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Shooting The Breeze 

There is an old Tamil saying that you can’t hide a full pumpkin in half a plate of rice.

If there is one reason, and only one, why the murder of Altantuya is the result of a massive conspiracy, then it must be that her executioners blew her body up with C4 explosives. It is not unknown for men and women to kill on the spur of the moment with homicidal tendencies leaping to the fore from a rush of blood. Crimes of passion are often the result of  such uncontainable emotional experiences and outbursts. But no one, and no one, can lay claim to unpremeditated murder when they go out of their way to collect C4 explosives and then use it to kill, never mind their motives. 

The Central Clue

This then is THE central clue to unravelling the entire mystery of the Altantuya murder affair. Premeditated murder here unequivocally points to a darker motive or two, possibly three. What did those who planned Altantuya’s execution wish to hide forever by blowing up her body to the winds?  

It must be that she was carrying someone’s unborn child. 

Sirul, in his inadmissible confession, states exactly that: 

“I saw that she was in a state of fear and she pleaded not to kill her and said she was expecting.” 

It must be the unborn child of someone very high up in defence or at the uppermost echelon of government, or both. Now we know why Judge Zaki refused to let the confession stand. The Attorney General’s office had tied his hands by publicly announcing that only three persons were responsible for Altantuya’s murder. What other negotiations took place between the judge and the Attorney General can easily be guessed at. A murdered baby would have blown open a massive conspiracy and brought down the government of prime minister Najib Tun Razak! 

Two Central Questions – Motive And The Mastermind 

The other central questions are why would two cops, neither of whom knew Altantuya (or Baginda) personally, kill her unless instructed to do so by their superiors and other conspirators? Who was the mastermind who gave the orders to kill?  

It is also a given that Azilah and Sirul participated in Altantuya’s killing. Sirul’s original confession, ruled inadmissible by High Court trial judge Zaki, contains a graphic tale of spine-chilling, ruthless, efficient and cold-blooded murder that would be beyond the mere fantasy imagination of a lowly corporal like Sirul; it can only be a description of actual happenings. It is a fact that Azilah recruited Sirul, and so their dual fates were sealed forever.

Which brings us to the curious case of evidence planted in Sirul’s flat and car. It is important to understand that Azilah could not logically have out of the blue calledup Sirul and asked him for the first time to help him commit murder. Azilah could not risk working with novices in a case where he received instructions from PM Najib’s security chief Musa Safri, and from Razak Baginda, Najib’s blue-eyed boy and front-man linked to the RM7.5 billion (US$2.3 billion or €1.5 billion) Scorpene submarines contract scandal and the RM 575 million (US$180 million or €115 million) “co-ordination and support services” fee suspected to be a sham arrangement for fraudulently payments to Perimekar, a Baginda controlled company.

It could not be a random choice, unless of course, Azilah had a pool of killer cops  to pick and choose from. That possibility is surely there. Razak Baginda had in his sworn affidavit mentioned about Azilah having told him that he had killed six to ten others before. Azilah denied it on the stand under oath. However, it is a fair assumption that Azilah lied andthat Sirul must have been in on those killings as well.

Were those previous killings cases of : 

1. Cops indulging in extra-judicial executions to get rid of difficult gangsters and 
criminals? or, 
2. Cops working hand in glove with triads and criminal gangs to off rivals? or, 
3. Cops working for crooked politicians? Or 
4. All of the above?  

There have been several accusations in recent years that some Ministers, the AG and the  IGP were under the pay of triads. 

Throughout this episode, Sirul was in contact with only Azilah and received all the instructions from him. The lines of communication were very clear – Baginda to ? to Musa Safri to Azilah to Sirul. So, it is entirely conceivable that Sirul was kept in the dark about the big picture and all the connections and links. Azilah would have had to be told some aspects of the big picture, but not all. The fact that till today he has kept his lips tightly sealed means he knows a heck of a lot more and has been rewarded handsomely to maintain an unholy silence.

Sirul, on the other hand, protested until his original confession was ruled inadmissible at the High Court, and then claimed in his unsworn statement read from the dock that:

“Before I complete my statement, I must clarify that I have never met the victim in this case and have had no personal dealings whatsoever with her. I also do not know Abdul Razak bin Abdullah (Baginda) and have had no dealings with him before this case. I appeal to this Court to take into account that throughout this hearing, I have followed the proceedings and note that many important prosecution witnesses, principally those from D9 IPK cooked up stories, lied and always changed their stories when cross-examined. I note this with concern because, for me, their actions are done with the deliberate intention of implicating me so that I will be the black sheep who has to be sacrificed to protect the plans and evil intentions of those who are not in Court today to face the outcome of their treatment and schemes. I have not a single reason to hurt, what more,  take the life of the victim in such a cruel manner. I appeal to this court which is in session and has the power to determine whether I live or die, so that I will not be hung, to, once and for perfectly complete the agenda they have for me.” 
Sirul is clearly hinting at a conspiracy.

Is it possible Azilah and Sirul were misled by their superiors and the conspirators as to their mission to kill? Could they have been briefed and spun a story that Altantuya was a national security threat which had to be exsanguinated, and that they would be performing a great service to the King and citizens of Malaysia? 

Sirul, possibly, but not Azilah.

