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by Big Brother, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for selective persecution, censoring and banning affairs




It's quite one thing to be ignorant and/or stupid. But it's quite another matter when one continues defending serially lying and defrauding, looting and plundering prime minister Najib around whom three murders have revolved, and who is now recognized as a pathetic dictator! CLICK HERE. It means you are an accessory to a great crime against humanity, and possibly, murder!

Najib and his Cabinet of thieves and looters have flouted the Constitution and laws, and no longer have any sense of ethics, morality or decency. First Najib dumped his questioning Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin. Next, he sacked the Attorney-General by lying to the citizens and the Agung about his "medical condition". Najib then deliberately and illegally disrupted Bank Negara Malaysia, PAC and MACC investigations into his lying claim that RM2.6 billion and another RM42 million and RM32 million that had been deposited in his personal bank account were "donations" from parties from the Middle East. He sacked and transferred out investigating officers, including those in the Special Branch, with the sole intention of covering-up for massive fraud involving 1MDB's funds.

Najib also lied when he said he did not personally benefit from that money, when in fact part of that money was used to buy votes and rig the 2013 general election. More than that, Najib is automatically guilty of massive corruption since he did not report to the authorities in 2013 those "gifts" of money to a government official, as required by law.

The simple fact is, Najib is guilty of misrule by defying our laws with impunity, using his Parliamentary majority to ride rough-shod over the Rakyat. There is no more rule of law in Malaysia, only misrule by the Nazi and fascist Najib and his Gestapo, headed by that thug and coward of an Inspector General of Police (IGP).

So, I say, GO FUCK YOURSELF, Najib, Keruak and MCMC! Winning the elections is one thing. But, if on the morning after, you behave like a dictator, the citizens of Malaysia are no longer obliged to honour any social contract that normally exists in a civilized country. Keruak does not even have the balls to admit that Najib and he are pulling the strings at MCMC; instead, stupidly, he claims MCMC acted independently!

So, my fellow Malaysians, this is how you can access via your handphones, all those blogs and online news portals blocked by that selectively persecuting MCMC:

Can't access Sarawak Report and The Malaysian Insider?

Here's an easy way to get around Salleh Keruak's 'ban' of the sites.

1. Download Google Chrome.
2. After downloading Google Chrome, open it up and look for 3 vertical dots at the top right hand corner of your screen. Yes, that's the 'Options' button. Touch on that button.
3. You will see a list of options. Select 'Settings'.
4. Scroll down and look for 'Data Saver'. Select it.
5. The normal default setting is 'Off'. Slide the button to switch it 'On'.
6. Now you can access all the websites that have been blocked by Najib and Salleh Keruak - all the latest scandals, frauds and murders reports by Sarawak Report and TMI!

Is this legal you ask? The answer is YES.

But anyway, who cares. If the prime minister of the country can break the laws no questions asked, why shouldn't we, especially since our action is a commitment to uphold the Constitution?

How is it done? Simple. Data Saver by Google Chrome grabs everything off the internet (including Sarawak Report and TMI)  and compresses the data into a smaller size before sending it to you. Basically, Google Chrome is accessing these website from the US (where it's not blocked), saving up all the data on Sarawak Report and TMI and sending it to you.

This method of access will remain for as long as Salleh Keruak does not ban Google in Malaysia. Google is too big to ban in Malaysia as it will result in severe economic repercussions and retaliations by the US. Salleh Keruak is aware of how Malaysians can get around his ban. He is just hoping that we Malaysians don't know how to get around it and therefore remain stupid.

Forward this link to all your friends and contacts by email, handphone, Instagram, whatsapp, Facebook etc. Let the truth prevail!

By the way IGP, when are you going to investigate those ten or fifteen police reports that have been made against Najib? How can we believe that your are neutral if you pounce on yellow t-shirts and balloons and anything from the Opposition, but are selective about throwing the book at the greatest fraudster and fake in Malaysian history?

Donplaypuks® and side with dicktators like Najib and defend the indefensible, o' selectively persecuting and censoring MCMC, Keruak and IGP!



By E.S. Shankar

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The Bujang Valley, or Snake Valley in Sanskrit, covers an area of about 1,000 square kilometres (appx. 31.6 x 31.6 km) close to the banks of the Merbok River in Kedah, Malaysia. It is probably THE earliest indication of the arrival of Hinduism in South East Asia (SEA) at about 1 CE (Common Era). CLICK HERE.

