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by richard the lionheart, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for christian affairs

We are quickly being educated about the nature of the evil that surrounds us and those who are intent on perpetrating it. But most of all we are awakening to the bumbling incompetency and idiocy of those whom we have entrusted to keep the law and peace. 

Both by wilful neglect and congenital brain defect, we have a top law enforcer who thinks that intimidating and forcing church officials into removing a cross from a Church wall does not constitute an act of religious bigotry, seditious conduct or plain criminal thuggery. You think the priest who hastily removed the "offending" cross was seduced by the oratory and persuasive powers of libertarians or by fear for his safety and life when accosted by 50 Muslim "demonstrators'? 

Did the demonstrators have a police permit to assemble? How, oh mighty IGP, is, by your own words, a "flash mob", legal?

And by what chain of logical thinking did our IGP arrive at the conclusion that coercing a priest into bringing down the cross did not "touch on Christianity"? So, if some mindless moron should announce that he is vexed deeply by the Azan being broadcast over loudspeakers at some mosque and demands that  it should be shut down permanently, it does not "touch on Islam"? And, are we to believe that our, oh so understanding and sympathetic IGP would in that instance not throw the book at that bigoted moron with lightning speed?

It is not enough that the PM merely expresses his "displeasure". Heads should roll, starting with the IGP and AG.

What we are witnessing did not happen overnight. When the AG prosecuted Karpal for merely stating the law, but refused to do likewise to Ibrahim Ali over "burn the bible" incident and laughed it off by saying "there was no intent to incite hatred" and that he was only defending the "sanctity of Islam", the writing was already on the wall. When the IGP and AG refused to comply with a court order to arrest a father who had kidnapped a daughter and hand over custody to the mother in an Islam conversion case tussle, we knew what real sentiments lay in their hearts of hearts.

By weak leadership on the part of Najib, law enforcers and prosecutors have become the de facto investigators, judge, jury and executioners. Home Ministers and the Cabinet are looking and behaving as though they have been completely emasculated. Law enforcers and prosecutors have become persecutors, resulting in over a hundred arrests in recent weeks under the Sedition Act, with ill-concealed vengeance. Not only has cartoonist Zunar been charged with 43 counts of sedition, it would appear that his printers have also been threatened. In a throw-back to Stalinism, Nazism and Maoism, the IGP has demanded that MOL disclose the names of Zunar books online buyers. 

This is not merely law enforcement with double standards. As the top law enforcers approach retirement, they are also sending out the signals for their post-retirement benefits and rewards. The are giving a broad hint to Najib that they will assist him in creating and maintaining a police state, if he understands what he should bequeath to them in their golden years. The quid pro quo card has been played without a hint of shame or conscience.

If our elected government cannot guarantee freedom of speech and expression, or our fundamental right to practice the religion of our choice, the the government itself has to go. How have all these erosions of our Constitutional rights come about? By government sponsored brainwashing BTN courses and not keeping the ulamas on a tight leash. Why else would a kadi demand that Muslims be exempted from GST or a surau be voluntarily demolished merely because some Buddhists prayed there in innocence?

More than anything else, this dangerous behaviour by some wayward Muslim extremists is due to BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik wanting to stay in power at any cost, and mistakenly thinking that a devil's pact with PAS would be better than being voted completely out of government. How else could we have a prime minister who has not said a word about the Constitutional illegality of hudud laws passed by Kelantan? But Najib has not learnt anything from history, from what has been happened in Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Iran, Nigeria and Kenya. A Theological State will eventually not evolve, into a glorious democracy and prosperous state, but it will devolve like ISIL, seeking total control and harking everyone back to the dark ages, intolerance and totalitarianism!

But, can we expect the unexpected from Najib? If he claims he is not testicularly challenged, he should throw these perverts and evil men behind bars, yesterday! He should remove religion from schools, universities and government offices, by yesterday.

The good news is, Najib's days are numbered. The bad news is that his replacement may not be any better!

Donplaypuks® with the cross, man!

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Maybe they should be made to read this...

"All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action..."

Nov 24 - In an interview w/ Mingguan M'sia, PM DS Najib Razak reiterated his stand on inclusiveness & justice for all.

“Justice is a Principle of Islam...

Everything we do, its thrust is Justice...

Being Just to Muslims and at the same time to non-Muslims, too.”
Mohd Najib Tun Razak @NajibRazak • Nov 24

You be the judge.