Why would Sirul agree to a deal, presumably the same generous one like Azilah did, and then renege on it? Obviously, part of the deal must have been that he would never hang for Altantuya’s murder.  So, either Sirul was double-crossed or something went terribly wrong and they, the conspirators, panicked and had to make sure enough incriminating evidence was hung on at least one of the accused, but not Baginda their crony, to secure conviction, the troubling ‘guilty beyond reasonable doubt’ legal nicety. This explains why Azilah and Sirul were both packed off to foreign missions on short notice.

They could not plant evidence in Azilah’s home as he lived there with his parents and brothers; Baginda was out of the question. So, Sirul was the obvious choice, as he was divorced and lived alone in his flat. More obligingly, he had left the keys to his car (parked at police HQ in Bukit Aman) in his own office in-tray, and told about it to his long-time friend and immediate superior at UTK, Sgt. Rosli. Sirul had so thoroughly cleaned his car such that subsequently police could not find a single fingerprint or bloodstain anywhere in it. There were, as testified under oath on the stand by Rosli, 4 days from 3 November 2006 to 6 November 2006 when the car keys were in the possession of ASP Khairi.  

Similarly, he had handed over the keys to his flat to ACP Mastor on 5th November. Mastor had testified that the keys eventually found their way to ASP Zulkainain via CI Koh Fei Cheow. But when asked to verify the keys in court, Mastor had no doubt that the set of 3 shiny keys were the originals, of which there had been more and they were old and discoloured from use. 

And hey presto, on 9th November, a police forensic team led by Superintendent Soo Mee Tong “discover” the infamous pair of blood-stained slippers in the back-well interior of Sirul’s car and a single spend bullet cartridge on the floor in the space between the driver’s seat and door. Soil samples extracted from Sirul’s car did not match with those found at the murder site. On 7th November, police, led by ASP Zulkarnain and CI Koh Fei Cheow, find Sirul’s blood-stained jacket and Altantuya’s jewellery items in his flat. Sgt, Rosli testified that the police had a different set of keys to Sirul’s flat from those he had seen! 

Planting the spent bullet cartridge was a mistake, another huge and careless blunder. Forensics could only identify the cartridge to a gun officially issued to Sirul. Sirul had surrendered that gun to UTK Armoury on 31 October 2006. UTK Armoury Storekeeper Fatimah Wahab testified that Sirul had returned both the gun and all 60 bullets issued to him earlier on 4 October 2006, although she had not recorded it as such in the relevant register.

Subsequently, anyone could have accessed that gun, given the porous security and poor record-keeping at UTK. However, since Altantuya’s body was never found, and no spent cartridges were found at the murder site, the prosecution was never able to prove that it was Sirul’s gun that had been used to shoot her; in fact, they had not a scrap of evidence that Altantuya had been shot at all before being blown up by explosives. It was a complete waste 
of time.

In his original confession Sirul clearly states that after the killing, he went home to shower and change clothes, following which he disposed the soiled clothes, some of Altantuya’s personal belongings and the detonation wires in a rubbish container at a construction site near Bukit Aman. So, how did all these so incriminating blood-stained items re-appear so conveniently? It defies belief that an experienced killer cop like Sirul would retain Altantuya’s blood-stained jewellery and slippers and stash it away in, of all of all places, his flat and car, to be caught flat-footed.

There is a school of thought that Azilah and Sirul never expected to be brought to court, which is why Sirul got careless. They were undeniably seen by PI Bala and taxi driver  Ong Ah Choon outside Baginda’s house and leaving in Altantuya’s company with Corporal  Rohaniza on the night of the murder. Musa Safri was also spotted in his car driving past Baginda’s house by PI Bala on the same night. So, all these parties, including Baginda, who was kept informed of the events as they unfolded by PI Bala, knew that Azilah and Sirul were without a shadow of doubt connected with Altantuya’s disappearance. Yet, Azilah and Sirul carried out their execution as though they would never be discovered. They got careless. Such arrogance and confidence can only have stemmed from the fact that they must have been given assurances by their highly-placed and influential co-conspirators that, even if captured 
and brought to trial, they would escape the gallows, and be spirited away quietly and protected under some local Special Branch protection program or away overseas, where they could live their lives in the lap of luxury. 

So, what went so wrong that evidence had to be planted, implicating Sirul as if caught with the smoking gun in his hand? 

It must be that the so-called more intelligent conspirators higher up the chain did not anticipate that Azilah and Sirul would be so careless as to appear at Baginda’s house with an uninvolved fellow cop (Lance Corporal Rohaniza) and without ensuring Altantuya would be alone there when they whisked her away. They might have felt that they could buy PI Bala out, if push came to shove.

Later, they moved quickly to ensure that Rohaniza would change her testimony from her sworn statement given to the DPP. She lied on the stand that Azilah did not depart with Sirul and Altantuya from Bukit Aman, but left with him, thereby cooking Sirul’s goose completely.

Baginda’s lap top was only “discovered” in his car by his wife and handed over to the police some five days after they first interrogated him! They pressed the buttons to change judges, prosecutors and lawyers. But, how could they have hoped to ward off the obvious missing-persons report that Altantuya’s family would file? 

Altantuya’s father was a university professor, and her mother, a Russian language teacher. They were no country yokels from the boondocks of a third-world economy.  

It was sub-standard strategizing and planning from start to finish. Azilah and Sirul botched it further. The primary aim of the conspirators was to prevent Altantuya from leaking out publicly that the father of the child she was expecting was someone very high up in defence or at the uppermost echelon of government, or both! Whose child was it that was murdered so heartlessly, blasted to smithereens before it could take one breath of fresh air, before being born to celebrate and enjoy its birth right?

