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by Donplaypuks®, intrepid correspondent for $2.6 billion "donation" affair


Donplaypuks® with $2.6 billion lies, serially lying prime minister!



by save the nation, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for conflict of interest of affairs

The report that the Malaysia Corrupt Agency intends next week to first hand over to serially lying PM Grossmajib its report on the $2.6 billion that was TT'd from abroad into Grossmajib's personal bank account and the $42 million that also flowed into Grossmajib's personal bank account from a wholly owned MoF company, is shocking to say the least! CLICK HERE.

Without a shadow of a doubt, these funds are linked to massive fraud, misappropriation of money, CBT and money-laundering from bond debt and other borrowings of $46 billion raised by 1GDB (Grossmajib Development Bunkum) through government guarantees and letters of support.

The very subject of the Malaysia Corrupt Agency's investigation is PM Grossmajib. We are also entitled to ask them to disclose if much more than $2.6 billion flowed through PM Grossmajib's bank account as seems likely, and if the PM has an explanation for the source of such funds? More "donations"? Don't make us laugh.

Yet the Malaysia Corrupt Agency chief shamelessly pretends that there is no conflict of interest at all in handing over its much awaited report first to PM Grossmajib himself!!??

Once again another agency entrusted with law and order does not seem to aware of its independence or, know the difference between justice and the spirit of the law, and the mere wording of statutes. Of course, with PM Grossmajib having engineered the sacking of the DPM and the Unconstitutional and illegal thuggish removal of the previous Attorney General, he has more or less sent a dangerous warning to the police, Chief Justice and the Judiciary - lay off or you could be the next to be forcibly retired, possibly without a pension!

Does any of it make any sense?

Yes, of course it does. If the objective of the charade is to give PM Grossmajib sufficient time to either suppress the report, re-write it or prepare Plan B. 

Plan B is that if by some chance PM Grossmajib is forced to defend his dishonour in court, newly appointed (by PM Grossmajib) BUMNO sycophant AG Pandi will find a way to make sure the prosecution contrives to produce a feeble attempt and force the judge to discharge Grossmajib with a full acquittal. PM Grossmajib will then proclaim to the whole world that he has been vindicated in open court and Allah be praised! This has happened in numerous instances over the last 30 years and recently in another case involving a BUMNO crony in the $250 million Cowcondogate fraud. CLICK HERE.

What manner of vermin are these who will conspire to defend a prime minister and his administration who are implicated:

1. In the murders of Altantuya, Hussain Najadi and Kevin Morais.
2. In the $8 billion corrupt contract for procurement of scorpene submarines, and fraudulent payment of $500 million in fake support and administration fees?
3. In the coercion of PI Bala into withdrawing his SD.
4. In hiring businessman Dipak into illegally fronting for the Grossmajibs in multi-billion dollar businesses and money-laundering, and fixing PI Bala.
5. Fraud and misappropriation from $46 billion of debt raised by 1GDB and chanelling them through dummy companies bearing names similar to that of Arab corporations?
6. In illegally using $2.6 billion and $42 million to buy votes and rig the 2013 General Election, and bribing BUMNO/SCUMNO parties, Cabinet members and deputy ministers, party hacks and cronies.
7. In deliberately and criminally inflating IPP purchase price by some $4 billion to siphon to BUMNO and then lie that this would help reduce electricity tariffs?
8. In flogging off the Rakyat's land and assets to the tune of billions of dollars to foreigners to bailout and hide gross mismanagement and fraud at 1GDB.
9. In lies that $2.6 billion was a "donation", not accounting for it in BUMNO's ROS filed accounts and then mysteriously (PM Grossmajib) transferring $2 billion to a non-BUMNO ban account in Singapore?

The short and the long of this entirely sordid period in our history is that virtually all the safeguards provided in our Constitution to protect the Rakyat from a rogue, thieving, corrupt and murderous prime minister have utterly failed.

Our last hope lies in the King and Rulers.

We cannot wait for GE 2018 to save us. That will be too late. By then, if the King and Rulers remain immobile, we will be reduced to a pariah state peddling the politics, economics and finances of a 4th world kampung!

Donplaypuks® with conflict of interest, Malaysia Corrupt Agency!



by the fake buginese shark, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for "revealing" serially lying affairs

Like the serially lying Prime Minister Grossmajib who wears the pants and her husband who wears the skirts, the Judiciary, Attorney General Pandi, Police Inspector General (PIG) Ashburn, Speaker Pandi, "top" civil serpents like Hamza and Abdullah and the Malaysian Corrupt Agency all, individually and collectively, totally lack any sense of credibility in the eyes of the Rakyat. No one trusts them any further than they can throw them.

