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by holier-than-thou, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for hypocritical affairs

Who was it who said that behind every fortune there's a great crime, and who was it who said sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander?

Well, ex-prime minister Maha Firaun's (MF) stirring conclusion on Friday the 13th of March 2015, that a mere audit of the books of accounts of 1MDB would not suffice, and that what was called for, was a forensic police investigation of those involved in its financial administration, is the stuff of some of the great calls for truth, transparency, accountability and justice in history. Emile Zola and J'accuse, Watergate and Nixon's fall from grace, Sherron Watkins's anonymous letter to CEO and Chairman of Enron, Ken Lay, the re-opening of the JFK assassination all spring to mind.

That MF charging in on a white horse with sword in hand to slay the beasts of iniquity in 1MDB would be a sight to behold. It would have the Rakyat lining the streets and cheering themselves hoarse, were it not for that slight, oh so slight, suspicions that many may have, that were Maha Firaun himself subjected to that very acid test, that "forensic police investigation", of his and his sons' Billion ringgit fortune and empires, and of the various financial and administrative scandals that surfaced during his 22-year tenure as prime minister, there might emerge a huge stink, and he would miserably fail that searching examination of his honesty, integrity and truthfulness. 

Perish the thought that Maha Firaun and his sons may have to endure lodgings at His Majesty's pleasure!

But, let's ask Maha Firaun anyway and see how it pans out:

1. How is it that despite a Malaysian Malay accountant being murdered in Hong Kong, and the 1983 collapse of Bumiputra Finance Malaysia (BMF) in 1983 and the near collapse of Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad (BBMB), and three senior Bumiputra directors of BMF absconding overseas, you said that no crime was committed in Malaysia, and no one was charged for any crime here? Cost to the Rakyat - RM2.5 billion.

2. How do you justify bringing back into government the forex trader mainly responsible for the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) loss of RM 6 billion (some say RM30 billion) and that man today continues to work at a most senior position in the prime minister's office? What about the accounting fraud whereby these losses were netted off against revaluation of BNM's gold and other reserves to show a net gain? Why was there no Royal Commission of Inquiry to determine if fraud was committed and to bring to book those responsible? Cost to the Rakyat - RM6-30 billion.

3. What was your role in the collapse of tin prices and the MAMINCO fiasco in 1981? Cost to the Rakyat - RM1.6 billion.

4. How do you (and Diam Diam) justify buying MAS shares at RM8 when the market price was RM3.68? Cost to the Rakyat - RM1.8 billion plus RM8 billion in bailouts.

5. What was your role in fixing the appointment of judges vis-a-vis Limgamgate and the 2008 RCI, which recommended that the Attorney General investigate you? Cost to the Rakyat - Untold RM billions.

6. How did the railway double tracking project start at RM45 billion, then come down to RM22 billion and for a final bid of RM14.5 billion, when the "entrepreneur" concerned was known to be looking at sub-contracting out the work for RM 9 billion? Cost to the nation - RM5.5 billion.

7. You were the adviser to a national car company which wrote off in 2005 RM348 million on its investment in a motor-bike company, which it sold to undisclosed third parties for 1 Euro. How come you said you were not consulted about this fiasco? Was there fraud? Cost to the GLC - RM348 million.

8. How did so many thousand of Approved Permits (AP) for cars end up cornered by 4 AP Kings? Why did you not monitor your minister, that so-called fraud Iron Lady, RApidfire woman? Cost to the Rakyat - conservatively, RM 30,000 per AP x 1,000AP's per year x 15 years = RM45 billion.

9.  How do you justify paying RM1.7 billion to buy out a shipping and logistics concern, you son's Plc, following its torpedoing in the wake of the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis, when it was cheaper to hire ships and tankers in the open market? What "strategic concern" was it that has not survived? Cost to the Rakyat - RM1.7 billion.

10. Why was FOMEMO, a cash cow business owned 100% by the Rakyat, transferred to a Plc in which your son was a controlling investor? Cost to the Rakyat over 15 years - M15 billion.