Local historians tend to date Bujang Valley to about 110 CE (earlier estimate was 200-400 CE). But just like cosmologists who can be off by about 1 billion years on the carbon dated age of the universe, so too with these archaeological excavations and their dating, which can easily be off by a couple of hundred years either way.

Other relics denoting the early arrival of Hinduism in South East Asia are to be found in Funan (Cambodia), Champa (Vietnam) and Indonesia.

In Indonesia in particular, there is also the legend of King Aji Saka, a Brahmanical prince/scholar who arrived in Java in 78 CE. Aji (meaning the first) came from the court of King Shalivahanan in India, defeated the local chieftain, described as a man-eating ogre (cannibal), and introduced the then more advanced arts, sciences, social, political and economics systems of India, as well as alphabets and language. CLICK HERE.

The word Malauir for Malaya is mentioned in the Ramayana circa 500 BCE (Before Common Era) and in other Indian literature. It is likely that Indian forays into SEA began some time before that, and the early route they took was probably the land one through Burma and Thailand to Malaya.

But, we must view the arrival of a certain man, Kundunga, in of all places, Kutai, Kalimantan on the east coast of Indonesian Borneo in about 300 CE, with nothing short of absolute astonishment! Eventually, when historians manage to piece together all the clues and evidence, Kundunga's journey from India to Kutai some 3,000 kilometres away, will be recognized as one of the great voyages in history, to rank alongside those of Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Megallen, James Cook and others.

And do note with a degree of admiration that Kundunga's journey took place more than a thousand years before that of Magellen who is credited with being the first man to circumnavigate the globe! How did he arrive there? What type of boat or ship did he use and who accompanied him? These are interesting matters beyond mere historical curiosity. Ancient skilled Indian sailors from the Coromandel (east) coast of India, called paradar, knew the secrets of the periodicity of the north-east and south-west monsoon winds. Later, in the 15th century, they were known in Melaka as Keling (from the Kalinga region)!!

So, who is Kundunga?

Evidence of Kundunga's presence in Kutai in 300 CE is represented by seven stone inscriptions or Yupas discovered in the late 1800s in Muara Kaman. The script used is Pallava Sanskrit. Of the seven, only four inscriptions have been translated, the other three presumably eroded beyond repair.

Kundunga is credited with being the founder of the kingdom of Kutai Martadipura, with the title of Maharaja Kundunga Anumerta Dewawarman.

The inscriptions, referred to as the Mulavarman Yupas, describe his great achievements, and provide his ancestry as Kundunga (grandfather), Asvavarman (father) and Mulavarman (grandson). CLICK HERE.

Here are some of the Sanskrit inscriptions and translations:

There is also mention of a horse sacrifice - the Ashwameda - mentioned frequently in the Mahabharata and Bagavad Gita. as is the incredible story of Bhagiratha. CLICK HERE AND HERE.

Indonesians claim that Kundunga or Kudunga is probably of Indonesian origin. But, this clearly defies logic. Historians from other countries have identified Kundunga, a rare name even for India, as of probable south Indian origins. How else can one explain all these references in Sanskrit and to Brahmins, ancient Hindu religious practices, mythology and connotations to gold and suvarnam (suvarnadvipa)? This is expertise and knowledge that must have come from an educated and knowledgeable Indian, and there is no record ever of an Indonesian who went to India to acquire such knowledge two thousand years ago.

This type of thinking is right up there with our local historians' views that ancient iron foundries discovered in Bujang Valley indicate that 2000 years ago, the indigenous populace of Malaya had suddenly acquired new technical skills out of thin air, despite the entire area having been settled by immigrant Indians and Hindus. The Iron Age had arrived in Malaya overnight! Where did the iron come from? Where did it go? No local historian dares answer!

Even if we accept that Kundunga was an Indonesian, it begs the question where he obtained all that expert Sankrit, Indian and Hindu knowledge from. Who was his guru and/or Brahmin priest- surely an Indian from India? In the world of 2000 years ago, only a few knew how to read and write in Sanskrit, fine-tuned by India's Panini in 400 BCE. It's not like today when we have the internet to facilitate long-distance learning of almost anything.