To-date, the Rakyat has not forgiven the Malaysian Corrupt Agency for its failure to charge anyone with, or sincerely, properly and satisfactorily account for, the deaths of Teoh Beng Hock or Ahmad Sarbaini, both of whom died while in its custody. CLICK HERE AND HERE.

The police too do not lag any further behind with so many unexplained deaths in their custody and failures to hold mandatory inquests in such cases. The story of Kugan is perhaps the most infamous of such cases. CLICK HERE. But, the deaths of 14-year old Aminulrasyid and Gunasegaran Rajasundram also suggest that the rogue elements within the higher ranks of the police are wilfully assisting PM Grossmajib in turning our country into a totalitarian state.

And recently when PM Grossmajib Unconstitutionally sacked the AG and illegally ordered the PIG to sabotage ongoing investigations by the Malaysian Corrupt Agency, both their No.1 and No.2 were conveniently not around. PM Grossmajib broke the law in ordering the PIG to arrest the officers of the Malaysian Corrupt Agency investigating the $2.6 billion and the $42 million that were deposited PM Grossmajib's personal bank account.

Let us be very clear.

The $2.6 billion and the $42 million clearly indicate that serially lying PM Grossmajib commited fraud, misappropriation of money and CBT with the Rakyat's money, and that he also broke both local and international money-laundering laws. There have been so many contradictions in his explanations about these huge sums of the Rakyat's money, that anyone else in any other country would by now be in prison serving a life-sentence. In the case of China, he would have been beheaded or hung. That this has not yet happened in our country is the most damning of indictments of the pariah 4th world status to which PM Grossmajib has forced the nation to. He and Malaysia have become the laughing stock of the world for more reasons than one.

Will the Malaysian Corrupt Agency really reveal the truth?

Short answer, NO!

They will reveal a version of the truth, as dictated to them by serially lying PM Grossmajib.

Having given PM Grossmajib so much time to cook up the most implausible of answers and to bribe an Arab (or two) to lie that he "donated" $2.6 billion to BUMNO via himself, the Malaysian Corrupt Agency will give the following "explanations":

1.  An Arab (or two) "donated" the $2.6 billion to BUMNO.
2. An Arab (or two) insisted the $2.6 billion be TT'd to PM Grossmajib's personal bank account. The reason for this cannot be revealed.
3. The names of the Arab (or two) cannot be revealed in view of BAFIA and some other vague laws. It is up to AG Pandi to name them.
4. The $42 million was utilised for social welfare projects details of which cannot be disclosed (even though it was really for political gains). So, PM Grossmajib did not commit CBT!

What the Malaysian Corrupt Agency WILL NOT disclose are:

1. Whether they traced the source of the $2.6 billion to the USA and merchant banks such as Goldmansucks.
2. Whether they investigated 1GDB (Grossmajib Development Bunkum) and its over-pricing of bonds and yield in raising debt of $46 billion, who subscribed to these bonds and what they did with perhaps as much as $5 billion in illegal gains.
3. Why, if BUMNO, was the beneficiary of the $2.6 billion "donation" from an Arab (or two), PM Grossmajib transferred out $2 billion to a non-BUMNO bank account in Singapore, and what has happened to the money.
4. Why the two main officers involved in the $42 million "CSR" scam were allowed to flee to Indonesia and remain there if they are not guilty of any crime.
5. Why $2 million found its way into PM Grossmajib's wife's bank account, or millions of dollars were paid out to Cabinet members and BUMNO party hacks.
6. Whether they found any other big sums of unexplained and unaccounted for money (hundreds of millions of dollars) had also flowed through PM Grossmajib's  and his wife's personal bank accounts. 
7. Whether they investigated 1GDB and PM Grossmajib for fraud, misappropriation and CBT over transfer of billions of dollars to fake off-shore companies bearing names very similar names to real Middle East companies.

Whatever the Malaysian Corrupt Agency "reveals", there will only be more questions than answers.

In short, it will be a total waste of everyone's time, more so with PM Grossmajib having given himself unfettered powers under the National Security Council Act!

It's time the King and the Rulers and Governors of all the states act to have PM Grossmajib, his Cabinet members and their cronies arrested. Either that, or this will mark the end of Parliament, democracy and the rule of law and the beginning of Stalinism/Hitlerism/Maoism in Malaysia.

Donplaypuks® with "reveal", Malaysian Corrupt Agency!



by bernie madhoff , donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for $46 billion fraud affairs

Let us be very clear about it.

Right from the beginning, PM Grossmajib set up 1GDB with a premeditated intention to cheat the Rakyat of billions of ringgit, to stay in power.

From the beginning, when the 1GDB (Grossmajib Development Bumkum) financial fraud, CBT and money-laundering schemes were exposed, its total debts stood at $46 billion.

