or hot bowl of chili and eat it too, can you? Worse, clam chowder! It’s the economy, stupid! Don’t dream of pie in the sky. Look at us, the good ‘ol US of A. Chill (and weep) bro. Unemployment at 8%. National Debt at 101% of GDP, i.e. $120 Trillion. GDP growth rate at negative 1% 2.30%. Do the math. By following our con-sultan's advice, everyone, lordidoo, everyone, will now have an equal opportunity to be poor, except for some color challenged Nig..r no, Negro, no, Afro-American, Black folks up in Alabamy, Detroit, Atlanta and Georgiah, Red Indians, no, Native Americans, Hispanics, Puerto Ricans, illegal Mexicans and those in Africah who are poorer to be suckcessful. Cool. Isn’t that just dandy? Learn from us. Imitate us. Wear denim jeans and tank bikini tops all the time. You need to make every dime count. Buddy, got a dime? Say YES to NO BANKRUPTCY!

Gosh, what do you want, an Indian Native American summer or a Jewish People of The Kosher Book winter with no Xmas or Santa? To go gung-ho and soar to where no man has been before, to infinity and beyond, or crash land and deplane at Mogadishu in bits and pieces? To hit a home run, or run home to starvation? You must go the whole nine yards or it’s three strikes and yer out. Golly gee whiz, for chrissakes, what more do you native Mal Asian chickenshit assholes want - a stick with a mirror attached to look up where the sun don't shine?

Remember, it ain't over till the fat lady sings. Attaboy, with the right attitood, you can win. In God we trust, everyone else pays cash $20 million in advance or it’s game over. We don’t like advertising blatantly for any commercial products, but, come chill out with us and do Have a Good McDonalds Day. Y’all sleep well, y’hear! God bless Americah, Boston and Ethos Ong Sucks. 

Now sing along with us Negaraku O, say, can you see by the dawn's early light........O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Tha....tha....that’s all folks! 

Donplaypuks® and mess around with our educations and future, MopeyDopeyDin!



by e.s. shankar


I write this not as an expert or even one with an an above average knowledgeable of Zen Buddhism. However, I was extremely impressed with Osho’s writings and speeches on Zen and have borrowed heavily from them. Osho aka Bhagawan Sri Rajneesh died in 1990. CLICK HERE.

But his ashrama or retreat still thrives in Pune, W.India, not far from Bombay in Maharashtra state. He gained much notoriety in the USA for advocating free sex (to get over being obsessed with it) and for owning a fleet of 100 Rolls Royce's bestowed upon him by his followers. He was eventually hounded out of the USA after plea bargaining over 'illegal immigrant' charges.

The jury is still out there whether he was a total charlatan or genius. Regardless, when he wrote with a clear mind, he wrote extremely well.

silence is golden

The air is abuzz with great expectations. The assembly is nervous and restless. The gathering of the greatest scholars in the world and thousands, sits in complete silence. The nine Masters are led by Anantha the scholar, Moggalayan the Vedic expert and Sariputta the linguist and philologist. Five hours pass. They cannot leave without a sign from the Enlightened One.

The silence is rudely shattered by uncontrollable laughter. The laughter is neither contagious nor from the Buddha.

The Buddha gets up from under a tree in Sarnath Deer Park in Benares, holiest of Indian cities. He had retired there after achieving Enlightenment in Bodh Gaya in Bihar or ‘Walking Path of Buddha.’ Slowly, measuredly, he walks all the way to the rear of the crowd, looks up, smiles and hands over the flower he has held in silence for five hours to Mahakashyapa. He turns and leaves immediately for Ayodhya, capital of Kosala, where Sri Rama (of the classic Ramayana epic) had ruled from, to wait out his last days.

The silence of the crowd is ever more pregnant. A new Buddha is born two thousand five hundred years ago. A moment is lost for eternity. 

The handing over of the flower is the transference of the key without scriptures, of No-Mind, realisation of ‘one hand clapping,’ Satori and Zazen, Nirvana. Buddha is its founder and Mahakashyapa its first Master or Dhyani. Zen from the Indian Dhyan or consciousness without a single thought, and Dhyani, one who has attained it.

Perish the thought that you should laugh in the presence of the Buddha.

