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by rothman's corner, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for cornering and cover your ass affairs


The explosive documentary titled 'State of Fear: Murder and Money in Malaysia' aired yesterday by the 4 Corners (4C) team of investigative journalists led by Linton Besser from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), served to confirm that serially lying Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is, without a shadow of a doubt, guilty of criminal fraud, racketeering, embezzlement of public moneys, CBT, international money-laundering, accounting fraud, abuse of power and covering up for it all. CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE 4C PROGRAM.

More than that, it revealed that BNM governor Yeti officially knew as far back as September 2012 that RM1 billion had suspiciously been deposited into Najib's personal bank account, and did absolutely nothing about it. She dismissed a delegation of AMBANK officers who had reported to her about that transaction and handed the report back to them.

Remember, this was way back before the RM2.6 billion "donation" that was transferred into Najib's bank account in March 2013, and the RM42 million and $32 million that went in via SRC in 2014!! Yet Yeti, BNM and the MACC have kept totally silent about this earlier transaction, deliberately. It is inconceivable that they were not aware of this transaction. They conspired to mention nothing about it, and narrowed their public statements to the RM2.6 billion and the mysterious royal Saudi "donor".

In the 4C interview, Yeti clearly covers up for Najib by saying that the investigations are ongoing and that BNM cannot investigate the bank accounts of individuals. That's pure bull shit! When a suspicious activity was reported, she decided to cover it up. She had all the powers to investigate and did nothing. Even when it was reported that millions of ringgit had suspiciously flowed into Rosmah's, (Najib's wife) bank account. she still did nothing. She only got moving to cover her ass when Sarawak Report and the WSJ started snooping around, and published that 1MDB had misled BNM and the Monetary Authority of Singapore about transfer of some US$1.03 billion.

At the press conference last year, Yeti maintained that she was "looking into it" when asked whether AMBANK had reported to BNM. Now 4C has internationally exposed that she knew 3 years ago that something criminal had likely taken place.

This gives more credence to Pascal Najadi's claims that his father Hussein Najadi, founder of AMBANK, had also reported to BNM and Yeti about these massive money movements in and out of Najib's bank account, and been killed on the orders of certain parties very high up in government for it.

Repeatedly, Yeti, who will be retiring next month, has hid behind the fact that she had won numerous international awards for her performance as BNM governor. Najib's brother, CIMB banking group's founder, praised her last year as an "international icon". Really? Now, we can see that she is, in reality,  just another BUMNO/SCUMNO stooge, lackey, apologist and cover-up artiste.

Does Yeti want that stain of the heinous Hussein Najadi murder to be attached to her already sullied and tarnished reputation?

How on earth can she shamelessly say that she cannot investigate the bank account of individuals when billions of ringgit have unaccountably move through them, and which had been reported to her?

Read 'em and weep my fellow Malaysians, as Yeti, BNM governor, covers up for Najib's crime of the century. I am ashamed that we have these type of persons heading our main public institutions, collecting their huge monthly salaries and perks, and walking around as though they owe nothing to the citizens of our country:  

18.19 Minutes into the program: Malaysia's banking regulators were told at least 3 times about the enormous deposits into prime minister Najib Razak's personal account. 4 Corners has learnt that senior AMBANK officials came here (Bank Negara Malaysia HQ in KL) to the Malaysia central bank governor to warn her about Najib Razak's personal bank account, way back in September 2012!!

Their report was marked 'highly sensitive'. It revealed that almost US$300 million had already flowed to Najib Razak from several mysterious "donors" overseas.

Yet, the central bank governor Yeti Aziz merely thanked them for their report and handed it back.

Yeti Aziz is still head of Malaysia's central bank. We wanted to know what action she took about Najib's accounts.

4C: Hello, hello Dr.Yeti Aziz. We are from ABC Australia. We'd like to ask you just a couple of questions about your role regarding the prime minister's bank accounts. We are trying to understand why you didn't do more when you were alerted about the hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into Najib's accounts.
YA: First of all, I cannot discuss any individual account including even your own account, because no central bank or regulator can look at individual accounts. But if the financial institution informed us of what they call "suspicious transactions", then we will investigate into it.

