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Here is the list of the RM114 billion of fraudulent deals planned and executed by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, mainly for his and his wife Rosmah's benefit.

Najib has also created a massive slush fund for UMNO/BN which was illegally used to buy votes and rig the 2013 elections, and which will also be deployed in the coming general election:

1. 2002 RM8 billion Scorpene Submarines contract - Corrupt commission and inflated cost of (at least) of which RM575 million was paid to Najib croney Abdul Razak Baginda involved in the 2006 Altantuya C4 murder - RM1 billion.

2. 2009-2015 - Money borrowed by 1MDB. 100% MoF owned 1MDB has debts of $53 billion. Its audited accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015 and 2016 are overdue by 21 and 9 months respectively. Najib, Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa and MoF Chief Secretary Irwan Serigar Abdullah are covering up fraud, embezzlement of state funds, money-laundering, abuse of power, looting, plundering and plain theft. RM42 billion.

3. 2014 money borrowed from government pensioners' Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen (KWAP) and "invested" by 1MDB in dubious overseas coal-mining companies. Najib, Ali Hamsa and Serigar Abdullah have refused to provide investment details by hiding behind the Official Secrets Act! RM4 billion.

4. 2006 Pembinaan Private Finance Initiative (PPFI) money borrowed by MoF from EPF using fake government land leasing contracts. Najib, Ali Hamsa and Serigar Abdullah have refused to provide details of what this huge sum of money was used for and who actually received the money, by once again hiding behind the Official Secrets Act! RM30 billion.

5. November 2016 East Coast Railway Project cost inflated by Najib in a contract awarded without Open Tender to China CCC which is black-listed by the World bank for corruption and shoddy construction work. Najib plans to plug the huge hole in 1MDB's balance sheet by robbing Peter to pay Paul. RM30 billion.

6. December 2016 Pan Borneo Highway PDP contract awarded without Open tender to Bustari Yusuf, Rosmah croney and brother of Public Works Minister Fadillah Yusuf - 15% of $30 billion = RM4.5 billion.

7. December 2016 Eagle High Plantation Holdings 37% minority stake proposed acquisition @173% premium in an Indonesian oil palm company by Felda. Eagle is owned by Najib and Rosmah's croney Peter Sondakh! RM2.5 billion.

That adds up to a staggering RM114 billion! This does not include the looting in MRT, Double-Tracking Railway and other PMO controlled projects or the RM7.9 billion of Felda Global Venture Holdings shares book loss GLCs are sitting on!!! Of this, the EPF has confirmed it has sold of its entire holdings and so must have lost RM576 million!!! All of them were arm-twisted into buying those shares at inflated valuation by Najib in 2012.

Elsewhere, due to his bragging that he is a descendant of fearless Bugis warriors, Najib is mocked as Datuk Seri 1 Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil'! Najib, like many of his fellow Cabinet members, suffer from selective amnesia, especially where it concerns their racial origins. He conveniently forgets that the Bugis who landed in Malaya in the 17th and 18th centuries were not the 'fearless warriors' of suspect legends, but cowards who did not have the guts to stay back and fight civil wars in their ancestral home in the Spice Islands of the Celebes (now re-named by Sulawesi)!

Najib, a proven racist, bigot and demagogue is still in office only because he has bought over the judiciary, attorney general, Inspector General of Police and top members of his coalition party, UMNO/BN, with the billions of ringgit he has looted. No one there has the courage, moral sense or integrity to expose and stop him, despite many professing to be very devout Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians.

When Najib recently accused the Myanmar (Burma) government of genocide concerning the Muslim Rohingya, it had nothing to do with his sense of outrage over human rights issues. It was all about trying to hoodwink local Malay Muslims into thinking that they should unite under UMNO/PAS to stay in power.

That is the same reason why Najib and UMNO joined hands with PAS  earlier this month to try (unsuccessfully) to Unconstitutionally ram a Hudud Bill through Parliament.

His and Umno's championing of India's fundamentalism Islam preacher Zakir Naik and his Islamic Research Foundation, now banned by India as an unlawful organization, has everything do with creating a siege mentality among local Malay Muslims. This is stupidity beyond belief. Naik was also banned from a lecture tour in UK in June 2016 for "unacceptable comments and behaviour". CLICK HERE AND HERE.