But how did the blood-stained items appear so unerringly to incriminate Sirul? Sirul must have got it wrong. It is likely that he handed his blood-stained jacket and jewellery and spent bullet cartridges immediately after the murder to Azilah or a more senior killer cop who was on the scene, for disposal. And that proved to be his undoing. These blood-stained items incriminated Sirul like nothing else. They helped the conspirators to spin successfully a prosecution which from day one had publicly announced that the murder was the action of two rogue cops, that Azilah and Sirul were the only killers (with Baginda abetting them) involved in Altantuya’s murder, and that the questions of motive and prior knowledge or association with Altantuya was irrelevant. 

And Razak Baginda knows this all. He knows this all as surely as he knows the sun will rise in the east tomorrow. Otherwise, his PhD is not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Following Azilah and Sirul’s conviction at the Federal Court, the indecent haste with which Baginda attempted to convince the masses that two rogue cops committed unpremeditated murder with no motive whatsoever, or that motive was not essential at all, is a clear indication of his desperation in wanting to bury this conspiracy forever. More than that, once again he wanted to absolve PM Najib and distance him from Altantuya in the most loathsome, nauseous and toadying of manner. 
Baginda when asked what Altantuya was blackmailing him about, replied, “There was some personal matter, the relationship. This is something very personal.” He went on to say: 

Q: What about the alleged US$500,000 commission (from the submarine deal)?
RB: Where did that come from? That's the thing. Everybody is lazy now days, journalists, everybody is lazy. They never check the source. Trace where the US$500,000 came from. 

Q: It was mentioned in Bala's first statutory declaration. 
RB: OK, anybody can say that. (Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho! Not anybody, but Private Detective Bala who was engaged by Baginda himself for protection from the blackmailing Altantuya). Where did that come from? Honestly the US$500,000 was news to me. I didn't know that. She (Altantuya) was blackmailing me for US$5,000, US$8,000. That's why I succumbed to it. Q: No fee for her services as interpreter? RB: What interpreter fee? The whole episode of her being an interpreter is a joke. She can't even speak French. We are all victims of a political game. And we all fell right into it. It's a narrative from the beginning – the murder, Najib, Razak and then the submarine deal. This narrative was fed to the Malaysian public from day one and everyone like a herd of buffaloes, followed. Trace and see if she can speak a word of French. None of the French guys in the submarine deal met her or knew her. The French were so sophisticated. They all speak perfect English. Nobody questioned. Why would you want a Mongolian French interpreter? Think about it. If I wanted an interpreter, I would have a French interpreter or a British-French interpreter. Why on earth would I want a Mongolian? Has she ever been to France and stayed and learnt French? And yet everybody believed she was an interpreter of French and she got paid. Nobody questioned that.

Q: In Bala's first SD, there was another allegation that Najib introduced Altantuya to you. 
RB: That's part of the narrative. I have said this hundreds of times. I don't even know how to say it anymore. Najib never knew the woman. Najib is innocent. If you all think there is a connection, where is the evidence? Let's not forget that in any situation like this, there are a lot of opportunists out there. We have seen this so many times. 
Q: How did you come to know Altantuya? 
RB: If I know Najib, it doesn't mean that he knows everything about me. But the assumption is that he knows everything I do. I think that is a wrong assumption. I have already said it in my affidavit and that is the truth. The truth hurt my family and there was a debate among my legal team if I should put it in. I even told how I met her. It's all there (in the affidavit).

Q: So are you rubbishing Bala's first SD? 
RB: All utter rubbish. Anal sex as well. All rubbish. Everyone took the SD as the truth. Furthermore, in the SD, Bala says: "someone told me" or "I told him". It's all hearsay. 

Q: Who is behind all this (narrative)? 
RB: Dracula, vampire, werewolf, you name it... My favourite character has always been Dracula. 

Q: The main aim then was to implicate Najib? 
RB: Yes, of course.

Q: And you were also the victim? 
RB: No, I wouldn't say I was a victim. There was a murder that took place and because I had a connection in the whole thing, and it's just too juicy a story to let go. There are a lot of opportunists out there. And don't forget, Najib at that point was deputy prime minister, and in this country of ours, the DPM is a heartbeat away from becoming the PM. Everyone knew he had the potential of being the PM.

And there we have it, why PM Najib and his wife could not in any way be implicated in Altantuya’s murder. Why PI Bala’s first SD had to be neutralised and rubbished quickly by Najib and Rosmah as revealed by Deepak, and he, his wife and children hounded out of their  native birthplace to India. Najib had already been humiliatingly once denied the premiership by Mahathir in 2003 in favour of Abdullah Badawi, and over which a shocked Rosmah shed tears in public. Standing on the cusp of a kind of immortality, Najib and Rosmah would not be denied the ultimate prize a second time or be shamed and scandalised out of it in the process, come hell or high water! 

High Court, Court of Appeal, Federal Court – Who’s The Odd Man Out? 

Of the three, the decision by the Court of Appeal would seem to be the odd one out.

The CoA did not follow the script which was written before the case went to the High Court. It now seems obvious. Before the High Court case could commence, Putrajaya conspired with the CJ and AG and to get rid of the two most senior prosecutors in the land from leading the government’s case, i.e. DPP Salehudin Saidin and Yusof Zainal Abiden. The flimsiest of excuses was put forward by the AG to explain what was apparent to everyone, i.e. that it was a clear case of manipulation by two top law enforcement officials. The only reason Salehudinand Yusof were removed must be that they would not agree to any deal; their integrity and name was at stake in the murder trial of the century.