NOT $42 billion as spindoctored (read as deliberately lied) to the Rakyat by 1GDB's Chairman, CEO Financial Controller and "Chief Advisor" PM Grossmajib. In addition to the $42 billion debts, the 2014 balance sheet clearly shows an additional $4 billion in derivative debts.

With a measly paid-up share capital of $1 million, 1GDB would not have been able to raise the $46 billion debt in the form of bonds, loans and bank overdrafts, without letters of support and guarantees issued by OUR government. $6 billion of the $46 billion comprised IPP loans.

PM Grossmajib then illegally authorized the Ministry of Finance to take over 1GDB's $4 billion derivative debts at original cost, thus reducing 1GDB's debt to $42 billion. 


1GDB had "invested" the $4 billion in a disastrous Mongolian coal mine venture, as well as other dodgy "projects" (Indonesia?), precise details of which it has dared not reveal to the Rakyat. It is probable that a big chunk of this money disappeared into that Black Hole of fraud, misappropriation and CBT off-shore companies headed by PM Grossmajib's co-fraudster, Jho Paris Hilton.

PM Grossmajib then, to avoid further embarrassment and the inability of 1GDB to service interest on the $4 billion debt, passed the buck to the Rakyat by transferring it to the MoF. By this thievery and left hand-right hand trickery, PM Grossmajib managed to reduce 1GDB's debt by $4 billion, i.e. from $46 billion to $42 billion.

But since 1GDB is 100% owned by the MoF, it means we the Rakyat are stuck with $46 billion in debt!

The ringgit has depreciated against the US$ by some 30% since 31 March 2014.

This means that much of this debt, repayable in US$, has now ballooned from $42 to over $50 billion. This more than $8 billion in exchange rate losses will plunge 1GDB into even greater financial losses.

Now do you all understand why 1GDB's accounts for the Y/E 31 March 2015 have not been finalised or audited? Because in reality, not just technicality, 1GDB is no longer a "going concern". In layman's term, it means 1GDB is bankrupt!

What is clear is that they are busy cooking the books at 1GDB to somehow show less losses, or not to file any more accounts at all, by initiating a "re-structuring" or winding up, and transferring the assets (land) to a new MoF company, and classifying it all under the OSA. Then no-one will be wiser to 1GDB and its real losses which might be $30 billion or more.

1GDB's CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi continues to lie that the debt is under control. This year alone, 1GDB has added at least another $4.5 billion to this debt, financed by $3.5 billion from Arab friends and another $1 billion stand-by credit (fully utilised) from the MoF. 1GDB's total debts may then be as high as $55 billion when interest is factored in.

1GDB "hopes" to settle the debts paid for by its Arab friends with contra deals involving the Rakyat's crown jewels, i.e. land bank.

Or, the debt will be converted to share capital, in which case  a major portion of 1GDB's assets will be substantially owned by foreigners, taking into account also that it recently agreed to sell off its IPP business to a China company for $17 billion ($10b in assets and $7b in debt). This sale will result in 1GDB booking in at least $3 billion in book losses on its IPP business!!

1GDB and PM Grossmajib's original business plan of owning "strategic assets" and operating "long-term" businesses for the benefit of the Rakyat, has now been openly abandoned. 1GDB's house is on fire, and PM Grossmajib does not care two hoots who gets burnt in the process as long as it's not him.

Note also, that 1GDB CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi is continuing to lie and spindoctor about money transfers by 1GDB. The Wall St. Journal (WSJ) and Sarawak Report have exposed the fraudulent transfer of US$700 million to Petro Saudi, and US$850 million to Aabar. 

It's obvious from the WSJ expose - CLICK HERE -  that PM Grossmajib and Jho Paris Hilton are behind the heist of the century by creating off-shore companies whose names closely resemble that of actual Saudi companies, and fraudulently transferring these huge sums of our Taxpayer-guaranteed money for their own ends. 

It's obvious that PM Grossmajib illegally used these funds to secure his political future and that of his party - BUMNO/SCUMNO - at the 2013 general elections. It's obvious too that totally corrupt PM Grossmajib personally pocketed a huge sum of money, as did his party members and cronies. This also relates to the fraudulent $2.6 billion transferred to PM Grossmajib's personal bank account as well as another $42 million from a MOF company.

1GDB CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi thinks he is dealing with children by answering questions he is not asked. No one wants to know about the state of 1GDB's relationship with the real IPIC or Aabar. CLICK HERE. Everyone wants to know about the fraudulent transfer of  billions of ringgit of the Taxpayer's money to the fake Aabar, Petro Saudi and Jho Paris Hilton's Goodstar Ltd.

The litany of lies about the crime of the century at 1GDB continues to flow from PM Grossmajib and the Chairman, Board of Directors and CEO of 1GDB.

Has there ever in the history of the world been a more corrupt, dishonest, disgraceful and shameless prime minister such as this and his government of murderers, thieves, looters and plunderers and cronies than that led by PM Grossmajib and his wife?

