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by all out of africa, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for racial affairs
 The premise of this essay is based on five simple truths, that:
  • There is no agenda, covert (hidden) or overt (open), among Malaysian Chinese, Indians and Others, or CIA sponsored or Zionist or other foreign "agent provocateurs" to "rob" Malaysian Malays of their political or other powers or "price" then out of "their land" in places like Penang or anywhere.
  • That legitimate criticisms by any citizen of the excesses of our Government, especially where it concerns billion dollar financial scandals, are NOT attacks on, or "bashing" of, Malaysian Malays.
  • That loss of political power of BUMNO/BN is NOT tantamount to loss of political, economic or social power of Malaysian Malays.
  • What is fatal to BUMNO/BN is not necessarily fatal to Malaysia as a whole.
  • No Malaysian is against the provisions of Article 153 which does not supercede the main provisions in our Constitution as regards equality of citizens. Article 153 lays the foundation for affirmative action, provided it is applied fairly, not indiscriminately, in favour of those indigenous peoples of Malaysia (yes, it includes Sarawak and Sabah) in need, determined by their poor economic circumstances, not crony connections of the elite few.
In 1969, at the height of the riots in Kuala Lumpur, my Malay neighbours in Pasar Road were evacuated to the safety of the army camp in Gurney Road. Shortly before they got on to the army truck, my immediate neighbour's parents handed over to mine, a small portable safe containing jewellery, cash and documents. This, my parents returned to them intact, upon their return from the army camp a fortnight later. Whenever my family left for long outstation trips, we would leave one set of our house keys with out Malay neighbour. Such was the implicit warm friendship and trust between our peoples then. This was no one-off case or exception of the few in the Malaysia of the '60's and '70's. The 1969 riots, mainly in KL and Ipoh, and minor ones in Seremban and Penang did not split a nation asunder.

Where and how did we go wrong? I have consistently and repeatedly laid all blame at the foot of Maha Firaun who promoted polarization with such vengeance and overzealousness as never before seen in Malaysia.

Today, about 85% of our Government offices, schools, universities and colleges, army, navy, air-force, judiciary etc., and Govern Linked Companies, are staffed by Malaysian Malays and/or Bumiputras. So, it is only natural that when we criticise Government, chances are that overwhelmingly, by the law of averages, our comments will strike a Malay. That cannot and must not be exaggerated as hurling venomous racial slurs and and vicious hateful epithers. It is not the Malay per se we strike at, but at the faceless administration, and especially its top leadership, when huge inefficiencies and billion dollar corruption scandals explode week after week, month after month, year after year! But, shameless pro-BUMNO bloggers and politicians deliberately misinterpret these criticisms to fan the flames of racial hatred.

BUMNO/BN finds itself unable to withstand or halt the march of DAP, PKR and PAS as a united Pakatan. So, they have embarked on a vindictive and racist campaign of demonising DAP by branding them:
  • Anti-Malay and anti-Malay culture and language
  • Anti-Islam
  • Anti-Federal Constitution especially with regard to Article 153
  • Anti-Monarchy and therefore pro-Republic
  • Pro-colonisation of Malaysia by China and therefore pro-vassal territory of Singapore
Now ask yourself, which party has its membership open to all Malaysians, without restriction on colour, creed or caste? A:BUMNO/BN B: DAP C: PKR.

Which party has as its Chairman, a person NOT selected by racial considerations? A:BUMNO/BN 

It is clear that PM Najib, BUMNO BN and Perkasa have run out of  legitimate reasons to ask anyone to vote them into office for another term. Only masochists and sadists will allow them to further plunder our coffers and ruin and bankrupt our nation. 

So, in tandem with unprincipled Buntutsan and other mainstream media, much of it owned by BUMNO/BN, and with sniper-precision pot-shots by the man who set us all on the path of ruin, Maha Firaun, aided and abetted by the right-wing Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali (who funds them?) they hope to persuade, but more pointedly, coerce, us into voting for them.

It is equally clear that these scurrilous and dangerous political strategies have been deliberately and knowingly crafted, sanctioned and directed by those at the highest level in BUMNO/BN which includes Prime Minister Najib and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin. They want to stay in power regardless of performance.

Make no mistake. We judge them by performance. No more, no less. They shall survive or perish by dint of performance. No more, no less.

Their 1 Malaysia boast, a fraudulent and hypocritical concept, is in tatters because, right from its inception, it was not all inclusive. The Ketuanan (Lords of the Land) racist concept bolstered by taxpayer fleeced Biro Tata Negara (BTN) brainwashing seminars is still being promoted. Muhyiddin pronounced 1 Malaysia's funeral rights by announcing to the world " I am Malay first" which scuppered any notions of equal citizenship and nationality at the ruling party level. PM Najib did not demand an explanation from Muhyiddin or sack him.

This talk of, by of all people a prime minister of a country, that "we are at war" and "Putrajaya will be defended with crushed bodies" is the talk of cowardly, craven schoolboy playground mentality. We all know that this is the talk of empty vessels. We all know that those who show they wish to rule by fear must be distrusted and never given position in any government office.