11. Why did you complain about having to kow-tow to a famous Sil, KJ, for a direct-nego non-open tendered out Telekom's contract for your son? Cost to the Rakyat? RM 50 million.

12. How did your son so quickly acquire massive contracts from an oil monopoly for "marginal oil-field" and other contracts worth billions of ringgit? By open tender, hard work, know-how and dedication or Daddy Kasi?

13. What was the haste in awarding IPP licences and direct-nego non-open tendered out contracts circa 2000 to "entrepreneurs" regarded as your cronies, resulting in an unheard of 45% surplus electricity capacity and costing Tenaga RM15 billion + a year in unwanted and unutilised electricity? Cost to the Rakyar over 15 years - RM225 billion!!! 

14. Who are the real shareholders of your bread company and where did the capital for it come from? How did you secure a Japanese partner? Was it because of secret deals done for a certain national car company? Any money laundered, with BNM blindfolded?

15. Where did you get all those millions of dollars from, and from whom, to finance supply ships to Palestine? Who audited those accounts - the Big 4?

16. What about the 1987 Perwaja steel company collapse after you crowned its leader CEO of the Year? Cost to the Rakyat - RM1.2 billion + repeated bailouts, possibly another $3 billion.
17. Why have you been retained as adviser of a car company again, when its been sold to a Plc? After its collapse happened while you were the previous adviser, why are you still there? To preside over another collapse and bailout by the Rakyat? Have you always had a secret shareholding in it, that 5% owned by Syarikat Rahsia Cepat Kaya Semalam (Secret Company For Get Rich Quick By Yesterday)?

So, total loss to the nation during Maha Firaun's 22-year benevolent dictatorship, is conservatively estimated at RM 500 BILLION OR HALF A TRILLION!! My, my that's a heck of a lot more than 1MDB's RM46 billion debt, isn't it?

So, who should be visited first for a forensic investigation by the police? Maha Firaun or 1MDB?

There were many more financial scandals and irregularities during Maha Firaun's long and tiresome reign, but time and space constrains me from listing them all. But besides the financial fiascos, there were the moral ones about which he did very little to rectify, fearing the total collapse of NEW BUMNO/SCUMNO. The answers to the following dirty dozen of the best questions will reveal the frightening scale of that negligence and moral decay:

1. Who was the Chief Editor of a mainstream newspaper who had an affair with a young girl while his wife lay paralysed in bed?

2. Who was the Chief Minister who eloped to Thailand to secretly marry his second wife?

3. Who was the Federal Minister who later became a prime minister and who was caught with a female artiste in a Port Dickson hotel room?

4. Who was the Federal Minister whose brother was arrested for drug trafficking?

5. Who was the Federal Minister who enticed someone else's wife resulting in a broken marriage?

6. Who was the Chief Minister who had an affair with an under-aged girl?

7. Who was the Chief Minister who had an affair with a girl who gave birth to an illegitimate child?

8. Who was the Chief Minister who maintained an under-aged mistress at a condominium in KL?

9. Who was the Chief Minister who had an affair with his sister-in-law who gave birth to an illegitimate baby?

10. Who was the religious leader who had an illicit affair with a woman and is now holding a prominent position in a very important religious body?

11. Who was a BUMNO/SCUMNO lawyer who became the senior-most judge, took a beauty as a second wife in a marriage ceremony performed by a Thai kadi operating from a textile shop in Perlis, asked her to burn their marriage certificate, and then had the court annul their marriage a year or two later for want of proof of marriage?

12. Who was the Federal Deputy Minister who was not investigated for the murder of a Malay GRO with whom he was having an affair? Police apparently were alone in the dead girl's apartment for two hours removing all evidence. Later, the dead girl's flat mate was charged with murder, but was acquitted without his defence being called.