It is our duty to research and investigate historical figures such as Kundunga. For far too long have we been in awe of the achievements of western explorers. We have real heroes at our door-steps who will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with their western counterparts. But who will put aside their natural prejudices, fears and bigotry, and search for the truth?



by sheikh mujubur rahman, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for bangla affairs



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A government led by a serially lying and defrauding prime minister - Najib - who is also implicated in 3 murders, lurches from one $2.6 billion lie to another, one crime to another, one fraud to another and one fiasco to another. This is a government of thieves which is in utter disarray. Najib has no moral or legal authority whatsoever to continue in office, and so is the case with his Cabinet and administration.

Little wonder then that Najib was unable to stop another looting and plundering attempt, this time by newly minted Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

At the heart of this brazen scam is a fortune worth more than RM3.75 billion involving bringing into Malaysia 1.5 million Bangladeshi foreign workers. This is calculated on the basis of 1.5 million workers x RM2,500 government levy per worker. It excludes money to be made from bulk discount on air-fares, transport and provision of living quarters, renewal of work permits, ancillary services etc., for foreign workers.

The sole and exclusive contractual right to develop, maintain and manage a fully online system known as the Bangladeshi Workers Management System (BWMS) was awarded to Synerflux Sdn. Bhd.

The registered owners of Synerflux are former Home Minister Azmi Khalid, and Aminul Islam, a Bangladeshi who resides in Malaysia. So, there is an obvious UMNO crony connection in this deal. CLICK HERE.

Azmi Khalid was also the Public Accounts Committee Chairman who ruled that there was no hanky panky in the $7.5 billion Scorpene submarines contract with DCNS of France, despite the fact that Altantuya was killed in connection with it. More than that, DCNS was fined some RM3 billion for bribery in a similar contract with Taiwan!!

At first, there were rumours that the BWMS contract would be awarded to Real Time Networking Sdn. Bhd. owned by Zahid's brother, Abdul Hakim Hamidi. Hakim and his team were seen accompanying Home Ministry officials who went to Bangladesh to iron out G-to-G MOU details. Later, it transpired that Hakim had negotiated a deal to provide an online system to the Bangladesh Association of International Recruitment Agencies (BAIRA) in return for the rights to provide "other services" to Bangladeshi workers.

These "other services" included the provision of mobile phone SIM cards, cash cards and wages management, which presumably means the lucrative business of money remittance to Bangladesh. Hakim brushed off accusations of nepotism by saying:

"I am not making a huge profit, just small commissions. Even Allah rewards you for good deeds, so why begrudge me a few cents? We make up (for) our expenses through volume, so we can make some money for our children and grandchildren." CLICK HERE.

In January 2016, Zahid suddenly announced a 100% increase in the foreign worker's levy to RM2,500 per head, effective from 1st February. He claimed it was being done to reduce our dependency on foreign labour. Some two weeks later, he announced a u-turn, with the facing-saving words that the proposal had been suspended by the Cabinet pending discussions between Home Ministry officials and "industry players". CLICK HERE.

On 18 February, the government announced that it had signed an MOU with Bangladesh for the recruitment of 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers for Malaysia in stages over the next three years. CLICK HERE.

Barely had the ink dried on that MOU, when Zahid stunned everybody the following day - 19 February - with an announcement that the intake of all foreign workers, including Bangladeshis, was frozen!!?? He claimed the government would be "reviewing" the foreign workers program, and that all illegal foreign workers would be "detained and deported". CLICK HERE.

Confusion reigned everywhere when a Bangladesh Ministry official was quoted as saying that Putrajaya's announcement of a freeze was an "eyewash'!!:

"The Malaysian government has made the announcement to calm local pressure groups who are opposed to foreign workers." CLICK HERE.

What gives with this idiot and imbecile Zahid? Detain and deport an estimated 2 million illegal foreign workers? Does Zahid, who claims to be a PhD holder, have a clue as to the logistics, time and costs involved in detaining and deporting 2 million foreign workers?

And how is it that only AFTER the MOU was signed, did Zahid see the need to consult "industry players"? He has yet to publish a list of business owners whom he claimed had desperately petitioned him to approve bringing in the 1.5 million workers. You can bet your bottom ringgit that such a list never existed, because no one was consulted, except Zahid's cronies!

And why is it that Zahid made no effort whatsoever to clean the country of illegal foreign workers BEFORE signing the MOU with Bangladesh?

Deputy Home Minister Richard Riot then added to the mounting confusion by stating that the 1.5 million Bangladeshis were meant to be recruited for working in 139 countries and not just Malaysia! CLICK HERE.