Malaysia offered sanctuary for 17 years to Indonesian Abu Bakar Bashir now convicted and serving a 15-year jail sentence in Indonesia for terrorism. CLICK HERE. Malaysian Malay Muslims have also been master bomb makers involved in the Bali and Jakarta suicide killings. Instead of respecting the Indian government which also announced that several charges were in the pipeline against Zakir Naik for radicalising youth and luring them into terrorist activities, Najib snubbed them. Naik has been allowed to enter Malaysia and move freely.

Where is Najib leading Malay Muslims to? The IGP announced in November that some 60 Malay Muslims had gone to fight alongside ISIL. CLICK HERE. Last week two foreign students of Mediu University based in Shah Alam were arrested on suspicion of being involved in ISIL terrorist activities. Mediu is a Arab initiated online Uni which has been accused of being an online degree mill! CLICK HERE.

There is nothing that this scum leech Najib will not stoop to stay in office to rob the citizens blind and satisfy his wife Rosmah's thirst for power and more bling!

It is our duty to stop Najib, Rosmah and their government of thieves, looters, racists, bigots and blood-sucking Draculas. We must pack them off to prison for life, like yesterday!  



Whenever the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) or any Malaysian government Ministry awards a major contract to an unknown company as a Project Delivery Partner (PDP), i.e. a company with no track record whatsoever, particularly in the area of work specified in the contract, you can bet your bottom ringgit that:

1. The main objective of the award would be to fraudulently siphon out billions of ringgit to BUMNO, PM and their cronies.
2. The PDP would be directly entitled to a minimum 5% of the contract sum for what in Malay is termed 'gaji buta' i.e. working as Chief Shake A Leg.
3. Beyond that, the contract sum would have been inflated by anywhere from 30%-100% as the sub-contract deals would have been done in accordance with BUMNO's favourite business model. This is the directly negotiated non-tendered out contract devised by the Economic Mismanagement Unit (EMU) of the Economic Plundering Unit (EPU) of the PMO.
4. The real project work would be done by professional sub-contractors, and management oversight exercised by civil servants engineers etc. in the Ministries.
5. The company would have been formed with $2 paid up share capital a few days or weeks before the contract was awarded.
6. The fake PDP company serving the post-office function would be headed by an Ali Baba crony whose main function would be to launder money and distribute the corrupt money to BUMNO and others.
7. The PM would boast that a "significant percentage of contracts" had been awarded to Bumiputra contractors. The reality would often be that the Bumiputras (for a fee) would be fronts for non-Bumis or they would sub-sub-contract a significant portion of the contract to non-Bumis. PM, fully aware of the reality, would then lie bare-facedly on national TV and at the BUMNO AGM that he had fulfilled his God-ordained racist duty to Bumiputras!

Yesterday, in line with this thieving and looting PM/BUMNO culture, the newspapers announced the award of the PDP for the Pan Borneo Highway (PBH) project as follows:

1. $12.5 billion contract for 602km phase 1  awarded with NO OPEN TENDER.

2. Total contract cost including phase 2 is estimated $16.5 billion.
3. PDP company Lebuhraya Borneo Utara S/B (LBUSB) incorporated in 2011 with paid up share capital of $1 million.
4. LBUSB has no track record whatsoever in any business.
5. To-date the company has no sales or activity whatsoever.
6. Completion - 2021.
7. LBUSB is 55% owned by Maltimur Resources S/B (MRSB) and 45% by Jalinan Rejang S/B (JRSB).
8. MRSB is 40% owned by Mohammad Zaidee Abang Hapni, a finance director at KLSE listed company Petra Energy controlled by Bustari Yusuf, who also has interests in Austral Plantations, timber, construction and other businesses through his OBYU Holdings S/B. Zaidee resigned his position at Petra Energy last year to join MRSB.
9. Bustari Yusuf was the former Treasurer of Sarawak's main political party PBB under Taib. His brother is Fadillah Yusuf who is Minister for Public Works under which falls the PBH project!
10. To complete the picture, Najib's wife Rosmah and Bustari Yusuff are great friends who once both worked at well-known property developer Island & Peninsula. Bustari and Fadillah's brother, Ahmadi Yusuf, is a director at Petra Energy together with Najib's brother  Nizam Razak, who is also a substantial shareholder. Nizam is also married to Taib's niece.
11. No information has yet to emerge as to 45% PBH shareholders JRSB.

As is also normal with BUMNO, all complaints of staggering conflict of interest with Minister Fadillah Yusuf BUMNO and PBB have all been summarily dismissed without so much as a peep from the MACC or Parliament. Many indigenous people like the Dayaks are up in arms in Sarawak that their Bumiptra rights have been totally neglected in favour of west Malaysia linked Bumi blood-sucking Draculas!

