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clarence s. darrow, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for syeditious monkey affairs

An interesting paragraph that drew my attention yesterday was from a blog post at ‘OutSyed The Box’ by blogger and author (of ‘Club of Doom’), Syed Akbar Ali (SAA) who also sits on the board of advisers of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The March 17th 2012 blog post was titled ‘Gag Order Against RPK’ and the startling paragraph was QUOTE: 

Then this guy Azizan Abu Bakar, the complainant in the first sodomy trial suffered a strange "hit and run" accident where his pregnant wife was killed. The case was not solved. At that time guess who was still the Deputy Prime Minister? All these things happened.” UNQUOTE.

The DPM at that time was, of course, Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim.

Here’s a rebuttal of SAA’s insinuation by way of an extract from MALAYSIAToday’s ‘THE CORRIDORS OF POWER’ by Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) dated August 3rd 2010:

“A key witness in the trial of Malaysia's sacked finance minister, Anwar Ibrahim, said Tuesday that the former Cabinet minister wasn't involved in the death of the witness' wife earlier this year. Anwar's former driver, Azizan Abu Bakar, told the capital's High Court that his pregnant wife actually died in a car accident in January…..Asked on the recent arrest of Anwar's former family driver Azizan Abu Bakar for khalwat (close proximity), Dr Mahathir said he believed somebody was watching Azizan closely. ''I think all will be done to discredit this witness,'' he said of Azizan, a prosecution witness in the corruption trial of Anwar. (Utusan Malaysia, 20 September 1999).

The man who accused Malaysian ex-deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim of sodomising him was Tuesday jailed by an Islamic court for trying to have sex with a woman, the state news agency Bernama reported. The Islamic court in southern Malacca state jailed Azizan Abu Bakar, 39, for three months and fined him 7,000 ringgit after he pleaded guilty to being in close proximity with Norhayati Saad.

Azizan, the key witness in Anwar's ongoing sodomy trial, also admitted attempting to have illicit sex with Norhayati, it added. Norhayati, a 22 year-old college student whom he married a few days after they were caught, was jailed for three months and fined a total of 6,300 ringgit, the report said. The pair were caught together in a rented house in Malacca this month during a raid by Islamic religious officials and police officers. Islam bans sexual relations outside marriage.”

CLICK HERE for the full article.

So, perhaps Syed, you should ask the Prime Minister at that time, Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, the man who started the ball rolling with a police investigation of Anwar, and said QUOTE:  “I think all will be done to discredit this witness.” UNQUOTE, if he knows anything about the death of Azizan’s wife. Surely the good doctor was not implying that Azizan was persuaded to commit khalwat by Anwar or PKR members? 

Justice Ariffin Jaka had pronounced that Azizan was akin to the Rock of Gibraltar in his integrity and honesty and went ahead and convicted Anwar,:

  1. Claiming Azizan had the higher moral ground despite him being convicted of committing khalwat during the trial.
  2.  Ignoring completely (thrice) Azizan’s numerous backtrackings on the date of the alleged sodomy. 
  3. Despite the place (Tivoli Villas) that Azizan claimed the alleged crime was committed, did not exist at that time. 
Rightfully, on appeal, the Federal Court flushed Jaka’s verdict down his honour's toilet!

So Syed, even after Azizan had, under oath, himself exonerated Anwar from any involvement in his wife’s death, you continue to make these dirty insinuations?

But readers may wish to know who Syed Akbar Ali is, and what sterling personal credentials he is able to table to back up these innuendos and insinuations about Anwar.

Let’s go to an extract from Haris Ibrahim’s  ‘People’s Parliament’ blog of July 2nd 2011 titled ‘Syeditious Akbar Ali’:

“Dr M’s chief spin doctor, Syeditious Akbar Ali, who holds that semen is discharged by women, in his post on 15th June, urges the police to arrest Ambiga if she ‘steps out into the street’.….. Syed, of course, has had his own run in with the men in blue. Syed actually alludes to this in an interview with The Star on 6th March, this year. This is what he says of that episode:

‘…I was charged but the case was nothing. I was charged for an anonymous comment on his blog. My comment was on Arabs misbehaving in Bukit Bintang, so I don’t know how seditious that is…'.

Case was nothing, eh, Syed? Syed was charged under section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act, 1948. No case against him?