A good joke cannot be explained. Either you get it and laugh spontaneously or you don’t. Good jokes and laughter, realization and laughter, come from the inner silence. There is not even a billionth of a second between the understanding and the laughter. Laughter from silence is divine. Little babies and innocent children laugh toe-curlingly with their entire being. The Buddha of India is a six foot thin ascetic. The Buddha of Japan is a huge smiling, bulky figure to sustain the overflowing belly of mountainous fat.

You laugh at the absurdity of the search all over the world when all the time it is within you. Laugh at solemn, empty temples and prayer-houses where the dead and death are worshipped. Where sad, sad priests and nuns roam. We are the chosen people, the prophets are ours, your god is of stone, my god is good.

Mahakashyapa laughed and was enlightened. You burst with vitality, good health and good nature. People throng to you, what’s the secret of life? Who, what, why, when, where? Not with mind and words alone. You realize it with all your faculties working in peace and harmony! As easy as that, as impossible as that!

The long-cultivated fertile, 'highly developed' Indian brain, partly of Arya descent (not to be confused with the blue eyed-blonde Aryan-hypothesis of Hitler) is responsible for founding four religions. St.Shankara’s Hinduism, Siddhartha’s Buddhism, Mahavira’s Jainism and Guru Nanak’s Sikhism are all products of the Indian mind. But Buddhism could not develop further in India.

The Indian psyche is too inward looking, fatalistic, concerned only with self, with rigid rules and hierarchies. Humanity and its fate is of no concern to it with too much dismissed as fixed and unquestionable. St.Shankara from Kerala, Malayam had conducted an unarmed, peaceful one man holy war to ensure that his beloved Hinduism would not be usurped by ‘these new fangled’ ideas.

Bodhidharma, an Indian and the 6th Master after Mahakashyapa also discovered tea. Bodhidharma (Pu - ti - damo in Chinese) brought Buddhism to China, and is credited with starting the Shaolin Temple associated with meditation, Chinese martial arts and more. CLICK HERE and HERE. More importantly he oversaw Buddhism fusing with mystic Taoism to give Cha’an which took root, tree and branch in China. There a soulless, highly moralistic, puritanical Confucianism was trampled by it. The Chinese mind cannot conceive a lasting religion. But its Middle Way can provide sustenance for new ideas. In 600 AD there were already thirty thousand Buddhist temples and two million Buddhist monks in China . The Buddhists made up about 5% of the Chinese population then!

But the true flowering and blossoming of Buddhism reaches its zenith in Japan, where Cha'an transformed from Dhyan became Zen! The Japanese are the anti-thesis of the Hindu, the Oriental extrovert to the Arya introvert. Do not be fooled by western notions of the ‘inscrutable oriental.’ The inquisitive, patient mind of the Japanese is reflected in its methodical aim for beauty AND perfection. For making the mundane into highly sophisticated art forms. From simple gift wrapping to Chanoyu or tea serving, carp breeding, Ikebana floral arrangement, Karesansui Zen gardens for meditations, moss gardens, cryptomera, cultivating bonsai trees, kyujutsu or archery, karate, judo, kendo, origami, sumo wrestling, gymnastics, athletics, steel sword making, Kabuki theatre, ritualistic colourful festivals, brilliant kimono, cars, tatami houses, cameras and CD players and more. Even death is honourable, almost a religion in itself, made into an art form by ritualistic sepukku or hara kiri.

The Hindu is not concerned with the external, seeing only Maya, the illusion, and leans towards one final death to escape re-birth. He sees poverty as his Karma and does nothing. The secrets of noiseless Flying Vimana of Ravana and Thermo-nuclear missile of Aswatthama are lost forever, sciences dead for millenia.

tending the ox

‘Tending The Ox’, a series of nine connected ancient paintings from China, ends up in Japan in 1300 AD. The allegory is one of man as a farmer searching for his lost consciousness. In the seventh painting, the Ox, the beast of ignorance, has disappeared, conquered, and the farmer sits in contemplation of the next step. He no longer has any use for his farming tools and implements. The eighth canvas is one of bliss, of flowing river, blossoming tree and celestial music. The ninth and final painting is an empty canvas, signifying silence and peace, the No-Mind of Nirvana.