The deal must have been to free Baginda at the High Court stage and convict Azilahand Sirul, and to limit the prosecution to these three persons, no more, no less. After all, someone had to pay for murder, and it was not going to be Najib’s blue-eyed boy and St. John’s Institution Alumni pal, Baginda, who knew some nasty secret or two about stupendous corruption involving Putrajaya, and could name names. Better two unknown cops whom the public at large would eventually forget, and who knows, with the passage of time, might yet be rescued or be given a royal pardon. So, the masquerade with Azilah and Sirul donning muslin masks and hooded jackets, so wonderfully supported by the police and Judge Zaki.

Not an inch was to be given to implicate Deputy Prime Minister Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor or allow the case to enmesh the RM7.5 billion (US$2.3 billion or €1.5 billion) Scorpene submarines contract or gratuitous, sinecure and sham “co-ordination and support services” fee of RM575 million (US$180 million or €115 million) earned by Baginda’s company or the RM142 million ((US$44 million or €36 million) said to have been paid to his company for selling classified state secrets to a French government-owned naval company, DCNS.

Treason? Not if it is one of us, an old boy! 

Judge Zaki stuck to the bargain. The AG stuck to the plot by refusing to appeal Baginda’s acquittal. When Azilah and Sirul appealed, the CJ and AG slipped up. They must have thought that the COA judges knew the script, theme and plot, and would throw the appeal out. However, inexplicably, the COA acquitted  Azilah and Sirul. What possessed the three CoA judges? Moral outrage, more than likely. Why should Baginda, who was the only one of the three defendants to have real money and a real motive to wish Altantuya dead, get off scot-free, and the AG not even appeal the decision? So, they threw a spanner in the works.

But, the CoA did not go far enough. They had only so much courage. In a land where straight Chief Justices have been thrown into sacrificial fires with impunity by the Executive, and crooked ones rewarded with security of tenure and fabulous post-retirements rewards,what were mere CoA judges? They should have ordered a fresh re-trial when there was so much doubt, and made Baginda enter his defence, which would at the very least have forced DSP Musa Safri, Najib’s chief of security, to the stand. But all that was not to be. 

The partial courage of the CoA was undone by the complete capitulation of the Chief Justice of Malaysia, Arifin Zakaria, and his 5-man Federal Court, to Putrajaya. The courage of the CoA was matched by the gutlessness and treasonous conduct of CJ Arifin Zakaria and his kangaroo court. Once they knew in advance the decision that was expected of them, it was child’s play to find all the “defects” in the CoA’s written judgement, and placate Putrajaya’s paranoia. 

Then came the warning from that bully and coward, IGP Khalid Abu Bakar, to the public about questioning the motive for Altantuya’s murder, saying that it would undermine the judiciary. In recent weeks, Khalid has outdone even Mahathir by arresting over a hundred people, mainly opposition politicians, for alleged sedition, and in the process usurped thepowers of the Home and Prime Minister who have been supremely supine. Khalid has, however, not exhibited or demonstrated that same enthusiasm, speed and vigour in pursuing pro-government politicians and supporters who have made incendiary statements such as referring to Chinese traders as rogues or calling for the burning of bibles or churning out a completely spurious story that some Chinese were burning the Koran.

CJ Arifin Zakaria, not to be outdone, then warned the public about contempt of court proceedings against anyone who undermines the judiciary. The rot had set in, marrow deep, long, long ago. 

To be continued - A Theory of Murder.



by Donplaypuks®




The golden rays of light first dimmed and then ebbed away forever from the 28-year old body of Altantuya Shaariibuu or Altantuya, a Mongolian national, on an ill-fated night in October 2006. She was brutally and inhumanely slain without the slightest compunction or sliver of remorse on the part of her killers, deep in the jungles of Shah Alam city in the west-coast state of Selangor, geographically situated adjacent to Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur. An extrovert and an extremely beautiful young woman, she had a colourful reputation. She had harboured ambitions of becoming a super star when she signed up in 2000 with a modelling school in Paris, France, the haute couture capital of the world. Altantuya was also a young translator whose fatal misfortune it was to have been indirectly entangled in the Malaysian government’s defence procurement programme and its often shady, convoluted and labyrinthine, but always secret and highly classified contract dealings amounting to tens of billions of ringgit. Rumours surfaced she had been recruited by a foreign spy agency for a honeytrap sting operation.

Altantuya’s disappearance may even have been dismissed and forgotten as one among many uninvestigated, or investigated but unresolved missing-persons report or as just another run-of-the-mill death, and possibly covered up, were it not for several extraneous factors.

Altantuya – Murdered and Body Blown To Bits with Explosives

One, Altantuya, whose father was a very prominent Mongolian, was gruesomely blown to bits by explosives planted on her body! Were it not for the hand of fate, as DNA testing had advanced, Altantuya’s murder may well have never been discovered and her body identified with dead certainty. Only her bone fragments and some tissue and hair were retrieved by forensic experts who successfully matched her DNA with blood samples obtained from her parents in Mongolia. Government pathologists certified that the cause of her death as from ‘probable blast related injuries.’

