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by E.S. Shankar, author of 'Murdered In Malaysia:The Altantuya Story'


Sirul Azahar bin Haji Umar, 44, was, together with Azilah bin Hadri, 39, convicted by the Federal Court on 13 January 2015, of the brutal murder and execution of Altantuya, 28, whose body was blown up with C4 explosives on the night of 19/ early morning 20 October 2006! Sirul and Azilah were sentenced to death for their gruesome crime. Early this month, Azilah had applied for  a Royal Pardon (clemency) from HRH Sultan of Selangor 

By the time the Feds rendered their verdict last year, Sirul had fled to Australia, where he is now being held at the Villawood Detention Centre, Sydney, pending the outcome of his application for asylum and a protection visa from the Australian immigration authorities. Apparently, as long as he faces a death sentence in Malaysia, Australian laws will not permit his extradition to Malaysia.

At his trial at the High Court in 2009, Sirul had read out a statement from the dock that he was being made a scapegoat "so that I will be the black sheep who has to be sacrificed to protect the plans and evil intentions of those who are not in court today to face the outcome of their treatment and schemes."

Among other statements, Sirul had claimed in his signed confession to the police (ruled inadmissible as evidence by the court), and/or in the statement read out in court by him that:

1. He had never met Abdul Razak Baginda, Altantuya or her father, cousin and friends or anyone else connected with Altantuya's murder, other than Azilah.

2. He was recruited by Azilah for the Altantuya mission and took orders and instructions from only him.

3. Altantuya had confessed to him that she was pregnant with child, before he shot her mercilessly and helped Azilah blow up her body with C4 explosives.

Now, you would think that if Sirul was intent on proving his innocence, that it would be in his best interest to keep alive Malaysia's and international suspicions that serially lying PM Najib was involved up to his eye-balls in Altantuya's death, and the establishment conspiracy to cover it all up.

Yet in the last month Sirul has purportedly released 3 videos on YouTube in which:

1. He implies that some unknown parties had tried to implicate serially PM Najib in Altantuya's murder, to topple him from office, but remains coy about identifying them.

2. He does a complete U-turn and claims he never said Altantuya was pregnant with child, even though his signed confession to the police to the contrary, is available to anyone who has an Internet connection. Did he read my book? Because there I refer to the blowing up of Altantuya's body with C4 explosives as THE central clue leading to the conclusion that she must have been pregnant. 

What other reason could her killers and conspirators have had for blowing up her body, when they could have otherwise buried it in the remote jungle, with the probability that it would never be discovered?

3. He vehemently denies that serially lying PM Najib was ever involved in Altantuya's murder or was ever connected in any way with it! Now how could he possibly know that at all for a fact, when Azilah had confirmed in court that he had recruited Sirul who received all orders from him, and Sirul had also confirmed it in court, in 2009 that he had met no one else connected with Altantuya's murder!!??

Well, it's obvious that:

1. Most importantly, despite all that charade invoking Allah's name, he has yet to reveal who gave the orders to kill Altantuya and bow up her body with C4 explosives, especially since he has said that he had no motive to kill her. Who provided the C4 explosives and with what specific instructions?

2. Sirul is being manipulated by BUMNO/SCUMNO and its lawyers to  bail out serially lying PM Najib. It may well be that these videos have been doctored, as there is no logic in Sirul giving Najib a life-line.

3. This comes as serially lying PM Najib is now an international pariah and laughing stock, treated with derision, ridicule and scorn in the civilized world, after being reprieved from criminal prosecution by AG Pandi, his stooge. On Tuesday, Pandi announced to an incredulous world, that RM2.6 billion deposited in Najib's personal bank account was a donation from the Saudi Royal family, and that Najib had not instructed anyone or known about another RM42 million that had found its way to his bank account from public funds entrusted to SRC, a wholly owned MoF corporation (Najib also doubles as the Finance Minister)! Pandi conveniently did not make any reference to another RM33 million that had also floated in and out of Najib's bank account, originating from SRC!!

4. With Asia Sentinel publishing an article alleging 3 murders have revolved around Najib (the Altantuya murder being one of them), Najib must have been feeling intense pressure and have had long, sleepless nights, pondering over the mess he has created and the legacy he would be leaving behind for his children. Or over the prospects of facing his father, Tun Abdul Razak, in the after-life. Tun, who must be turning in his grave perpetually, may even have been nick-named 'Pinwheel Razak' for the atrocities and crimes committed by his son!

Serially lying PM Najib may have felt that everyone would just move on just because AG Pandi NFA'd the, give or take, 37 charges recommended by the MACC against him. If so, it only proves he's a bigger fool than many thought he was. There's no way anything is going away until Najib is safely deposited in a cell in Bamboo River Resort!

Now, the ghosts of Altantuya and PI Bala have come back to haunt him with yesterday's press announcement that French authorities have filed charges against a Thint Asia director for paying hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to Najib crony Abdul Razak Baginda (who had an affair with Altantuya and claimed she blackmailed him), in the $8 billion Scorpene submarines Malaysian government procurement contract with (state owned) DCNS of France. CLICK HERE.