Donplaypuks® with >$50 billion debts, O' Great Serial Liar PM Grossmajib!



by bnm disclosures department, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for no one would be that stupid affairs

Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies never applied here and now to anyone more than Malaysian Prime Minister Najib. 

From day one, when caught with his pants down over the illegal $2.6 billion that was transferred in 2013 from abroad to his personal bank a/c, Najib decided to take the low road. He could not overcome the  pull of that congenitally serial lying gene embedded in his DNA, and stunned the world by claiming that the money was a "donation from Arab sources". Not for him the high road of honesty, integrity and honour.

Najb's new-found scrotum carriers like Maslan, Sharir, Hanahdlah and others doubled the vigour with which they normally spoke up supporting Najib's lying and thieving activities. Everyone of them had been paid millions of ringgit to buy their sycophancy, with the $2.6 billion. 

They claimed that no one could be that foolish, especially Najib, as to channel such large sums as $2.6 billion through their personal bank accounts. They rushed to back Najib to the hilt by claiming that the Wall St Journal and Sarawak Report which exposed the incident, had "regime change" motives and/or were secretly backed by Zionist and Jewish plotters.

Now, they have been caught out by their own lies and short memories. DPM Zahid had at first claimed in August that he had met "representatives" of the Arab donor, and then back-tracked last week with having "met representatives of donors who were leaders of a Middle East government". DPM Zahid, a  PhD holder who does not have a copy of his thesis and who has great trouble reciting the English alphabets, bragged that it was not "donor", but the plural of it. This was contradicted by the MACC which confirmed it had met the "representatives of the donor".  Najib then weighed in by saying it was "donors"!! Zahid then adamantly maintained that his diametrically opposite statements were not contradictory.

Well, it's a simple matter which can be easily resolved if PM Najib would care to answer the following key questions:

1. If BNM knew about Najib's bank account and the $2.6 billion in 2013, why did it just impose a $57.3 million fine on AMMB over its failure to disclose exactly that matter officially to BNM? 

Najib is of course, as is normal for a crook, playing around with semantics and words by saying that "BNM had been notified about this account". CLICK HERE. What Najib really meant was that when the account was originally opened, God knows when, BNM had been notified about it. But it does not mean that when the $2.6 billion of illegal money was received in 2013, he or AMMB  informed BNM about that transaction. This is precisely why BNM imposed that fine on AMMB!

Otherwise, Yeti and BNM are lying and the fine is their CYA (cover-your-ass) tactic.

So, who is lying, BNM or you, O' Geat Serial Liar Najib?

2. If WSJ and Sarawak Report are wrong, why hasn't PM Najib filed a slander and defamation lawsuit against them yet? Their reports came out in July this year and five months have passed. What exactly are you waiting for " Great Serial Liar Najib?

3. If the $2.6 billion was a donation for UMNO's benefit, why isn't it reflected at all in its 2013 or 2014 financial statements? And how come no one else in the Cabinet or UMNO knows anything about the $2.6 billion, O' Great Serial Liar Najib?

4. If it was a donation to UMNO, then why was $2 billion of the $2.6 billion transferred by you out to Tanore Finance in Singapore without UMNO's knowledge, O' Great Serial Liar Najib?

5. If it was not "sub-judice" to talk about the $2.6 billion at UMNO's Annual General Meeting last week and to BN and UMNO members last year, how was it sub-judice to make a detailed statement about it in Parliament, especially since there is no court case at all, O' Great Serial Liar Najib?

6. If the $2.6 billion was accepted by you who are clearly a public official, whether or not the" donation" was made unconditionally, how is that not an offence for you under the Criminal Prodecure Code? Expecially when ex-Selangor MB Toyo was convicted this year for a similar offence, O' Great Serial Liar Najib?

7. Why are BNM, MACC, the police and the PAC now not talking at all about the $42 million that also flowed through your bank account, and which is a clear case of money-laundering and CBT also by you, O' Great Serial Liar Najib?

8. And in the final analysis, if there was no fraud, CBT, money-laundering etc., why did you sack DPM Muhy and AG Patel, and sabotage the inquiries being made by BNM, MACC and PAC, O' Great Serial Liar Najib?

Donplaypuks® with unanswered questions, O' Great Liar Najib!



by salleh no beef , donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for cowcondogate affairs

The full acquittal on 24 November 2015 of NFC Chairman Salleh on two counts of criminal breach of trust (CBT) involving $50 million and two counts of failure to obtain approval at NFC's Annual General Meeting for usage of the company's finances to part-fund condominium acquisition, is yet another shocking, shameful, disgraceful and damning indictment of our totally corrupt legal system. CLICK HERE.

