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by judge dread, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for fiduciary affairs
  1. We made too many wrong mistakes 
  2. I never said most of the things I said. 
  3. Half the lies they tell about me aren't true.
  4. I wish I had an answer to that because I'm tired of answering that question.   
  5. If you ask me anything I don't know, I'm not going to answer.
No, these are not famous quotes from the man dubbed 'Great Pharoah' or 'Maha Firaun'. They are priceless strings of malapropism and murder of the english language by that lovable, legendary and highly successful New York Yankees player and manager, Yogi Berra. For more Yogi Berra quotes, CLICK HERE 

But they could well be. And in dismissing the still rankling (with the Rakyat) financial gangsterism by which Diam Diam and Maha Firaun bailed out Mana Ada System Airlines at the height of the Asian financial crisis, we have all the classic Mahathirisms laid bare for us to dissect and see.

It has still not sunk into the psyche of Maha Firaun that it was a crime of the highest order to bailout MASA with some $2 billion of Taxpayers' money at $8 a share, when the KLSE quoted market price was $3.68!! Some ten years later, MASA's share price hovers at below $1.50!!?? And this, after repeated government bailouts of MASA over the years that has cost the Taxpayer between $10-$15 billion. There's no use BUMNO bloggers (as usual) pretending that because the figures are not reflected in MASA's balance sheet, that in never happened. It's there in the government's balance sheet for sure.

Only now has it dawned upon Khazanah that MASA's problems have always been with top management, the failed Bumiputra-only policy and championing of cronyism and non-meritocracy. Hopefully, the management talent from Air Asia will help turnaround MASA.

Maha Firaun's behaviour and words following the highly unacceptable "settlement" of Danaharta's $589 million loan recovery suit against one, TR, are instructive of what Maha Firaunism stands for. It would appear Danaharta wrote off the entire $589 million, allowing TR to get away scot free. We have also this unbelievable situation where there are several police reports by top ex-MASA management staff cataloguing alleged massive fraud by TR when in charge of MASA. Yet, Minister for Foot in Mouth, Nazi, issued a highly illegal directive to all Government Losing Concerns to withdraw all suits against TR, with the laughable excuse that TR's $13 billion counter suits could cost the Taxpayer plenty. 

There is poker, bluff, counter bluff and false bravado. The government holds ALL the trump cards which clearly tells us that Nazi's pathetic cop out is nothing more an extension of Maha Firaunism. It's, "FU, I dare you to do anything about it," in the face of the Rakyat! He's daring us to challenge him, thinking we are helpless.

And what is this aspect of Maha Firaunism that I speak of?

It is the promulgation of a culture of deceit, fraud, corruption and utter dishonesty at top government level. It makes Bernie Madhoff look a rank amateur. It has become the culture of BUMNO/BN. This is why BUMNO/BN is disintegrating at the seams and why they will be wiped out at GE 13. It did not happen overnight. It started the day Maha Firaun became PM of this country.

Let us just list a few of the losses the Taxpayer incurred under Maha Firaun: 
  1. $30 billion forex losses in Bank Negara in the early '90's. Bank Negara Malaysia governor Jaafar Hussein resigned. Chief forex Trader Nor Mohd Yakcop who was asked to leave BNM is now Minister in Prime Minister's Department as head of Economic Plundering Unit!!
  2. MASA various bailouts - $10-$15 billion.
  3. London Tin Council losses - $6 billion.
  4. Bailouts of Renong/UEM - $3 billion.
  5. Crooked Bridge - $750 million.
  6. Perkapalan (owned by Maha Fiarun's son) by Petronas - $2 billion.
  7. Proton rescue by Petronas - $1 billion.
  8. 6 patrol boats contract awarded to Amin Shah Omar Shah/PSC Dockyard - $ 5 billion.
It is fortunate that Maha Firaun was a big fish in a small pond. Had he been born in USA, he would have easily surpassed Bush and Poulsen's $700 billion fraudulent bailout of Wall Street, the $3 Trillion budget deficit and bakrupted the whole world in the process. Of that, there can be little doubt. We should be grateful to God for small mercies.

And look at what his response is when challenged about the MASA bailout and Danaharta's surrender to crony TR. He asks why we pick on him. He fumes and points at ex-PM Abdullah Badawi and accuses him of losing $7 billion when he cancelled Maha Firaun's proposed NS double-tracking railway project. 

Huh? That cancellation cost us $7 billion? Anyone heard of it? That's typical Maha Firaun misdirection. Under Maha Firaun, that project started off at $42 billion, was reduced to $28 billion and finally awarded to Sime Darby for $18 billion. Just when it was thought it was game over, Syed Mokhtar Bukhary pitched in with an offer of $14 billion while it was rumoured in the market that he was looking to close a deal for sub-contracting it out at $9 billion!!?? Wtf? Good Lord, how many and how much fraud can there be in one project?