As admitted by Maha Firaun himself, today, the Malay vote in Malaysia is split 3 ways, among BUMNO, PKR and PAS. Kelantan and Kedah are administered by a PAS MB, Selangor by PKR's Khalid Ibrahim, Penang by DAP's Lim Guan Eng, Sarawak by Taib of PBB/BN and Sabah by BUMNO's Musa Aman and the rest by UMNO's Malay Chief Ministers. Following Perak's fall to Pakatan at GE 2008, Nizar Jamaluddin of PAS was appointed Chief Minister. In true racist and reprehensible fashion, Maha Firaun branded Nizar as 'dikudakan" i.e. as a DAP Chinese puppet being led by its nose.

So, it's now clear how desperate BUMNO/BN are and why increasingly they are being talked about in the same breath as Hitler and the Nazi Party. The Malay votes that BUMNO/BN loses will go substantially to PKR and PAS. So, where and how will it translate as the loss of Malay political, economic or social power? 

Oh, fucking sure, thank God, it will translate as loss of BUMNO/BN loss of political, economic and social power and influence; maybe even its complete demise. Again we rail and condemn NOT against BUMNO/BN per se or against its rank and file, but the few at the top who have have steered them to the precipice with one disastrous racist and bigoted religious policy after another, and utter corruption epidemic at its core.

The fall and demise of BUMNO/BN will decidedly NOT be a fate worse than death. If fact, that's precisely the enema and catharsis it needs; a good jackboot up its arse. In Japan, and elsewhere across the globe, regimes that thought they had the right to rule in perpetuity, have in recent years and months, bitten the dust. Is this the end of Japan, Morocco and Egypt? Not by your Birkin handbag's strap, it isn't! The world and universe has built into its fabric a degree of resilience that no round-faced balding would-be dictator attempting a naked grab for power could possibly make a serious dent in.

So, my fellow Malaysians:

  • Forget Race and religion. Forget Malay, Indian, Chinese and Others. This is a red-herring promoted by BUMNO/BN for over 30 years.
  • There are sufficient provisions in the Federal Constitution to protect everyone's interests, provided we have the right leaders.
  • No way will Malay rights in Malaysia be weakened or threatened by voting out a once-exalted political leadership that has now evolved and mutated into a rogue Nazi plundering regime.
  • Vote with your head, not your feet.
  • Vote out the crooks, thieves, rapists, looters and plunderers. They are our true enemies. How do we identify and recognise them? When they throw $80,000 birthday parties, hold $1 million engagement parties for their daughters, award $2 billion and $7 billion inflated toll highway contracts to companies headed by their cronies, ex-Government lawyers and wives of ex-CJ's, pay $540 million gaji-buta (sinecure) commission for submarines and deny it, award $6 billion contracts that within a month bloat to $9 billion for patrol boats, piratise profitable state-owned enterprises for a song to the elite and cronies and socialise losses, and more, all at the Taxpayer's expense, there they are!
So, Syeditious Ali, Big Dog, Unspinners, Parpukari and others who rave and rant that the Malaysian Malay will be wiped out. You know who you are. Eat your heart out, babes. Even RPK whose reading of the situation is myopic. Malaysians are not stupid; not by a long measure.

Do remember and have not the slightest doubt: We Are All Of One Race, The Human Race!

Donplaypuks® with Malays, Indians, Chinese and Others, you racist and religious bigoted men and women. You know who you are!Enhanced by Zemanta


Cruzeiro said...

Well said, bro.

Steven said...

Great article.

Baloney said...

There is nothing racist now except power grab and self interest

Warrior said...

Stupid rpk talking cock.

How can the Chinese have agenda with a minority population.

Pls read the above article, will you rpk.

ABU- Asal Bukan Umno said...


My Malay friends is urging his Chinese friends for help to topple the BN/Umno.

The Malays in PKR and PAS with the help of the Chinese votes can change the political future of the country.


UMNOBN Toxic said...

Make no mistake, UMNO-BN is the biggest enemy of the mass Malay, Chinese, Indian and the country.

This UMNO-BN beast need to be slayed to free the citizen and country.

The UMNO-BN minsters are the biggest sucker in the country, they will ruin the country. They are rich, arrogant, they have millions and billions in oversea accounts, most of them have mansion oversea too, ready to move as soon as caught or when the country collapse.

The Mass Malay are the once have to suffer if the country collapse as a result of continue mismanagement.

The Chinese, Indian are the victims like the mass Malay being exploited by UMNO-BN and their ministers.

Purple Haze said...

The days of ethnic based politics are over.

Yunus Said said...

Hei Folks, remember MALAYsia is a MALAY country manage by UMNO/BN. We have all the right to use the country wealth wherever we think fit. There is no cowgate but there is every reason be envy but those whom the wealth doesn't belongs to.

The country richness belongs to UMNO and up to UMNO to share it with its assistant, MCA/MIC etc...

Anonymous said...

Yes we are all one race Bangsa Malaysia.Do you know that the Late Tunku's dream that we all should live peaceful in Malaysia. Well I think he must be crying in the grave to see what is happening in Malaysia today.

welsh man said...