4C: Do you remember the Task Force looking into all these concerns? What is the outcome of all that? Is it true what your Attorney General has said that Najib Razak has no case to answer? Is that true?
YA: I have no comment on this at this point in time. As I said, no authority will discuss any investigation that has not been concluded.

4C: So, who is behind the money's that's been flowing into the prime minister's bank account?
YA: As I said, I cannot comment on this. It is an ongoing investigation.

Are you not thoroughly ashamed, Yeti? Can you look into the public's eye and honestly say you have done your duty to BNM and the nation"

Donplaypuks® with covering your ass to retirement for Najib, YETI! !



by bon jolly jon vein, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for batang and  barang affairs

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. The Malaysian government debt:GDP ratio exceeded the 55% limit imposed by law way back in 2014. Serially lying and defrauding Prime Minister and Finance Minister Najib Ali Razzak Bacha Ahmed Nor then coerced BNM and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to 'massage' the statistics so that the debt hovered a fraction below the 55% danger line. This was done by fiddling around with exchange rates against the US dollar and other currencies.

However, the truth can no longer be hidden. Expert financial watchdogs such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank have issued stern warnings to Najib about falsifying national statistics, and about rating agencies downgrading Malaysia's bond risk premium from A-- to Somalia shilling status, i.e. pariah.

Najib's hands have also been forced by the huge drop in oil price, which negated the temporary surplus created by GST. Najib then convened a meeting of the Mamak Gang of crystal ball economists comprising the following, to come up with a long-term solution to rectify the revenue short-fall:

1. Chief Sec to the Government - Irwan Ali Hamza Bacha Ahmed Nor.
2. Chief Secretary to the MoF - Irwan Serigar Ali Deen Bacha Ahmed Nor.
3. Chief Sec to the EPU (Economic Plundering Unit) - Irwan Ali Yakcop Robocop Bacha Ahmed Nor.

After intense study and discussions, and due to the serious economic situation, Najib and his Mamak Gang have come up with a new and viable long-term tax to be enforced with immediate effect.

This tax will be called the Business Aid Tools And Naughty Games Tax, or in short, the BATANG Tax, based on the length of the male human penis, locally knows as batang.

The Mamak Gang had carried out a very detailed study which revealed that the Malaysian batang was:

1. 67% of the time hanging around, unemployed.
2. 17% of the time, pissed off.
3. 10% of the time, hard up.
4. 5% of the time, in a rut i.e. a hole.
5. 1/2% of the time, in the wrong rut.
6. 1% of the time, tight in hand.

The problem is made worse by the fact that the batang has permanent dependents - two nuts in sagging sacs!

The law has been gazetted whereby every Malaysian male over the age of 18 who is not in full-time higher education, will have to pay, on top of Income Tax, an annual fixed BATANG Tax based on the batang's normal, resting lengthas follows:

1. 5-10 cm - Nuisance Tax @ $50
2. 10-20 cm - Privilege Tax @ $100
3. 20-25 cm - Pole Tax $200
4. 25-30cm - Luxury Tax @ $400
5. More than 30cm - Pola Singh Tax @ $500*

Those exceeding 30 cm must also register for Capital Gains Tax.
Those under 9 cm can claim partial Tax Refund, on a deflated scale.


1. All measurements for BATANG Tax submission shall be carried out and certified at the all-male NASIONAL BATANG TAK CENTRE. The work has been outsourced by direct negotiations to a 1 inch paid-up share capital BUMNO/SCUMNO crony company, Syarikat Barang2 dan Alat2 Peruntukan Odit Kambu or BAPOK Headquartered at Batang Kali:

Chairman - Dick Irwan Serigar Ali Bacha Ahmed Nor
CEO - John Irwan Serigar Ali Bacha Ahmed Nor
Secretary - Willy Irwan Serigar Ali Bacha Ahmed Nor
Legal - Mohd Shaftee Abdullah Ali Bacha Ahmed Nor (rumoured to be the next AG)

2. Halal and non-halal equipment and gloves shall be used by BAPOK as appropriate.
3. All submission shall be filed online.
4. Only certified machine measurements shall be accepted. Oral measurements and submissions shall not be accepted. Hand jobs will be rejected.
5. Inflation shall not be factored in.
6. The tax shall be doubled for anyone using Tiger Balm to doctor measurement.
7. Refund claims for permanent shrinkage in subsequent years shall not be entertained.
8. Pensioners and others on certified Viagra program shall be entitled to claim a 50% rebate.
9. Taxpayers certified medically as impotent shall be exempt.
10. All measurement returns shall be filed promptly.
11. Extensions shall not be entertained.
12. Foreign workers shall also be subjected to BATANG Tax. Agents are not allowed to register Foreign Worker Association members.