Let me reproduce here for you his comment in full, which he says was nothing. Hehe, nothing, eh Syed?

In Malaysia, ever wonder why massage centres are mushrooming in Bukit Bintang? Because of SUDDEN increased of ARAB visitors.

EXACTLY BTN. The Arab camel shaggers are here in town. Also please note the amount of alcohol sold in Bukit Bintang. The Arabs are drinking up too. Not only prostitution but the Arabs are also into young boys, their all-time favourites. You will notice young Malay boys and some Chinese hanging around the Bukit Bintang area. The Arabs are diseased man. It takes an exceptionally stupid people (the Batu Gang Malays) to think that it is such a great thing to welcome Arab camel shaggers to our country.

The Arabs are kafirs or disbelievers. They founded the religion of the Batu Gang. They have conned millions into believing that a stupid stone structure in their shit hole desert should be the centre of focus of people’s worship - another stupid concept. True to Arab homosexual tradition, the sick Arabs have conned millions of people into raising their arse above their heads five times a day - supposedly in prayer. Ass holes! Staring up each other’s backsides! Yo Brader Anwar. Just thought of you." 

"In another post, where Syeditious admits to receiving RM3,000 from RPK towards account of the bail he had to pay in his case, he claims that he had wanted to pay the sum back after the charges against him were dropped and the bail money returned to him. This is how he puts it. 

“I did ask Haris Ibrahim that I wanted to return the RM3,000. He just gave me a ‘forget it lah’ type shake of the head.”

 Syeditious is a liar. This never happened.

CLICK HERE  for the full blog post by Haris ibrahim.

As far as I’m aware, Syed has not replied to Haris’s branding him a liar or filed a defamation law suit against him. 

To be fair to Syed, he does write fairly well on a broad range of interesting issues. I agree with him that religion is the bane of man, and should not be allowed to interfere in government, politics, schools and higher institutions of learning. An elderly wise gentleman recently explained to me that the Sanskrit/Tamil word ‘Sanatana-dharma’ means ‘right behaviour’ and if one thinks about it seriously, that’s all the religion mankind really needs.

But, once in a while Syeditious – I love that moniker coined by Haris – lets slip his guard. Then you get to catch a glimpse of some disturbing flashes from the chinks in his armour. In his continuous vilification of Anwar, his demand that Ambiga and Bersih organizers be locked up by the police, that foreigners are plotting regime change in Malaysia, and more, written always in a hysterical tone, suggests something is not quite alright in his make up. More so, from a man who quotes the Koran chapter and verse.

And really Syed, did  Anwar impose any gag order on RPK? Does Anwar own the Skype global forum, or have influence over its organizers? This is the real world, where those who foot the bill will want their money’s worth, not the NEP dictated fantasy one. So, they logically decided, not that RPK was less newsworthy, but that Anwar was more. If you were going to recover your investment outlay of millions of dollars, who would you say is internationally more bankable, Anwar or RPK? Money talks, bullshit walks. QED

Then again, has Anwar ever denied RPK’s right to free speech? Has he gagged RPK from blogging, giving interviews or speaking his mind? 

Last I read MALAYSIAToday, RPK is alive and kickin’ swimmingly well, thank you!

Donplaypuks® with wild accusations, syeditious man!


Anonymous said...


while saa is happily condemning the arabs.

he shamelessly carries a fake arab title [syed- squire in arabic]

by virtue of

being a friday -born keling.

judging from his writing, saa is a mf sundal writer

who prostitute his writings for madey -the pirate

of kerala and his desired successor- mukerjee insipidus!

The stupid buggers at jakim can find fault with the

arkam group but found no fault with the condemnation

of the islamic prayer by the apostatic saa. Maybe the

fact that madey of kerala is behind him give him lots

of exemptions...



LaM said...

Why was the sedition charge drop?

The stone he was referring to must be the Kaabah. He must be very lucky to be an Umno arse licker. otherwise that Umno gabbage paper, utusan will run his full article and roast him day and night. Ibrahim ali would have called for this head to be chopped.

How come we miss this seditious article written by him? By muslim standard, this Syed fella is already an 'apostate'.

Donplaypuks® said...


From what I have read, the charges were dropped after SAA allegedly approached a well-known blogger to use his good influence/connection with the powers-that-be.

If you research Haris's article and blogs, I'm sure you'll find the answer there.

Anonymous said...