But this is challenged by Chinese records which reveal the existence of a tenth canvas. The enlightened man is seen heading back towards ordinary humanity to share his experiences, to lead others on to the true path! The Buddha lived in Bihar and Benares for 40 years after attaining Nirvana. He did not disappear to some remote spot in the mountains of the Himalayas! CLICK HERE and HERE  for further discussions on the ten paintings.

A seed was found in India, took roots in China and blossomed in Japan. (That's literary beauty from Osho).

But it’s not over. The Chinese mind has gone further. These are exciting times! - a tribute to Osho.

In his inspiring discourse on Zen Buddhism, Osho beautifully illustrates the relationship between a guru and his disciple. He makes a penetratingly exquisite observation on how the parents of a young eagle deliberately push their beloved ward off the nest when it is poised between the desire to fly and the fear of the unknown. The approach of the parents who know and wait for the exact moment the child is ready to fly, is gradual and over many months. But the actual moment of the push is sudden. Zen disciples have been known to achieve enlightenment by the most unorthodox of sudden actions. One achieved such a realization when delivered a kick to his chest at a very precise moment by a knowing Master! Osho talks about meditation being ‘not thinking at all’ and of ‘falling awake, not asleep.


                      Red dragonflies
                             Flowing like a ripple
                                         Towards the crimson sky - Miura Yuzuru

When you read such Haiku (17-syllable) poems and its key 'cutting' word, you ‘know’ the meaning of it without having to try and understand it. The reading, experience and understanding is simultaneous and total. That is a Zen experience!

Thus, yoga, transcendental meditation, haiku, kendo, kyujitsu et al are means to ends, not ends in themselves. It would appear that even the ends are not final, but the beginnings of new journeys and voyages.

And therein may lie true hope and continuity for the human race.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race!



It has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to the satisfaction of the entire world, that Malaysian Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Najib Tun Razak lied blatantly and without any sense of remorse or shame, when he claimed that $2.6 billion credited to his personal bank account in Malaysia in 2013, was a donation from a Saudi Royalty.

The money was clearly stolen by Najib from funds raised in the USA by wholly owned Ministry of Finance subsidiary 1MDB. The money was raised by merchant bankers Goldman Sachs, and diverted by Najib to an off-shore company, Tanore Finance in Singapore, from where it was TT'd to his account.

Among others, the following Malaysians and associates of Jho Low or some who worked closely with him, were also involved in the raising or diverting of 1MDB funds:

1. Low Taek Jho (Jho Low), Najib's principal partner in crime.
2. Eric Tan Kim Loong, Jho Low's associate who was the registered nominee owner of Tanore.
3. Jasmine Loo Ai Swan, 1MDB Executive Director of 1MDB and a cheque signatory of Tanore. She is referred to as Malaysian Official 3 by the USA Department of Justice (DoJ) in its more than US1 billion Kleptocracy civil action in relation 1MDB, and is also wanted by Bank Negara Malaysia.
4. Casey Tang Keng Chee who was succeeded by Jasmine Loo and is wanted by Bank Negara Malaysia.
5. 1MDB ex-Executive Diretor Ismee Ismail and Ex-CEO Shahrol Halmi, both named as Malaysian Officer 1 and 2 respectively by the USA Department of Justice.
6. Roger Ng, of Goldman Sachs Singapore, who suddenly quit his job in 2014. CLICK HERE.

Attorney General Pandi and the USA DoJ have both confirmed that Najib TT'd out about RM2 billion back to Tanore a few months after receiving the $2.6 billion in 2013.

It is very clear now that AG Pandi colluded with Najib to clear him of all corruption charges in relation to the $2.6 billion "donation", as well as $42 million from SRC International, despite a mountain of evidence that Najib had broken just about every law in Malaysia.

Part of the funds were used to pay $3 million of Najib's credit card bills for Rosmah's shopping, $1 million for anti-ageing pills, as well as unexplained cheques to UMNO MP's Ahmad Mazlan ($2 million) and Sharir ($1 million). There apparently were hundreds of other suspicious payments issued shortly before the 2013 General Elections.

It has emerged in recent days that Jho Low had instructed two other Malaysian bank staff at Arab Malaysia Merchant Banking Group (AMMB), ex-MD Cheah Teck Kuang and Joanna Yu who handled Najib's account, to warn him of BNM queries and to maintain secrecy over Najib's wheeling and dealing. CLICK HERE. DAP MP Lim Lip Eng made a police report on this matter yesterday.