The rot in our judicial and legal system started in 1987 with the sacking of  Chief Justice (CJ) Salleh Abas on trumped-up charges. It was engineered by then prime minister Mahathir, who convened a kangaroo Tribunal which included  local as well as judges from Singapore and Sri Lanka, to do the hatchet (kapak) job. CLICK HERE.

Since then, justice in Malaysia has headed pretty much in one direction - downhill! So much so that the country needed a Royal Commission of Inquiry in 2008 to look into the scandal over the fixing of appointment of judges, in what became known as 'Lingamgate'. The RCI not only recommended the government take action against Lingam and two former CJ's - Ahmad Fairuz and Eusoff Chin - for corruption and undermining the judiciary, but that, among others, Mahathir and current UMNO Secretary-General Tengku Adnan be charged for their roles in the debacle. CLICK HERE and HERE. True to form, PM Najib has taken absolutely no action whatsoever to implement the RC's recommendations!

By then, the cancer has already infected the AG's office with the persecution of Anwar Ibrahim and the cover-up in the Altantuya murder. Lawyer Rosli Dahlan and ex-top cop Ramli Yusof were then victimized by the MACC and the AG in a case where triad gangsters like Goh Cheng Poh and Moo Sai Chin became involved in a frame-up. CLICK HERE. 


What then should we make of a Home Minister who gloats over association with Line 3 thugs and writes character support letters to the FBI for known international gambling kingpin and match-fixer Paul Phua Wei Seng? And also lies to the entire nation without blinking an eyelid that previous Home Ministers had committed similar acts? CLICK HERE.

No, the system is sick and pus-filled to the core. It needs a complete revamp from top to bottom, in that order.

The most disconcerting and appalling facts about the Salleh acquittal by the KL Sessions Court judge are:

1. The case was heard after two years of investigations by the AG, and after Salleh had failed in his bid to have the charges thrown out.

2. A witness had been called to the stand to testify.

3. Then AG Pandi had  (why?) agreed to a discharge NOT amounting to an acquittal based on a "letter of representation" received from Salleh's lawyer, Shafee.

4. Presiding Judge Norsharidah Awang consented to a discharge NOT amounting to an acquittal, based on the request by AG Pandi.

5. Upon further protests, "submissions" and "representations" in chambers by  Shafee, AG Pandi and the judge capitulated and agreed to a full acquittal.

It's crystal clear that the AG would not have pressed charges or fought off Salleh's strike-off bids if at any time before the hearing commenced, he really believed he had such a weak case that he could not secure conviction.

Yet, AG Pandi confounded everyone (but Shafee) by succumbing to Shafee's "letter of representation". Salleh must have thought that Santa Claus and Xmas had arrived early!

And what exactly was this astounding master stroke of  a "letter of representation" that UMNO and Najib-linked lawyer Shafee produced that "convinced" AG Pandi to support a discharge amounting to a full acquittal?

The public does not really know since it was all transacted, negotiated and sealed behind closed doors and chambers. But it would appear that Shafee submitted signed NFC AGM resolutions approving the $50 million investments and outgoings.

Never mind that a company entrusted with a $250 million project to secure livestock and beef for the nation should, even before it had turned in a decent profit, "invest" government grants in upmarket condos.

But NFC had also also not filed any accounts for several years. Charges had been levelled at it by Opposition politicians that it's statutory books and records were not up to-date.

So, it's pretty obvious that the resolutions were back-dated and signed to avoid the CBT charges. Knowing the resolutions were signed retrospectively, AG Pandi accepted them? It would have been a fairly simple matter for AG Pandi or Judge Norsharidah to summon NFC's company secretary to ascertain when exactly the company resolutions were signed and submitted for filing. Did they go beyond paper shuffling and falling for Shafee's "letter of representation"? I doubt it.

When news first broke out about the NFC $250 million financial scandal four years ago, serially lying Prime Minister Najib, as usual, mumbled something about "leaving no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of it". Now, we can clearly see his filthy, grubby sticky fingerprints all over yet another judicial cop out. Case closed, justice knocked out! Here is another opinion on the ridiculous, unjust verdict. CLICK HERE.

Regardless, WE THE PEOPLE, are entitled to ask the following since it's all our $250 million that's gone up in flames:

1. Besides the $10 million "investment" in a Bangsar condo and transfer of $40 million to a subsidiary, NFC had also "invested" an additional $35 million in a Singapore condos "for the family". CLICK HERE. Now that NFC has been put into cold storage for all intents and purposes, Najib needs to answer if either all the condo titles have been transferred to the government or condos sold and cash deposited with the Treasury.

2. What about the huge multi-million dollar losses arising from the farm, meat sale and restaurant businesses? Who will bear them? Salleh (who is married to UMNO Wanita Head, Shahrizat) and his sons, or is it once again a case of 'Piratise the profits, Socialise the losses'; A government bailout?