Two, a brace of police commando officers assigned as bodyguards to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib (Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister at that point in time) from the elite Royal Malaysian Police Unit Tindakan Khas (UTK) or Special Action Unit involved in security, special operations and counter terrorism, were charged with Altantuya’s murder.

Three, deeply implicated in Altantuya’s murder was a very prominent Porsche 911-driving Malaysian, a so-called defence strategist, Abdul Razak bin Abdullah Malim Baginda, a Malay Muslim who owned and headed the Malaysian Strategic Research Institute (MSRI). Baginda was charged with abetment of murder. Though married, Baginda had, by his own admission committed khalwat, by having an affair lasting eight months with Altantuya. He claimed he was subsequently blackmailed by her. He was one of Najib’s closest friends and policy advisers. Baginda moved freely and in chummy familiarity with the top brass in the corridors of power in government, in particular the Ministry of Defence and the armed forces.

He was reputed to be the prime mover in the eventual signing of a contract between the Malaysian Navy and a French company, Direction des Constructions Navales Services S.A. (DCNS), a majority French government-owned company, for purchase of two Scorpene search-and-destroy submarines armed with exocet missiles, estimated to cost RM7.5 billion (US$2.3 billion or €1.5 billion) in total.

That deal earned Baginda’s company, Perimekar Sdn. Bhd., a company with no prior experience whatsoever in submarine technology, training or maintenance, a much disputed and staggering “co-ordination and support services” fee of RM 575 million (US$180 million or €115 million). The fee was paid in 2007 by Armaris, a wholly owned subsidiary of DCNS, which, French lawyers investigating the G-to-G deal, feel clearly implied that the initial contract amount had been illegally inflated, and that the cost was passed on to the Malaysian taxpayer. Perimekar’s board of directors included ex-magistrate Madam Mazlinda Makhzan, Baginda’s wife.

Baginda, who obtained his PhD (doctorate) in International Relations from Trinity College, Oxford University, UK in 2009, was also accused of selling state secrets and classified documents to DCNS for RM142 million (US$44 million or €36 million), an act that would be considered treasonous in any country. This transaction was apparently completed through Terasasi (Hong Kong) Limited, an off-shore based company controlled by Baginda and in which Baginda’s father, Abdullah Malim Baginda, was also a director.

Prime Minister Najib and Wife Rosmah Accused

Four, never before in the history of any nation have allegations of murder, adultery, corruption and attempts to pervert the course of justice been nailed so firmly and directly to the doors of its prime minister and his wife, as they were against Dato Seri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah binti Mansor, both Malay Muslims. The stunning accusations and revelations surfaced through two Statutory Declarations (SD) sworn in front of, and witnessed by legally appointed Commissioners of Oaths.

The first SD implicating Najib’s wife Rosmah in Altantuya’s killing, was made by arguably Malaysia’s most widely read, controversial and famous blogger, Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin (of ‘Malaysia Today’ fame), more popularly known as RPK. As a result, RPK was arrested and detained under the Internal Security Act and also charged under the Sedition Act with criminal defamation. Eventually, this forced RPK to flee Malaysian shores for exile in Manchester, United Kingdom (UK), where he resides and continues to blog from.

The other highly revealing SD, replete with salacious detail after salacious detail, including Najib’s alleged lurid sexual involvement with Altantuya (a preference for anal intercourse), was tendered by a private detective, Balasubramaniam Perumal, universally known as PI Bala. 

On 4th January 2013, a third source of allegations appeared in a satirical novel ‘The Black Rose 1.0’ or ‘Bijan’s Bane’ written by one ‘Spirit of Altantuya’s’ said to be the pseudonym of Malaysian businessman Deepak Jaikishan Rewachand, who claimed to count Najib and Rosmah as “close friends”, and Rosmah as “sister”. ‘Bijan’ read backwards is Najib! At the time of Altantuya’s killing, Najib was Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia as well as its Minister of Defence. In March 2009, Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Gobind Singh of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) was suspended for a year from Parliament with complete loss of salary and perks, for calling Najib a murderer during a parliamentary session.

Five, shortly before the Altantuya trial began on 19 June 2007, a Deputy Public Prosecutor from the Attorney-General (AG) of Malaysia’s chambers made a startling statement in court that three, and only three persons, were involved in Altantuya’s murder. Coupled with the fact that the judge (jury trials were statutorily proscribed in 1995) and the government’s prosecution team (as well as defence lawyers) were switched on the flimsiest of excuses and pretexts before the trial proper commenced in June 2007, Chief Justice of Malaysia Ahmad Fairuz bin Sheikh Abdul Halim and the AG gave credence to the widespread public belief that this was a going to be a show trial whose verdict had already been pre-determined,in connivance with the-powers-that-be. Fairuz was forced into retirement in November 2007 after promoting the novel idea that English common law should be replaced with Islamic Syariah Law in secular Malaysia. In 2008, a Royal Commission of Inquiry hearing into the illegal fixing of appointment of judges recommended that Fairuz, one of six persons which included another former Chief Justice, Eusoff Chin, and former prime minister Mahathir bin Mohamad, be prosecuted for his role in undermining the integrity of the judiciary and bringing it into disrepute.

Six, an acquaintance of mine, blogger Din Merican, a man of impeccable credentials and integrity, and Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin or RPK, also played their part. They, and others, set in motion a written declaration that made an appeal to the nation’s collective conscience and moral duty that might otherwise not have been triggered off. The Altantuya murder story went viral and global.