What is even more disturbing is that:

1. The actual amount of money received in Najib's bank account was about $4.2 billion and that at least $2 million had also been credited to the account of Najib's wife, Rosmah!

2. This money had started flowing in from as early as 2011 right through to 2014 towards the end of which the account was closed.

3. In September 2012, AMMB officials went, armed with files and documents, to meet BNM governor Zeti to to lodge their concerns about these suspicious and vast amounts of money going in and out of Najib's account. According to a March 2016 Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) program, Zeti fobbed them off and asked them to take their files back with them! This happened 3 times between 2012-2014! CLICK HERE and go to 18.15 minutes, but do watch the ABC clip from beginning to end.

So, what are Zeti and BNM's roles in a massive cover-up for Najib? Was anyone there a beneficiary of payments from Najib's account and the corruptly stolen $2.6 billion? Why did Zeti and BNM cover-up about the other large payments going back to 2011, and were sooooo careful to talk only about the $2.6 billion?

Why all the hoohah NOW about AMMB when it tried to do its job and warn BNM, and BNM knew about the stolen money from way back in 2011?

It is also important to note that 1MDB's audited financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2015 have yet to be filed. In the meantime, its auditors, Deloitte & Co., have put out an incredible alert that their audit reports for 2013 and 2014 should not be relied upon, and have now resigned. Deloitte is the 3rd firm to resign as 1MDB's auditor; the other two, Ernst & Young and PWC, were sacked by Najib when they refused to sign audit reports between 2009-2012. 1MDB now has a $30 billion hole in its balance sheet which Najib is desperately trying to hide from public disclosure.

Najib has so far disgracefully failed to explain:

1. What the $600 million (the difference between $2.6 billion and $2 billion stolen) was spent on, other than to openly lie that 'I did not personally benefit from it.' 

2. Where exactly the $2 billion is now parked. It was TT'd back to Tanore, not to any Saudi Royalty. Therefore, it is still under the control of Najib and Jho Low.

3. What happened to another $1.6 billion?

Malaysians should also take note that since Najib became PM in April 2009, the PMO budget has increased from about $2 billion to $19 billion!! More than that, he has forced Parliament, through the simple majority BN/BUMNO has, to approve supplementary budgets for billions of ringgit, with little transparency over what these huge sums of money were actually spent on. Why bother with budgets if you are going to over-spend every year and not account properly for the money?

There is also the $30 billion the MoF borrowd from EPF to fund so-called private initiative projects. Till today the MoF refuses to publicly disclose the names of Bumiputra contractors who were supposedly awarded contracts, but about which the Bumiputra Contractors' Association knows nothing about! CLICK HERE.

Clearly, the MoF illegally "funded" projects that should have been financed by the private sector, and which it has no means now or in the future of repaying, unless other government projects are crookedly inflated to cover-up the stupendous deficit. Interest alone on that $30 billion would be about $1.2 billion a year!!

With talk that Najib is planning for early general elections in March 2017, it's obvious that part of this money siphoned out of the system is in a slush fund parked off-shore and which will be used by Najib and BUMNO to buy votes and rig the GE.

For sure too, a huge chunk of it has ended up in Najib and Rosmah's pockets. The only reason the authorities are not keen to trace all these missing billions of ringgit that Najib has stolen and siphoned out is because the leadership at the MACC, Police and the AG's office has all been bought, lock, stock and barrel! That much is obvious to even our primary school students.

And last, but not least, Najib has still not sued Sarawak Report and WSJ for defamation over their exposes, or Asia Sentinel for saying he is linked to three murders! Who, besides Najib, Rosmah and BN/BUMNO is not ashamed of being  a Malaysian today?



by e.s. shankar in celebration of Vinayagar Chathurthy


This blog post was not written to preach or propagate Hinduism. Neither is there a desire to stake any fanciful claim, as many Hindu websites do, that the ancient Indians and Hindus represented an advanced civilization that knew for certain all the secrets of the Universe, had measured the heavens, discovered all the mathematics and physical laws of electricity, magnetism and the Grand Unified Theory and invented spacecrafts (Vimana - CLICK HERE) and nuclear weapons (Brahmastra missiles - CLICK HERE ) that could annihilate creation in the blink of an eye. Let me keep it simple.

