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by lord damning, master of the rolls, jams and tarts, Donplaypuks®, intrepid correspondent for IGP's drowned by water-in-the-lungs death in police custody affairs

If you were moved by Martin Luther King's 1957 electrifying speech - "FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY, I AM FREE AT LAST!" - then on hearing YOUR HONOUR (and I am so proud to refer to him as YOUR HONOUR) JUSTICE VT Singham's coruscating verdict on the Kugan civil suit, you must have opened the windows in your home or office and screamed "JUSTICE AT LAST! JUSTICE AT LAST! GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY, JUSTICE AT LAST!'

The honourable Justice VT Singham is of course much hated, reviled and insulted by BUMNO/SCUMNO and their paid bloggers. Just a couple of months ago, the cowardly Papa Gomo tried to pervert the true course of justice by publishing  an article accusing Justice VT Singham of being a homosexual who was biased in favour of Anwar Ibrahim and against BUMNO/SCUMNO. To-date, this unprecedented insult to our judiciary has not been countered by the Chief Justice, AG, Minister for Law or Prime Minister Najib; so, we must assume that the Government is behind Papa Gomo's outrageous, false and defamatory accusation made to intimidate a judge who was due to deliver, as subsequently turned out, a stinging verdict in a defamation case against yet another BUMN/SCUMNO owned MSM newspaper, the Buntutsan. Papa Gomo's blogspot post has been deleted by him, in the wake of massive defamation and slander law suits brought against him by Anwar Ibrahim and others. But here is my earlier report on this concerted scandalous attack on a sitting judge of the highest integrity. CLICK HERE.

The honourable Justice VT Singham just about flayed the skin off the back of current Inspector General of Police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar, who was Selangor Chief of Police in 2009 when Kugan was found dead in police custody, having been horribly tortured and assaulted by his police interrogators. Khalid has now been judged guilty of a massive cover up and openly lying on the stand. Here is a report from Malaysian Insider on that joyous verdict. CLICK HERE.

His honourable Justice VT Singham even had the chutzpah and guts to tell the government in no uncertain language to implement forthwith the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) recommended by the 2005 Royal Commission of Inquiry, headed by former Chied Justice Dzaiddin. PM Najib, the IGP and successive Home Ministers, and now newly and illegally appointed BUMNO/SCUMNO apologist Minister in PM's Office, Paul Low, are of course misdirecting the uninformed that the much watered down and police favoured Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) is an adequate substitute for the IPCMC. The EAIC is Chaired by ex-Solicitor General Helilah Yusof. That makes the EAIC just about as impartial as a bunch of cheetahs sitting in judgement on the rights of antelopes to freely graze on the Serengetti Plains without being attacked by cheetahs for their dinner. How many cops has the EAIC investigated and found guilty of causing deaths of prisoners in police custody? Amazingly, not one! 

By all accounts, Khalid should immediately resign from office. But then, in an era when titles and money are more important than integrity and honour, has anyone in government or government service ever resigned in recent times over a question of honour? Never! It does not figure in BUMNO/SCUMNO culture, or for the matter, the BUMNO/SCUMNO Government of Thieves!

Personally, it's a great day for me. In 2009, I had written a satirical piece on Kugan's sad death, inspired by Italian Dario Fo's brilliant 'An Accidental Death of An Anarchist'. CLICK HERE.

I had also posted a blog piece on the civil suit action brought against the police, IGP and the government by Kugan's family, to create awareness of rogue elements in the upper hierarchy of our police force who were creating a police state. CLICK HERE.

It may not be quite over yet. The Court of Appeal or Federal Court may yet water down the Honourable Judge VT Singham's correct ruling, or even overturn it completely. This is the direction the Altantuya murder case appears to be heading in, as the tentacles of evil are reaching out everywhere. CLICK HERE  and HERE.

But for the moment, let me savour the sweet fruits of victory! 

Aaah! Do not champagne, caviar and Cohiba cigars mix well!

Donplaypuks® with sudden deaths in police custody, man!