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by kennedy nixon clinton, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for serial lying and cover-up affairs


First, let us dispel the myth that the RM2.6 billion that was TT'd to serially lying PM Najib's bank a/c was a donation from the Saudi Royal family. Sarawak Report revealed long before Tuesday that serially lying PM Najib had produced a "Royal" who had a similar name as a Saudi Royal to con Deputy PM Zahid, MACC and the world. The "royalty" was a dud, a fake sheikh!

Yesterday, the BBC came up with some nonsense about a "well-placed Saudi source" who claimed the $2.6 billion was authorized from the very top - from Saudi Arabia's late King Abdullah - with funds coming from both his personal finances and state funds, because they were worried about the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIL extending their pernicious fundamentalist Islamic philosophy and influence to Malaysia! 

Unfortunately, King Abdullah passed away in January 2015, while our Deputy PM Zahid claimed he had met the royal donor in August 2015! Such is the low IQ and stupidity of our top  (wooden IKEA)  and sycophant Cabinet members who have not a jot of integrity, and will lie at the drop of a hat to save their own skins.

The BBC has been conned! CLICK HERE.

And do remember that to counter that BBC report, there are several other articles that the Saudi government is completely in the dark about any RM2.6 billion "donation" by it to serially lying PM Najib, and it is quoted as saying that such a "donation" would be pretty unusual. CLICK HERE AND HERE.

Why is this nonsense? You ask me for proof? I will give you the same proof serially lying PM Najib has offered the world - take my word for it!

Okay, I will offer better proof than serially lying PM Najib has.

Because if there was an iota of truth in the BBC report, then serially lying PM Najib would NOT have:

1. Hidden the money from UMNO, misused it or transferred it out of Malaysia, all without the knowledge of UMNO. He returned US$620 million of the US681 million to the Saudi Royal family? That's the biggest lie and joke of all. He probably transferred to his own off-shore bank a/c, which explains why there have been persistent rumours in recent weeks that he has been negotiating asylum and immunity overseas, with the proviso that he be entitled to keep the money!
2. Sacked Deputy PM Muhyiddin for questioning it.
3. Illegally removed ex-AG Gani Patail from office.
4. Illegally Ordered the IGP to arrest BNM and MACC officers investigating the movement of the RM2.6 billion and another $42 million from SRC.
5. Illegally transferred MACC investigation officers to other departments.
6. Replaced top officers at the Special Branch.
7. Asked stooge and new AG Pandi to lie publicly that ex-AG Gani Patail had not prepared a draft charge sheet for serially lying PM Najib's arrest!
8. Demurred from suing the Wall St Journal or Sarawak Report who have accused him of benefiting from the RM2.6 billion by buying votes and rigging GE 2013.
9. Had his ministers and deputy ministers at first deny that any such corrupt moneys went into his bank a/c.
10. Allowed SRC Managing Director Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil and director Suboh Mohd Yasin to flee to Indonesia. If the duo had done nothing wrong, why did the bolt overseas?

Why would there have been any need for serially lying PM Najib to act in such draconian fashion, if the RM2.6 billion and RM42 million were all legally kosher?

Besides that, we now have irrefutable proof that at the very least, serially lying PM Najib is guilty of fraud, CBT, misappropriation of government funds, abuse of power and AG Pandi of abetting Najib, with regard to the RM42 million.

The RM42 million came from $4 billion raised by 1MDB (over and above an additional RM42 billion) from government-pension fund KWAP. 1MDB apparently "invested" this RM4 billion in dubious coal-mining ventures in Mongolia and Indonesia, and other dud enterprises. When there was widespread protest from the public about putting pensioners money at risk, and 1MDB was unable to service debt interest, serially lying and thieving PM Najib illegally forced the Ministry of Finance, through SRC, to take over this disastrous, and possibly fraudulent transaction, with no loss to 1MDB. We are not interested in SRC "properly accounting for the figures", we are interested in knowing what this $4 billion "investment" is currently worth, and whether the underlying businesses still exist!