At the apex of the Hindu pantheon of gods are the Trimurtis or Holy Trinity, a concept which is at the heart of Christianity too, but came much later. The Trimurtis comprise Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer/Transformer. Beyond them is the one ultimate God, the primordial formless, changeless, eternal, infinite, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent Brahman.

To dumb it down, there is no dispute in modern science that at any given moment, all these aspects of creation, preservation and destruction/transformation are going on in the observable universe which, for now, has been estimated to be about 13.7 billion years old and to have a diameter of about 93 billion light years. Out there in the cosmos, new stars and materials are created even as old stars collapse and explode. The cycle of birth, life and death is all around us.

To dumb it down further, a smart entrepreneur (Creator) who has built up a sound business empire would always wish to leave behind a lasting legacy. In the world of commerce, this is done by establishing a holding company where are parked the key assets of the business such as land banks, secret recipes (e.g. Coke), patents, know-how techniques, copyrights and royalty rights etc. The actual business - sales, marketing and distribution - will be undertaken by subsidiary companies run by trusted family members or hired top-notch professionals (Preserver). And then, there is always that aspect of a business empire that will require restructuring, downsizing, winding up and liquidation and branching out into new business areas (Destroyer/Transformer).

So, the Hindu concept of representing the 'One true God' by the visible and divisible functions and processes in our universe - creation, preservation and destruction/transformation - is not as crazy as it may sound at first.

Depending upon the source, Hindu holy books, scriptures and legends have described the appearance of Vishnu as an avatar on Earth on 22, 25 or 26 occasions. Ancient seers have calculated that each life cycle, or Mahakalpa of the Brahman spans exactly Three Hundred Eleven Trillion and Forty Billion years, (311,040,000,000,000), which are broken up into 4 periods or Yugas of unequal years in the ratio 4:3:2:1. At the end of the Yugas, the universe shall be dissolved and after a certain "resting" period, a new creation and cycle begins. By their reckoning, we are now in the final period of this life cycle, the Kalki Avatar, which still has some 427,000 years to go. These  numbers are not supported by any scientific or proven calculations.

However, almost every ancient civilization has recorded a global flood after which life apparently sprang anew. Most seem to agree with a starting date of 3000 BC (Hindus - 3102 BC) for this new and supposedly last Yuga. Vishnu apparently takes on an avatar form to resolve a crisis on Earth that reaches a dangerous impasse and involves large-scale destruction of human lives. Of the 22/25/26 avatars, the Dashavatara or 10 Avatars are significant, as Vishnu is said to have appeared on Earth in a form other than his true self.

The pictures above with their very significant symbols, provide the names of the Vishnu Dashavatara. There are variations in the names included from region to region in India, but the generally accepted sequence in chronological order are:

1. Matsya Avatara (Fish)
Vishnu appears as a gigantic fish (or whale) to tow to safety the 7 great rishi's (Saptha Rishis) and Manu to begin the new Yuga. 

2. Kurma (pronounced Coorma) Avatara (Tortoise/Turtle)
Vishnu appears as a tortoise to support the churning of the milky way to elicit wealth, knowledge of medicine etc. and extract Amrita (food) which gave immortality to the gods.

3. Varaha Avatara (Wild Boar)
Vishnu appears as a wild boar to lift Earth by its tusks to allow the flood waters to recede so that animal and human life could have space to begin and flourish.

4. Narimsha Avatara (Half Lion-Half Man)
Vishnu appears as a giant half lion-half man to liberate Earth from the vicious rule of the demon king Hiranyakasipu. This may mark the transition of animals to semi-human or ape-man in anthropological terms.

5. Vamana Avatara (Dwarf)
Vishnu appears as a scholarly brahmin dwarf, perhaps as an indication of the true arrival of learning and the learned man whose stature is measured by intelligence and action and not mere wealth and power corrupted by ego.

6. Parashumara Avatara (Axe)
Vishnu is born as a son of a rishi. 'Parashu' means axe, signifying an implement used by those who lived and survived in the forest as woodsmen. Parashurama was also responsible for almost wiping out the Kshatriya clan which wielded power unjustly. Legend has it that he filled 5 lakes with the blood of all the Kshatriyas he slaughtered before his grandfather convinced him to halt the carnage!