Donplaypuks® with what's sauce for the goose, man!



by 1pharoah , donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for pyramid scheme affairs

I regard ex-Prime Mahathir Mohamad's (aka Maha Firaun) as a nemesis and the person most responsible for the worsening of race relations and the polarisation of the various peoples in what was once a true paradise, i.e. a united Malaysia. Nevertheless, many hands make light work, and in the battle to bring down the Grossmahjibs and their evil, inept, soaking-wet corrupt and thieving, plundering and looting administration, we can't pick and choose our allies.
So, the internet is abuzz with the news that  the blog at has been taken down by a 403 error. This means someone complained that it failed to comply with Bloggers' terms of posts. Could be accusations of lying or defaming/slandering the PM etc. Most likely, the 5th floor boys at Putridjaya have taken great exception to Maha Firaun's latest blog post challenging the Grossmahjibs to answer all those uncomfortable squeaky-bum questions everyone has for 1GBD (1 Grossmahjib Deveplopment Board).

Please note, I first wrote about 1GDB two years ago when it was on very few people's (except for Tony Pua, Rafizi, The Edge and Bizkini) radar screens and the borrowings were only RM20 billion. Now, the shit has hit the fan with RM46 billion debt and requiring bailout by the Rakyat.

Anyway it's the age of the internet and censorship is impossible. So, I reproduce below Maha Firaun's blocked blog post that the Grossmahjib's and possibly, CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi amd MoF have desperately tried to prevent from being circulated world wide.

Please note that Maha Firaun is demanding that the IGP step in and start investigations on those responsible for the financial fiasco at 1GDB, and charge them with CBT, fraud and corruption. He does not anymore trust the Auditor General or MACC to to do an independent job; it is not necessary as the proof is there for all who wish to see it!

" Forbidden
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Apache/2.2.27 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.27 OpenSSL/1.0.1e-fips mod_bwlimited/1.4 Server at Port 80

1. UMNO telah mengadakan majlis penerangan tertutup yang dihadiri oleh sebahagian dari Ketua-Ketua Bahagian pada 8 Mac. Keputusan majlis mengikut akhbar ialah menyokong penuh Presiden parti. 

2. Tidak diketahui tentang penjelasan oleh Presiden berkenaan kontroversi 1MDB, yang sedang dibincang dengan meluas oleh rakyat. Bahawa perkara ini dibawa oleh parti lawan, justeru itu ia adalah fitnah belaka tidak mencukupi untuk rakyat menolak tuduhan-tuduhan berkenaan 1MDB.

3. Rakyat masih tidak puas hati berkenaan 1MDB. Mereka bincang perkara ini dimana sahaja. Jika mereka tidak puas hati dan tidak sokong Barisan Nasional (BN) dalam PRU akan datang, BN mungkin kalah. Dan jika BN ditolak, sokongan kepada Presiden oleh pemimpin bahagian UMNO tidak lagi bermakna.

4. 1MDB bukan buat hutang biasa seperti Kerajaan yang biasanya berjumlah hanya ratusan juta sahaja. 1MDB telah hutang berbillion Ringgit. Walaupun 1MDB bukan Kerajaan tetapi ia adalah badan yang ditubuh dan dimiliki oleh Kerajaan sepenuhnya dengan modal sebanyak 1 juta Ringgit. Ada juga jaminan oleh Kerajaan terhadap beberapa hutang 1MDB. Oleh itu Kerajaan tidak boleh dakwa bahawa ini masalah syarikat dan bukan masalah Kerajaan.

5. Kerajaan sudah melantik Auditor General untuk memeriksa akaun 1MDB. Tetapi ini tidak akan menjawab banyak soalan yang telah dikemukakan dan dibincang oleh rakyat.
6. Dakwaan-dakwaan yang telah dibuat terhadap 1MDB bukan berbentuk tuduhan melulu. Ia disertai dengan fakta yang jelas, iaitu jumlah hutang, siapa yang mengurus, siapa yang menerima wang berbillion Ringgit, pelaburan yang dibuat, dimana wang ini disimpan, dalam bentuk apa.

