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 by e.s. shankar

"There is a voice that does not use words. Listen!" Rumi (1203-1273).

KERAJAAN GAGAL! PM Mahiaddin and his bloated Cabinet of 70 Ministers and Deputy Ministers in Perikatan Nasional (PN) SHALL FALL in a matter of days if not weeks.
When all is said and done, the PN government as it is now made up, MUST fall.
This is not only because they have formed a government that excludes non-Muslims. Or, mismanaged the economy and survived by offering plum and cushy jobs to coalition MP’s. They filled up many top positions in the Ministries, GLC’s, Parliament, Universities and Colleges in the public sector with Wahhabi/Salafi cronies. They have appointed tainted and crooked individuals who supported Najib and his government of thieves, has-beens and inexperienced persons as Senators and made Ministers of some. They have avoided by manipulation, a vote of no confidence in Parliament. Corruption and enforcer authoritarianism have been on the rise.
PM Mahiaddin, if he has an atom of integrity left in his body, must voluntarily resign his post TODAY. Once his resignation is accepted by the YDPA (King), the Cabinet too shall be automatically dissolved. The two main reasons why PM Mahiaddin must tender his resignation immediately are:
1. First, he undermined Parliament when he declared an Emergency on 12 January this year on the pretext that it would help the government better handle the Covid19 pandemic. No other civilized country has resorted to this cheap trickery designed to help it stay in power by disabling Parliament from carrying out a vote of no confidence, assisted by a very compliant and apparently, "radicalised", Speaker.
Second, he and his ministers lied and created confusion when they said they had the power to revoke Emergency Ordinances without the YDPA’s consent and had to be fact-checked by the YDPA himself. This is the most famous stinging and embarrassing slap in the face of a prime minister in the history of Malaysia. If this were Japan, the PM would have committed hari-kari (suicide) on that day itself. Instead, he is causing "huru-hara" (chaos)!
Third, he undermined Parliament again when he shut it down last Friday for 14 days, with the flimsy excuse that 4 cases of Covid19 had been detected. 5-year old kindergarten children are laughing. When 204 people were found infected at a Shah Alam vaccination centre last month, the DG of Health had it shut 1 day for sanitization. Who failed to have the staff and MP’s tested for Covid19 despite 21-days notice in advance of the reconvening of Parliament? Who goofed? Heads must roll.
PM Mahiaddin has forgotten, as all power crazy Ketuanist (I am Malay first Supremacist) leaders with an inferiority complex do, especially one who seized office through the backdoor and not at a general election or vote in Parliament, that in a democracy:
“...That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government...”. The US Declaration of Independence, 1776.
In other words, WE, THE PEOPLE, appoint the government through general elections to administer the country. Governments do not “rule” us. WE empower them. WE are their masters.
2. Secondly, and more importantly, PM Mahiaddin and his administration have failed dismally in handling the Covid19 pandemic. Numbers do not lie:
(i) Number of Covid19 INFECTIONS on 12 Jan 2021 – 141,533
Number of Covid19 INFECTIONS on 1 Aug 2021 – 1,130, 422
% increase – 699%!!!
(ii) Number of Covid19 DEATHS on 12 Jan 2021 – 559
Number of Covid19 DEATHS on 1 Aug 2021 – 9,184
% increase – 1,543%!!!
We have had enough of incompetent Ministers talking about warm water treatment for Covid19 and Spanish Fly. Or, Ministers who think the people are stupid by saying the government did not have even RM4.2 BILLION to place advance orders for Covid19 vaccines, thus losing out to Singapore, when the country has reserves of RM462 BILLION. They could have got EPF/Socso/Khazanah/PNB etc. which have over RM1 TRILLION in assets to fund vaccine purchase, given it’s a global pandemic and emergency? No? The result - vaccination roll out was delayed by a further 3 months. How much unnecessary suffering and DEATHS are that?
So, one way or another, PM Mahiaddin and the PN government, MUST FALL. A RCI must be held to establish:
1. How much money the government actually spent on the vaccine purchase and roll out. Was it RM3.5 BILLION or RM5.5 BILLION or RM8.5 BILLION and who got the no-open tender “direct-nego” contracts and at what profit margin.
2. Whether the PM, Ministers and Civil Service Chiefs were negligent in discharging their duties by playing politics or selective in enforcing the Covid19 SOP, when millions went through terrible pain and suffering and thousands died. Why were 7,000 private medical clinics and other private hospitals and dental clinics and thousand of pharmacies across the nation not co-opted into the vaccine roll out program from Day 1?
3. Were the Speaker and Deputy Speakers obstructive in Parliament and biased in their rulings to prevent a vote of no confidence and blocking legitimate motions by Opposition MP’s.
All those found guilty should be fined heavily and sentenced to a minimum 5 years in Bamboo River Resort with no time off for good behaviour or entitlement to government pension.
What can the Rakyat do while the matter is being handled by the YDPA and Rulers?
1. Support financially and otherwise and/or join a movement that's prepared to challenge the PN government's legitimacy, openly. Like everyone, I too have family and fears. But we must rise above that for the greater good of the Rakyat.
2. Open a Twitter account TODAY (it’s free) and tweet PN PM Mahiaddin, Ministers, MP’s, Speaker and top Civil Servants to resign. If 5 million people tweet them every day, they will have no choice but to step down.
3. Similarly, sign all petitions and start your own.
4. Voice your protest and anger on all social media – Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, blogs, whatever.
When your house is on fire, that is not the time to ask why no one in your home had bought a fire extinguisher. Or sit on the fence complaining while waiting for the fire truck which has broken down because the engineers were negligent in servicing it regularly.
Only action talks. Any kind of action! Do something pro-active. TODAY! NOW!

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