3. How much of the $250 million has the government recovered? Is it a total write-off while the Salleh's get to walk away with $45 million of condos, not to mention a heft salary and expensive cars, for free? What should the Rakyat think? Where is the final report?

Justice and the rule of law no longer prevail. There is no separation of powers between the Executive, Parliament and the Judiciary. Rest assured that nothing will change for the better until we arrest and throw Najib into a solitary cell in Bamboo River Resort. An administration led by a serially lying, murderous, bent and corrupt prime minister can only produce a government of murderers, thieves, looters and plunderers, supported by equally crooked cronies, yes-men and sycophants.

Donplaypuks® with $250 million cowcondos, man!



by pants on fire, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for serially lying affairs

Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib's continued insistence that $2.6 billion transferred in 2013 from overseas to his personal bank account with Arab Malaysia Merchant Bank Holdings Berhad, was a "donation" from Arab friends, belongs right up there with Clinton's blatant lie and perjury that he did not have oral or and/or other sex with Monica Lewinsky. He continues to lie bare-faced that the source of this $2.6 billion was not from public funds or 1GDB (1Grossmajib Development Bunkum).

Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib's further claim that the central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), was notified about the "donation" and the bank accounts that were created for the transfer of funds, raises more questions than answers.

" Do not be confused, the account is in my name, but it is not like a personal account," he revealed yesterday in a TV3 interview. 


We are confused. Who wouldn't be:

1. Last week Arab Malaysia Merchant Bank Holdings Berhad paid a fine of $53.7 million without the slightest protest to BNM for undisclosed "non-compliance" issues. Once again BNM's shameless and disgraceful Yeti has hidden behind BAFIA (Banking and Financial Institutions Act) to cover-up for Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib.

Everyone and his uncle Bob knows that this fine was imposed belatedly by BNM in a CYA (cover you ass) response after the Wall St. Journal exposed in July this year, what is without a shadow of a doubt, $2.6 billion of massive fraud, CBT, money-laundering and electoral bribes and vote rigging at GE2013, all committed by Chief & Thief Crime Minister Grossmajib.

Since BNM imposed that $53.7 million fine on AMMB, it clearly implies that BNM was NOT notified in 2013 by AMMB or Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib about the details of the $2.6 billion "donation", the identity of the "donors" or  personal bank accounts in the personal name of Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib that were not personal accounts, does it not?

Unless of course, Yeti and BNM are lying about it and making AMMB the fall guy to save their own negligence, inefficiency and pathetic underwhelming oversight performance. 

2. Wtf does Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib mean by a bank account that is in his name but is not like a personal account? After all, he did give instructions to transfer some $2 billion of the $2.6 billion back out to another bank in Singapore. After all, he did sign and issue cheques for $1 million and $2 million to BUMNO/SCUMNO party hacks Sharir and Mazlan from this account. What for?

3. What happened to the balance of $600 million (2.6-2.0)? Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib has been absolutely silent about it.

4. If it was really a genuine donation, how come no one else in BUMNO/SCUMNO knew about it in 2013?

5. If it was really a genuine donation to BUMNO/SCUMNO and Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajb was acting as some kind of a Trustee, how come the $2.6 billion is included nowhere in BUMNO/SCUMNO's 2013 financial statements?

6. If it was really a genuine donation to BUMNO/SCUMNO and Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajb was acting as some kind of a Trustee, how come no one else in BUMNO/SCUMNO knows about the $2.0 billion that was transferred back out to a Singapore Bank? Or no one but him knows what has happened to that humongous $2.0 billion?

7. What does Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib mean when he says he did not personally benefit from the $2.6 billion when he disbursed vast sums of money to BUMNO/SCUMNO party hacks to buy loyalty, and rig the 2013 GE?

8. Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib has also been absolutely silent also about $2 million that found its way into his wife's, (Grossmah) bank account.

9. Why did Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib first lie that that part of the reason for that $2.6 billion "donation" was for his record in combating ISIL when it did not exist in 2013? More so, when he had actually tried to rally BUMNO/SCUMNO support in June 2014 by asking its members to emulate the "bravery" of ISIL? CLICK HERE.  

Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib's statement that the MACC has "interviewed the donor in the Middle East" will convince no one that he is telling anything remotely resembling the truth. Even if the King of Saudi Arab were to emerge and claim to be the "donor" of the $2.6 billion, and swore on a stack of Qurans, no sane person in this UNIVERSE is going to believe him.

It is plain and simple that this $2.6 billion was raised using Malaysian government guarantees and are definitely related to public funds and 1GDB. Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib, who is also the Finance Minister and Chief Advisor to 1GDB, clearly abused the power of his office to commit the heist of the century.

We need not waste time worrying that the MACC will come out with a report that some Arab guy "donated" the $2.6 billion and clear Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib of any impropriety or crime.

