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by fingers in the cookie jar, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for personal bank account affairs

Yesterday, Malaysians were reeling from the damning and incriminating disclosures by The Wall St. Journal (WSJ) and Sarawak Report, that $2.6 billion from the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Group (ADCB) was transferred to the personal bank account of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak

Refer to my blog post yesterday. CLICK HERE.

The WSJ and Sarawak Report articles imply that this $2.6 billion is irretrievably linked to a subsequent 1MDB US$3 billion ($9.3 billion) bond issue that is fully guaranteed by the Malaysian government. Such guarantees are approved by the Ministry of Finance which is headed also by Najib, as Minister of Finance!

Some $2.6 billion allegedly found its way into PM Najib's personal bank account just shortly before the 2013 General Elections. Again, this implies that the money was used to fund PM Najib's party and its election campaign, and replaced later when 1MDB floated its US$3 billion government guaranteed bond.

So, what is the source of this $2.6 billion - ABCB and Arabs/JHo Paris Hilton? Or should we ask Goldman Sachs who feature in so many of 1MDB's bond issues and walloped them some 10% in fees and charges? Goldman Sachs is quoted as having said that their "clients wanted the money in a hurry!" So, did GS send the money directly or route it through ADCB subsidiaries?

The news has gone viral and global as evidenced by a special interview conducted last night by CNBC with WSJ. CLICK HERE.  

Some of the other most important points about the WSJ report are:

1. The source of their information originated from the government's own investigations, probably Bank Negara or the Auditor General.

2. This information and documents "were shared with and seen by PM Najib, the Attorney General Gani Patail and others in the government"!!

3. The money trail ended at PM Najib's bank account.

Prime Minister Najib denied the allegations of possible money-laundering, CBT, corruption and criminal fraud. Most curiously, instead of a specifically worded denial that any such money was transferred to any bank account in his name, he responded  with:

"Let me be very clear. I have never taken funds for personal use as alleged by my political opponents - whether from 1MDB, SRC International and other entities as confirmed by these companies." CLICK HERE.

In turn, the WSJ stuck to its guns and confirmed that its investigation was thorough and professional, particularly in view of the charges of corruption against a serving prime minister. CLICK HERE

But, PM Najib's statement about never having taken funds for personal use is pregnant with an implied admission that $2.6 billion was actually transferred to his personal bank account. PM Najib seems to be saying, and one doubts he seriously thought through the implications of this open admission, that he used the entire $2.6 billion for the benefit of his party, and therefore everything is hunky dory, and he should not be questioned about it at all!! 

About two years ago, Michael Cheah was detained in Hong Kong with undeclared $40 million in his suitcase. This was only a fraction of the money derived from kickbacks given by timber loggers, that Cheah had laundered for Sabah politicians. Incredibly, PM Najib came to their rescue, claiming that the $40 million was a "donation" to UMNO, without identifying the donor. The police and MACC, oh so readily, backed from from further investigations. The AG refused to prosecute Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman on the grounds that all this illegally laundered money had been used for UMNO party purposes, and did not find its way into his pockets for personal use. Huh? The AG can rule money laundering a legal activity even if cash is illegally smuggled into the country by shady crony couriers? That's Bolihland for you! 

Now, is Najib going to claim that this $2.6 billion was a "donation" to UMNO from ADCB and his Arab friends? The public are not going to buy any such story, as they did not Michael Cheah's $40 million "donation". It is an insult to the intelligence of the common man and woman.

And although no one accused 1MDB of paying the $2.6 billion to Najib, it came out in unsolicited but spirited support of Najib, answering, a question no one had asked of it, that it had not paid Najib any money. 1MDB has acquired Najib's craze for PR Speak and spindoctoring. It announced that it had serviced interest and retired debt without following through with the disclosure that one debt had been replaced with another of equal size!

And if Bank Negara, MACC, the police, Attorney General, Auditor General and who knows what other general, are all aware of the enormous crime that has been committed and are sitting on it or planning a massive cover up, then, they, along with the PM and his government of thieves, must accompany Najib to the gallows!