RPK is no one listens to him anymore.

bye-bye turncoat

Fikir said...

Donplaypuks, You hit the nail where it belong..We should hit the last nail on RPK's coffin!

This RPK-twerp-turncoat is trying his best to influence weak, lalang pro opposition bloggers like Hussein(Steadyaku47) etc to tune in to his agenda. Old fools like Hussein is also niw doing the RPK thing!

RPK's deal with the UMNO-Barisan regime is not so much about converting us pro opposition to support this despicable regime BUT more to plant the seed of DOUBT!

Its time RPK the fugitive blogger air his dirty linen..he is no angel whrn it comes to money..What did he do to the rest of money collected during the Free Anwar Campaign...He just talk about the money recieved from Kak Azizah and Anwars brother, how about those that he recieve from Anwars other friends and supporters?

I too have Deepthroats that tell me how much this RPK bugger pocketed! Hoi RPK! Dont call the kettle black when you're one of the blackest biggest kettle around!

I wish you get struck by lightning!

Wanderer said...

Fikir, Thanks for highlighting. Right on what you said mate. Went to Steadyaku47 blog and wrote this. This Hussein guy is ok guy but maybe brainwashed by his evil friend RPK.

Donplaypuks if you dont mind I share here with your readers what I wrote:

"I "I am one. With you I am two. Who else shall join us to make the change necessary within Pakatan Rakyat so that victory against Barisan Nasional at the 13th general election is still within our reach? " - Steadyaku47

Mr Hussein, dont get conned by the Corny-RPK. What your're writing for the past few articles is sure hell not going to help PR gain fact you're giving victory to UMNO-BN!

Let me tell you somthing about RPK's blog. Dont believe what you read at the comment box because he only allow comments by registered people who write positive things about his article, those who dont our comment dont see the light of day.

I and some friends of mine are registered user at MT, we tested by writing comment not in sync with what he writes..Wah most of the time never come out but when it does he whack us!

Some of the comment he himself and assistant wrote it..dont get con Mr Hussein. At least in you blog all comments are written by your readers who like you and share their thoughts and feelings with you.

Donplaypuks, Unlike RPK you believe in freedom of speech and walk your talk... At least I dont have to pay for sharing my thoughts here.. Steady on mate and continue fighting the cause...Wish Hussein et al are like you and not easily conned by RPK-Shit.

Thanks Man..Cheers!
Have a great weekend my friend 8-)

Melayu19 said...

Nusantara ini Allah ciptakan ada tujuannya untuk akhir zaman terutama di bumi Malaysia sekarang.

jadi, kita jadi tak tentu hala disebabkan kita ini tidak mengikut cara Islam yang sebenar seperti Rasulullah saw lakukan. Kita sekarang terpengaruh dengan dakyah / cara orang kafir mentadbir untuk menghancurkan agama, bangsa, adat dan dan budaya kita khususnya MELAYU.

sedarlah wahai bangsaku, jangan kita jadi tunggangan manusia mengikut cara kafir sehingga kita hilang identiti bangsa Melayu.

Yang layak memimpin kita adalah orang Melayu kerna kita ini Islam dan yang lebih layak adalah Sultan. Jangan lah kita pilih pemimpin yang berkepentingan diri dan dunia semata2. kerna kita Islam telah dijanjikan kehidupan dan tempat yang lebih baik sekiranya kita tahu dan faham tugas kita di dunia.

kita jangan cakap sahaja tapi marilah kita lakukan amal soleh kerna Allah, moga rahmat dan naunganNya bersama kita.

A RAY OF HOPE said...

Only the mentally challenged would believe UMNO but unfortunately many are. After many years of brain washing by utusan, rtm, berita harian, togather with those sermons from BTN you cannot deny the fact that many would not be able to think straight anymore. The only hope is for PAS and PKR to provide and administer the antidote to them.

Hate Mahathir said...

"Forget Race and religion. Forget Malay, Indian, Chinese and Others. This is a red-herring promoted by BUMNO/BN for over 30 years."

"Vote out the crooks, thieves, rapists, looters and plunderers."

"Do remember and have not the slightest doubt: We Are All Of One Race, The Human Race!"

I couldn't agree more. This nation has been fucked up by one and only Kutty Indian Mahatir who is a liar, a cheat, ruthless and evil!
Remember he twisted stories to humiliate TAR and later on all those he did not like e.g. Sodomy on Anwar!

A mediocre by birth, he tries to portray that he is smart and could challenge his peers by cheating lying and control press. He hides behind Malay sarong, and talks big and throws darts to his opponents; try to challenged him to debate with Anwar you will see he would shit green and nowhere to be found.
We were deceived by him because he lied and covered up all his shortfalls and corruption with suppressed press, and as a result our nation lost billions from his crapy and inferior management!
'BERSIH CEKAP AMANAH'- sounds familiar? What did he do after telling you that?

