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by E.S Shankar, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for jibbo slush fund budgets affairs

Serial liar and 1MDB/SRC RM46 billion defrauder Finance Minister/ PM Najib's 2018 budget announced Friday 27th October 2017, can be summarised as follows:

As explained by DAP MP Liew Chin Tong, the devil is in the details. More than that, Najib, has created a huge slush fund to be fraudulently used to buy his way to success at GE14.

There is no news from Najib on how the revenue shortfall of RM42 billion will be bridged. More tax? More borrowings? Selling off Rosmah's diamond and Birkin bags collection?


But, for purposes of this blog post, let us focus on Najib's Prime Minister's Office (PMO) budget of RM17.4 billion, an increase of 14% over 2017. PMO's "development" expenses alone makes up 25% of the total development budget of RM48 billion! 

Huge expenses of at least RM6 billion have been budgetted without any clear explanation as to what they are to be used for:

1. Dana Fasilitisasi - RM3 billion
2. LIMA corridor - RM895 million
3. MESRA projects - RM804 million
4. Special projects - RM726 million
5. Development program - RM363 million
6. Social Program - RM300 million

You can bet your bottom dollar that all these Slush Fund provisions will find their way into the pockets of the cowardly UMNO/BN "Warlords", and not into any projects of benefit to the citizens!

During Mahathir and Badawi's time, the PMO budget would have been, tops, RM2 billion. But over the last 4 years Najib's PMO budget has averaged an incredible RM16 billion a year!!!

This includes a whole load of slush funds, duplicated and totally wasteful expenses which could have been saved to delay introduction of GST and provide better education, heath and welfare programs, e.g.:

1. JAIS/JAWI ETC - RM1 billion. Why is there Federal spending when Islam comes under the Sultans and states?
2. Dubious Public-Private partnerships - RM1.5 billion (remember the RM30 billion PPFI Mof/Najib scam involving EPF?)
3. Felda expenses - RM164 million (Why should government be subsidising Felda which is a public company?)
4. Gaji buta agencies like Teraju, SPAD, Talentless Corp etc. cost us RM1.2 billion when we have the EPU, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Entrepreneurship etc.
5. We have the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army, Navy, Airforce and Special Branch. Yet Najib created ESSCOM and other "security" agencies which swallow RM1.2 billion a year. No one will dispute that despite all this, terrorist activity is actually on the rise, with many Muslims here donating generously to ISIS!!!
6. Once again, we have Najib's wife Rosmah's Permata/ECCE programs eating up RM103 million for dubious Quran learning-by-heart Tafiz and Einstein producing programs.


The result of 9 years of Najib's looting? The real income of Malaysians has dropped significantly:

This proves that all the billions and billions of ringgit spent by Roti Jala in Najib's so-called transformational economics programs, to make us a "high income" nation, have failed miserably. It's been an utter waste of the Taxpayers money. More so because Najib has brought us to the edge of bankruptcy with a record national debt which has more than doubled under his disastrous leadership, to RM700 billion!!! The nasi lemak selling mak ciks can manage our economy better without burdening us with massive debt. 

Najib has no idea how to this debt will be repaid. In his 2018 budget, he has only provided RM30 billion for servicing debt interest, but not the principal borrowings. Like all crooked PM's across the world, Najib is quite happy to pass the RM700 billion debt to our children and grandchildren!

Let us say that the 2018 sub-total of RM11 billion makes up the scam, fraud, looting by Najib. Multiplying that by 9 years under Najib gives us RM99 billion. And that is only under PMO. What about all the other Ministries and statutory bodies? Add the scams at 1MDB, MARA, Felda, Tabung Haji. A figure of RM250 billion would not be surprising!

Why have so many Malaysians, especially the Malays, tolerated this crook Najib and his government of thugs and thieves for so long? Have they all gone mad?