Let us see the the dates of the relevant money-trail:

21/03/2013 IPIC transfers via Tanore Finance Corp British Virgin Islands - US$620 million
25/03/2013 IPIC transfers via Tanore Finance Corp British Virgin Islands - US$61 million

Total TT'd to serially lying PM Najib's AMMB bank a/c in Malaysia was US$681 million = RM2.6 billion.

30/08/2013 Najib transfers US$620 million or RM 2.03 billion to Swiss Falcon Bank Singapore Branch. A/c closed on 30/08/2013.

08/07/2014 SRC transfers RM27 million to Najib's AMMB bank a/c routed through Putra Perdana Group company Permai Binaraya S/B.
10/09/2014 SRC transfers RM25 million routed through Putra Perdana Group company Putra Perdana Construction S/B.

Total TT'd to serially lying PM Najib's AMMB bank a/c in Malaysia by Putra Perdana Group was RM32 million.

26/12/2014 SRC transfers RM27 million routed through subsidiary Ihsan Perdana S/B
26/12/2014 SRC transfers RM5million routed through subsidiary Ihsan Perdana S/B
10/02/2015 SRC transfers RM10 million routed through subsidiary Ihsan Perdana S/B

Total TT'd to serially lying PM Najib's AMMB bank a/c in Malaysia by SRC/Ihsan Perdana S/B was RM42 million.


1. How did AG Pandi know that US$620 million or RM2.03 billion was "returned" to the Saudi Royal family, when the account has been frozen by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)? Did serially lying PM Najib produce a receipt as proof?

2. What was the US$61 million (681-620) used for by serially lying PM Najib? He has not sued the Wall St Journal and Sarawak Report for publishing that he used it to enrich himself, buy votes and rig elections.

3. How do AG Pandi and PM Najib explain the difference between US$61 million @ 3.30 = about RM200 million AND RM570 million (RM2.6 billion minus RM2.03 billion)??!!


4 (a) If serially lying PM Najib's AMMB bank a/c into which the RM2.6 billion was TT'd was closed on 30 August 2013, then how could he and AG Pandi have claimed and concluded that the SRC RM42 million received by Najib in December 2014 and February 2015, some 16 months later, was part of the $2.6 billion? Who is kidding whom?

(b) How could serially lying PM Najib's personal AMMB bank a/c have been closed without him signing the papers, for him to conveniently forget about it later. Does Najib receive RM2.6 billion and transfer RM2.03 billion very day?


(c) Numerous cheques were issued from that SRC RM42 million to pay individuals, corporations as well as at least RM3 million for Najib's personal shopping expenses. How is that not at least CBT and misappropriation of government funds? How could these payments have been made if Najib did not sign the cheques and payment orders? How could he then claim he did not know about the RM42 million being government funds? He never checked his own bank statements or asked his secretary  and financial aides or the MoF when signing cheques?

(d) Why have AG Pandi and serially lying PM Najib not said a word about the additional RM32 million that Najib received from the Putra Perdana Group when it's there in AG Pandi's chart? What more fraud and thievery are they both covering up?

In short ladies and gentlemen:

1. The RM2.6 billion being a "donation" from the Saudi Royal family is pure bull-shit from serially lying PM Najib and AG Pandi. Was Malaysia ever on the Saudi radar screen when they would have been more concerned about Indonesia and Pakistan? It's incredible that those who should know better in the west can for one second entertain the notion that the Saudis would make a personal "donation" to a man like serially lying PM Najib whose name is also linked to 3 murders. CLICK HERE.

The money was stolen from government funds by PM Najib and Goldman Sachs and Jho Paris Hilton will be able to tell us exactly how!

There is no point whatsoever in talking about the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIL or they Saudi Royal family and whether RM2.03 billion was returned to them. It's all lies, lies and more lies by serially lying PM Najib.

2. That PM Najib did not instruct SRC to transfer the RM42 million and he did not know about it and that he "assumed" that it was part of the RM2.6 billion (US$681 million) is pure bulls-shit from serially PM Najib and AG Pandi. These are patent lies to cover-up massive criminality by Najib and his administration.

As sure as the sun rises in the east an sets in the west, serially lying PM Najib is guilty of fraud, CBT, misappropriation of government funds, abuse of power, theft, grievous maladministration and TREASON, abetted by his criminal stooge AG Pandi.