7. Rama Avatara (Bow and Arrow) - hero of the Ramayana epic
Vishnu is born as the most educated, honourable, chaste, righteous and perfect king Rama to restore peace to the world by defeating the 10-headed demon (rakshasa) King Ravana who had abducted his wife.

8. Balarama Avatara (Plow) or The Buddha Avatara
Vishnu is born as Krishna's elder brother. The plough signifies the arrival of agriculture, farming and the ability of the human race to research, plan and provide for its own food.

9. Krishna Avatara (Many symbols. CLICK HERE)
Vishnu is born to royalty as the enchanting, joyous, mischievous and highly knowledgeable Krishna. He also emerges as the greatest warrior in Hindu mythology, never having lost a battle. He delivers the sacred Bhagavad Gita and its philosophy of dharma to humans, ensures victory goes to the good in the epic Mahabharata in which he is a central figure, and sets the stage for the arrival of the dreaded Kalki Avatar.

10. Kalki Avatara (Symbol - Riding on speedy White Horse with raised sword of execution in hand. CLICK HERE for Kalki Avatar).
In this final avatar which is apparently already underway, Vishnu is destined to appear as Kalki - destroyer of filth - to rid the world of the scourge of kings, queens and leaders who no longer embrace and practice proper principles, morals, ethics or integrity. The white horse signifies an era when time will appear to be moving faster than ever. Kalki will usher in a new golden age before it is all wound up for good.

The picture of the 8th avatar often depicts the Buddha instead of Balarama. Buddha as we know pretty accurately, lived between 563 - 483 BC. From a strictly personal point of view, I think the Buddha was hastily and scurrilously inserted into this list to somehow undermine Buddhism. No doubt the Buddha was born an Indian and Hindu prince, but his teachings and philosophy of achieving Nirvana through meditation, Dyana, and the Middle Way, never really took root in India. For Buddhism to flourish it needed to go abroad to Tibet, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand and China and then to Japan and Korea.

Somehow, Balarama with his plow seems to fit naturally into the theme of a progressive human race moving up the scales of evolution. Hinduism was already some 2,500 years old when the Buddha arrived. No doubt he was a great and enlightened soul, and his teachings provided a new way for those tired of austere asceticism, severe meditation techniques and stifling Hindu brahmanical orthodoxy. But frankly, I cannot see his place in this series.

The originals of some of the pictures above are to be found in UK in places like like the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Can it be mere coincidence, these symbols and stories of the Vishnu avataras which were recorded about 2,500-5,000 years ago? Does not Darwin's 1859 Theory of Evolution propose that Life began from a single-celled creature in water which became fish and marine life, then amphibious, evolving into reptiles, birds, animals and humans? And there it is in that sequence above. Admittedly, there are gaps there. The birds and dinosaurs are missing. But, I am sure that with more research the gaps will be bridged.

My interest in it was aroused many years ago. When I was a little boy, there was a framed picture of the Dashavatara in my family prayer room. It fascinated as well as terrified me, especially that picture of the giant half-lion half man (Vishnu) Narasimha avatar ripping open the demon Hiranykasipu's chest and drinking his blood, making sure not a drop of it spilled on the floor so as to not fall foul of a Brahma boon.

Of course, Darwin's Theory of Evolution, with the exception of Hinduism and Buddhism, flies in the face of major religions which maintain that God created everything almost simultaneously and that man and woman were made in the image of God. Were it not for the discoveries of 150-230 million-year old fossils of dinosaurs and other creatures, and 2-3 million years bones of humans, the Creationists may have slam-dunked the debate. Now, exactly where do these Creationists think these scary Jurassic creatures and cave-man and ape-man originated from and who or what made their existence possible?

It's incredible is it not, that despite an avalanche of irrefutable scientific evidence, that in of all places the USA, a sizeable populace exists that does not believe in Evolution, and is constantly seeking to ban the teaching of it in schools? CLICK HERE.

Is there no room in our intellect and thinking for a Creator who/which sets the stage for the survival of the fittest through Evolution with a certain randomness and uncertainty (which has become established as a cornerstone principle in quantum physics and cosmology) factored in and that would be the best model for a sustainable and progressive universe?

