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by E.S. Shankar


It has now been officially confirmed by India's Ministry of External Affairs spokesman Shri Raveesh Kumar, that they had submitted to Malaysian authorities way back in January 2018, a formal Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) application relating to Zakir Naik, an Indian citizen.

So, the statement in recent days by PM Mahathir that Zakir Naik would not be deported to India because “he had committed no crime in Malaysia” and also on the grounds that “he might be victimised” in India, must be taken for what it is. It’s an insulting, stinging slap in the face for India, a long-standing friend and ally of Malaysia, with DNA, religious, cultural and social connections and associations going back more than 2,000 years!

More than that, we have the right to ask Mahathir if "Islam, the religion of the Federation", entitles Zakir Naik to preferential consideration and treatment by him. Many may well ask him if wanted non-Muslims on the run from their home countries to Malaysia, shall be accorded the same, o' so enlightened and progressive consideration as Zakir Naik, or more likely, deported even before they unpack their bags.

In his early years as PM, Mahathir had to deal with the 1983 Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BMF) US$1 billion fraud and corruption scandal. No one was ever charged with any crime here in that sordid episode which included the tragic and brutal murder by strangulation of a Malaysian Malay auditor in Hong Kong. Mahathir buried it all by saying “no crime was committed in Malaysia” as did Najib recently over the 1MDB/SRC $46 billion fraud fiasco.

First, let’s look at the logic of Mahathir defending Zakir Naik:

1. Supposing Najib were to flee to UK, would Mahathir accept the British position that they would not deport Najib to Malaysia as he “might be victimised”?

2. Supposing Macau or Hong Kong refuse to arrest and deport Jho Low after an Interpol Red Notice were to be issued, would Mahathir accept their argument that he had “committed no crime” there and that he would not get a “fair trial” in Malaysia?

3. Would Mahathir accept it or go ballistic were Indian PM Modi to say that Malaysian police raids on Najib and Rosmah’s house and condominiums and confiscation of money, jewellery and assets constitute draconian dictatorial acts and witch hunt victimisations?

India is proposing to take Zakir Naik to court for charges relating to:

1. Fomenting religious conflict and radicalizing Indian youth under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).
2. Alleged role in terrorism funding.
3. Alleged massive money-laundering.
4. Alleged undeclared land and properties worth 104 Crores or about RM60 million.

Zakir Naik thrice failed to answer India’s National Intelligence Agency (NIA) request for him to come in for questioning, as a result of which his Indian International Passport has been revoked by Indian authorities.

Before taking what is perceived by many as a Ketuanist and bigoted stance, Mahathir should have asked himself some simple questions:

1. Is India recognised as the world’s largest democracy with similar separation of powers as Malaysia for nothing? Unlike Najib’s regime, there is no international outcry of any kind that PM Modi has subverted the Chief Justices, Courts, Attorney General, PAC, Auditor General, Anti Corruption Agency Chief, police and security agencies etc., to serve a massive criminal looting agenda and cover-up.

2. India has 180 million Muslims, the vast majority of whom are happy to live there. That’s about 12 times the Muslim population of Malaysia. Modi has many major problems to solve in India and needs a Zakir Naik controversy like he needs a hole in his head. Why would he deliberately choose to create any problems for his premiership, Party and administration by being accused of Islamophobia?

3. Zakir Naik, 52, born and bred in India, was allowed, without any discrimination, harassment, interference or mistreatment, to graduate as a medical doctor. He later became a multi-millionaire in India with his Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) lectures and related income during his adult years. It defies logic that India would suddenly go after him without sound and solid, good legal reasons.

Mahathir of course, has a history of protecting and/or supporting Muslim terrorists. Indonesian Abu Bakar Bashir was convicted of conspiracy in the 2002 Bali bombing. Earlier, he had fled to Malaysia where he was offered 17 years sanctuary between 1982 and 1999 by Mahathir. In 2011 he was sentenced to 15 years jail for supporting a Jihadist Training Camp.

In 2001, Nur Misuari, Head of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), fled to Sabah, Malaysia, after a failed coup attempt against the Philippines government. Mahathir deported him back to the Philippines but admitted “we provided support for him in the past for his bid on autonomy that saw the creation of Muslim Mindanao.”

But there is of course more to it than the Islam-at-any-cost mule-headedness. There is now that disease that also afflicts the US, that staying in power is more important than upholding fundamental principles. So, many in UMNO, BN, PAS, Perkara etc., would not come out and condemn serial liar and multi-billion ringgit defrauder Najib and his administration of thieves. This is not realpolitik. It is pure, unadulterated human greed.

Mahathir is clearly afraid that come 2023, the Pakatan Harapan coalition government will shed sufficient Malay Muslim votes to lose the General Election. He is succumbing to the fearmongering by UMNO, PAS and other Malay right-wing losers that the Malays will only take so much, if at all, a Chinese Finance Minister, an Indian Christian Attorney General and a Sabah Christian, albeit a Bumiputra, Chief Justice. The notion that the Malaysian Malay will NEVER EVER be ready for complete meritocracy or equality is a proposition supported by Mahathir himself.