Well foks, we are witnessing the dying days of the UMNO Baru/BN regime. All the classic symptoms are there - leaders, their cronies and elite party members looting and plundering public coffers with impunity, thinking they will never be found out or caught. The state of denial. The breakdown of the separation of powers of the various arms of government. Chiefs of police and anti-corruption agencies acting as though they are accountable to no one. A bloated civil service with its untenable wage and pension cost. A spineless judiciary bought over by gloss and glitter. Breakdown of the rule of law and order. Endemic corruption, looting and economic plundering.

PM Najib's crappy defence is that, as he is a democratically elected leader, he should only be brought down democratically i.e. at the next general elections in 2018. This is of course the pathetic bleating of a low IQ, desperate and cornered mind; the mind of a liar and born loser. If the Mafia has taken control of our country via the electoral process, we should wait 5 years before we do everything in our power to exterminate the vermin?

This is a shameful state of affairs in Malaysia. These "leaders" have no sense whatsoever of  shame, honour, self-respect or integrity in their bones. It is to the eternal shame of the Indian and Chinese communities that MCA and MIC have thrown their weight behind UMNO, to foist upon the Rakyat a government of thieves. 

And this is what logically evolves from within a government of thieves. One lie leads to another; a small crime leads to a big crime; a small sting to a global con job. PM Najib continues to serially lie to us. He claimed that he would never allow public money to be used to rescue 1MDB. Yet, only a month ago the MOF extended to 1MDB a $950 million "line of credit" without which it would have defaulted on debt interest. Much earlier, 1 MDB was given a $1 billion "grant" by Najib to finance its contra deal for the Sg. Besi land. 

Najib also lied to s about meeting Saiful, in the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II case. His denial was scuppered by RPK's blog post. Later, Saiful himself testified under oath on the stand that he met Najib at his home with several others, before the alleged date of the specific sodomy which formed the substance of the charge against Anwar!!

The corruption of UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and their component parties in Sarawak and Sabah began when Mahathir became prime minister in 1981. Now, we have monsters and ogres sitting in high office and running the country into the ground as economic recession and bankruptcy loom large on the horizon.

It is clear that in the first place, Najib should never have been elevated to the top position. He arrived with a lot of extremely bad baggage. The kiss of death was Mahathir supporting him even though he knew of Najib being mixed up in the Altantuya murder, where to-date he has not ordered a RCI into who gave the orders to kill Altantuya and blow her up with C4 explosives. 

There is also the fiasco over the $7.5 billion scorpene submarines  procurement contract signed by Najib as Defence Minister, where $575 million touted as "co-ordination and support fees" was paid to a company controlled by his crony, and which most suspect to be fraudulent commissions paid to facilitate bribes and kickbacks to various parties.

Now, let us sit back and enjoy the gloriously spectacular spectacle as it unfolds - the hanging (out to dry) of PM Najib, his Ministers and administration, his cronies, 1MDB and the total and complete collapse and demise of Mahathir's vile and evil creation. The decline and fall of  of the UMNO Baru empire, as it were! 


Donplaypuks® with personal bank accounts, man!


Unknown said...

Disasters/events Nazib (with the assistance and support of Kabal Mafia) steered Malaisia or got rid of his opponents, both within and outside of UMNO. On deeper indepth study, it is obvious that 1MDB is a production rerun of earlier trials spanning from 1980 - 2008. Despite being in the midst of Malaisian political storms and carnage, Nazib always remained the last man standing. Despite their immense power and influence, the Kabal needs the "enemy from within" to deceptively overthrow patriotic political leaders. Nazib must be their mole, the "enemy from within".

1986-1987 Ku Li (team B) vs Mahathir (team A) . If successful, overthrow anti-Zionist, anti-Kabal Mahathir, otherwise eliminate many of UMNO old guards in one scoop. Move Nazib up the political ladder.

1993 Dec 11, Highland Towers collapse, Musa Hitam's son and family killed. A warning to Musa not to run in UMNO election, after he had successfully reconciled with Mahathir.