In his now famous ‘Let’s Send Altantuya’s Murderers To Hell’ blog post of 25 April 2008, read by millions, RPK wrote:

“I had dinner with a few friends last night and on the way to the restaurant another good friend, Din Merican, phoned to fill me in on the details of Dr. Setev Shaariibuu’s press conference that was held earlier that day.

I listened as Din filled me in on what transpired and could not help but blurt out, “I am a father of two daughters. I can imagine what Shaariibuu must be feeling. Fucking assholess!”

“I have three daughters,” Din responded. “These people are animals, bloody animals. Fuck them! Fuck them!”

This is what I would call ‘at a loss for words’ — and when you just have to say something but no words can fully describe how you feel, then ‘fuck’ is the only word you can use which will console you enough and make you feel you have expressed your anger and disgust in a most ‘appropriate’ manner.

…I found it very difficult to hold back my tears as Din continued with his narration of what Dr Shaariibuu said at his press conference.

“Let’s bring these bastards down,” I told Din. “Let’s launch a ‘Justice for Altanatuya: restore Malaysia’s dignity’ campaign’ or something like that. These assholes must be sent to hell.”

Seven, a complaint by SUARAM or ‘Suara Rakyat Malaysia’ (‘Voice of the Malaysian People’), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to human rights, has resulted in a criminal investigation and inquiry in the courts in France, over allegations of massive corruption and bribes in relation to the purchase of the Scorpene submarines by the Malaysian Navy. SUARAM’s French lawyers believe that the “co-ordination and support services fee” of RM 575 million (US$180 million or €115 million) paid to Perimekar was a sham arrangement to disguise, conceal and facilitate highly illegal kickbacks to various parties in Malaysia and France.

As a signatory to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), the Malaysian government is duty and honour bound to co-operate and assist the French courts in their inquiry. Included in SUARAM’s list of witnesses in the French inquiry are Najib, ex-Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Baginda who could all face arrest if they ignore the French court summons. UNCAC rules also allow recovery of assets acquired from spending of corrupt moneys. Under French law, anyone convicted of bribery could face up to ten years in prison and/or a maximum fine of RM750,000 (US$235,000 or €150,000). Judge Roger Le Loire who is heading the French inquiry also headed the earlier bribery inquiry on the sale of three Agosta-class submarines to Pakistan where fourteen persons were killed and forty others injured in a terrorist car-bomb attack. DCNS/Thales was also fined RM3 billion (US$985 million or €630 million) for corruption over sales of six frigates to the Taiwan Navy. In that scandal, five people involved in the contract negotiations, dealings and investigations were found dead under suspicious circumstances. Investigations are on-going into DCNS’ submarines contracts with the Indian Navy.

Eight, shockingly, till today the Malaysian police and the Attorney-General (AG) have not identified, arrested, charged and prosecuted anyone else with conspiracy to murder Altantuya. This is despite one of the UTK cops having stated in a written confession to the police, without identifying that person, that he had been offered between RM50,000 to RM100,000 (US$16,000-32,000) to carry out Altantuya’s execution. Neither have successive Ministers of Home Affairs ordered successive Inspector-Generals of Police to do their job and bring to book this person, nor have successive Prime Ministers including Najib or his Cabinet colleagues representing various ethnic-based coalition political parties, demanded that the Minister of Home Affairs, Police and AG either carry out their statutory duties and responsibilities, or be relieved of their positions and be charged with gross dereliction of duty. On 9 September 2013, when asked if the police would be carrying out a fresh probe into the 2006 murder of Altantuya, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, the Inspector-General of Police was quoted as saying:

“There is no need for the police to carry out new investigations into the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu . The Court of Appeal’s recent acquittal of two former police commandos over Altantuya’s murder was a court decision that should be respected. The matter is still on-going in the courts. That is the court’s findings, so everybody should respect it. An appeal against the Court of Appeal’s decision is still available.”

Nine, a new name that emerged in the Scorpene submarines corruption scandal in 2013 was Jasbir Singh Chahl, a Malaysian Punjabi Sikh and a restaurateur. He claimed to be the original Malaysian architect of the submarines deal with DCNS/Thales. He disclosed in a press interview that he had been working with Thales in Malaysia prior to 2000. Jasbir exited the scene in 2002 when his RM50 million (US$16 million) lawsuit against Baginda was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum of money.

Ten, in March 2013, the body of 64-year old Olivier Metzner, a criminal law specialist lawyer representing DCNS in the Malaysian Scorpene submarines corruption inquiry in France, was found floating in the Brittany Sea, north west of France, near his private island in Brittany. A suicide note was found at his residence.

I dare say that such a case as this has never materialised in any other country in modern times. It calls into serious question the supposedly immutable separation of powers among the various arms of government in Malaysia, i.e. the legislative, the executive and the judiciary. SUARAM which claims it is being harassed by the government of Najib , is now being investigated by the government via Bank Negara, Malaysia’s central bank (similar to the USA Federal Reserve) and the Registrar of Societies allegedly for raising funds for the French inquiry, while operating as an unregistered society. In 2013, Najib, going against the grain, appointed ex-Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Ismail Omar as Malaysia’s new ambassador to France, over the heads of many long-serving career diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

My debut satire/fiction novel titled ‘Tiger Isle: A Government of Thieves’ (CLICK HERE) and (HERE) was published in 2012. It’s theme was about endemic corruption, economic looting and plundering and even murder by so-called elected and democratic, but actually repressive and virtually totalitarian regimes in South East Asia. Are we witnessing the emergence of a Malaysia going past its point of no return and descending to dictatorship, gangsterism and thuggery as rule of law? The Altantuya murder belongs right up there with the ‘Dreyfus Affair’, Émile Zola and his 1898 ‘J’accuse!’ in which he railed against the French government’s anti-Semitic and unlawful conspiracy against Alfred Dreyfus, a French artillery captain, sentenced after a court martial for spying, to life imprisonment at the dreaded penal colony of Devils Island located off the French Guiana coast in South America.