Well done Donplaypuks for your intelligent article analysis. However, SAA is of the think skinned variety, he is capable of feeling neither shame or remorse.
I have commented several times on his blog, questioning him on several of his articles. My comments don't see the light of day.
I have even challenged him to a debate on several issues, particularly about his hero, Tun Mahathir, on his blog, and he has not responded either.
He is just a BN/UMNO/Najib sniper, and without credibility too, just like Rocky, RPK, Haris, Zorro, etc.
I have requested him to pressure the Govt. for the setting up of a RCI to investigate the allegations against the former IGP and the serving AG. The RCI investigation, if there is one, will prove, with new evidence promised by both the former CCID Chief's, that Tun Mahathir and his gang were behind the framing up of Anwar. I take it that his silence means that he will not.
If they claim Tun Mahathir is behind the framing up of Anwar, then, then, he, as one of Tun Mahathir's strongest supporters, should force the RCI upon the Govt., as, after all the RCI would prove whether his hero Tun Mahathir was behind the framing up of Anwar.
The fact that SAA, Rocky, etc. will not support the RCI means only one thing, they are afraid their hero Tun Mahathir will be proved a liar. And then, all Malaysians will have a reason to piss on Tun Mahathir's grave.
He blogs almost everyday, but mostly to cast doubts on Anwar.
RPK is a fugitive, and the BN Govt. says so too. Recently, when the IGP was in the UK, I don't think that he pursued the matter with Scotland Yard, of bringing back RPK back to Malaysia to face the all trials that he ran away from. The highest police officer in the land lost that perfect opportunity to speak directly with Scotland Yard on the matter regarding RPK. I wonder why.
I also wonder why wikileaks didn't tell Anwar to piss off and went on with RPK and Julian Assange. RPK is just a "kampung writer", nothing more. He wants the world stage, when even the village is too big for him. Anwar is sought all over the world, as a speaker and thinker, and RPK would love to share the stage with someone of Anwar's stature, and since Anwar denied him that, he is sulking and the only way he can get back at Anwar, is to write lies upon lies about Anwar.
As they say, "You can take RPK out of the village, but you can never take the village out of RPK". RPK's mentality is just village mentality, I mean no offence to the ordinary village folks, as even they might take offence to being associated to RPK. He is what the Americans call, "A red neck". Ask yourself, has RPK ever been invited to be a speaker by anyone, besides Malaysians, and now of course, BN/UMNO and Najib? Why is that? Because he is just not good enough, and has nothing to contribute, except lies, lies, and even more lies.
Don't you think if RPK has any value, and being in London, someone would have invited him to speak?
He is a zero, and has nothing except hatred and revenge to share.

SAA is just an arse hole, another man with a village mentality.

Donplaypuks, I would love to see RPK or even SAA respond to you, believe me, they both will not, not intelligently anyway.

Anonymous said...

If they claim Tun Mahathir is behind the framing up of Anwar,
Should read:
If they claim Tun Mahathir is NOT behind the framing up of Anwar,

knnccb said...

RPK is a two headed 'snake' ...

Exposed said...

Corrupt to the Core! Mahathir and his Cohorts are the cause of Malaysia's downfall!

Cendol said...

Syed guy is a mamak cari makan here.... hypocrite.

1 M'sian said...

Investigating Judges Named in Malaysia Submarine Graft Case

Written by Celine Boileau and John Berthelsen

Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Scorpene submarine ties up n Malaysia

French case draws closer to Malaysian officials

Two magistrates have been nominated in Paris to investigate the politically explosive 2002 purchase of Scorpene submarines by the Malaysian Ministry of Defense when Najib Tun Razak was Defense Minister.

The case focuses on a 1.2 billion euro contract called a “programme soumalais” with the state-owned French defense giant DCNS, formerly known as DCN. The contract was later transferred to Armaris, a joint venture between DCNS and the French company Thales. In questioning in the Dewan Rakyat, the Malaysian Parliament, it transpired that a €114 million (US$150 million at current exchange rates) commission had been paid to a newly-minted company called Perimekar Sdn Bhd, nominally owned by the wife of one of Najib’s best friends, Abdul Razak Baginda, then the head of a Malaysian think-tank.

It is likely to take several years before the case comes to fruition. In the meantime Najib, now Malaysia’s prime minister and head of the United Malays National Organization, the country’s biggest political party, is preparing for snap elections, possibly in May or June, according to political observers in Kuala Lumpur.