More information is likely to reveal that the other directors and shareholders of LBUSB are stand to gain a share of a bare minimum:

1. 5% of $16.5 billion = $825 million, PLUS

2. Say, 30% inflated cost = 16.5 x 30/130 = $3.8 billion.

With such massive easy money to gain, many in BUMNO and PBB will sell their wives and mothers for a share!

But this is only the cake. The icing on the cake is the 700km $13 billion Pan Borneo Highway Sabah project awarded to Borneo Highway PDP S/B whose shareholders are:

1. 40% MMC-UEM consortium.

2. 60% Warisan Tarang Construction S/B.

Here are links to articles by Sarawak Report, The STAR newspaper, etc:

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30/04/2015 The PWD Minister's Brother's PBH Connection Exposed - CLICK HERE.
04/07/2015 Little Known LBU Lands Lucrative Job In Sarawak - CLICK HERE.
08/07/2016 Funding Issues For PBH - CLICK HERE.
12/04/2016 BHP Awarded PBH Sabah Job - CLICK HERE.

Folks, the looting and plundering are continuing unabated. Najib has yet to disclose how the $30 billion PBH project is going to be financed given that our national debt is heading towards $1 TRILLION!!! Are you, especially the Malays, still going to vote for Najib, UMNO/BN, PBB and their government of thieves? And do remember, Asia Sentinel has printed in black and white that 3 murders revolve around Najib!! CLICK HERE.



LETTER TO USA PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA! I did it! See picture below for the acknowledgement from the White House!

I managed to email my Najib protest letter to Obama. It's not my best effort as I had to cut it down to below 2,500 characters including spacing.

And if I can do it, so can YOU! Please sign the petition:

And here is the link to email Obama:

You can use my template below or cut/add as you please. But get the message across! We need all the help we can get to throw that serial liar, 1MDB$30 billion and KWAP $4 billion defrauder, looter, plunderer, embezzler, racist and bigot Najib and his govt of thieves in prison. Do not forget that Asia Sentinel HK has published in print that 3 murders revolve around Najib and Rosmah - Altantuya, Najadi and Morais. He has not sued AS, WSJ or Sarawak Report. He dares not take anyone to court because he is as guilty as sin!

TEXT of email sent to USA President Barack Obama:

Dear President Barack Obama

I am a Malaysian citizen. I am very sad that you who brought back much needed integrity and honor to the US Presidency, and achieved so much for the USA, and the world too during your two terms, will have to take leave of office soon.

I am writing to you regarding a civil action brought in July this year by the US DoJ against Malaysian state-owned corporation 1MDB, certain of its officials and other individuals for multi-billion dollar kleptocracy.There can be no doubt in anyone's mind that 'Malaysian Official 1 (MO1)' in the DoJ affidavit refers to Prime Minister Najib.

He planned this looting to secure a slush fund to rig the 2013 General Election and corruptly enrich himself. About US$8 billion is unaccounted for in 1MDB's books. Najib replaced its auditors with Deloitte & Co in which his son is a partner.

Najib thwarted an investigation into US$681 million in his personal bank a/c, by Unconstitutionally sacking the AG and transferring out investigators. Earlier, the Deputy Prime Minister was sacked for casting doubts on Najib's ridiculous claim that it was a donation from unnamed Saudi Arabia Royalty.

In spiteful retaliation against the USA, Najib made a lightning visit in November to China with which he signed deals worth US$32 billion. He also made a thinly veiled speech against the USA, saying "former colonial powers should not lecture nations they once exploited."

Najib and his wife Rosmah have also been linked to three murders by Asia Sentinel HK. He has failed to sue them or the WSJ and Sarawak Report that accused him of fraud, embezzlement, money-laundering and abuse of power.

Given this scenario, Malaysians need all the help you can extend to us before you finally leave the Presidency. May I therefore humbly ask that you:

1. Kindly request the DoJ to unequivocally and publicly confirm MO1 as Najib Tun Razak. Although a minister admitted in a BBC interview that MO1 was Najib, he is still refusing to own up to anything, claiming that it is a civil action against others and not him.

2. Kindly persuade President Elect Donald J. Trump not to drop this case.

Malaysia has become a police state under Najib. He is prepared to Talibanize and turn it into an Islamic state with Syariah and Hudud Laws.

Malaysia will owe you a debt it can never repay if you would help us in our hour of need.

Thank you and God bless.