Nothing less than Justice itself is on trial in Malaysia as Malaysians search for the country’s soul. Those who think they have got away with murder, and looting and plundering the nations coffers had better think again; it’s not quite over yet.

The bone and spine-chilling details of Altantuya’s execution, of the investigation, trial, verdict and appeal, will shock and amaze everyone at how this could have happened in Malaysia in the 21st century in a supposedly progressive nation, where leaders from the dominant ruling party, whose membership is restricted to Malays only, the United Malay National Organization (UMNO), claim Malaysia is a moderate Islamic nation.



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The book 'Murdered In Malaysia:The Altantuya Story' by author E.S. Shankar has been released for sale at a Sarawak Report online portal. CLICK HERE to buy the book. 

The author uses the devise of adapting the famous French writer Emile Zola's 'J'accuse' (CLICK HERE and HERE) open letter to the President of France on 13 January 1898, to make an accusation of a state conspiracy to imprison a naval officer on Devil's Island. The accusation by E.S. Shankar is that of the full complicity of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his wife Rosmah in the murder in 2006 of Altantuya and the cover up thereof.

Here is the extract from pg. 521 of 'Murdered In Malaysia: The Altantuya Story':

I Accuse

For what is a human life worth, if we but stand and stare, while our so-called “democratically elected” government continues to loot and plunder public coffers with impudence and supreme ease, and prime ministers, elected cabinet ministers and appointed senators and their cronies, generals, Attorney-Generals, inspector-generals of police, policemen, anti-corruption officers and judges, sanction murders and willingly and shamelessly cover up for cold-hearted killers and their accomplices who continue to enjoy the good life despite their evil deeds?

Yes, Altantuya was a blackmailer playing for high stakes. She was not a particularly bright schemer. She played her cards all wrong. But she did not deserve to be murdered with such dramatic finality and in such cruel, cold-blooded manner. No human deserves to have their life forfeited for that, especially when others who owe the citizens of Malaysia a duty of care, have, so far, got away, with government complicity, in stealing hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ hard earned money and murder.

And so, in honour of Émile Zola whom I am in awe of for his ‘J’accuse!’. If Zola were a Malaysian and alive today, and knew the facts surrounding the Altantuya murder as he did about the Dreyfus conspiracy, then he would have likely written, proclaimed and accused as follows:


Your Majesty


I accuse the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Tun Razak and his wife Rosmah of being the diabolical creators of this miscarriage of justice and of defending this sorry deed of Altantuya’s murder and that of her unborn baby, over the last nine years, by all manner of ludicrous and evil machinations. I accuse Najib and his wife Rosmah of being the hands, if not behind the conspiracy to murder Altantuya, then most certainly the ones that instituted a complete cover up. Can it be mere coincidence that five persons involved in Altantuya’s murder are all linked to them – their close friend Baginda, ADC Musa Safir, personal bodyguards Azilah and Sirul and personal assistant Nasir Safar? This does not take into account his wife Rosmah Mansor’s involvement, especially in illegally coercing PI Bala into recanting his first SD together with the assistance of Deepak and Najib’s architect brother, Nazim Razak.

I further accuse Najib Tun Razak and Rosmah of abuse of power in directing Boustead Holdings Plc, controlled by 59% major shareholder Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT), a government linked company, to acquire for RM30 million (US$9 million) Deepak Jaikishan’s interest in Astacanggih Sdn. Bhd., and RM$130 (US$41 million) for land that legally had not been transferred to RM$130 (US$41 million) or her company Awan Megah Sdn. Bhd. This was done to stop Deepak from revealing corrupt dealings in land and illegal donations to UMNO in a RM100 million (US$ 31 million) and 223-acre land piratisation deal.

I accuse Abdul Razak bin Abdullah Malim Baginda of complicity in the conspiracy to murder Altantuya and her unborn child, at least by mental weakness, in one of the greatest inequities of the last one hundred years. How dare he quote Martin Luther and Shakespeare, this miserable excuse of a man with no conscience, having fraudulently filched and robbed his fellow citizens and facilitated corrupt kickbacks of RM 575 million (US$180 million).

I accuse Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar of complicity in the same crime, the murder of Altantuya and her unborn child.

I accuse the Attorney-General of Malaysia Gani Patail of assisting the thieving and murderous government of Najib in coercing the judiciary and substituting impartial and learned judges and prosecutors with compliant ones, thus perverting the true course of justice, no doubt, out of that esprit de corps that has transformed the Judiciary and government legal apparatus into an unassailable corrupt body. This is the same worthless merchant of doom and mentally challenged AG who refused to prosecute Ibrahim Ali who had called for the burning of Bibles which contained the word ‘Allah’, on the grounds that his remarks were not aimed at creating racial disharmony (no intent) while prosecuting an opposition politician for merely quoting the law that the Sultans could be prosecuted under the criminal and civil laws of the country, and securing a conviction for it!