The reality is that Zahid's intentions in this scandal were evil and crooked from day one. How can it not be when behind every government contract is a BUMNO/SCUMNO crony or relative?

Beyond monetary greed, this is yet again a blatant attempt at social engineering. There are already some 1.5 million legal foreign workers plus some 2 million more illegal ones, most of whom are from the Muslim nations of Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

It surely did not escape Zahid and UMNO's attention that Mahathir did the same social engineering experimentation with illegal foreign workers in 'Operation Blue IC' in Sabah in the late '90's and early 2000's. The population of Sabah shot up stratospherically from just over 2 million to nearly 5 million within five years!! Many of these illegals have been voting in our general elections for over two decades!!

Staring in UMNO/BN's face is the grim certainty that they will lose the next General Election in 2018. So, with one eye on survival, and a hand in the Rakyat's pocket, Zahid came up with Operation Bangladesh.

But, is the freeze an eyewash or here to stay?

One rumour has it that Najib and Rosmah, sensing that Zahid was building a power base to launch a putsch - defined as a violent attempt to overthrow the government - reacted belatedly. 

Another rumour maintains that the Rulers intervened to stop this naked looting and power-grab scheme.

Yet another rumour maintains that Chief Minister Adenan panicked that there might be voter-revolt in the soon to be held Sarawak elections. Dare UMNO/BN risk their safe deposit there?

Or, is it all really an eyewash, meant to the pull the wool over the natives' eyes. Is UMNO/BN really prepared to face international condemnation if it pulls out of a MOU one day after the government signed it? What about the millions of ringgit that Hakim and Azmi Khalid stand to lose if the MOU is aborted? Who will compensate them and from whose pockets? Will Najib and Zahid risk it?

Any way we look at it, Deputy PM & Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has to be given the boot. This is pathetic political play, incompetency and attempted looting and plundering of the lowest order. Zahid, a bully and uncouth lout, and the man responsible for the reinstatement of the evil Sedition Act, is not fit to be a a shoe-shine boy! More appropriate for him would be a life sentence and 6 strokes of the rotan in Bamboo River Resort.

Donplaypuks® with foreign labour, Zahid!



by manu themis, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for true justice affairs


(Click on pic for enlarged view).

The 5-man panel Federal Court justices must be congratulated for their decision yesterday confirming the supremacy of Civil Law in resolving civil marriage disputes and related conversion to Islam cases.

They did this in the case of S.Deepa vs ex-husband N.Viran aka Izwan Abdullah.

Their justices ruled that marriage annulments and ancillary orders following the conversion of one party to Islam cannot be made by the Syariah Court. Divorce and custody in civil marriages should be decided by the Civil Court.

But, the manner in which they went about awarding split custody of the children involved in the case, left a bitter taste in their mother, Deepa's, mouth. In their peculiar wisdom, their justices awarded custody of son Mithran (8) to his father, and daughter Sharmilla (11) to Deepa, after interviewing the children alone in chambers!

Now, really, what do 8 and 11-year old under-aged children know about religion or life, when manipulated by a father with ulterior motives? Especially, a father who broke Syariah laws and illegally converted his children to Islam without their mother's consent, and kidnapped them from their mother's home?

How could senior Federal Court judges who should know better, not realize how traumatized the children must have been? How could they expect such confused innocents to make any sensible choice, frightened as the must have been when confronted by five strange and imposing old men in black robes, no matter how sweet their words?

Let us look at the history of this case:

1. Deepa and Viran, both Hindus, were married under Hindu rites in 2003.
2. Viran filed for divorce in 2011 and converted to Islam in 2013.
3. Viran also had both his children converted to Islam without Deepa's consent, despite which the Syariah administration allowed the conversions to stand.
4. Deepa won back custody of her children in April 2014 at the Seremban High Court. (In May 2015 the court of Appeal affirmed the Seremban High Court decision).
5. Two days after the Seremban High Court decision, Viran kidnapped son Mithran from Deepa's home. Viran justified his criminal conduct by claiming that in 2012, the Syariah Court had granted him custody, even though his converting the children without the mother's consent was illegal.
6. Despite a court order, Police Inspector General Khalid Abu Bakar astonishingly, refused to arrest Viran, claiming that there were two conflicting court orders and that "a father does not kidnap his child". He asked the parties to "settle the matter privately"!!