Mahatir is a fraudster; he has not sense of commitment or duty. His vision is to enrich himself and his children at the expense of others. He instituted Ketuanan this and that to the Malays to pump their egos to cloud 9 and to keep the Malay quiet he had, scholarships, ASM and ASB so that they could get some money, but the bulk went to his children and his cronies.

Recently his son was on TV and was asked about NEP. He borrowed his father’s cliché,”We don’t want them to be left behind”! True kah? Then why you live in palace and we still find it hard to make ends meet, after these 40 years?

This Kutty is evil and he institutes a culture of Evil within UMNO of in competency, irresponsibility, unaccountability and insatiable greed; an Evil that keeps on stealing more and corrupting more . . . an Evil that refuses to go away and keeps on demanding more and more with lies and distorted statistics. How to face the world when we have such demean politics in our system?
Mahatir is also a bully, typical of a lesser person trying to prove his worth.


Hate Mahathir said...


See how he treated the Malays by keeping them uninformed with suppressed Press and adulterated education system? The sacking of the top civil servants; Sultans....? Wau, how powerful this pseudo-Malay is! Who loses out? It takes us 40 years to discover his true face and heart!
A bully will not apologise for his doings until he meets a bigger bully- stronger and meaner than him and humiliate him so deeply (in jail) that he would think twice before he is mischievous again to cook up another crap.
President Obama in his campaigning speech talked of “One nation One people”; he had a vision, everybody had a chance; talked of values – “Looking after one another”…..Here we have an Indian playing on religion, race and split the races in a divide-and-rule strategy to benefit himself and his cronies. We were rich before but now we are RM450 billions in debt, how many generations do we need to repay this debt???

ALL, through his culture of corruption, cheating, deceiving and pitting one race against another. Many Malays suffer as a consequence and the Chinese are forced to squeeze blood from stone to survive.

Take a close look at him; has he got a Malay look? Face Indian, Eyes Indian, behaviour Indian; even the twin towers have so much Indian elements inside you should know what is all inside him!
His evil knows no bound, in his twilight years he still wants to see our nation divided along racial lines and to achieve his aims he even resurrects another Satan in the name of Ibrahim Ali to continue to destroy the nation with his evil culture!
Yet he still walks around with bloated ego and sneers at us calling us idiots!
Can you really tolerate this man???
Germany had Hitler, here we had Mahatir. He will leave behind a nation fucked up by him and will go down in our history to be urinated, cursed and spit on forever!

Vote BN, you will vote Mahatir! This UMNO-Baru is created by Mahatir. It is different from the earlier UMNO. Mahatir will be in controlled whoever rules in the government run by BN. This is his scheme, this is his evil plan. We should open our eyes wide and not to be deceived this by this devilish Indain again.

Yunus Said said...

Hei Folks, i am the stupidest Malay in Bolehland keep allowing the UmnoBn to rope dry the country wealth with my eye open, i don't care about it bcos i am the stupidest Malay in Bolehland.

The future of Malaysia whether is getting better or worst is not my problem. la tali la tam pong...mari main la tali la tam pong.....

disgusted said...

an excellent article to trash down that stupid article on chinese agenda.

Madworld said...

Hmmm...that nutsty RPK baldnuts' Malaysia Today (M2Day) is now called as Malaysia To-DIE (Ossie version)..beware of his marchine gun M2Die (Mad-to-die) shooting us around happily from his M2Die Blogging...beware and of good courage, stand strong in our focus to kick out BN (Bankruptkan Negara) next GE13!! VOTE PR!!!!

Fred said...

Very well said with a lot of inputs,

This will clearly put umno into the defensive stance, ie:- keep denying, lying and destructive

Malaysian fabric is for them to be destroyed sooner than ever

Time to stand Up said...

Due to their strategy to make use of the Malay Agenda to support their siphoning of national wealth, they have actually given the Malays a bad name.

Innocent Malays are now classified in tandem with the party although theft of national coffers was done only by members of the very party they support so as to remain as "rajas" as they were led to think. So the thieves got richer but those who got nothing more than the bad name!

Bangsat Nasional FeedLoot Corporation said...

Ketuanan MELAYU shall be replace with Ketuanan Mamakindon!

RAKYAT said...

These are BABI UMNO BARU AGENDA ! So all Malaysians get rid these Babi this coming GE 13, before these babi will BANKRUPT the nation before the DIRITES IMMORAL BABI VISION 2020. Legacy of our infamous Bapa Babi Mamakshit Macam Makan Babi Agenda! Semuanya okay, BABI BOLEH!

Ashraf said...

Whenever Umno paints itself into a corner with all their misdeeds, Whenever Umno smacks of desperation, they will run endlessly to the other end of the world screaming. "We must save the Malay race, the Malay culture, the Malay language, Umno need to save Islam which is about to be highjacked by others and we want the monarachy not a republic!!"

This will surely get the maximum support of the rural Malays whose world is as tiny as it can get. The above factors will set off a frenzy to gel most Kampung folks as one.

Pakatan is NOT paying enough attention to the rural folks. These rural folks are the ones to tilt the balance in favour of any coaltion that approaches them with the most sense to make them see what is right & what is wrong.

Nat said...