Millions had thought that with the PH election victory, the 1970 New Economy Policy with its peculiar affirmation action almost totally in favour of the majority Malays/Bumiputras, would finally be consigned to the dust bin. That it would be replaced with non-racial meritocracy and income means-tested affirmative action economic sharing and distribution policies. However, Mahathir shocked us by saying that it has to continue with no fixed time limit, until the Malays too could afford to ponce around London in posh Rolls Royces, as do one or two Malaysian Chinese. Mahathir is not stupid, but is given every now and then to brain fades and making outrageously stupid statements.

The majority of the parents of all the relatively few Malaysian Chinese, Indians and others who go to London or the West for higher education, have had to slave, scrimp and save for a brighter future for their children. They have been forced to do so by the NEP. There were no ready made government handouts for them. Do you know what is really pathetic? It is that our government itself admits that the 23% minority Chinese have been contributing the most to our income tax revenue that powers our economy!

So, Mahathir should stand up for the right principles and deport Zakir Naik at once to India to face the democratic rule of law and courts of his country of birth where he lived uncomplainingly and in more than comfortable prosperity, protected by it's law and order authorities for 50 years. If the system there is good enough for the majority of 1.2 billion Indians, it’s good enough for Zakir Naik.

Embrace the right principles and we will all prosper by leaps and bounds. The Malays/Bumiputras will have nothing to worry about as they are the majority and ones who have been in control for the past 48 years and will continue to do so. Top civil serpent Zakir Naik sycophants in Putrajaya will openly rebel? I say ruthlessly sack every single one of those traitorous bastards who conspired with Najib to openly loot and plunder public coffers.

To Lim Kit Siang. Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim, Dr. Wan Azizah, Nurul Izzah, Gobind Singh, M.Kula Segaran and other PPBM, PKR, DAP, Amanah and Warisan MPs who think that challenging Mahathir on the Zakir Naik fiasco would be rocking the boat too much too early, my view is simple and straightforward. Sacrifice principles for political expediency and see the total collapse of PH. And Mahathir is neither a God nor perfect. If every policy is to be implemented with an eye on whether the the ultras, fundamentalists and Ketuanist Umnoputras will accept it or not, PH is already finished.

Continue with defending the indefensible, Dr. Mahathir, and Malaysia will hurtle in the direction of Iran, Iraq, Libya and other such doomed countries. And the Malays will be destroyed by a brand of Islam that’s not in the Quran. Playing the Islamic card in this new dawn would be dangerous back-tracking!

Choose wisely and act quickly for tomorrow you might need India’s assistance where a Malaysian terrorist is concerned. Why on earth would you entertain someone like Zakir Naik who is quoted as saying:

“How can the building of churches and temples be allowed when their religion and worshipping is also wrong? Thus we will not allow such things in our country!”


“Suppose there is a Muslim leader…maybe he is corrupt vis-à-vis another Muslim leader who wants to join hands with the Kaffir to come to power. Who should you select? There is no two doubts at all. You have to select the Muslim even if he is corrupt, no problem! He will get his punishment on the day of judgement because being corrupt is a major sin in Islam. I am not supporting him, but for you as a Muslim, if you support a Kaffir non-Muslim, Allah will not help you.

If you are joining a coalition party with a non-Muslim, it is hundred percent clear-cut, a person who tells you to support a Muslim who joins hands with a Kaffir, there is no two doubts. Allah is very clear in Surah Imran, Chapter No.3, Verse No.28, that let not the believers choose the unbelievers’ preference to a believer. Allah’s help will not be with you….But if a Muslim takes a non-Muslim as his his partner to come in power, he is going against Allah and it’s a much bigger crime!...In no way can you take the help of a non-Muslim as far as power is concerned…in no way let them sit on your head!"

Dr. Mahathir, do you seriously think Zakir Naik has not interfered in our internal affairs and politics or committed any crimes in Malaysia, brainwashing naive, weak and impressionable Malays, young and old, with his utterly despicable moral morass? This is called radicalising! He is virtually telling you that you and PPBM have committed a HARAM act in partnering PKR and DAP and are anti-Islam and anti-Allah! He is as cunning and evil as they come!

So, PM and PH, please boot Zakir Naik back to India TODAY. Do not give him the space and time to spread his poison and pollute our citizens' minds any further. And if any Ministers, top civil serpents in Putrajaya, PAS, Perkasa and others wish to follow him to India, so much the better!

And lastly, Dr. Mahathir, the Malays are ready, and have been so for a good ten years at least, to stand on their own two feet. It is people like you who are holding them back and keep saying they need crutches and handouts for you to hold on to power. Give them back their self-esteem and pride TODAY.