So, what we have here is a scurrilous man who illegally converted his under-aged children to Islam without their mother's consent, and then, when ordered by a valid and competent Civil Court to comply with its custody order, forcibly kidnapped a child from his family home.

More than that, the Syariah has taken a back-to-the-wall 'it's us or them' myopic attitude. Instead of annulling the illegal conversions, they have continued to flaunt it in the completely innocent mother's face. They may have relied on an earlier case of Islam conversion tussle involving yet another unfortunate Hindu mother, Indira Gandhi, where an idiotic judge ruled that 'parent' in law meant that on their own, either the father or mother in a civil marriage could convert their children to Islam. 

Of course that ignorant judge had not seemed to have been aware of the Constitution and its definitions section which says that any word in the singular includes its plural. In this case, the Syariah approved the children's conversion in their absence, and yet refused to back down when challenged on legal non-compliance!! CLICK HERE AND HERE for details of that travesty of justice.

The Cabinet was supposed to resolve those mistakes in law in black and white, but never got around to it.

So, while yesterday's decision by the Federal Court has gone a long way to settling the law on civil marriages and related Islam conversion cases, Deepa would be right in feeling that justice was not delivered in her particular case and circumstances:

1. The unilateral conversion of the children was illegal and did not comply with Syariah administration rules. Therefore, their justice should have ordered the conversions to be annulled as an administrative error, as affirmed by a judge at the Court of Appeal.

2. Custody of both children should have been awarded to the mother, Deepa. Who could ever trust a man who broke Syariah laws by converting his under-aged Hindu children to Islam unilaterally, broke civil laws ordering surrender of children's custody and terrorized the children by kidnapping them in front of their mother. In Malaysia, a conviction for kidnapping carries whipping and a life or death sentence! What moral and ethical lessons do the judges think the son will be learning from his criminal father? What kind of role model would he be to his son?

3. The judges ordered, on the application of Viran that, because of their split custody order, alimony payable by Viran to Deepa be reduce from $500 per month to $250 per month. Why? Who broke the marriage and who asked for split custody? Can a single mother bring up a child with just $250 a month? Which planet are our judges living in?

4. No action was recommended against Police Inspector General Khalid Abu Bakar for refusing to comply with a court order to apprehend Viran and return custody of the children to Deepa. Is Khalid, who has a law degree, above the law? This looks like a cop out by the highest court in the land. CLICK HERE.

The impression we get is that the judges are afraid of putting the Syariah courts and its administration in its place in case "the natives get restless". But, it is this pussyfooting that is at the root of these conversion issue problems.

I have nothing bad to say about Islam nor do I wish to debate about Syariah laws.

All I demand is that our administrators and judges follow the Constitution with good intent and true justice - substance over form - in mind.

That scurrilous smug and sneering Viran's face-saving parting shot to Deepa - "I pray my former wife will have the revelation to embrace Islam" - tells all. CLICK HERE.

Viran is laughing all the way home, thinking he has got away with several serious criminal acts. Their justices may think that it was a fair compromise. The world probably thinks that tearing a son away from his natural and innocent mother is a crime against humanity akin to forced re-settlement of natives.

Innocent and victimized Malaysian Hindu mother Deepa did NOT go to the Federal Court looking for a compromise. She went there to ask for her Constitutional rights to be confirmed, enforced and protected! Instead, she had her guts yanked out. Their justices may have thought that somehow things got equalized when they split custody of the children. But, what really happened is as as though your house gets robbed, and when caught, the robber gets to keep half the loot. One party got more equalized than the other!

And here I ask the IGP two questions that many Malaysians would really like an answer to, but are afraid to ask openly:

1. Would you have refused to arrest Viran had he not converted to Islam?

2. Would you have refused to arrest Viran had it been a case where he had NOT converted to Islam and had kidnapped the son from a wife who had converted to Islam?

Donplaypuks® with the Constitution and religion, o' justices and IGP!



by chiang pei, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for death wish by firing squad execution affairs

(Click on pic for enlarged view.)


Besieged stooge AG Pandi dug his own grave after white-washing the MACC's investigation into corruption charges against serially lying and defrauding PM Najib. 

The MACC had recommended prosecuting Najib with + or - 37 charges of fraud, misappropriation of public funds, CBT and abuse of power in relation to RM2.6 billion and another RM42 million that had "mysteriously" found its way into Najib's personal bank a/c. 