RPK talked about racist Chinese. But he does not have the intellectual capacity to recognize that the Chinese or Indians however racist they are, could Never Ever implement their Racist Policies as they could never form even a simple majority in Parliament or State Assemblies.

Yet RPK with his twisted mind, place emphasis on this. RPK did not even bother to talk more about the systematic discrimination and marginalization of the non-Malay minorities for the past 40 years by UMNO leaders using Apartheid Policy.

I use to respect RPK but no longer. maybe he does Not care. I don't know. But in my mind, the people (including Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc) are getting poorer by the day whilst UMNO malays, cronies, warlords, families are continuing enriching themselves through blatant corruption, misdeeds, abuse of power... And that is the Core and Main Issue..

ERA BARU said...

Raise Bangsa Malaysia raise. Satu Bangsa Malaysia that expels corruption, discrimination, religious intolorance, racism and hipocrasy. Hidup Bangsa Malaysia. Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.

The Pest Controller said...

These bunch of corrupted thieves can only survive is by distorting the actual picture from the public. Get rid of these bunch of destructive pests through one simple effective pesticide called VOTE; i.e. use it to exterminate them. Shelltox, Baygon, Fumakilla, Ridsect and many other forms of pest control agents are useless against these crooks.

ABU BAKAR said...

Swindlers of the rakyat's coffers in the name of 'agama, bangsa, negara'

Seri Limau said...

I used to live next to an area leader of UMNO for many years. I grew up with his kids. We go to their house almost daily when I was growing up. I never know what he does. We called him cikgu. His family was warm, friendly and humble.

He always goes for UMNO meetings and after each trip he will have a makan at his home. We were invited as always and all his close friends and relatives come as well.

Over the many years, we saw him improving in his lifestyle. New cars, renovation, new furnitures, new houses at other tamans, trips and holidays overseas, and even new wives. As I was young then I never knew and asked much except I know we were well treated by them. We can dropped by his house anytime of the day.

After going abroad and return to Malaysia 6 years later and then starting work, I began to realise that he has scores of companies and businesses. But what he really do, is not clear. Except he has went on from a cikgu back in the late 70s to the 90s a very wealthy man.

We are still in touch through our family but what you read today of UMNO jives a lot with what you have seen growing up with.

He is still seen as a good man but what he really does or manage is unclear.

Anonymous said...

RPK has gone to the dark side, period.

True Malaysian said...

Look, all of u bashing RPK for what! U all need to understand that when he was doing his best works prior to 2008 election, he was not well paid by PKR/Anwar... But was given quite substantial sum of money and insider info from his "friend", Mamak-Akhir to end Badawi's career..

RPK's advise was"ignored" by the top echelon of Pakatan all these years despite having so "much" followers.. When Najib starts to pay him big time, more than rm50 million, early last year, of course, he become turncoat. Wouldn't u do the same thing?

Now it is very obvious from all that the articles written by RPK of recent times sounded like they were written by a "jilted lover" - don't u agree? And he is particular targeting his no. 1 enemy/lover, Anwar Ibrahim and PKR.

However RPK is a very cunning person who now tries to con...err.. Convince whatever left over die hard fans that he is just being fair by bashing Umno and Pakatan at the same time.

You see, everyone has a price tag, and RPK has now sold his soul to the Devil/Umno and has abandon all of us, Malaysian. U will be seeing his children driving ferrari, Porche, and all other luxury vehicles, which they could not afford previously.

RPK, sorry if this hurts u but, as u know, the truth always hurt. I love Malaysia very much as it is one of the best place to live in. We got all the right ingredients to be one of the greatest countries in the world, better than even Singapore or Australia. The only one thing we got wrong is we got the wrong Government. Once we bring in a very much less corrupted government like Pakatan, hwere all 3 parties are of equal size, and with proper check in our governing system, soon, we will have a properous country where our per capita income, I.e. The average income of Malaysians will be higher than that of Singaporean. Therefore, Hidup ABU... And RPK thank you for having enlighten us in the past. U deserve to be paid handsomely now and all your past fans, including me, will not blame u. U have done your part. Cheersm

A decision we have to had............... said...

In the coming GE13, the people should not think about race as we are all Malaysian.

The reason why we have reached the point of racial disharmony was initiated by UMNO though they remain saying that they are not racist.

However, under the umbrella, UMNO has not shared equal and fair power, economy and prosperity, opportunities in education and commerce. They placed themselves as the master of the country, above the law and bring unfair distribution of wealth to the rest of the Malaysians.

The people have come one conclusion that it is UMNO that have caused the present racial dissatisfaction and racial polarization of today.

We, therefore, cannot help, pointing the fingers at UMNO who over the years have exploited every means to cause disharmony and hatreds among the various races.

We cannot allow this to prevail to the next generation of our children. UMNO is the greatest stumbling block preventing people to live in coexistence and to have trust among races.

UMNO must be clipped of their wings and be brought to the ground. GE13 is the threshold for change that we as 1Malaysian must not give away.

Antiswindlers said...

Swindlers of the rakyat's coffers in the name of 'agama, bangsa, negara'

Unhappy malay said...

