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by maha tutankhamun, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for 1M F ALL pyramid scheme affairs

Ex-Chief Jedi Master Planner of The Realm, Rama Maha Firaun Kutty Jedi Darthvader The First, the world’s first ever ‘Benevolent Kutty Jedi Darthvader Dictator’ since time immemorial, more affectionately known as ‘Pak Che Tak Bajet’ or ‘Tak Bajet’ (Never Budget) for short,  surveyed the Glocal Towering and sprawling edifice that was 3M Corp (Malaysia) HQ. 

 "It's so sad. Our HQ building looks like some old historic ruins, battered by eroding hot sirocco-like winds, tsunamis, tropical thunderstorms and the scorching sun," remarked Maha Firaun, as the tears flowed down his cheeks and up his bulbous nostrils. "We need to leave inspiring footprints in the sands of time, not derelict old buildings and slums. What we need is a makeover, a new Pyramid Scheme, don't you think Bongkak Ali?" he asked

His faithful stoolie of late, 'I got degree in Mess Communications, so don't messing with me' Abraham 'Kaki Tiga' Tongkat Ali, stared in stupefaction at the stupendous skyscraper.

"It's Tongkat Ali, O Great Pharoah. But anyway, why you nots get new funs from Imelda Birkin Rosemajib? They and PEGUNDU (Performen & Gundu Delivery Unit) announ so many new $billion projects and award of con-tracts even before engineering plans bin draw up what. How can? Who's blocking funs to you? "


"(Gulp). Don lah please four letter word me, O Great Firaun. I here to haps yu ony."

"Don't be dense, Bangcoq Ali. It's actually 5 words. I meant First Lady of Curtin University."

"Bloody hells, how can they so cruels to you? Especially Imelda Birkin who I must admit I'm infatuated with. But, O Great Darthinvader, they just announ new whine in old botol Nashnal Health Insuran Pyramid Skeem. Many $billions for us all to share what. They say they con-sul all steakholders one. So how comes your majesty don know? They never con-sul you?"

"The fools! The ones no one should consult are any stakeholders, especially the 20% who pay tax in this country and subsidise the 80%. Anyway, who announced it? What's the damage?"

"You don read online newspepper, ah? Minister in Lying for Tung Shin Clean 2.0 Tear Gas Hospital announ it. $44 billion."

"So, 10% of that for administration cost will be $4.4 billion. But don't forget that the government's current health budget at 3% of GDP is about $16 billion. 10% from there is $1.6 billion. So, total package for piratisation under Ali Baba Pyramid Scheme is $60 gross income, $6 billion net income. A handy sum for me to get my hands dirty, you agree, Phuket Ali?"

"You mean Abraham 'Kaki Tiga' Tongkat Ali Pyramid Scheme, don you? But O Great Pharoah, if Rosemajib can Nashnal Health Skeeming off the top for $16 billion curren budget, what we going to do with $60 billion? Reduce taxes? Build more hospitals, schools and low cost houses and hap the poor?"

"Angkat Bola Ali, were you born congenitally stupid or did you you go to university to learn how? Reduce taxes? Build more hospitals, schools and low cost houses? Help the poor? Never! The whole idea is to get everyone to rush and buy private health insurance policies and push them to the private hospitals. Nice problem to have, $60 billion to play around with. 

But we'll have to inject it into 3M Corp and list it on the KL Casino Exchange. Then, we will push for introduction of GST at 10% and piratise its collection. That will be enough to bankrupt the nation, won't it?"

 "I never knows 3M Corp Minnesota, USA, oreddy here in Malaysia, issit?" whispered, the running dog to his master. 

"Don't be an idiot, Songket Ali. My 3M Corp has nothing to do with that zionist and Mossad/ Singapore controlled stickityellowpaperuptheirarse terrorist USA company!" 

"It's Tongkat Ali, O Great Pharoah. But, not 3M Corp Minnesota, USA, got meh? That's mean what? I very confucius." 

"3M - Mok, Muk and Mir - got it, Ong Tingkat Ali?" 

"Tongkat Ali. But got it in one, oh Great Firaun, in one loh. Is that why Success Group Plc, controlled by your crony billionaire Chinese businessman "created by BUMNO/BN policies", suddenly announced last week they are going to selling pharmaceutical items - pills/medicines - in their Multi Level Marketing (MLM) outlets? Anyway, 3M Corp (M) HQ originally costo mucho dinero, no?" 

"Peanuts, oh, peanuts. Just a couple of $ billion, financed by direct negotiation general hospital monopoly contracts for supply of basic medical and diagnostic equipment - panadol, aspirin, disposable syringe, X-ray machine and so on, you know. Then some marginal $2 billion oilfield  O&G contracts and so on." 

"Oh yes, O Great Firaun, I certainly knows. Just like me. Your poor 3M millionaire children really had to slog to become 3M billionaires, beneficiary of affirmative action New Economic Policy ( for the benefit of the rich and richer) pyramid scheme, no?" 

"Turn off the recorder, stop taking notes and switch off your handphone, Dickhead Ali." 

"(Sigh). It's Tongkat Ali...." 

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Donplaypuks® with our health, man! It might affect the supply of oxygen to our brains.

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