Abdul Razak Baginda was unbelievably acquitted of abetment in Altantuya's murder in 2008, without his defence his being called and when had more motive to kill Altantuya than Azilah or Sirul!!

It never rains, but pours! Joy, o joy! Just when serially lying PM Najib thought that he had somewhat silenced his critics over his mismanagement, fraud, CBT, misappropriation of funds and plain theft at $46 billion debt-laden 1MDB by selling off some $20 over billion of its assets, the sting came from Switzerland. Swiss AG Michael Lauber announced yesterday that his office would be investigating possibly $4 billion constituting bribery, money-laundering and violation of Swiss banking laws by 1MDB!! CLICK HERE. Boy, is everyone waiting for Najib and another stooge of his, Arul Kaunda Kundi to receive their knock-out blows!!

Well, no sane person is going to buy any of Sirul's sudden "confessions" attempting to paint Najib as some sort of a saint. Not when he implied quite the opposite some 9 years ago. 

There are also rumours flying around that a certain once folk-hero blogger now gone AWOL in UK, has switched camps and may well be behind this attempt to airbrush Najib's tattered, torn and pathetic image. But, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ears, can you? You may get away with 1 or 2 big lies in a long political career; but, serial whoppers? The gallows await Najib! Coming as it does just when Najib's bacon is going to burnt crisp, it's all too much of a coincidence. Did a few million ringgit change hands somewhere? Does Dracula worship fresh blood and drool over it?

Below are the 3 videos purportedly recorded by Sirul, in Bahasa Malaysia, with transcripts in English. I have grave doubts as to their authenticity.

Is it not curious that Sirul does not directly name Altantuya in the videos, referring to her as "the woman" or the murder as "the case"? This is the same Sirul who confessed he had to defecate in the bushes before dragging Altantuya off into the dark of the woods to silence her forever! Eerie behaviour with black magic connotations, not unlike that of the Malaysian naval officer involved in attempted rape in New Zealand, is it not? Guilt appears to be pouring from Sirul's face and the quiver of his voice, in sheets, even as the voice-over spews lies. He swears in Allah's name, but dares not, like that chicken and serially lying PM Najib too, swear on the Quran!!

The ghosts of Altantuya and PI Bala must be giving them both chronic insomnia! 


"I want to clarify and further elaborate on the media statement issued by Dato Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin and Hasnal Rezua Marican in Kuala Lumpur recently. A few days after that statement was made, there were some parties who took the opportunity to contact me here. I want to say here that I have no interest whatsoever in making any statements after this. As we are all aware, Dato Kamarul has himself said that there are certain processes, including immigration and legal matters ongoing here that need my attention. So I now want to fully focus my time and energy on my application so that I can remain here (in Australia). Some parties and the media have made it difficult for me to cope with the situation.


Some media, as well as online media, uploaded information which is inaccurate. What was reported is not true at all; what was reported is false, especially the news that the woman was pregnant, that she was with child at the time. This is not true at all. I clarify here that it is not true at all that the woman was with child. This is clearly provocation as well as speculation by the media and the online media to make it appear that my case was very cruel and horrific. The allegation was played up as though a certain person had fathered the child. It is all pure slander. I deny categorically that statement as well as the reports. It is not true that the woman was pregnant with child.



I understand it is the intention of certain parties who have made it their priority to topple a certain person. I was not brought up or taught to make false accusations against any person. It would be a big sin on me if I were to make false accusations against any person. I swear here in Allah's name that His Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato Seri Najib Abdul Razak was never involved in that case or had any connections with it.


Anonymous said...

After killing people why should he be afraid of committing a "BIG SIN"? Lie and kill on the right and ask for God to forgive on the right!

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 10.57

Is there a bigger sin that committing murder?

houdini said...

"2. He was recruited by Azilah for the Altantuya mission and took orders and instructions from only him."

Azilah was especially assigned to Najib Razak.

And that "Royal" Manchester blogger was also a Mat Rempit. He once wrote proudly how he & his gang would go to Penang and beat up the orang putih soldiers when they were drunk in the evening. He also was a gangster in KL and proud of his Triad links.
Easy to read Najib from the company he keeps.

Comm S. Thayaparan said...

Commander s.Thayaparan said...
Interesting these guys when cornered like rats put on the kopiah and look for divine help, Nowadays their upmarket brethren take frequent trip to the Kabbah in Mecca staying in 6Star hotels near the grand mosque. Remember Harun Din looking out of his window with the kopiah on and then smmugled out in a woman's wig!

Greg L said...

Just wondering if BN has the following policy: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words --- who gives a damn!"

Donplaypuks® said...

Greg, yes, they don't come thicker skinned than BUMNO/SCUMNO, serially lying PM Najib and his Cabinet!

Donplaypuks® said...

Commander, yes, like patriotism, religion is also the refuge of the scoundrel!