It is unspoken among the rakyat but it will happen .... Time for CHANGE!!

Kiasu Again UMNO said...

The good life of UMNO malays, especially its corrupt leaders have made it affirmative that they need to divide & rule so that their dumbness & plundering can be cover up. We are all Msians, seeking work & loyal to the country. This is a serious threat to plundering thieves. Go to hell UMNO. National unity can only be achieved via PR. Go PR GO.

Kereta1 said...

PARIS, March 23 (Reuters) - Christian bishops in Germany,

Austria and Russia have sharply criticised Saudi Arabia's top religious official after reports that he issued a fatwa saying all churches on the Arabian Peninsula should be destroyed.

In separate statements on Friday, the Roman Catholic bishops in Germany and Austria slammed the ruling by Grand Mufti Sheikh

Abdulaziz Al al-Shaikh as an unacceptable denial of human rights to millions of foreign workers in the Gulf region.

Archbishop Mark of Yegoryevsk, head of the Russian Orthodox department for churches abroad, called the fatwa "alarming" in a

statement on Tuesday. Such blunt criticism from mainstream

Ch r istian leaders of their Muslim counterparts is very rare. Christian websites have reported Sheikh Abdulaziz, one of the most influential religious leaders in the Muslim world, issued the fatwa last week in response to a Kuwaiti lawmaker who asked if Kuwait could ban church construction in Kuwait.

Citing Arab-language media reports, they say the sheikh ruled that further church building should be banned and existing Christian houses of worship should be destroyed.

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, chairman of the German Bishops Conference, said the mufti "shows no respect for the religious freedom and free co-existence of religions", especially all the foreign labourers who made its economy work.

"It would be a slap in the face to these people if the few churches available to them were to be taken away," he said.


At least 3.5 million Christians live in the Gulf Arab region. They are mostly Catholic workers from India and the Philippines, but also Western expatriates of all denominations.

Saudi Arabia bans all non-Muslim houses of prayer, forcing Christians there to risk arrest by praying in private homes.

There are churches for Christian minorities in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen.

The bishops conference in Austria, where Saudi King Abdullah plans to open a controversial centre for interfaith dialogue, demanded an official explanation from Riyadh.

"How could the grand mufti issue a fatwa of such importance behind the back of his king?" they asked. "We see a contradiction between the dialogue being practiced, the efforts of the king and those of his top mufti."

In Moscow, Archbishop Mark told the Interfax news agency he hoped that Saudi Arabia's neighbours "will be surprised by the calls made by this sheikh and ignore them".

The Catholic Church has urged Muslim states in recent years to give Christian minorities in their countries the same freedom of religion that Muslims enjoy in Western countries.

There are few Orthodox Christians in the Gulf region, but the Moscow Patriarchate - which was mostly silent during the decades of Soviet communism that ended in 1991 - has become increasingly vocal in defending the rights of Christians around the world.

Bishop Paul Hinder, who oversees Catholic churches in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yeman, told Catholic news agency KNA that the fatwa had not been widely publicised in Saudi Arabia. "What is worrying is that such statements have influence in part of the population," he said.

Justice-seeker said...

Excellent Article. It has been saved by me for posterity. It will be disseminated to all my close friends and relatives to transform them into a king-maker in the 13th G.E.. Besides, it must be a means to create awareness to rid the BN-UMNO tyrannical and fascist-like rule over the country for the last few decades.

Najib's 1 Malaysia is meaningless, gratuitous,sincereless and functionless.It is classic charade, farce, pupettery, red-herring to lure, dupe,plunder, a tool of deceit and to "grab power at all cost" that are force down the throat of all Malaysians - aim sepecially at the naive, gullible, misinformed and perhaps also the greedy and sycophants.

Saudia Tan said...


Ho Sai Yuen said...

Let this be settled once and for all, prior to we the Malaysians face the GE 13.

We the Malaysian Chinese have never been against the Malaysian Malays because we are after all Malaysians, born, breed and educated in this country.

But it is the hated and corrupted UMNO which divided us - the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians, the Orang Asli, the Dayaks and etc...

We the Malaysian Chinese do not want or desire anything which belong to the Malaysian Malays by their rights as enshrine in the constitution.

But we question the way UMNO and their public crooks cheat and rob the country under the pretext of Malay rights...knowing that the majority of our Malayan brethern in the rural areas (kampongs) are still at the bottom of the economic heap. They got nothing and short changed by those UMNO crooks and their cronies!!!

All the money has gone into the pockets of UMNO politicians particularly: Kerala Mahathir, Scorpene Najib, the likes of Cow Shahrizat...hence the ordinary Malay folks are still struggling like the ordinary Chinese and Indians folks.

Hence, all Malaysians must endeavour to boot our the most corrupted and crooked UMNO fat cats including Scorpene Najib and Cow Shahrizat and replace this fucking/robber government with a New Government by Pakatan Rakyat and PM Anwar Ibrahim.


Hurry up with the plundering UMMNO more sweet talk-talk said...