Lastly, AG Pandi has no legal power whatsoever to pronounce anyone innocent or guilty of any crime He can only decide to prosecute or not. It is for our judges and courts to decide the fate of any accused. It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL for the AG to order the MACC to close any of their investigations. He can only advise them he is closing his file.

AG Pandi should be dismissed from his position for gross stupidity, incompetence, ignorance of the law and abetting serially PM Najib in the heist and cover-up of the century!

Donplaypuks® with continuous lying, serially lying PM Najib and stooge AG Pandi!


Purple Haze said...

The story put forward has more holes than Swiss Cheese.

Ganesan said...

There is a race in this country that is being constantly told a lie that if dUmnoputras don't steal, then the Chinese and the Indians will, all that which "belongs" to them, they are made to believe, that as long as it is a dUmnoputrfa who is doing the stealing,their race should not make any noises about the robberies, as the crooks know too well that Chinese and Indians alone can't do anything to them and their blatant daylight robberies and siphoning of our tax monies.

R Ros said...

It's a #^{^*{*##^ disgrace and I'm baffled beyond words that this is allowed to happen

Donplaypuks® said...

Purple Haze - good one 'more holes than Swiss Cheese'!! A story babies in the womb will be laughing at!

Ganesan - Yes, it is Umnoputra policy to keep the masses ignorant and demonise the Chinese, Indians and DAP so they will blindly continue voting for BUMNO/SCUMNO.

Ros, it is happening too many citizens are keeping quiet, afraid of the consequences of speaking out. It is no longer an option!

V N Rajan said...

As a Malaysian i am both embarrassed and sooooo angry that this buffoon is allowed to get away with this sh#t! I am sure the majority of the Malaysian population feel like me as do ordinary UMNO and BN party members. Surely one man can't wield that much power? This has to stop. Can this case be taken to some sort of international court?

Anonymous said...

To play race card in the comments is quite easy. Sure Najib is from Umno and Umno don't go along with DAP. But the truth is MANY of those fighting Najib are Malays and some are Umno people.
In fact only 1 from DAP that I know of is going on a road show to explain to the people what's going on. In fact DAP's counterpart across the causeway PAP, is on good terms with Najib.
As you can see the majority of people actively explaining to the people, looking for solution etc are Malays.
Nope, don't blame the Malays, Najib as an INDIVIDUAL is to be blamed. He MISUSED the power & respect (from his father) given to him.
Sure Najib has plenty of support from Umno Divisional Chiefs....that's because he corrupted them. That's the nature of POLITICS, anybody can be corrupted. So the job of a Leader is to lead them straight.
But Najib was corrupt since young, ACA has his file from the 90's . Somehow the powers-that-be in those days decided not to persue the matter maybe out of respect for his late father or thinking that he was capable of changing for his own good.
Well now he is cornered and making best use of the situation, appearing respectable and letting the assistants doing the dirty work of defending him.
Of course you can't talk about him without mentioning his glamorous wife and his professional wheeler dealer Jho Lo, with whom all those global money transfers were made possible.

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 12.09

Is it only Najib? What about other cabinet UMNO members? What about the Chairman of 1MDB, past CEOs (except those who resigned in protest). What about Razak Baginda? Or the $30 billion PPFI con job or over $1 billion spent on Permata with no transparency or accountability? Or Rafidah's AP scandal, Perwaja, BBMB etc. etc. etc.?

Many of those fighting Najib are themselves guilty of massive financial scandal and cannot account for their fabulous wealth!

No, it's not racist. All those who disagree with UMNO Bau's corruption must resign from the party and throw out Najib and his govt of thieves. They must condemn corruption.

Anonymous said...

If Mahathir or Rafidah is guilty why can't somebody gather evidence and prosecute them ? They are no longer in power. Najib would be very happy. Many people would.
As for Najib, he works in a team and good chances he gave the approval. So it's all traced back to him.
So many people are corrupt in Malaysia and we can't talk about all of them (Police, Customs, JPJ etc) but one thing I am quite sure you won't actively fight corrupt corruption if you're corrupt.