At the heart of the story are allegations of a massive scandal involving not only Malaysian officials but top French politicians and arms purchases in Pakistan, Taiwan, India, Chile, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and other countries as DCNS geared up to sell naval equipment across the planet. The allegations include blackmail, kickbacks, a string of murders in Pakistan, Taiwan and Malaysia and involvement of such top figures as former French Prime Minister Edouard Balladur and others.

Other magistrates are handling different aspects of the affair. One, called “l’affaire Karachi,” has raised suspicions of the involvement of the current French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who faces a difficult re-election campaign. Sarkozy has angrily denied any involvement. In that case, the deaths of 11 French engineers who were blown up in Karachi was first laid to a bomb set by Al Qaeda. However the bomb was later believed to have been set off by Pakistani military officials angered because the French had reneged on bribes promised by Balladur but cancelled by Jacques Chirac after he defeated Balladur for the presidency.

Judges investigating the affair have been probing whether Balladur received “retro commissions” or kickbacks for the contract. Balladur has given no credible explanation for 10 million French francs (€1.5 million) which found their way into his campaign coffers. Sarkozy was his campaign finance minister at the time.

In accordance with the French legal system, the Malaysia case has first been the subject of a preliminary survey from the financial division of the legal police. So the appointment of the two investigating judges, Serge Tournaire and Roger Le Loire, follows more than two years of investigation. The two are known for previous investigations on national and international corruption matters. They have broader powers to investigate independently and can call witnesses and conduct international surveys.

According to financial statements, the cost of the program was divided into four contracts:
•The contrat Scorpene, about €670 million, for two Scorpene submarines, built in France and Spain, and delivered in July 2009 and July 2010 ;
•The contrat Formation, signed in 2003, to train 156 submariners over four years.
•The contrat Ouessant for the rehabilitation of an Agosta-type submarine which has never seen service and is now a museum in Malaysia. The two together amount to 313 million euros/
•The contrat Malsout, provided logistics for the installation of Malaysian navy personnel, over 200 people located in Brest and Cherbourg, from December 2002.


1 M'sian said...


Since the beginning of the probe, bribes amounting to €32.5 million have been investigated, authorities say.

In other cases involving DCNS, particlarly the Karachi one, Nicholas Bazire, 54, the best man at Sarkozy’s wedding to supermodel Carla Bruni, was arrested and charged with misuse of public funds in Balladur’s 1995 presidential campaign. Another friend, Thierry Gaubert, Sarkozy’s cabinet chief when he was budget and communication minister, was arrested earlier.

Sarkozy is seeking avoid the appointment of an instruction judge in other aspects of the DCN case.. But the political knives may be out, especially if Sarkozy loses the presidential election.Having been named in the press in the Karachi case, observers in Paris say he could use the Malaysian case as a weapon against the Socialists. Currently his Socialist opponent, Francois* Hollande, leads him by 10 percentage points. The first round of voting is to be held in May.

The case also holds obvious political implications for Najib. A former DCN financial director, questioned in another case, alleged that the Malaysian case violated the OECD bribery convention. The Malaysian end of the episode has received widespread publicity, not just because of the €114 million commission paid to Razak Baginda’s company, but because of the gruesome murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, a Mongolian translator and party girl, who was killed in 2006 by two of Najib’s bodyguards and whose body was blown up with military explosives in a patch of jungle outside Shah Alam.

Razak Baginda’s jilted lover, Altantuya was believed to have served as a translator in at least some of the negotiations over the submarines and is believed to have accompanied Razak Baginda and Najib to France. In a note found after her death, she said she was attempting to blackmail Razak Baginda for US$500,000. Najib has sworn on the Quran that he never met the woman.

The two bodyguards were found guilty of murder and sentenced to hang. Although Razak Baginda was arrested along with the two, he was freed without having to put on a defense and immediately left the country for England. The appeal of the two bodyguards has droned on for more than two years and has been delayed again until August, after expected elections.

The French judges face many difficulties. During a police search of the DCNS offices few files were allowed to be opened. Most remain closed on the pretext that they contain military secrets.

Moreover, no DCNS cases have yet been completed. Unlike in the United States, no plea bargaining is allowed. The judges are almost certain to face industry opposition, particularly in this case, which made Malaysia DCNS’s first export customer.