UMNo can continue to fuk whoever they want. Sooner or later the will get what they have dished out. Oreadi national debts over 53% GDP and every known funds like EPF, Zakat, Tabung Haji, Petronas, Felda etc are looted. Does not matter whether it is Indian, malay or chinese -- all would be affected.

Well this is good news. Don't need to wait too long before we have our Msian Spring and It is simply getting Msia into financial ruin that these bUMNO snakes can be weeded out. Sarawak & Sabah better get out quick.

Looting your wealth oreadi taking place & serve these 2 states right for being amongst the poorest states in Malaysia. Unity can only come about via financial ruin -- that's the bUMMO way.

Azizi said...

UMNO corrupted.

Ben Selamat said...

You fucking Chinese bastards pls leave my country. We don't need your interference or advice on my country's politics. All you are interested in is political power so that you can rape this country.

You make use of Malays like Anwar ibrahim to push your agenda. If you are not happy you can fuck off back to China. Take back your cheating culture with you and pls take all your pigs with you.

uhitikill said...

Thank you Ben Selamat, Thank you very MUCH.

We need malay people like you to make the other races realise, open up their eyes.

WAKE UP YOU CHINESE WHO STILL support the malay shops, MALAY PETROL STATIONS, mamak stalls, malay supermarkets.

CAN'T we just be TOGETHER and BOYCOTT ALL their outlets?? Just like some of us, the REAL Chinese who boycott Gardenia??


APEK said...

To the writer "donplaypuks". Well said, well said.

The whole malaysian masses are still being held hostage because PAKATAN RAKYAT registration has been rejected.

A lot of implications arise if there is hung govt.

Disgusted said...

Chinese Agenda indeed! If ever there's anything ridiculous, this one takes the cake. RPK has now taken the conspiracy theory an agenda too far. We challenge him to expose this group and their plans. Speak NOW or forever hold your tongue.

And on what basis do you call Anwar a 'chicken'? The record shows he was given a choice, and he merely exercised his prerogative.

Yunus Said said...

Hey chinese bastard writer dontplaypuki. Shut the fuck up, nobody is interested in your fucking opinion. Go back to china and tell them your stupid story.

Bugis said...

It is best to IGNORE some people -RPK,Ibrahim Ali etc,just not worth mentioning them as they are just not relevant in the scheme of things.

For those malays who still keep harping on statements like "you chinese go back to China", I feel they should start reading on world history,in particular chinese world history and how they have impacted on the malay archipelago long before even pareswara became sultan !!

Trace your family tree and you will be surprised where you came from. And are you going to say the same thing to the pendatang-became citizen if and when they become more successful than you?

Yunus Said said...

Hei Folks, sorry me eh...i and my fren Ben Selamat both were the MadCows came from NFC kandang, we actually lost our way and supposed to go back to our NFC kandang, but we ended up here talking cowdungs...sorry moo moo moo moo...

Orang Asli said...

Ben Selamat please go back to Indonesia, this is not your country you 2nd generation Indon do not talk much, your pig brain should be injected with Bat Kut Teh solution.

Otherwise you go wild in claiming everything belong to you, even the pig farm and Bat Kut Teh stores.

Donplaypuks® said...

Wanderer & fikir

You are all welcome to visit and comment here as often as you like. There's no censorship on opinions in my blog. Corrections or deletions are only made if the language is too vulgar (full of expletives).

Otw, you can disagree as much as you want and it will be published with no censorship.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Prophet said...

What the Malays feel,see ,and hear now are the responses from superhuman Natural Laws to the Malay Leaders Agendas to demolish the Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, Bajaus,Suluks etc. It is natural justice.

Prophet said...

To Ben Selamat, You do not like it , you go back to your country of old Malacca by time travel before the Indian Prince Maswara.

Malaysia belongs to the 1,500 billion Chinese of China, Taiwan, Singapore, and the 1,300 billion Indians of India and Pakistan and the rest of the world under Globalization.

The Chinese and Indians all spit on you and you drown in an ocean of saliva, little mosquito !

Ben Selamat said...

Prophet and all ungrateful chineae bastards,I wonder why the country is called Tanah Melayu and the area is called Malay archipelago. Is that any mention of fucking Chinese?

You come here as slaves to work in my country and you should be grateful to be spared the cruelty of your Chinese emperor. That's why you should be grateful that you pendatangs are accepted as citizens of this country.

Being as greedy as pigs, you want to grab everything in this country, without due regard that you are just bloody pendatangs. We should have treated you like the Indonesians did to your kind, where they are forced to speak and write only Malay and even forced to change their names. Only recently they were not even allowed to celebrate CNY.

The shop signs must be in Malay, no fucking Chinese signboards allowed. You see how well we have been treating you? We even build chinese schools for you. Malaysia is the only country in south east asia where the Chinese minority still retain their identity and names.

Now you dream of political power like your fucking brothers in Singapore. You can dream on. You are welcomed to try, then you will see the rivers in Malaysia turn red with Chinese blood. You eat pig that's why you behave like pigs.

Logger 123 said...

Emotional insanity. Mahathir has won.

ROTAN said...