PM Najib was today quoted as saying that the future of the people was in their hands. "Plan for smaller families. Shorten your rising expectations. Oil prices are beyond my control. Do not erupt in fury. Any overflow of emotions will affect the economy adversely."

Although tax collections could be further doubled, given the equal ratio of men:women in Malaysia, Najib confirmed that there is no rumour to the truth that the MoF is debating options to introduce a Business Aid Raba2 And Naughty Games Tax or BARANG Tax on women, based on the size of their bra with certification sub-contracted to a 1 litre milk paid up share capital BUMNO/SCUMNO crony company - Tensi and Erectile Testing Enterprise Kings Holdings or TETEK Holdings headquartered at Batang Berjuntai.........

And if you thought Najib and his Mamak Gang could not add up the percentages above, what did you expect of a government of incompetents and thieves?

Donplaypuks® with Malaysian members, Najib! !



by E.S.Shankar, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for insider outsider affairs


Malaysia is being held hostage by its serially lying, defrauding and looting Prime Minister Najib and his administration and government of thieves. Our economy is crumbling, national debt surging and cost of living spiralling out of control.

Three murders have also revolved around Najib. CLICK HERE. Najib and many of his UMNO/BN Ministers, Deputy Ministers and party leaders and members do not have the word 'honour' encoded in their DNA. They are so thick-skinned, a tank armour piercing rocket shell would not be able to penetrate their thick hides.

Najib is deliberately dangling the threat of dictatorship and martial law in our faces. But, that's as far as he will take it. He simply does not have the guts to take the final step which will surely destroy the nation and cause his demise. He is a born coward; sheep do not attack wolves.

It is in such an atmosphere of planned terror by Najib that the owner of The Malaysian Insider (TMI), Tong Kooi Ong, decided to shut down the second most popular Malaysian online news portal. TMI cited "commercials considerations" as the reason for its closure. CLICK HERE.

But ALL Malaysians know better!

The citizens have been cowed to such an extent, that they dare not call a spade, a spade anymore.

Every business will embrace the profit maximization model when starting a venture. And when a business takes a downturn, there will be a period when the owners will look at loss minimization, before finally making a decision to cease operations, if the losses are irreversible.

This does not necessarily mean making the maximum money. Non-profit and welfare organizations derive deep satisfaction from providing much needed service and support to the underclass and have-not. Profit maximization is also satisfied when there is an element of public service involved in the enterprise. Alerting and defending a country from would be dictators and corrupt politicians feature large in the philosophies of TMI and Malaysiakini.

So, it is pretty plain that TMI was shut down because Najib held Tong at gunpoint. Well, not Najib in person, but certainly through instructions to his Mafia goons. What is the evidence?

As Sherlock Holmes said:

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, MUST be the truth!"

It is a known fact that Najib has been arm-twisting TMI (and others) to sell out to UMNO-friendly parties, so that he could (try and) control epidemic level anti-Najib and anti-government public opinion and sentiments. In February, Najib got his stooges at MCMC to block TMI on the flimsy pretext that it had caused confusion and published unverified news. CLICK HERE.

To-date, the MCMC has yet to explain which specific law TMI broke!!

Tong Kooi Ong may have put a $10 - $20 million price-tag on TMI. But as any ordinary businessman or entrepreneur would do when he can't get his price, he should have cut his losses and taken the offer that was on the table. That's how one aspect of the loss minimization principle works in real life.

But what did Tong Kooi Ong actually do? He did something that makes no business sense whatsoever. He closed down TMI without recovering a single cent of capital!! Or, so we are told. Even if it was an over-my-dead-body situation with selling TMI to Najib's cronies, why was the Management Buy Out (MBO) also dismissed?