Najib and his sycophantic BUMNO Ministers and party liars had at first denied any such thing had occurred. "Which fool would do something like that?" they all bleated. Turned out it was their own fool. Then when the whole issue was exposed by the Wall St Journal and Sarawak Report, Najib replied that it was a "donation" and that he had not personally benefited from all that money, despite having used it to buy votes and rig the general election, to be elected PM.

The circus and clowns came out with more and more ridiculous lies. Like the $2.6 billion being a donation from the Saudi Royal family. Or that Najib did not give instructions for transferring or know that RM42 million and RM32 million had been transferred to his a/c??!!

And then, inexplicably, he spent most of that money on dubious payouts, including over RM3 million on diamonds and Birkin bags for his wife from moneys he claimed he had no knowledge of??!!

The world responded with obvious scorn, ridicule and derision. Najib and his fraudsters had succeeded in overnight becoming international celebrity pariahs!

Stooge AG Pandi was stung deep by global criticism of being an accessory to Najib's crimes. To follow the sublime with the ridiculous, stooge AG Pandi's predictable response was in keeping with the denial mode, lying and thieving that has become BUMNO Baru (new) culture. On 6th February 2016, stooge AG Pandi, in an interview with the Sinchew Daily newspaper, shed tears that the government's official secrets were being leaked out with impunity. The government's security apparatus had sprung more holes than Swiss cheese.

Like that would-be thug Beria (security chief, mass murderer, sexual predator and rapist) that stooge AG Pandi is to would-be Stalin, Najib, he said that the current punishment for whistleblowers, a fine and/or jail sentence, were insufficient deterrents. CLICK HERE for Lavrentiy Beria of Russia.

Stooge AG Pandi wanted to table a bill to include 10 strokes of the rotan and life imprisonment for whistleblowers. And here is the icing on the cake CLICK HERE:

"In some countries like China, leaking official secrets carries the death sentence!!"

Stooge AG Pandi of course forgot that whistleblowers are protected by an Act and that the OSA, Sedition Act and SOSMA cannot be used to hide a crime (or murders).

More than that, stooge AG Pandi forgot that if he and Najib were Chinese, by now they would have been, as the Chinese say, "chiang pei" - executed by a firing squad!

Such is the stupidity that reigns supreme in the Malaysian government of thieves and murderers!

Not to be outdone, a certain female MP of dubious sexual orientation in serially lying and defrauding PM Najib's office, supported this idiocy by claiming that official secrets were not leaked in other countries. No one knows which hole she has been hiding and digging in all these years, but obviously she is unaware of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning. Stupidity breeds stupidity.

Here is what happened to Lavrentiy Beria (who was charged with treason, terrorism and counter-revolutionary activities) in 1953 after Stalin died:

"A tribunal was set up. When the death sentence was passed, Beria begged for mercy on his knees, and then collapsed on the floor, wailing and crying....Beria was taken to the basement of the KGB HQ at Lubyanka, and shot through the head by General Pavel Batitsky who had to stuff a rag in Beria's mouth to stop his bawling. Six of Beria's associates were executed on the same day by a firing squad."

Does stooge AG Pandi have a death wish? Is he asking for a bullet in the head for himself and his meal-ticket-for-life, serially lying and defrauding PM Najib, talking about apeing Chinese practices and standards?

Will our King and Rulers step in before the Military and Generals do?

Donplaypuks® with death wish, bullets in head and execution by firing squads, o' stooge AG Pandi and serially lying and defrauding PM Najib!



By E.S. Shankar, author of 'Murdered In Malaysia:The Altantuya Story'


On 29 January 2016, most Malaysians woke up to the happy news that Bernard Biaocco, a former President of Thales Asia was charged in France with illegally paying commissions to Abdul Razak Baginda. While Malaysia's MSM have been coy about it, several overseas newspapers revealed that judicial documents also named serially lying Prime Minister Najib as a suspected recipient of the illegal bribes. CLICK HERE and HERE.

All of this of course relates to the October 2006 killing of Abdul Razak Baginda's ex-lover Altantuya and the contentious RM7.5 billion Scorpene submarines Malaysian government procurement contract signed in 2002 by then Defence Minister Najib with DCNS, a French government owned company. Abdul Razak Baginda was known to be a close confidante of Najib.

Abdul Razak Baginda's company, Perimekar S/B received RM575 million for "co-ordination and support services" suspected by most to be sham a arrangement to facilitate kick-backs and bribes to various Malaysian government, Ministry of Defence and Naval officers, as well as French figures.