Hey! Ben aka setan, don't talk as if u are the sole owner of Malaysia compare to other 28 millions citizens of Malaysia in which also are the real tuan of this country ( U CAN'T DENIED IT) with their many generations rooted and grounded in this land to live in harmony base on human rights in every respects due, but not with yr type of greedy, selfish and arrogant attitudes that only suit to feet dungs for food.

Get lost u evil minded skunk, Malaysia in general don't need such idiot like u to play manipulation and deception lies to sustain yr worth and pride.

The history of the past are just a memory of old worth to remember, but not to be abused for evil purposes to oppress other race's right of living in this country!! Get it u skunk idiot??

Oooooh said...

Sunday, 25 March 2012 10:16 posted by anonymous

RPK has gone to the dark side, period.

NO LAH! He is in the twilight zone.

Ben Selamat said...

Rotan Pig, pls fuck off to your own country. No matter how long you stay here, this country will never be yours. Fuck off pig face

ROTAN said...

Hey! Ben setan, my own country of my birth is MALAYSIA!!

Who are u to order me like that??

Cross over my dead body la u skunk evil minded skull, my big rotan is waiting for u...u watchout idiot!!

Disgusted said...

The chinese only desire a chance to make a decent living and equal opportunities for their children to pursue higher education commensurate with their potential & ability. Is that asking too much? Or do you consider even that a racist agenda?

Not every chinese is or wants to be a Vincent Tan. We consider such people to be umno-created Frankensteins, courtesy of that mamak who thinks he can change his DNA by switching to another religion.

Donplaypuks® said...

Ben Selamayt, Mat Kilau, ROTAN

You guys are going nowhere with all these threats and counter threats. Why don't you just agree to disagree and move on like egentlemen?

Anyway, words such as the Malay Archipelago and Tanah Melayu, if I'm not mistaken, only came into use after the Englsih entered this region. I Think it was Alfred Wallace, an English naturalist who was Darwin's contemporary, who first wrote a book titled 'The Malay Archipelago.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Cendana said...

Saya amat meminati Tajuk artikel saudara..Tajuknya amat Tepat dgn kupasan yg bernas. RPK berperangai macam orang gila. Amat memalukan keturunana raja raja. Melalui pergaulan saya yang luas dengan pelbagai lapisan masyarakat saya ingin berkongsi pengalaman saya dan beberapa fakta bukin menarik minat pembaca disini.

1) Kebanyakan Golongan kerabat diraja yg benar benar dari keturunan asal istana amat halus budi pekerti dan berkeluakan layak dengan keturunan mereka. (They are very nice and humble people seperti the late Tengku Ampuan Bariah of Terengganu whose grandfather, father and husband were sultans)) I have served them before and I swear by it.
Orang seperti RPK ini yang sebenarnya bukanlah dari keturunan raja yang dididik dalam suasanan adat diraja. His father and family have long left the Royal family...jika ditanya kerabat diraja Selangor tentang dia, ramai yang tidak kenal siapa dia..all they know is that he is a fugitive blogger! Itu sebabnya perangai dia is not befitting a true Royal being.

2) Amat lucu bila saya membaca komen komen disini yang berbentuk racist kerana sebagai orang Melayu, saya mempunyai ramai sahabat Cina dan India. Begitu juga famili saya. Some of our lifelong friends are Chinese and Indians whose parents and grandparents were friends of my parents and grandparents.

3) Saya masih ingat semasa saya kecil dan tinggal dikampung bersama nenek saya, tiap tiap pagi seorang tauke Cina akan lalu depan rumah kami dengan mengendung babinya untuk dijual. Nenek saya akan menegur dia and exchange some news and pleasantries with him.
Orang Melayu kampung kita tak pula menyingkir atau mengeji tauke Cina itu or any other Chinese living fact when he finishes his day at the market he sits around with the other Malay Pakciks and main daun, drink coffee and cit cat...
We Malays and Chinese and Indians were very tolerant people then before these Barisan-UMNO buggers memainkan isu perkauman dan ugama untuk kekal berkuasa dan memperbodohkan rakyat Malaysia.

Pada pendapat saya, kita semua baik, Melayu, Cina India dan lain lain..amat penting dalam pembangunan negara... All of us have a role to play. Tak timbul isu Melayu bumiputra, Cina balik China dan India balik India...kesemuanya sebagai Rakyat asal Malaysia ...birn and bred in Malaysia sepatutnya mendapat hak yang sama.

Kenapa perlu bertelagah antara Melayu, Cina dan India..walhal kerajaan regim Barisan-UMNO memberi kerakyatan dan hak warga negara dengan sewenang wenangnya kepada pendatang asing Indonesia dan Kemboja? Hanya kerana mahu mengekalkan kuasa mereka? (I know this for a fact because kalau you pergi hospital kerajaan you tengok ramai warga asing yang cakap bahasa melayu pun tak fasih tapi memegang kad IC biru!)

Sepatutnya kita sama sama NYAHKAN regim BN-UMNO yang terus MEROMPAK dan MENZALIMI rakyat sendiri!

Maaf ya kerana terpanjang pula komen saya. Thanks,