I accuse judges Mohammad Zaki bin Yasin of having held in his hands absolute proof of the guilt of Baginda, and CJ Arifin Zakaria, Richard Malanjun, Abdul Hamid, Ahmad Maarop and Suriyadi of covering it up, thus perverting the true course of justice, and making themselves accessories to murder, crime against mankind and justice, as a politically expedient move and a way for the compromised government of Najib to escape the long arms of the law, and save face.

I accuse the police of conducting villainous enquiries, by which I mean a monstrously biased one, by intimidating witnesses and planting evidence, as attested by reports that are imperishable monuments to naive impudence.

I accuse Nazim Tun Razak, brother of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib, of intimidating PI Bala by threatening the lives of his family members, and of causing him to flee overseas in terror, thereby assisting Najib and Rosmah in their conspiracy and cover up of a monstrous crime.

I accuse Deepak Jaikishan of criminality in assisting Najib and Rosmah to intimidate PI Bala to withdraw his 1st SD, thereby perverting the true course of justice. I accuse him also of prostituting himself in offering Ali Baba fraudtrepreneur money-laundering and nominee services, (which has become a crooked culture within UMNO and Najib and his government of thieves), to his “sister” Rosmah Mansor and to UMNO Senator Raja Ropiaah and others, enriching himself in the process at the expense of the citizens of Malaysia, and thereby defrauding them massively to the tune of several hundreds of millions of ringgit, if not billions.

I accuse Cecil Abraham of unpardonable impairment of judgement in illegally drafting the third SD wherein PI Bala recanted his first highly incendiary SD. By so doing, he was a party to a crime in assisting Najib and Rosmah in their conspiracy and cover up.

I accuse former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, Najib’s predecessor, of doing nothing to bring Altantuya’s murders to book, which is the same as saying he actively encouraged a massive cover up.

I accuse successive Inspector-Generals of the Royal Malaysian Police, Musa Hassan, Ismail Omar and Khalid Abu Bakar of gross dereliction of duty in not pursuing enquiries to establish who gave Azilah and Sirul the orders to murder, and who criminally supplied them with explosives. It has not escaped public attention that Ismail Omar, a career policeman without an iota of experience whatsoever in foreign affairs, was appointed Malaysian Ambassador to France by Najib in September 2013. What is Najib’s agenda with this outrageous appointment? This comes at a time when SUARAM is actively pursuing its case against DCNS in France for massive corruption in the Malaysian Scorpene submarines government acquisition contracts. France is among the front-runner for the multi-billion ringgit contract for setting up Malaysia’s first nuclear power plant, as well as new fighter jet aeroplanes, in a country where, under Najib’s administration, direct-negotiation contracts classified from prying eyes under the Official Secrets Act, are infinitely preferred to open tender.

I accuse that incumbent and gutless bully IGP Khalid Bakar of gross dereliction of duty in not closely monitoring the movements of Sirul after his acquittal by the Court of Appeal in 2013, and who, following Sirul’s re-conviction on 13 January 2015, vowed to ‘move heaven and earth’ to track down the missing Sirul for whom the Federal Court issued a warrant of arrest, even though rumours of him having fled overseas surfaced as far back as January 2014. This is the worthless and cowardly IGP who sent 20 policemen in January 2015 to arrest Eric Paulsen of Lawyers For Liberty, even though Paulsen had made prior arrangements with the police to give his statement on alleged sedition charges.

I accuse the top tier of the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission, its investigating officers and its astounding forty-five “advisors and oversight personnel” (as compared to 300-odd investigators) of being lackeys and lapdogs of UMNO and the ruling party, as they were in covering up the murder of Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini132, for failing to investigate thoroughly corruption accusations levelled against Baginda, the Ministry of Defence, Navy and government of Malaysia, in the RM 7.5 billion (US$2.3 billion) Scorpene submarines scandal.

I accuse the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), Gerakan and other component political parties in the coalition that forms the ruling government with the United Malay National Organization (UMNO), of despicably failing the citizens of Malaysia in discharging their fiduciary duties to them, and in aiding and abetting the government of murderers and thieves under UMNO and prime minister Najib Tun Razak in their beastly acts heinous crime, by being silent.

Finally, I accuse the government and administration of thieves under Malaysian Prime Minister Najib of using the press and media to conduct an abominable campaign to mislead the general public and cover up their own wrongdoings of corruption and murder of Altantuya arising from the RM7.5 billion (US$2.3 billion or €1.5 billion) Scorpene submarines contracts and illegal and substantially sham “co-ordination and support services” fee of RM 575 million (US$180 million or €115 million) paid to Baginda’s company, Perimekar Sdn. Bhd.

I make these accusations voluntarily.

As for the people I am accusing, I do not know them, I have never met them, and I bear them neither ill will nor hatred. To me they are mere entities, agents of harm to society. The action I am taking is no more than a radical measure to hasten the explosion of truth and justice.

I have but one passion: to enlighten those who have been kept in the dark, in the name of humanity and Altantuya’s family which has suffered so much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of my very soul. Let them dare then to bring me before a court of law. Let them dare to carry out a totally fresh independent investigation and let them dare hold an enquiry into Altantuya’s murder to take place in broad daylight!

We are all of One Race, the Human Race.

I am waiting.

With my deepest respect, Your Majesty

Émile Zola

More extracts to follow.