7. Nama Jho Low disebut berkali-kali. Demikian juga nama-nama syarikat miliknya. Tuduhan dibuat berkenaan dengan pembelian rumah mewah olehnya di London, New York dan Holywood. Lepas itu rumah dijual kepada anak tiri Perdana Menteri dengan harga ratusan juta Ringgit. Sudah tentu ini tidak disebut dalam akaun 1MDB yang akan diperiksa oleh AG.

8. Pada mulanya duit Riza Aziz dikatakan warisan harta kekayaan dari keluarga Tun Razak. Kemudian dakwaan ini dinafi. Soalannya jika tidak dari keluarga Tun Razak dari mana datang wang yang banyak ini. Apakah ianya hasil dari perniagaan? Jika ya, apa perniagaan, dimana? Sudahkah cukai pendapatan dibayar? Kepada Kerajaan mana? 

9. Pelaburan ratusan juta untuk filem “The Wolf of Wall Street” oleh Riza Aziz, anak tiri Dato Sri Najib datang dari mana? Filem ini tidak memberi keuntungan. Tidak mungkin filem ini membiayai rumah mewah yang dibeli dengan ratusan juta Ringgit atau Dolar Amerika.

10. Semua perkara-perkara ini tidak akan terdapat dalam akaun 1MDB. Tetapi rakyat ingin tahu kerana melibatkan Jho Low. Dan Jho Low disebut-sebut berkenaan dengan pengurusan 700 juta USD dari 1MDB.

11. Ada yang disebut berkenaan Petro Saudi yang juga menerima bayaran ratusan juta dolar dari 1MDB Benarkah Petro Saudi ini mendapat konsesi kawasan minyak dan gas di Argentina, di Turkmenistan dll. Apa buktinya? Benarkah JV dibuat dengan Petro Saudi sebelum ‘due diligence’ dibuat. Katanya sementara 1MDB melabur USD1 billion dalam JV dengan Petro Saudi, tetapi Petro Saudi tidak melabur satu sen pun. Apa jadi kepada wang IMDB dalam JV tidak jelas.

12. Apa sebabnya lebih dari 6 billion Ringgit (Dollar) disimpan di Cayman Island? Kerajaan tidak pernah simpan duit di lain negara selain pembelian bond. Apakah bond dibeli? Apa hasilnya?

13. Katanya wang sebanyak USD1 billion sudah dibawa balik dari Cayman dan disimpan dalam bank Singapura. Kononnya Bank Negara menjadi masalah kerana proses menyimpan wang yang banyak mesti melalui proses yang rumit. Bolehkan Bank Negara jelas kenapa menimbul masalah sedangkan 1MDB adalah syarikat Kerajaan yang dikuasai oleh Kementerian Kewangan. Jika mudah di Singapura kenapa susah sangat di Malaysia?

14. Urusan Kerajaan pernah dirahsia. Tetapi soal bayar balik hutang adalah public knowledge (dalam pengetahuan orang ramai). Orang ramai ingin tahu benarkah Ananda Krishnan memberi pinjam RM 2 billion untuk bayar faedah ini. Apakah faedah yang dikenakan oleh Ananda? Apa cara bayaran balik hutang Ananda? 1MDB dikatakan untung. Kenapa tidak dapat bayar faedah 2 billion Ringgit.

15. Juga diketahui umum ialah permohonan hutang sebanyak 3 billion dari Kerajaan baru-baru ini. Apakah Kabinet melulus pinjaman yang begitu besar ini? Apakah syarat yang dikenakan? Bagaimanakah hutang ini akan dibayar balik oleh 1MDB

16. Tanah Kerajaan di Jalan Tun Razak dan Lapangan Terbang Sungai Besi telah dibeli oleh 1MDB. Apakah harga yang dibayar? Apakah tanah ini yang dikatakan asset 1MDB? Bagaimanakah dinilai harga tanah ini? Kerajaan berhak mendapat pulangan yang setimpal apabila tanah ini dijual kepada sesiapa pun. Berapakah harga satu kaki persegi. Tanah berdekatan dijual dengan harga RM7000/- satu kaki persegi. 1MDB juga membeli tanah di Pulau Pinang. Apa harganya. Apa jenis pembangunan yang dicadangkan. Sudah dimulakah? 