The judges may also face political opposition despite their independence. The Scorpene contracts spanned a long series of governments – prepared with the approval of the government of the Socialist Party, signed under the conservative Union pour UN Movement Popularize government of then-Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Refrain. Jacques Chirac was the president of both governments. Suspicions of illegal kickbacks --“retrocommissions” – will complicate the problems.

The investigation, however, should finally allow investigators to confront the complexity of the financial circuits used by companies. Since the ratification of the OECD Convention, companies have thought twice about diverting commission payments directly to foreign public officials, steering payments through foreign subsidiaries (Armaris had a subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur) or through intermediaries.. However, the 2007 law made it clear that none of these remedies would allow companies to bypass justice.

According to the 2007 French law, conviction for bribery is subject to up to 10 years in prison and a fine of 150 million euros.

*Typo corrected 18 Mar 2012

People Power said...

Don't sell your souls to the devil.

rakyat malaysia said...

According to the 2007 French law, conviction for bribery is subject to up to 10 years in prison and a fine of 150 million euros. We,pray that the French court will arrest the thieves.

ABU said...

There are many two headed "snake" ... so watch out the enemy within...

Din Apache said...

The morning after celebration have received tremendous sponsor to celebrate and organize a big bash party to celebrate the winning if PKR WIN THE NEXT election. Putrajaya will be the venue. Details will follow

sued nyanyuk said...

Syed can explain what happened to immigration "missing records" of Altantunya`s passport?

In parlimen Naji`bs cousin Hishamuddin could not explain.

CHEWLIN said...


hazaha said...

..orang mcm ni duduk dlm macc advisory board???, mencemarkan keturunan syed je {atau syed mamakkutty kot)...apa nak jadi lah dengan malaysia ni...hancurlebur kena godam dengan perompak,pembunuh umno/bn...melayu entah kemana, islam pun entah kemana !!!!


You pay a prostitute for sexual pleasure. That does not mean that she would be oblighed go along with all your fantasies. But this Syed, like RPK would do anything if the price is right. Disgusting indeed!

Azizi said...

Hishamuddin must also explain how immigration record of the Mongolian lady can be deleted? Hishamuddin speak up !!!!

No UMNO no cover up.

andymerdeka said...

Old story. This Syed has been asked by his master to come out with something to discredit DSAI if he wants to continue receiving his pay. But he cannot find new idea thus he has to recycle.

I think Malaysians have had enough of this old tale and now Syed looks very stupid indeed. His master should just get rid of him as this is very embarrasing.

FAR ROS said...

Is najis brother behind this. The younger one using this name and also Lord Jim. bingo

sp said...

Another "mamak" snake-oil salesman brandishing his wares here la! SAA is a well known snake-oil peddler for that evil Dr. Gosh, these "mamaks" are destroying the country fast!

Mustapha Ong said...

I thought Azizan's involvement with Anwar has been long forgotten and yet today the issue had been revived. My own brother in-law is a personal banker for Azizan in Malacca and he had all the evidence that Azizan was bought over by Anwar and his cronies.

In short, can PKR declare how much money was given to Azizan in settlement of the alleged sodomy case? I can reveal that it was in the tune of more than a million ringgit and that was a big amount to offer to a driver in the late 90s.

I welcome those involved in this case to refute my accusation and challenge PKR to come up with a public denial on this case.

Din Apache said...

I don't believe that UMNO can't stop corruption if they wanted after so long in power. Why is it so?

You see this corrupted money is so easy for UMNO to make that it have become a habit that without corruption it can't work. All business and license deals will also have this famous line 'I know this UMNO and I know that know UMNO '. Without knowing any UMNO you can't do business.

So the question now is that can we stop UMNO corruption? Yes we can if we stop UMNO.

Nalla Karupuru said...

I agree with Mustapha Ong, of course. With the rm 1 million that anwar gave and with time on his hands, our Azizan could not think anything better than to go bonk some girl!

And of course Anwar had already paid another million to the Umno religious dept of Melaka to catch poor Azizan. What a set up! This proves Anwar is as clevere than Mamakkutty!

Donplaypuks® said...

Hey Mustapha Ong

Wtf are you talking about?

Anwar bribed Azizan despite which he got convicted??!! What kind of a stupid deal was that, you think?

Come on, wake up. What were you smoking last night?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race