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By Donplaypuks®

Shortly after Najib was appointed prime minister on 3 April 2009 following Badawi's resignation, he got a shock when he looked at BUMNO's finances. On paper, BUMNO was rich based on its direct investments and those illegally held through its nominees. In reality, the papers were worth far, far less then the ink they were printed on.

Profits had turned dangerously negative, dividend cash flow was shrinking and many Government (read as BUMNO) Losing Concerns (GLC) were in dire need of massive state bailout. No one had the sense or ability to create new sources of income. 

Petronas was already hinting that it would have to reduce its contribution to the government's budget if it were to remain competitive, maintain internationally acceptable profits and returns on its investments, and not lose its triple A rating for raising debt via bond issues.

That is when Najib turned his attention to 1MDB and turned it into a giant ponzi scheme, having exhausted raiding the bank balances of many a Plc over the years. He had hit rock bottom arm-twisting our corps of fraudtrepreneur corpo-rat tycoons and so-called "captains of industry", who, without government sponsored monopolies, sweetheart deals and built-in corrupt quid pro quo commissions and kick-backs, did not know how to earn risk-free RM1 of interest from Fixed Deposit, with cash of RM1 million!

Najib proudly announced to BUMNO that he was working out a new deal whereby its finances would be secure forever and a day!

Whether this man who boasts that he is a trained Industrial Economist, and some have openly stated that he has faked his educational degree qualifications, thought out the crooked scheme all by himself, or whether he was persuaded by Jho Paris Hilton, remains to be seen. But, rarely, if at all, do 20-something-year-olds with limited experience in merchant banking and finance, approach prime ministers with thievery as a business model. 

It is a certainty that it is Najib who decided on fraud, misappropriation and money-laundering, and then shopped around for a suitable partner. In stepped a willing and able Jho Paris Hilton, blinded by billion dollar signs and friendship with Najib's step-son Riza Aziz and his mother Rosmah (Najib's 2nd wife).

Najib then roped in the usual band of BUMNO yes men into his team, among whom was another fraud king who was once sacked by BNM for being the person primarily responsible for some RM60 billion in forex losses and a GLC MD who led a company involved in the RM8 billion Scorpene submarine acquisition that was linked to the 2006 Altantuya murder when Najib was Defence Minister. Then there were other civil serpents among whom is a chief secretary who now stupidly and ridiculously claims he was not called to attend 1MDB meetings or consulted, even though it was a 100% Ministry of Finance subsidiary!

So, right from the beginning, it was Najib who intentionally planned the rape, looting and plundering of 1MDB. Five year old children will not buy the story that an unsuspecting, innocent, trusting and extra virgin olive oil Najib was hoodwinked by Jho Paris Hilton into commit fraud on a global scale.

It was all about the arrogance of BUMNO in thinking it alone had some kind of God-given mandate to rule Malaysia forever, and about remaining in power in the face of looming permanent electoral loss. Along the way, the massive amounts of money led to Najib and his family's utter corruption and greed, tainted as he already was in the $575 million corruption scandal involving the Scorpene submarines and Altantuya's murder. Many, already crooked, got sucked further into Najib's 'skim cepat kaya' or 'get rich quick scheme'.

Otherwise, Najib would not have appointed himself Finance Minister and wound down the RM10 billion Terengganu Investment Authority so that he would have total control of 1MDB.

Otherwise, Najib would not have appointed himself Chief Advisor and sole authority at 1MDB for approving all financial commitments and hiring and firing. 

Otherwise, Najib would not have approved 1MDB starting operations with a poor paid up share capital of RM1 million and then, borrowed RM42 billion overseas in US$ to avoid BNM oversight and by misusing Malaysia's sovereign status.

Otherwise, 1MDB would not have deliberately agreed to acquire IPPs at grossly and criminally inflated values (about RM2 billion), now openly admitted to by 1MDB CEO Kaunda Kundi with the incredible announcement that it was done so that our national electricity company, TNB Plc, would not raise tariffs! (In actual fact, subsequently, TNB raised tariffs twice!)

Otherwise, 1MDB would not have borrowed RM4 billion from a local pension fund, claim it had invested it in a foreign coal-mining venture, and then have the whole "investment" transferred loss free to the MoF. The MoF now refuses to answer truthfully to Parliamentary questions about the current market value of this RM4 by tendering OSA rights.