Abdul Razak Baginda was acquitted in 2008 in the abetment of Altantuya's murder without his defence being called. He has now admitted that he received RM150 million (Euro30 million) as consultancy fees in the Scorpene submarines deal, but denies "paying any officials". CLICK HERE.

But no one believes Baginda.

The contract for the two Scorpene submarines costing RM7.5 billion was signed in 2002 by then Defence Minister Najib and DCNS which was 75% owned by the French government, and 25% owned by Thales. 

Abdul Razak Baginda received the commissions through Perimekar S/B which was re-structured immediately after the Scorpene submarines contract was signed. This resulted in Perimekar being 60% owned by Abdul Razak Baginda, with the remaining 40% owned by the Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT or Armed Forces Fund). 20% was held directly by LTAT with another 20% being held by LTAT's 70% subsidiary, Boustead Plc. Who is LTAT CEO and Boustead Plc Chairman - none other than Lodin Wok Kamarudin, who is also Chairman of 1MDB, controlled by Finance Minister and Prime Minister, Najib!!

Abdul Razak Baginda's 60% in Perimekar was held through his family company KS Ombak Laut S/B in which his wife, Mazlinda, was also a director. Baginda sold the 40% stake in Perimekar to the LTAT Group for RM 7 million. This is a surprisingly low figure and valuation, given that Perimekar was due to receive RM575 million in fees!!

Another Baginda family company, Terasasi (Hong Kong) Ltd. in which his father was also a director, received RM180 million, which led to Baginda being accused of being a traitor. It was alleged that that payment was for Baginda selling state and naval official secrets to DCNS!!

Where did all this money coming from. Well, here's what was said in our Parliament in 2007:

The murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu cropped up in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday. While debating the 2007 Budget (committee stage) for the Defence Ministry, Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) prodded deputy minister Datuk Zainal Abidin Zin on the use of C4 explosives. "The case of the Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu, which involved Abdul Razak Baginda, portrayed a very bad image of Malaysia. You are the deputy defence minister, how did the perpetrators obtain the explosives?" he asked. Zainal Abidin replied: "The police are investigating the case, not me. I don’t know the answer to that question." "But how is it that someone can obtain C4 explosives so easily?" repeated Lim. "I have already told you, it is not the defence ministry that is conducting investigations," said Zainal Abidin. Lim had earlier asked about the US$100 million (RM354.9 million) commission for the purchase of two submarines in 2002. He said the purchase from a French-Spanish supplier had been handled by a company controlled by Abdul Razak, which had in turn sold it to the government. "The commission was part of the final bill to the government, correct?" he asked. Zainal responded: "The commission was given by the foreign supplier to the company. We do not have a say in the matter, we were a willing buyer." "But if the commission was part of the price, it is additional taxpayers’ money that is being used," said Lim. "We were a willing partner in the transaction," replied Zainal Abidin."

The Malaysian government therefore agreed to participate in fraud, bribery, misuse of public funds, abuse of power and crime!

In simple English, the RM575 million commission was paid for by the Malaysian Taxpayer!

Then Defence Minister and now PM, Najib, was involved up to his eyeballs in creating a sham contract. DCNS Group of France paid the illegal commission, but it was costed into the RM7.5 billion as sham consultancy and co-ordination and support fees!

And Abdul Razak Baginda claims he was not involved or did not know anything about it all? 

Who would pay Abdul Razak Baginda a genuine consultancy fee when he had no expertise whatsoever or knowledge of stealth Scorpene submarines and their maintenance?

More so, when in July 2013, Malaysian Jasbir Singh Chaal revealed that it was he, an ex-accountant with Thales Asia, who was the architect of the Scorpene submarines deal. And that Abdul Razak Baginda was a marginal figure. CLICK HERE.

So, Abdul Razak Baginda is not being entirely truthful about his REAL role in the Scorpene contract.

But, it will come out soon in France. Then, where will Abdul Razak Baginda and serially lying PM Najib hide?

Also, following the example set by stooge AG Pandi, this is not all very Islamic, is it? What exactly does Abdul Razak Baginda's Islamic Peace Foundation do? Has it been funded with tainted money? 

Murder, fraud, misappropriation of government funds, bribery, CBT, abuse of power - these are just some of the charges Abdul Razak Baginda and serially lying and defrauding PM Najib will soon have to answer for, in a Malaysian court!!