17. Jika tanah-tanah ini menjadi aset 1MDB, apakah nilai tinggi aset ini disebabkan kenaikan (revaluation) dari harga belian yang murah dan harga pasaran yang tinggi.

18. 1MDB meminjam lebih dari 10 billion Ringgit untuk beli beberapa stesyen janakuasa. Harga yang dibayar dikatakan lebih tinggi dari harga pasaran. Lesen stesyen-stesyen ini akan mati tidak lama lagi. Kenapa tidak tunggu hingga lesen mati sebelum membeli. Harga selepas mati lesen tentu amat rendah. Membeli dengan harga tinggi sebelum lesen mati amat merugikan.

19. Wang untuk membeli stesyen janakuasa dipinjam. Laporan menunjuk komisyen sebanyak lebih dari 10% dibayar kepada Goldman Sachs untuk mengurus penjualan bond.

20. Jika komisyen 10%, 1MDB akan dapat hanya 90% dari jumlah yang dihutang. Tetapi faedah perlu dibayar keatas 100% jumlah hutang. Ini menghairankan!

21. Biasanya hutang yang dijamin oleh Kerajaan dikenakan faedah 3%. Hutang yang diurus oleh Goldman Sachs dikenakan faedah sebanyak 5.9%.

22. Jumlah hutang sudah meningkat kepada 42 billion Ringgit. Faedah keatas jumlah ini, jika hanya 5% pun akan berjumlah 2.6 billion Ringgit setahun. Ini adalah satu jumlah yang amat besar.

23. Sebaliknya jumlah keuntungan dari pelaburan dalam stesyen janakuasa tidak akan mencukupi untuk membayar faedah ini. Demikian juga pelaburan untuk beli tanah di Kuala Lumpur dan Pulau Pinang tidak akan beri apa-apa pulangan sebelum di bangun atau dijual.

24. Sesungguhnya 1MDB menimbul banyak soalan tentang pengurusan dan kegunaannya. Dan jumlahnya juga amat besar. Rakyat berhak merasa curiga akan cara dan kegunaan wang mereka yang banyak ini.

25. Ulasan bahawa semua tuduhan adalah fitnah tidak mencukupi. Mereka yang mendakwa bahawa ada penyelewengan dalam pengurusan 1MDB berani membuat kenyataan terhadap Kerajaan dan individu-individu tertentu walaupun terdedah kepada tindakan saman malu. Tetapi mereka mendakwa mereka memiliki bukti-bukti yang jelas seperti e-mail, surat perjanjian dan bukti-bukti lain. Tarikh dan nama-nama diberi tanpa bersembunyi. Pembohongankah tuduhan mereka!!

26. Sehingga kini Kerajaan tidak menjawab secara yang masuk akal. Umpamanya 1MDB tidak punyai masalah kerana asetnya lebih dari hutang. Tetapi hanya untuk bayar faedah 2 billion, tidak ada wang sehingga tidak dapat tutup akaun ikut jadual. Kemungkinan terpaksa hutang untuk bayar faedah.

27. Sejak Arul Kanda Kandasamy mengambil jawatan CEO, banyaklah kenyataannya yang tidak munasabah yang dibuat. Kononnya wang di Cayman sudah dibawa balik. Kemudian wang ini tidak boleh bawa balik. Kemudian sudah dibawa balik tetapi disimpan di Singapura.

28. Yang diperlukan bukan audit biasa buku akaun. Yang diperlukan ialah siasatan forensik oleh polis akan tuduhan yang dbuat terhadap beberapa orang yang terlibat dengan pengurusan wang 1MDB.