Otherwise, Najib would not have fired 1MDB's two previous auditors for asking questions about 1MDB's dodgy investments and refusing to sign off with a clean audit report.

Otherwise, Najib would not have illegally sacked the AG who was on the verge of indicting him for fraud, misappropriation, money-laundering, breach of fiduciary duty and abuse of power.

Otherwise, Najib would not have shut down a Task Force investigating him by ordering the IGP to arrest officers from BNM, MACC and the AG's office, and transferring some to other government departments.

Otherwise Najib would not have illegally ordered his yes-man, new AG Pandi, to Unconstitutionally classify the Auditor General's Report on 1MDB under the OSA.

Otherwise, without Najib's instructions, the two top directors who illegally transferred RM42 million to Najib's personal bank account from public funds, would not have been able to flee to Indonesia to escape prosecution. Najib then used this money to pay for his and his wife Rosmah's personal expenses running into millions of ringgit, and suspicious multi-million ringgit disbursements to a named Deputy Minister and a BUMNO chief, and to several unnamed BUMNO chiefs and party members.

Otherwise, 1MDB's audited accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015 would not be delayed now for 17 months, while its 3rd auditor issued a strange statement that the public could not rely on its audited accounts for 2013 and 2014. There is a RM30 billion hole in 1MDB's balance sheet represented by "units" and unheard of asset descriptions alien to the financial world. These assets are likely to be worth nothing, having been fraudulently siphoned out by Najib and his corps of robbers in 1MDB and MoF, and his government of thieves.

Otherwise.......(please feel free to fill in the blanks).

Also, RM2 billion of RM2.6 billion transferred to Najib's personal bank account was transferred back to its original source, which the WSJ has revealed to be an off-shore company (Tanore) owned by an Arab individual linked to a 1MDB joint-venture partner. 

This blows to smithereens Najib's disgraceful, shameless, outrageous and blatant lie that the RN2.6 billion was a donation from an Arab Royalty and/or the Saudi government. When that criminal AG Pandi cleared Najib of corruption, he did not utter a word about how and for what purposes Najib used the difference of RM600 million; how much of it went into Najib, Rosmah and their family's pockets, BUMNO's bank accounts and how much to bribe politicians and rig by-elections and the 2013 GE!

Let's face it - in the history of the world, no government or individual, has ever donated RM2.6 billion or its equivalent to the personal bank account of the leader of a nation. It willl never happen in the future either. Certainly not for being a "moderate" Islamic nation which Najib claimed had opposed and fought ISIS, which Malaysia never did since ISIS came into existence only after the RM2.6 billion arrived in Najib's bank account between 2012-2013!

Let's also face it - all this was done with the connivance of BNM. At least one blogger has revealed, without being sued for slander and defamation, that Yeti of BNM in fact knew and advised Najib about the RM2.6 billion bank transfer in and RM2 billion bank transfer out of the country. This explains why, some two years after these events, Yeti was unable to give a straight answer to Australia Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC) questions when asked why BNM had refused to meet AMMB officers who came ready with files and documents about massive cash movements in and out of Najib's and Rosmah's bank accounts. This also explains why BNM has refused to disclose to the public how much 1MDB was recently fined for criminally misleading BNM about the movement of RM2.1 billion overseas. 

Do also remember, Najib has not sued Asia Sentinel for its article suggesting that he is linked to, not one, not two, but THREE murders! CLICK HERE. Neither has he sued the WSJ, as threatened by him and his incompetent lawyers, for exposing the corruption trail from 1MDB to Najib.

Najib has been cornered but refuses to resign gracefully, no doubt floating in false optimism and support given by the very people who are as guilty as him of utter corruption, lack of moral fibre and integrity.

Have no doubt, the final fall of Najb and his government of thieves is just around the corner. When it comes, out will go too BUMNO and all its corrupt, racist and bigoted sycophants who have been criminally sucking our blood while fingering the prayer beads and comforting themselves that they only fear God and His judgement. 

Funny, that's also what all those Japanese and German generals were saying at the War Crimes Trials after World War II, shortly before some committed suicide, faced the firing squad or were hung by their necks till they died of  broken necks or asphyxiation!!