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by don king dunkindonut justice, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondents for majestic and clean (not dirty) yellow affairs

Yes, I know the year has still some six months to go and there might yet emerge some other terrific character who might make it to the number 1 spot in our search for 'Person of The Year.'

But surely there cannot be two better candidates than the charismatic Malaysian King, His Majesty Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agung Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin ibni Almarhum Sultan Mahmud Almuktafi Billah Shah who executed a neat carpe diem, and the former Chairperson of the Bar Council and now leader of the 09/07/201 Bersih 2.0 call for free and fair elections, Dato Ms. Ambiga Sreenivasan, who exhibited courage, guts, gumption, savvy and an as cool as cucumber exterior and calmness that put to shame many a seasoned and veteran politician in Malaysia. 

Yellow may by the language of the Bard for cowards. But in Malaysia, since the times of Parameswara of Melaka in 1400 CE, yellow has been the of colour of OUR Royalty. 

In the end those who least expected it were royally screwed and caught completely off-guard!

In the face of some Machiavellian machinations and manipulative skulduggery (or so they thought) by the establishment, OUR King responded with an even-handedness that silenced Prime Minister Najib, Home Minister Kerismudin, the Cabinet, UMNO/BN and his entire administration and the IGP, while rendering that vile and foul mouthed agitator, provocateur and demagogue Ibrahim Ali and his PERKASA sycophants to sputtering idiots.

So unexpectedly regal was the Royal pronouncement that Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA let slip their masks to reveal their true hypocritical nature. They dared question His Majesty's decision in agreeing to and subsequently actually meeting up with Ambiga and her 09/07/2011 Bersih 2.0's organizers for a tete-a-tete at the Palace.

Well, I personally don't subscribe to the logic of these les majeste court cases that abound in Thailand. 

But, if the police are to be seen to be consistent in their upholding and enforcement of OUR Constitution and laws of Malaysia, then surely Ibrahim Ali and his followers MUST be hauled up and charged with Sedition and inciting racial and religious hatred? Or stand accused of practising double standards!

Especially since they publicly challenged the very ROYAL institution they swore they would protect from insults by "others" and "pendatangs" and have been quick on the draw in alerting the AG's attention to numerous alleged perceived slights directed at OUR Royalty.

After all, Karpal Singh was charged with Sedition (and found not guilty) for merely saying the Perak King can be sued in court. The AG had proceeded with that case based on a police report made by, among others, a slimy Bututsan reporter. True to the pathetic state of education in our country, that reporter later testified in court that by 'ultra vires' he understood it to mean 'insult (the Perak King)'!!??

So, what may well turn out to be the Philosopher King of Utopia's Kallipolis as envisaged by Plato in his 'Republic,' joined forces with a Steel Magnolia and put paid to rest the the possible emergence of a true Police State.

Nipped in the bud (for the moment anyway), as they say!

And who are the losers? 

In order of pre-eminence, they are:

1. Unelected PM Najib who played it like a rank amateur and confirmed state sponsored religious bigotry by publicly uttering, "Who doesn't know Ambiga. She's the one who threatened Islam."

PM Najib was of course referring to the Lina Joy case. She, (as do all citizens and others brought before OUR courts) has an inalenable Constitutional right to legal representation, in her case, to have the courts recognize her conversion out of Islam to Christianity. Her right of conversion is also guaranteed by OUR Constitution.


It was Dato Dr.Cyrus Vance!! CLICK HERE . And if it had not been him , another lawyer would have had to!

So, where did PM Najib get this piece of deliberately bigoted misinformation which Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA latched on to and quoted from gleefully, albeit in grave error?

If the Prime Minister of our country does not verify information before mouthing false statements, understand the law, and with scant regard for it, makes inflammatory public statements, he's not fit for that August office!

2. Deputy PM Muhy. If OUR King wanted to meet up with Ambiga and the Bersih organizers, who is he to dictate to OUR King and Ambiga/Bersih any pre-conditions?

3. Ibrahim Ali. He has brought Malaysian politics to utter disrepute. Earlier than the PM he made an even more incendiary statement by referring to Ambiga as,"That bloody Hindu woman" thus scoring a hattrick of racial, religiously bigoted and misogynous vilifications.