We only need to sit back and ask a few simple questions to understand that Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib has decided to lie all the way to save, his face, his sacking and transfer to Bamboo River Resort and his party from annihilation and extinction.

If an iota of what Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib is true, and there is no impropriety or crime involving the $2.6 billion, then:

1. Why did Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib sack his Deputy Prime Minister for voicing concerns that Cabinet members were completely in the dark about the money and 1GDB's $46 billion debt?

2. Why did Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib engineer the Unconstitutional sacking of AG Patel on a cooked up story about his medical condition when he had drawn up a charge sheet against Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib for fraud, CBT, money-laundering over $42 million? Why did new sycophant AG Pandi lie to the nation that there was no charge sheet?

3. Why did Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib, with the connivance of new AG Pandi, sabotage BNM, MACC, Police and PAC hearings by arresting and interrogating investigating officerss and transferring out and promoting PAC members?

4. Why did Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib allow the two key officers involved in the $42 million fraud to abscond overseas to avoid being questioned by the police and MACC? 

5. Why did new brown-tongue AG Pandi unprofessionally and uninformedly advise Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib that it would be sub-judice for him to make any statement on the $2.6 billion in Parliament if everything was prim and proper? How can it be sub-judice if there was no on-going court case about it? Which online portal did new AG Pandi buy his law degree from?

6. Why does Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib not have the balls to sue the WSJ for slander and defamation?

One lie leads to another and another and another. Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib is Malaysia'a PUBLIC ENEMY No.1. His continued premiership will destroy this country. When you consider his failure to resolve the Altantuya murder, and now the allegations of links to the Hussain Najadi and Kevin Morais killings, this is the most dangerous leader we have ever had, a man who is willing to ruin the country to save himself.

Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib's ambushing of Parliament last week and ramming through the National Security  Council Bill is an ominous sign that if push comes to shove, he will invoke draconian powers, declare martial law and suspend indefinitely general elections. He is a Hitler or Stalin in the making. 

We must do everything in our power, and them some, to exterminate this vermin from public office. We must ensure that Chief Thief & Crime Minister Grossmajib is transferred to Bamboo River Resort soon and the keys to his solitary cell thrown away forever.

Donplaypuks® with 2.6 billion repetitive lies, man!



by groucho gandhi marx, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for painfully laughable affairs

PM Grossmajib who wears the pants and her husband who wears the skirts, have evolved into the biggest, most shameless free-loaders, looters and plunderers in our political history. 

PM Grossmajib is a congenitally serial liar, who by virtue of that character flaw alone, has lost any legal mandate or moral authority to continue serving as the PM. He lied twice to the nation about his leading involvement in the Saiful-Anwar Ibrahim sodomy conspiracy. 

If it were only merely that.

But there are many more compelling reasons why he should not only have been publicly sacked from office a long, long time ago, but also flogged to within an inch of his life and dumped in jail. 

By his failure to force the IGP to investigate who gave the orders to kill Altantuya in 2006 - the crucial motive factor - he has virtually confirmed his complicity and cover-up role in the plot to murder Altantuya and blow up her body with C4 plastic explosives.


If it were merely that.

Now comes the biggest lie of all, that RM2.6 billion laundered through his personal bank account was a "donation" from his Arab friend. This is the kind of lie which saw new-born babies rolling in their cots and clutching their stomachs in pain from convulsing laughter. The whole world now knows we have a criminal, and possibly a murderer, as our PM.

This RM2.6 billion is clearly from funds raised by 1GDB (1Grossmajib Development Bunkum) which PM Grossmajib has saddled (together with the MoF) with debts of RM46 billion, interest on which it has been unable to service without government bailout and flogging off the nation's prized assets to foreigners. These desperate acts by Grossmajib have stood his own publicly announced philosophy on its head. 

In launching 1GDB with a mere paid-up capital of RM1 million and then borrowing RM46 billion secured principally by government sovereign guarantees, Grossmajib had boldly asserted that the acquisition of  assets such as the IPPs were of strategic importance to the country and for the "long-term". Barely 3 tears into its existence, Grossmajib and 1GDB are now busy dismantling these "strategic" and "long-term" investments to forestall bankruptcy!

The RM2.6 billion was routed through the USA and other off-shore companies and banks to hide their true source, i.e. 1GDB. PM Grossmajib then dipped  his dirty, grubby fingers into the RM2.6 billion to buy votes and rig the 2013 general elections. At least RM3 million found its way into the pockets of  serving Ministers and unscrupulous party hacks such Mazlan and Sharir, who have yet to account for what they did with this money or be investigated by the anti-corruption agency. PM Grossmajib also refuses to account for another RM42 million routed through a wholly-owned government subsidiary company, or RM2 million deposited in his wife's bank account. RM2 billion (US$631 million) was transferred out from PM Grossmajib's bank account to a Singapore bank with no explanation.