And, why should Tong Kooi Ong be afraid of selling TMI to Najib's cronies? If such a sale had taken place, it's guaranteed that almost 100% of TMI readers would have deserted it, and Najib would have been stuck with a pig in a poke!

And the beauty of it - Tong Kooi Ong could have started a new TMI abroad where Najib's grubby fingers could not touch it!

Obviously Tong Kooi Ong capitulated because there was Najib's gun pressing at his temples - either sell to my UMNO nominee or no one. Would you like to make a one-way trip to Kamunting or Bamboo River Prison Resort, Tongy? The threat of being locked up in prison by Najib for a long spell must have been the deciding factor!

I do not believe in karma/kismet/rezeki/fate. But, I sense that Tong Kooi Ong's problems started with his bad handling of the Justo-The Edge-Sarawak Report affair. Tong, through his 'The Edge' ought to have made a lot of money in justifiably exposing the massive $46 billion corruption, CBT, fraud, international money-laundering and plain theft at 1MDB by Najib. No one will begrudge him that.

However, he did not keep to his side of the bargain where he promised Justo US$ 2 million for whistleblowing on 1MDB. I do not know if Tong paid Justo anything at all, but it looks like he did not. You can stand on top of the Petronas Tower and shout to the world about the higher moral ground you have taken in fighting for your country; but, in plain Malaysian language, playing out Justo, a disinterested foreigner who was clearly after money, was bad form, old chap! CLICK HERE.

Regardless, I feel it is Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat's duty to tell us the whole truth, whatever the risks and consequences. Of course, if they are smart, and they didn't get to where they are today without being so, they will plan it from a safe haven.

I know what I am talking about - I need not elaborate further.

The rotten and stinking evil of men like Najib and his allies and supporters must be exposed for all the world to see and know. Tong Kooi Ong cannot, must not, allow TMI to sink from hero to zero in this manner.

We must NOT let Shakespeare's lines from 'Julius Caesar' come true:

"The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones"

Donplaypuks® with TMI, Najib. You are a despicable serial liar and craven coward of the lowest order. You are Asia's most hated, and the world's second-most hated, creature. You are not from the human race! !



What do you mean crossed line, Watson?
WMDs? Surely at best, a razor-thin rumor?
Never in the field of human conflict have so many politicians hunkered down so much in the bunkers under Whitehall to avoid the frontlines so much.
God loves a good game of craps.
The missionary position as usual, darling?
Let’s make them there automobiles in blue, red, yellow and white.
My ‘Oedipus Complex’ theory has been discredited? How dare they, the motherfuckers!
Now, let’s be reasonable, you know, sit down and talk over a cup of yak’s milk?
How About ‘To Slingshot A Sparrow’?
I don’t know if one really exists; no one’s seen one. So, I’m going to call it the Don’t Know Hole.
Monogamy is here to stay! I so decree!
War? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!
Vat’s the matter Eva? You look all sveaty. Vant to try out our newly installed showers?
Hold the martini. Get me teh tarik, shaken AND stirred!
Ich bin ein Amerikaner Irishman!
Unilateral disarmament? Hmmm! Why not?
Yenna dei? Who told you that my father was Yindian!
What does it matter if the cat is black or white? As long as it’s edible.
Video killed the radio star?
Let them have KFC on tap!
A spectre is haunting Europe. James Bond, 007, is striking terror.
What the hell was that?
You’d think HE would put it down on 10 sheets of paper posters or the internet or something lighter, wouldn’t you?
I confess! It was not a $2.6 billion donation. I am sorry. Take me to Bamboo River Resort prison at once!
A threesome tonight, Josephine?
Now, I am become Life, the savior of Worlds!
But as for me, give me liberty or a warm cell and a cup of hot chicken soup.
So, it is chiseled, so it is carved.
Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. You can have all the money, the colonial house and the cotton farm and the slaves. Just leave me the stamp collection and the train-spotting guide book.
The shiny bald Kojak look? Yeah, let’s go for it, Delilah!
After 30 minutes, you won’t have to open the box to determine if the cat is dead or alive.
One day my son, as far as the eye can see, shall be your casino.
Beria, are you crazy sending them to Siberia? You never heard of the Bahamas?
An electronic machine to solve Enigma? Nah, any old abacus will do.
Nuke Japan? Over my dead body! Let’s share it with everyone. That will be better for world peace.



by E.S.Shankar, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for political tsunami affairs


(Click on pic for enlarged view).