"I never blame myself when I'm not hitting. I just blame the bat and if it keeps up, I change bats. After all, if I know it isn't my fault that I'm not hitting, how can I get mad at myself?"

That's classic Yogi Berra again, and again it could well be classic Maha Firaunism It's never his fault when we lose big. It's always to his credit when we win - Twin Towers, KL Tower, KLIA. 

WE THE PEOPLE need to send a clear and strong message to Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi and Najib Tun Razak. In the real world we hold all professionals responsible for their actions. We call this fiduciary duty or duty of care. We hold doctors, lawyers, accountants, investment bankers and advisers, teachers and others responsible for their negligent actions taken in the course of executing their duties to paying customers. This is also happening in USA and Europe in the corporate sector. Main Street has had enough of this kind of fraud. No longer can top CEO's profit and walk away with $ millions in compensation while leaving a sunken ship behind and consigning to bankrupcy and oblivion the lives of thousand of workers.

In the same vein, we should mount multiple class action suits against Maha Firaun and wayward politicians for their utter negligence in gambling wantonly with billions of dollars of the Rakyat's Reserves. We need to do this not only to bring Maha Firaun to book, but also to warn Najib Tun Razak that it cannot continue his regime. There is strong suspicion that this kind of massive economic gangsterism, corruption, stealing, theft and fraud is continuing right now. The $7 billion Banting-Taiping Toll Highway, $2.2 billion Kidex Toll Highway awarded to companies owned by BUMNO/BN lawyers and the wife of an ex-CJ, $250 million Cowgate Project, $53 billion MRT project etc. all seem to have elements of being tainted. We must prevent this Maha Firaun sick culture from continuing to thrive.

Too many contract worth again, billion of dollars, are being awarded behind closed doors in an atmosphere of secrecy, non-transparency and unaccountability. Crony politics, economics and business continue to thrive. The national debt, excluding contingency liabilities and guarantees, stands at a record 54% of GDP. No doubt, 96% of this is local debt as opposed to foreign debt, but it still has to be paid and should not become a millstone around the necks of future generations.

Yogi Berra - "It's like deja-vu, all over again." Isn't it, though? Maha Firaunism continues to haunt us.

Yogi Berra - "It ain't over till it's over." 

Yes, it ain't over. Pakatan leaders and lawyers take note. This is the way out. Slay the beast. File your multiple class action legal suits tomorrow. Hold all these sons of a bitches accountable for their gross and criminal negligence of their duty of care.  Give them no peace.

Pakatan, let all these Firauns and their adherents, including all the fraudtrepreneurs created under the NEP, Bumiputra or not, know that you will come after them with an RCI when you form the Government. There is no forgiving or forgetting. Justice must be seen to be done,and prevail. Then, we'll talk about peace and reconciliation.

Yes, Maha Firaun and your ilk. It ain't over till its over. We're comin after yo ass, baby!

Donplaypuks® with us, Maha Firaunism Man!
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Anonymous said...

'wrong mistakes' ?!
'wrong' is -ve & 'mistakes' -ve too
so it should be 'correct mistakes' !!

Ask me NO questions & I tell u NO lies lah : 'lu tolong wa & wa tolong lu ma' !!

william gladstone said...

just like a bad dream, this sorry excuse of an asshole mamaktail will not go away.....lets all resolve to send his kleptomaniac sons to prison if the freaking mamak and sons refuse to do away within the next 3 months!

Chen HT said...

mamak kutty the son of a cheap indian whore must go straight to hell. that is where he belongs to.

ABU said...





Abdullah said...

Dear ABU,

A few options for these human feaces:

1. Zimbawe: Robert Mugabe will welcome them with open arms....

2. Hell: God the Almighty is forgiving; but for their excessive crimes against millions of Malaysians; this is a likely end for them

Makan.Belacan said...

donplaypuks has listed some RM 63 Billion, in total of the Financial Losses (Bailouts) incurred during the ex-PM, TDM's tenure of duty (or the lack of it?).

What staggering lossess and even with that, the ex-Forex Chief, that is said to have incurred the loss of RM 30 Billion - is now the Economic Panning Unit (EPU) Chief?

How come? One can lose such huge sums of the Country's wealth and still keep his Job?

How come the Double-Tracking Rail Project was budgeted at RM 42 Billion by MM, then eventually it came All-the-Way-Down to only RM14 Billion (1/3 of the amount?)