PM Grossmajib stupidly claimed not only that the RM2.6 billion was a "donation" from some Arab friends to his party, but that he had not "personally" benefited from it!! He and his party would not have scraped through victoriously at GE13 without this money to fund its campaigns. Of course, this also begs the question why if it was truly a donation, it was not accounted for in the annual financial statements of his party. Or why, without anyone else from his party being aware of it, the funds came in and a major portion of it (US$631 million) disappeared back off-shore never to be seen again!

At a bare minimum, PM Grossmajib is guilty of international money-laundering, wire fraud and theft, CBT and massive corruption.

If it were merely that.

In recent months, it has also emerged, as maintained by Pascal Najadi, that his father, Hussain Najadi, the founder of the Arab Malaysia Bank Group, was murdered in 2013 because he he had reported to BNM and the police about 1GDB's and PM Grossmajib's billion-ringgit money-laundering escapades.

If it were merely that.

In September this year, the cement-covered body of anti-corruption investigator Kevin Morais was found in a drum, awaiting permanent disposal in a swamp. The police made several arrests and claimed Kevin was killed for investigating corruption involving an army doctor. However, the police case was thrown into disarray when Kevin's brother, Charles, claimed a week ago that Kevin was murdered because he had been investigating the money trail involving PM Grossmajib's RM2.6 billion and RM42 million etc. 

Charles further disclosed that shortly before his death, Kevin had mailed him (in USA) an incriminating thumb drive, and that Kevin had also been assisting our ex-Attorney General in drawing up a charge sheet to arrest PM Grossmajib for corruption. PM Grossmajib had not only engineered the Unconstitutional sacking of the AG, but also wrecked all other investigations - by the PAC, BNM and police - into the RM2.6 billion crime probes. Then, a new running-dog lackey AG asserted that no charge sheet existed. This was soon proven a blatant lie by Sarawak Report which published its draft copy, and now, by Charles too.

Strangely, 4 C's have featured large in these deaths and charges implicating PM Grossmajib in gross criminality - C4, Corruption, Cash and Cement!!

So, the 3-minute statement in Parliament yesterday by that ass-wipe BUMNO/SCUMNO stooge, thug DPM and Home Minister, that PM Grossmajib would not, in contradiction to an earlier promise, be delivering any explanation on the RM2.6 billion is not a mere cop out. It is an admission of  total guilt.

A further "clarification" by an ass of a Minister with her proven non-Islamic sexuality, that PM Grossmajib had been advised to remain silent by the AG as any statement would be sub-judice, only serves to cement the fact that the entire government and its agencies are behind the cover-up of the century.

Sub-judice is defined as a particular case or matter under trial or being considered by a court or judge. 

The RM2.6 billion and associated moneys are not the subject matter of any court case as yet. So, how did the AG arrive at the conclusion that the matter was sub-judice? Sub-judice what?

Of course, if you have no moral compass, are spineless and have been bought over, you could, without an iota of guilt or vestige of remorse or shame, declare that Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Idi Amin, Saddam, Karadic et al were all great libertarians and benefactors of mankind.

And that's who we have running our country now - murderers, serial liars, looters, plunderers and corrupters. A government of thieves and murderers, all led by a megalomaniac who has succeeded where few others have made even a dent, i.e. in reducing his status to below that of an international pariah.

So too, the passing of the of the National Security Council bill yesterday is another nail in the coffin of democracy in Malaysia. Malaysia is not under threat of war from any country. We really do not have any enemies who are plotting to invade us.

Yet, PM Grossmajib has laid the foundation soon for the march of the SS, goose-stepping Gestapo, Nazism, fascism and the totalitarian state.

There will be no GE 2014 because that most cravenly of cowards, PM Grossmajib, trembles and shivers at the prospect of being publicly proven a murderer and thief. BUMNO/SCUMNO quivers and quakes at the thought of being made a mere foot-note in the history books.

As for the Opposition, we cannot afford to wait till GE14 is announced. 

The only way out is the Gandhian way. Non-violent mass national civil disobedience. If that scrawny Giant, uncharitably described by an ungracious and sore-loser Churchill as 'that half-naked fakir', could topple Britania which ruled the waves, what is that fat, weak, loathsome, venal ogre PM Grossmajib and his corrupt, lily-livered traitorous regime, by comparison? Let us send too AG Pandi and Speaker Pandi and PIG (Police Inspector General) to where they really belong - Bamboo River Prison!

Arise, O' Malaysians, and exterminate the evil Grossmajib and his government of murderers and thieves. Stand up for our rights. We have nothing to fear. We must take back what is inalienably ours!

Donplaypuks® with sub-judice and civil disobedience, man!