Politics makes for strange bedfellows indeed! As much as it may disgust some - sleeping with a nanogenarian old enemy - that may sometimes be the only solution when faced with a national disaster like that serially lying, defrauding, looting and plundering Prime Minister Najib and his government of like-minded thieves.

The first salvo in the showdown between the Rakyat and Najib was fired today by the 'Save Malaysia' campaign and it's 37-point Citizens' Declaration demand. CLICK HERE for the Bahasa and English versions of the demands.

Leading the campaign was that much hated as well as respected old war-horse and ex-prime minister Mahathir, together with DAP head Lim Kit Siang, sacked DPM Muhyiddin, a host of ex-Ministers like ex-Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim, and NGOs like SUARAM, Bersih (Maria Chin), Hakam (Ambiga) and civil society activists who made it clear that it was not a political alliance, but a loose marriage of convenience to demand that Najib quits office.

In all, 58 individuals signed the 'Save Malaysia Citizens' Declaration' (SMCD) on 4th March 2016. In time to come, we may well look at this document with the same awe and worship this bold manifesto with the same reverence in the like manner with which Americans do with their 4th July 1776 Declaration of Independence.

Predictably, many have accused Lim Kit Siang, Ambiga and Maria Chin of having sold out to that old tyrant and "benevolent dictator" Mahathir. Many like me feel that Mahathir himself should be behind bars.

But, these are extraordinary times, when one man - Najib - has subverted every institution set up by Parliament to safe-guard public interest, in order to stay in power. In that process, he has also looted the Treasury of billions of ringgit for his personal gain (1MDB), and compromised the offices of the Attorney-General, Inspector General of Police (IGP), the Special Branch, Bank Negara Malaysia, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), the Auditor General, the Judiciary and the top rungs of the civil service (civil serpents) and GLCs!

All these instances of misrule, misgovernance, abuse of power, fraud and theft have been detailed by the SMCD. Strangely, no mention was made of the three murders that have revolved around Najib, and one at least, around Rosmah. CLICK HERE.

The main thrust of the SMCD, employing non-violent and legally permissable means, are simple and straight-forward:

1. To remove Najib as prime minister.
2. To remove all those who have acted in concert with Najib.
3. To remove those who assisted in covering up Najib's misdeeds.
4. To repeal laws introduced by Najib and others that are not consistent with the Constitution.
5. To restore the integrity of institutions set up to safe-guard the fundamental rights of citizens interest and the separation of powers.

Predictably too, Putridjaya and Najib's sycophants like brown-noser and tonguer Abdul Rahman Dahlan have issued statements that the SMCD is illegal. They maintain that the only legal way that Najib can be removed is at the next General Election (2018). How quickly they have forgotten that shortly after GE 2008, Mahathir, Najib and Muhyiddin elbowd out PM Badawi and replaced him with Najib. So much for UMNO/BN's respect for conventions and legal niceties!

There is a bad smell in the air that SMCD's action might be seen as a coup.

A coup is defined as a sudden, violent and illegal seizure of the powers of a legitimate government. But, the SMCD has no violent or illegal proposals. That is not remotely on their table or in their agenda.

So, Putridjaya and Najib's desperate cornered rats would like to resort to SOSMA (Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012) in response to the gauntlet that has been flung in their faces by SMCD.

Many feel that SMCD has acted prematurely. They should have postponed challenging Najib to the 2018 General Election. But, who knows, by then there may be nothing left to save in Malaysia.

No, NOW is the time to make a stand, when the world has been alerted to Najib's government-organized larceny on a global scale. All those arm-chair critics, fence-sitters and the "silent majority" had better get off their butts and offer real support to the SMCD movement, or be prepared to emigrate or suffer for another 50 years of dictatorial rule! There is no middle ground. It's either Us or Najib!