Would RM28 Billion have 'Disappeared into Thin Air', if it was to have proceeded with. Fortunately, it was subsequently 'Cancelled/Saved' by Islam Hadhari - Badawi?

Who lost Money for Malaysia then?

Shameless, Scandalous, Sinful....ABU

Bang said...

You forgot to mention the Rm100 Nasi Lemak that MAS paid.

cowshit said...

This apanama jackasshole has to be brought to the court for committing national plunder. Hope the day will come soon!

Dr Oz said...

Mahathir is definitely a Maha Firaun!!

22 yrs! Yes 22 yrs of destroying this country! And he still carries on, a deranged, senile Dr and ex-PM, ! what a disgrace!

You are an old fossil that is continously damaging yourself and behaving pukingly ridiculous! The sooner you disappear from planet earth, the better it would be for Malaysia and the world!

You are The Father of Corruption!

The Father of Nepotism!

The Father of Destruction ...of Malaysia!

Just disappaear off, MahaSicko!

Topi said...

He is the Mubarak of Malaysia.

Kerbau Kampung said...


Multiple class action suit...when can we start?

Dr. Doom said...

Mahathir and his monstrous creation, Umno Baru, are up to their toupees in deep shit. That's where the stink originates. From the rotting braincells of this Apanama Zombie Despot.

Thanks, DPP, for serving sentence on Dr M' and his scumbag followers.

aborium said...

Hook, line, and sinker the minute MAS was in TR's hands. It smells fish, tastes fish, but it isn't fish! So pop goes the whistle.!If we care to admit, we've been had by cronies and cohorts who decide to keep all the wealth to themselves as if it didn't come from a silver platter paid for by the Rakyat.!

tripoli said...

Don't know whether the rakyat would have mercy on this Maha Firaun during his last moment?

The Rakyat are fed up with this mother fcuking bastard Maha Firaun just like Libyans against Gaddafi..

Rakyat Wrath said...

You raped our pockets and the future of our children, we rape your arse with Tongkat Ali Sticks. Be prepared for elephant tusks also.

Soldiers of Wrath said...

Do not make the mistake the Govt and Law are always on your side , Moron Mad. In any case Black Justice from the Music of the Night will brush aside Govt and Legalities.

Gundmauna said...

Please include Ebara Ltd. Japan - Broga Solid Waste Incinerator Project - RM1 billion

pedato said...

Monday, 27 February 2012 06:45 posted by Rakyat Wrath...don't insult elephants..... elephant tusks are way too expensive to use to rape this maha mother fucker arse.... lets use durian skin or insert steel wire brush inside his and his baldy son's arse!!!!.....

pedato said...

"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter"
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A person who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, and is nothing.
Only a person who risks is free.
Malaysia's tax deduction methods - Fair?

When non-Malays do their religious obligations, it is NOT tax deductable unless the Church or temple has applied and obtained the approval for tax exemption, which is normally very stringent and seldom approved..

Even if approved the donation is restriced to 7% of your aggregate income.
(This has been revised to 10% from YA 2009 for company.)
Whereas zakat qualifies for 100% and is deducted from the tax liability.

Ah Chong donate to temple : RM10,000.
His Annual income : RM100,000.
Tax Relief : RM 23,000 (For Individual) + RM 7,000 (For Donation)
Chargable income : RM70,000
Tax payable : RM7,125

Ahmad - same income and relief
Chargeable income : (RM100,000 – RM23,000) = RM77,000
Tax payable : (Rm7125 + 1680) = RM8,805
Less zakat : RM 10,000
Tax refundable : RM (1,195)

Ah Chong has the same annual income & donated the same amount, but he still needs to pay tax of RM7,125
Yet, Ahmad is entitled to a tax refund of RM1,195.
He is also deemed a dutiful tax payer and honours his religious obligations.

How do you like that?


Do you know that 90% of the people paying income taxes in Malaysia are the non-Malays?
Yes, you are one of them. Malays who are taxable usually prefer to contribute to Zakat (tax deductible from NETT tax) and give to State Religious bodies (not Govt or Income Tax Dept)

13th GE is your last chance for CHANGE !
If you don't vote to protect your future generation, your children or grand-children may spit on your grave! As Patrick Teoh exclaims, You don't have to go to the street, circulate this e-mail!

John Hardick said...

Monday, 27 February 2012 08:16 posted by pedato

if zakat payment is treated as income tax payment, that would mean most Muslims do not pay income tax and yet they shout so loud and entitled to so much privileges.

How we have been discriminated upon for so long.

Can I then say that Islam is a religion that promote religious discrimination..

Red Alfa said...


Paying Zakat is not the same as giving donation.

Your comparison between the 2 is not like for like.

