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by sherlock holmes kutty, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent from kerala for  C4 murder affairs

Let us be very, very clear right at the outset:

Mahathir is as interested in finding out who gave Azilah and Sirul the orders to kill Altantuya, as much as he would be interested in promoting a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) investigation into the alleged 1990's Bank Negara forex losses, reputed to be RM30 billion, under his prime ministership and direct stewardship, or about the RM1.7 billion bailout by Petronas of Perkapalan, his son's public listed company, following the 1998 Asian Currency Crisis, or any of the financial misdeeds resulting in losses of over RM500 billion to the nation caused by one, Maha Firaun LISTED HERE. 

I mean, why should Mahathir care now, some 9 years after Altantuya's murder, who killed her? If his conscience had ever been really pricked, it should have been in 2006 and not now, when partial justice has been delivered.

Mahathir will not dare re-open the Altantuya murder case to expose anything. Few will remember that the RM7.5 billion Scorpene submarines contract between the Royal Malaysian Navy and DCNS of France was signed on 5 June 2002, when Mahathir was still the prime minister of Malaysia. While Najib may have been the Defence Minister who actually inked the contract on behalf of the government, you think Mahathir did not know the details of all the alleged crookedness behind that contract and that famous RM575 million "support and co-ordination" fee paid to Baginda's Perimekar S/B? 

Does anyone think that Mahathir will allow all those retired admirals, senior naval officers, Ministry of Defence big wigs and Ministers to be put to the sword so nakedly and publicly, and eventually have the guns trained on himself? Yeah sure, if sharks could fly.

So, let's not allow ourselves to be kidded by that old goat, Malaysia's biggest hypocrite and "father of racism" (as labelled by Nazri). 

Is he, good Lord, doing this for the good of the nation then? No, don't be silly, come on, wake up! Pure, unadulterated altruism was always a dirty word in BUMNO/SCUMNO Baru, Mahathir's creation; it was always 3 for us, 1 for.....

So, if he was not worried about RM30 billion in 1990, why would he really be pacing up and down in his dotage, kept alive by the miracles of modern medicine, about 1MDB's RM46 billion borrowings and "investment" losses? Nah, $46 billion wouldn't interrupt his sleep any more than an elephant would be bothered by a mosquito bite.

It's all bluff and counter-bluff. What he really wants is for Grossmajib, the Prime Minister who wears the pants and carries the RM200,000 Birkin handbag in her family, and her husband, to vacant post-haste their offices in Putrajaya, and preferably, disappear on a one-way ticket to Khazakhstan or Mongolia.

You see, if the PM disappears tomorrow, then, naturally, there would arise a vacant Deputy Prime Minister's post. And ergo naturally too, what better moment to elevate a young stallion, albeit one reputed not to have much upstairs where IQ is concerned, to be groomed to eventually (sooner, rather than later) take over the reins completely in Putrajaya? 

Naturally too, isn't there a relative of Mahathir, a young Turk (albeit one reputed not to have much upstairs where IQ is concerned) who is woefully languishing in the boondocks up North, warming a seat that is way too small for the stratospheric ambitions of men like Mahathir, who yet aspire to leave a legacy that may, the Lord permit, yet one day be compared with that left behind by Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore?

But there is a small problem here. Mukh does not have the wherewithal to look beyond a new RM2-3 billion white elephant losing airport in Alor Star (from which BUMNO/SCUMNO will hope to hive off a third), while Mahathir is looking at infinity and beyond. And therein lies the age-old problem between megalomaniacs and self-appointed 'beneficial' dictators who wank themselves into fantasizing that they are would-be empire builders and big fish in small ponds, and their lily-livered sons.

So, while other IQ challenged Ministers like Sabri may labour under the weird misconception that accusing Mahathir of gerrymandering in the 2000's may stop his onslaught against Najib, the johnny-come-lately's like Kadir Jasin and others are lining the streets and cheering Mahathir on, as though he were a kind of JFK, a bulwark against corruption, economic looting, plundering and thieving. But was he not the father of it all? SSh!

Do you honestly expect the wolf to shepherd the sheep to safety? Is your head screwed on the right way?

Long before most, I wrote about the 1MDB RM46 billlion debt debacle, and the horror of the Altantuya murder and called for action and justice here:

I have not given up, never! And, if the IGP wants to know where to start, vis-a-vis re-opening the Altantuya murder case, motives and who gave the orders, he could start with another look at RPK's Statutory Declaration (CLICK HERE) of 18 June 2008. The following may have reliable information:

1. RPK's (then) buddy - Nik Azmi Nik Daud aka Bul.
2. Lt. Colonle Azmi bin Zainal Abidin, (ex-No.2?) Military Intelligence (about a certain military intelligence report).
3. Lt. Colonel Aziz Buyong and his wife Lt. Colonel Norhayati Hassan.
4. Ex-PM Abdullah Ahmad Bawadi (about a certain military intelligence report).
5. MP Khairuddin Jamaluddin (AAB's son-in-law about a certain military intelligence report).
6. A certain Ruler (about a certain military intelligence report).

Of course, the IGP could actually go to Australia and try sweet-talking Sirul instead of twittering about it. Or, offer Azilah a deal. We want the masterminds to hang, not the minions.

Deepak could also be brought in for a round of "friendly" questioning. After all, he announced yesterday that he would sing sweeter than a canary if granted immunity. Note too, that all his YouTube videos and 'Black Rose 1.0' accusing the Grossmajibs of this, that and the other are still there, and no one has sued Deepak. Where there's a will, there's a way, and don't be a twit about it, IGP. 

The problem peculiar to Malaysia is that we have been ruled so long by thieves and crooks and looters like Maha Firaun, the sleeping PM and his sil, and the Grossmajibs, that we think that we need one crook to unseat another.

No, we don't! No one is indispensable and the Rakyat should seize the initiative, lock all the villains in the dungeon and throw the keys away. If the next PM doesn't measure up, we'll throw him too into the black hole. 

In the meantime, if Mahathir is all the weapon we have to pack the Grossmajibs off to hell, so be it. But, we don't owe Mahathir nothing. Not 1 cent!

 Donplaypuks® with what's been reliably told, man!


Anonymous said...

"True" justice is as much a myth as "true" love. So, it doesn't matter. So long as he gets done what others have been fervently hoping for.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

All in a day's work for the rich and powerful scums in the nation.

Donplaypuks® said...

True justice is not a myth, and the ends will not justify the means. Mahathir will not do anything about the Altantuya murder, he's just using it to push Najib out. Once that's been done, he will have forgotten about Altantuya.

Dean Johns said...

Fabulous stuff, as ever, DPP! Best, DJ