1997 Asian Financial Crisis. In Malaisia, to topple Mahathir by pitting his deputy (Anwar Ibrahim) against Mahathir, to install Nazib as PM after Mahathir and Anwar had destroyed each other. Although the AFC did materialise, Mahathir was able to withstand the Kabal's onslaught and survived. Again Nazib had a secret deal to support Anwar against Mahathir. As in 1987, Nazib betrayed Anwar and switched support to Mahathir at the critical moment, in the hope that Mahathir would appoint Nazib as DPM. But Mahathir was smart enough not to fall for the trap again. He had no choice but to chose Badawi as his DPM and successor. Kabal was frustrated with Nazib's failure to secure the DPM 2001-911 date drew near. Mahathir would have signed his death warrant had he chosen Nazib as his DPM.

2000 Apr 23 Sipadan Kidnapping-hostage crisis (21 victims mostly westerners) by Abu Sayyaf. To convince Mahathir the need for Scorpene submarines, to set the stage for the rise of Muslim terrorists, to blame false flag 911 in 2001 on Muslim jihadists.

2002 June 05 Nazib as Defence Minister confirmed the Scorpene Submarine deal.

2002 Nov 20 Landslide (induced) destroyed only Affin Bank chairman bungalow, killing his family. This was to hasten Mahathir resignation as Gen (Rtd) Tan Sri Ismail Omar was a Mahathir support and recently retired Chief of Military. Also serve to warn Affin Bank chairman to support and serve Nazib's wishes in the future.

2006 Sept 28 A M4.5 quake was triggered at 23:11 (21 days before, same time as Altantuya murder) in Sabah. To demonstrate and convince Nazib that the Kabal had the weaponry (technology), expertise, experience, power and global network to induce seemingly natural disasters like quakes, droughts, landslides and floods, Titanic sinking, and airline crashes at will around the world. The Kabal do this for all their Manchurian Candidates, to ensure they toe the line, once they occupy the seat of power. They assassinate heads of States (like JFK in Nov 22, 1963) only as the last resort.
2006 Oct 19 Altantuya was shot and C4'ed by Nazib's bodyguards. KM advised Nazib to order the killing, to protect his ascension to the PM throne, to keep the Scorpene Bribery scandal under cap. In reality this was a Kabal setup, to ensure Nazib remain subservient to his KM demands. The Kabal wanted to ensure Nazib would not turn against the Kabal once he became the PM. They had learnt their lessons from Mahathir and Putin.

Unknown said...

2008 Dec 8, Massive landslide (induced) at Bukit Antarabangsa destroyed PM Badawi's principle private secretary home, to hasten and to press for Badawi's resignation. Although Badawi agreed to step down earlier, like Mahathir, he was persuaded by his supporters and SIL Khairy to remain as PM.

2009 June 16, Teoh Beng Hock was murdered while under interrogation by MACC. Served as a distraction from public outcry on Altantuya murder-Scorpene bribery scandal, as a warning to DAP not to push Nazib too far. This was also a critical period brewing the 1MDB-Petro Saudi deal. Billions of Rm was at stake.

2011 Apr 6, Ahmad Sarbani (Custom Officer) murdered by MACC again. Several objectives.

2013 Feb 11, Lahad Datu stand off / military conflict ended 24 March 2013. General election ploy, just before GE13, 8 March 2013

2013 Jun 06, Penang 2nd Bridge ramp collapsed killing 1 person. 37th anniversary of Sabah Double 6 tragedy. To serve as a warning to Penang DAP-Pakatan state government.

2013 Jun 13, Penang UMNO building (antenna) collapse as a further clear warning.

2013 July 29, Penang UMNO building (antenna) collapse as a further clear warning.

2013 Nov 15, Taiwanese tourist kidnapped Pom Pom Island Sabah, ransom 10 million Rm. Several objectives.

2014 Apr 03, Chinese tourist abducted in diving resort, Sabah. Several objectives.

Anonymous said...

Najib bought T-shirts for other people with the money. He did not get one T-shirt for himself, I can tell you. You don't think those BN fellas buy T-shirt with their own money? Najib is innocent!

Maybe some of the money was for Greece (it is effing big trouble there now), you know, and also to help Malaysians elect a GOOD government - not one from the PR shits, ok? It will be sad if he is put in the same cell with Anwar. On the bright side they can talk of the good ole time, eh? Even better if that put that idiot Mahathir inside as well.