29. Jika ini tidak dibuat dan dibuat secepat mungkin, sokongan rakyat yang sudah pun merosot dalam PRU 2008, 2013 akan merosot lagi. Besar kemungkinan BN akan kalah pada 2018, walaupun ketua-ketua UMNO sokong dan terima dengan puas hati penerangan yang dibuat. Ingatlah undi orang UMNO sahaja tidak cukup untuk menang pilihanraya."

 Donplaypuks® with Maha Firaun/che det, man!



by 1bernie madhoff, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for global CBT and fraud affairs

The announcement today by Finance Minister II Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah that the government/MoF i.e. the Taxpayer, had extended a RM 950 million line of standby credit to 1MDB, is shocking, to say the least, laden as 1MDB already is with RM46 billion in dubious debt and iffy investments! 

Husni's statement that a standby credit is not a loan deserves a smack on the head, if not a hard kick in the goolies. Now that 1MDB has drawndown on the standby credit, does it mean it does not owe the government the money or have to repay it? If it's not a loan, what is it? A free gift? This is what BUMNO/SCUMNO Ministers and politicians have matured into under PM Najib's maladministration - champions in splitting hairs, playing around with semantics and spindoctoring, thinking they can easily fool the public. A scurrilous lot, these vermin.

A rose by any other name smells the same. A standby credit is no different from a loan and a bailout since it confirms that 1MDB is financially, in dire straits. However, on 27th February, The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) announced that the Cabinet had rejected a proposed RM3 billion cash injection into 1MDB. CLICK HERE. 

Husni's announcement today means that PM Najib, as also Finance Minister, has stuck two fingers in the air at his own Cabinet and told them to stick it where the sun don't shine. This is insulting not only to the (wooden IKEA) Cabinet, but also to all the citizens of Malaysia. It reflects poorly and badly on PM Najib's integrity and honesty. How can we not conclude then that the Rakyat will be stuck with 1MDB's RM46 billion debt?

Equally shocking is this gobbledygook from PM Najib vis-a-vis 1MDB's RM970 million parked in BSI Singapore, a wholly owned subsidiary of BSI AG, Switzerland. CLICK HERE. 

"The decision to use BSI Singapore (is) to facilitate easier withdrawals since regulations set by Bank Negara Malaysia needed its approval for transactions over RM50 million". 

But it does mean that 1MDB, knowingly kept these funds overseas to avoid being detected by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). Isn't that a crime under our laws? Were PM Najib, Finance Minister II Husni and Chief Secretary to the MoF, Mohamad Irwan Serigar Abdullah, all complicit in this charade of blindfolding BNM? 

It does not even matter if the money was parked in Switzerland or Timbuktu. Money placed in Singapore does not absolve anyone of suspicion that something fishy has been done, any more than Timbuktu. The only reason all these transactions were done overseas is that 1MDB wanted to fly below BNM's radar, and did not wish to be scrutinised by it for possible contraventions of money-laundering and other statutes. And it's not possible that PM Najib who also doubles as the Finance Minister, is not aware of these wheelings and dealings. If per chance, by a miracle, he is proven to be in the dark, he ought to be sacked at once anyway for gross incompetence and dereliction of duty, as should Husni and Serigar Abdullah.

The only reason, the money is encumbered, i.e. cannot be utilised to settle 1MDB's debts, is because someone else, a bank/financial institution/bond holder has a first charge on it, possibly someone who has guaranteed 1MDB's loans or, it's security for some other investment which is trading below cost, and 1MDB cannot afford to incur a huge capital loss by divesting just now.

Sheesh! One lie leads to another and another and another. CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi, stop being an accessory to arguably and possibly the most massive fraud case in Malaysian history. Speak the truth and save the country now, or be the idiot who was misused by BUMNO/SCUMNO for a cover up. So, too the two previous CEO's, Board of Director, Chairman, and financial controllers. The ball is in your court. Save the country and the Rakyat, or save Najib?

Donplaypuks® with the people's billions, man!