But don't stop with your simmerings. I like that you get all cooked in your steaming prejudice.

Sad said...

YET! There are still people who choose to be blind to his conmanship and still beholden to him!!!

What say you Ibrahim Ali? MCA, MIC, .......???

This evil man is still loose; talking and pointing fingers at others.

What a curse to have him in our midst!

How pathetic, so many Malaysians, he calls "idiots" still choose to remain stupid for him to toy and fool around???

UMamakUO-Baru, just close down and disappear from this world. We are sick to death of your lies and fraud

Know the congame said...

You can never turnaround MAS because these robbers are continously ripping it off from all angles - inflated contracts, mismanagement and corporate manouvres.

Government subsidy from taxpayers money and bailout money also from taxpayers money ends up in the hands of the robbers. MAS is just another conduit to STEAL.


The comments written by Pedato is really an eye-opener.....
regarding tax exemptions on donations to temples and 'zakat.'

In Ahmad's case, the inland revenue does'nt even get a sen
but have to refund back Ahmad RM1195.

In this case if I am
Ahmad, I would be more than happy to pay 'zakat' to the tune
of RM100,000 ( my whole income) since LHDN will refund
me RM 91,195. ( This seems a fool-proof modus-operandi
way of milking LHDN)

You need to find 13 Ah Chong's to
cover back the deficit suffered by LHDN created by one
generous and 'pious' Ahmad'. Please elaborate, I might
be wrong.!!!!

Conned said...

They rob taxpayers both at the operations level through inflated contracts and also at the shares level through inflated valuations of the shares. Taxpayers are screwed twice. This is their modus operandi.

Justice Coming said...

Mahatir, the layers of mask that you had been wearing are now being peeled bare revealing the true and ugly faces you were born with.

Your dream to create a Kerala Indian Empire of wealth in your position is gone. Your name STINGS and always will be! It will carry on with your children and grand children’s children. You are ashamed of your family tree; your children will be ashamed of YOU!
Pity some idiots (as you call them like Ibrahim Ali) still choose to be blind to your odour!!! Shame be on them.

This is the outcome cheating lying and being evil pitting one race against another and trying to retard other races from progress.

ALL for your own gain!

You are FINISHED!!!

Braheem said...

Just because other bad financial shenaniigans cannot be listed, they are still losses or thefts from the people, Mahathir is no fool and neither were the cronies who made all the losses for the companies they helmed.

Only impartial investigations will reveal how money were siphoned away with or without the knowledge of the UMNO masterminds in control.

But since they are just as guilty they need to cover up for each other even when the henchmen had taken more that they are suppose to, and to act harshly against those who dare to expose their wrongdoings.

In order to protect themselves they ensured the right people are placed in the law and judicial department.

cclaw said...

That is exactly what I think he is.Use a simple English will be better for us to digest your writing.

7007 said...

Vote anything BUT BN/UMNO!This is the message to everyone irregardless of race or religion


Name any government in this whole wide world - ruled by one party? 54 years just too long and too thick - rakyat's butt holes mana boleh tahan laa! More than RM890B over 54 years of thievery isn't that is enough???????????????

Time to activate the RAKYAT'S butt crunching machine going! The battle cry of today is ABU, ABU .....ABU! Wake up Dacing Senget numskulls!

You bet, there won't be enough hotel rooms in Sg Buluh for these mother fuckers for their dues!

Anonymous said...

ya la why not support anwar to be PM. malaysia then will be plural and liberal country and we are going to have good times.. ye no more restriction can become gays, lesbians ... best still can be fuckers.... fuck other people wives, sodomize buntut jantan hehehe.. if u are adil u publish this ... i like

Anonymous said...

say what u want to say, hate me i don't care ....for me A.B.A.B.I.(asal bukan anwar bin ibrahim and A.F.R.(asal bukan fuckatan rakyat)

Dpp said...

Anon 11.27

Ooh, is that you Parpukari. Sounds like it with 'fucatan'.

Are you or the Rakyat that gullible and easily led by 'Illiberals'?

With all the "restrictions" you talk about, it's still happening, isn't it. Why do you think so? Can't be Anwar, can it?

Think about BUMNO's corruption and how money has made so many forget morals.


JJ said...

No wonder the country goes bankrupt. You have the well connected stealing by the billions and a small base of tax payers, how long can this go on. The malay population is growing by leaps & bounds compared to non malays. Surely there is going to be less money to go around to meet needs. Well, that is UMNO's/BN way of creative accounting with no transparencies & responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

Want to check on me...ok , check all other TUNs too !

Dr, u mean Tun zzzzz & Diam!?

Hotel Mkudro said...

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