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by salleh abbas, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for ag sacking affairs

This morning's totally unexpected announcement by the Chief Secretary to the Government, Ali Hamsa, that Attorney General Gani Patail's services have been prematurely terminated, is as shocking as they come. 

This is not because Patail is a darling with the Rakyat or the legal fraternity. Oh no, quite the opposite. He was hugely unpopular for his prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim in the Sodomy 1 & 2 trials and alleged tampering and fabrication of evidence. 

Many, like lawyer Rosli Dahlan who is suing the AG and the government for false arrest, will be happy to see this unceremonious dumping. Patail was seen to be Najib's key and closest ally in ensuring that no charges were brought against him in relation to the 2006 Altantuya murder.

Malaysians are being rocked and shocked almost daily and continuously by the alleged suspicious dealings at 1MDB, its unholy debt of $46 billion, and the news of $2.6 billion banked into PM Najib's personal bank accounts from overseas in 2013. 

PM Najib's bleat that he did not benefit personally from this $2.6 billion has not resonated well at all with the Rakyat. His equivocal and guarded statements suggests, and as implied in a Wall St. Journal exposé, that this $2.6 billion was illegally laundered into his account by him, and used to buy votes and rig ballots at the last general elections.

 What is startling is the complete breach of the Constitution, where the AG can only be removed from office in the like manner of judges i.e. by a Tribunal consented to by the King. Patail's term of office is due to expire in October this year.

Also, when questioned by reporters, incredibly, AG Gani Patail replied that he was not aware of his sacking!!

Hamsa was quoted as saying that Patail's health was in question, but that is certainly a face-saving excuse. Patail was rumoured to have a kidney problem, but he never said it was so debilitating that he could not perform his duties satisfactorily.

Could this sacking be related to the Task Force investigating the 1MDB fiasco and the $2.6 billion, where the AG is a mover and advisor? No doubt, it mus be.

And if we analyse what is going on behind the scenes, then more sackings are in the offing in the immediate days to come. The careers of the IGP, Governor of Bank Negara and the Head of MACC are all in danger. 

The sackings are likely to spill over to Cabinet level. Looks like the 'Night of The Long Knives' enacted in 1962 in the UK, when PM Harold McMillan sacked 7 ministers (CLICK HERE), is about to be acted out again, this time in Malaysia, under the premiership of Grossmajib and his government of thieves.

AG Gani Patail's replacement is Federal Court judge, Mohamed Ali Apandi. Apandi was one of three judges who in 2013 acquitted Azilah and Sirul of murdering Altantuya! 

Do not switch off. All this is more exciting than womens' mud wrestling, Wimbledon Tennis or World Cup Football! 

 Donplaypuks® with the night of the long knives, man!


bruno said...

First of all,even as a staunch opposition supporter,I have to admit that Najib had been very patient with all the negative and personal attacks against him and 'fat mama',some true and some untrue.The latest revelations of some media people dealing with a crook to obtain stolen information speaks wonders how far these people are willing to go.And the crook said that he was cheated out of his payment.And the buyers said that they never intended to pay him.How are we to know that the crook was really cheated?And how are we to know that the buyers never intended to pay him?It had been many months after the deal was closed that he got arrested.By then,the money would have safely been tucked away.Which fool,buyer or seller would admit that money did indeed changed hands?

Then,we had an opposition MP,knowing that the chips were dropping one by one,came out and admit that he had been meeting with the SR editor on many occasions in London,Singapore and Indonesia.For whaever reasons?Chit chats or cash payments for a good day's work?

Since that the opposition have been playing dirty all these while,it is high time they feel the might,especially when Najib starts wielding that "big stick" of his.The size and weight of his "big stick" is enough to sent the opposition screaming and wailing out for their mamas.If the opposition wants to play with fire,then they must be prepared to get their fingers burn.

Soon,there will be arrests coming.It will be in batches.The first batch will consists of Tony Pua,Rafizi,Tong and Ho.In the end it will total a dozen,more or less.But definitely not in the hundreds like Op's Lallang.

bruno said...

Those ministers that got sack by Najib and the AG Ghani are no angels either.Now that they have been kicked out,the opposition are shedding crocodile tears.Before they were begging help from Mahathir all the way to a Sungei Buloh permanent resident.How bankrupt and low are the opposition willing to go?

Anonymous said...

The mind boggles at how the opposition is jumping in to defend the AG's unlawful dismissal...Hello? The despicable prosecutor had it coming!! He can fend for himself and will offload incriminating material a la TDM style. It's all a matter of what and when.

TSMY umno groupies especially those down south are not amused. It's rumbling even in the johor royal household. This is umno's baptism of fire moment... Umno 3.0 is about to be born. TDM and TDZ are not to be trifled with. The powerful chinese who have benefited from umno patronage will be digging deeper into pockets to back TDM's racing horse.

Let the games begin....

Anonymous said...

The nonagenarian formula has been broken by backing many horses this time around.