Yes, you and your family and friends might get threatened, arrested and suffer in the short-term. But, as Churchill said, 'You have nothing to fear, but fear itself'!

And if we lose, well, at least we would have gone down bravely, fighting. It is important for our self-respect to put up a fight. Never let a bully and a coward get away without countering punch with punch!

But, I tell you what, this is one fight Najib ain't gonna win. I guarantee you that. I suspect that soon Najib and his Mafia squad will all be looking for apartments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as long ago did Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin!

What really are you afraid of? So many of you always invoke God's name all over the place, what are you really afraid of? If you genuinely believe in your faith, do you think your God will let Satan Najib and his cabal of crooks, win?

Donplaypuks® with SMCD, Najib. Resign today! !



by bengkok negara malaysia, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for prime ministerial looting affairs


(Click on pic for enlarged view).

More news of financial fraud, thievery, looting and plundering by serially lying Prime Minister Najib was revealed by the Wall St. Journal on 29 February 2016. CLICK HERE.

It is now clear that besides the $2.6 billion, $42 million and $32 million Najib stole in 2013 from funds raised by 1MDB (using government sovereign guarantees), there was more looting earlier by Najib in 2011 and 2012.

Between 2011 and 2012 several hundreds of millions of ringgit had also found its way into serially lying and defrauding Najib's personal bank account.

This had already been mentioned in earlier reports by Sarawak Report. Now it has been substantiated by the WSJ, although, for obvious reasons, they have not made public the documentary evidence. They are giving Najib enough rope to hang himself.

This expose also confirms that all our institutions set up to safe-guard public interest have been turned upside down. No doubt, this subversion began with Mahathir, but now his pupil, Najib, has surpassed his master.

This obviously brings into question why Yeti of BNM and Ash of MACC have kept absolutely quiet about this further confirmation of Najib's massive crimes which involves flouting local and international money-laundering and banking laws, including that of the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore to name a few!

What is the central evidence that Najib is a crook and is lying abut it all? It is  when he said he did not authorize, and more importantly, KNOW that the $42 million and $32 million had been transferred to his account. Yet, Najib issued over fifty cheques against these millions without knowing the money was in his account, many of it to his Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, BUMNO chiefs and party crooks? That crook and stooge AG Pandi cleared Najib of corruption on the basis of this kind of pathetic excuse? How much lower can this disgraceful and shameless Najib go?

The clincher was of course when Najib said he "returned" $2.03 billion to the donor without producing a shred of proof, and his stooge, AG Pandi, absolved Najib of corruption. How could stooge-AG Pandi know if any money was returned when the MACC had not mentioned anything about the $2.03 billion in their recommendation to him to charge Najib with corruption AND he had not sighted any bank statements or TT advices?

It is so obvious that when BNM and MACC looked at Najib's bank statements going back to the $2.6 billion in 2013, they would not have just stopped there. No decent person or professional would have. Given our laws on remittances from abroad and the rules on remittances out of funds exceeding $10,000, the red light would have been flashing and alarms screeching at BNM when hundreds of millions of ringgit were transferred to Najib personal bank account.

Yet not a word has emerged from Yeti of BNM or Ash of MACC. Najib has not reported this money or the $2.6 billion, $42 million and $32 million to the authorities. By these omissions alone, Najib is guilty of corruption for which there are automatic jail sentences. And if we add in that huge lie about the $2.6 billion being a "donation" a Saudi royal, there is enough there to lock him away for life.

So, it's obvious that at first, Yeti of BNM and Ash of MACC wanted to cover it all up. Then, when it was too hot to cover-up, they deliberately restricted the information that flowed out to the $2.6 billion and $42 million. They have also apparently not investigated Rosmah, Najib's wife's, for millions of ringgit that was moved through her bank account.

Yeti - International banking icon? My ass! Big cover up and con artiste - yes! So too Ash of MACC. They are both playing a game to cover up for Najib and limit and contain the fall-out. It would seem that race and religion comes into the equation, and by extension, the skewed and filthy philosophies of Ketuanan and 'some are more equal than others'!

I say sack these spineless civil servants with no pension rights!

Donplaypuks® with serial looting of billions of ringgit by PM Najib, o' Yeti of BNM and Ash of MACC!