Of course, Ali did not fail to raise the possibilities of Ambiga/Bersih's possible links to Zionists, Communist USA and other foreign powers who has nothing better to do than intefere in Malaysia's internal affairs.

Just so as to confound those looking for some redeeming qualities in him, Ali also sledged the Bar Council as "bastards" and once again played that favourite card of his and Dr. Mahathir's by raising the bogey spectre of "13th May 1969." Ooh, that scared the King, didn't it?

As an aside, he "only advised" the Chinese to stock up on food and STAY AT HOME!" Heh, heh, heh!

4. The Police. It's time they stopped allowing themselves to being misused by UMNO, PM and Kerismudin as the whipping boys for all the bullying and blatant subversion of the law.

Let me state it very clearly. No leader of any democratic nation which subscribes to the rule of law has ever, with the exception Dr. Mahathir and now Najib, said the cops have authority over freely elected Ministers, Government and Parliament to marshall law and order as they please.

And by no stretch of anyone's imagination could Dr.Jeyakumar and 30 of his party members have proceeded to Penang to "wage war against OUR King" and resurrect Communism, armed to their eyeballs with YELLOW T-SHIRTS, could they? He's a medical doctor for God's sake! Grant him a modicum of intelligence.  He did a David on Goliath Samy Velu at GE 2008. You think he got there by having Stalinistic ambitions or being stupid?

OUR King and Najib govern from the Federal Territory of Putrajaya outside Kuala Lumpur and Dr. Jeyakumar headed for Penang to foment revolution?

And that so-called cache of petrol bombs and T-shirts stashed away among some rocks in the boondocks of Bentong. Only an idiot would cart these things all the way from Bentong in Pahang to KL when he could just as well come empty handed and assemble it all fresh here.

The last time the natives got restless and waged war with machetes must have been during that Jurassic era when they still wore grass skirts.

Wake up, IGP! It's not worth gaining the whole world only to lose your soul!

5. Bit players like Khairudin Jamaludin and UMNO Youth saved themselves embarrassing blushes after the King's intervention. They mouthed what sounded pretty much like an apology and withdrew their planned copy cat march. 

6. There is also that shallow and scurillous Masjid India gold peddling blogger who sounded more panicked than the rest of the nation, demanding Amibiga and Bersih members be arrested under the ISA. He insulted her as being as 'still new from the plantation.' Well Mr. Righteous who always quotes from the Koran, Ambiga's father was a kidney specialist at Pantai Medical centre and her uncle, Justice Gopal Sri Ram. They could probably tell you a thing or two about some Indian Muslims claiming to be Bumiputra and Malay and freely and shamelessly giving unsolicited advise to the Malays on what is adat and what is adab!

As for Ambiga and Bersih, 2 step forward, 1 step back is still progress. Here are some classic sayings and cliches for more inspiration: 

Rome was not built in a day.
From little acorns grow mighty oaks.
Even a root can cleave and rent asunder a giant boulder.

And to those who were illegally arrested for wearing yellow T-shirts and/or remanded/charged, MILLIONS salute your courage. We are in awe of your commitment to secure democracy and free elections in this land WE all love so much.

You are OUR true heroes. 

So, WE will turn up in full force with our families to support you in whichever Stadium and have a peaceful, but joyous, noisy celebratory PARTAY! We will do so even if it is held underwater, in outer space or in a black hole. That much we GUARANTEE! 

donplaypuks® with OUR King and Steel Magnolias, man! 


Krishna said...

I kiss your feet for telling the mamak goldsmith what he really is.

STEADYAKU47 said...

Way to go Bro!!!!

Fart Fart Wah said...

LOCAL MOOLAYU APE RUNNING AMOK...........because someone took his banana,,,????.

from M2Day

Admiral Tojo said...

A truely great write up. My tribe and me will party with you come Saturday to praise the unsunk heroes amongst us, THE RAKYAT. I will be wearing the Royal Color YELLOW.


from M2Day

Merdeka said...

Ibrahim Ali kena masuk hospital rambutan untuk buat rawatan selanjutnya, pasal cel cel otaknya mungkin ada sesuatu.

from M2Day

Malgal said...

and ib ali the undisputed Stooge Moronia.

from M2Day

arazak said...

IF Ambiga is "Steel Magnolia", than Najib must be "Steel Mongolia"!

from M2Day