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by kapak singh, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for democratic misaction party affairs

Can there be a more hare-brained suggestion?  

I, of course, mean Lim Kit Siang's call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) headed by Maha Firaun, The Sleeping PM and Black Musang, to replace the Special Task Farce headed by no one, that has no specific terms of reference or time frame to complete its "investigations" and that is "looking into" allegations of huge financial improprieties, possibly amounting $46 billion, concerning 1GDB and the mysterious and humongous deposits of $2.6 billion and $2 million, into the personal bank accounts of Prime Minister Grossmajib and his wife Grossmah, respectively.

Of course, PM Grossmajib's PR spindoctoring machinery has been mobilised in full force, to lie to the citizens that neither he nor his wife benefited personally from such vast sums of money. The foundation for this Goebbels-inspired continuous lie-spewing machinery was laid a few years ago, when PM Grossmajib engaged APCO at a cost of over $80 million to the Taxpayer. 

They got off to a fantastic start when then de facto Law Minister, perennial foot-in-mouth disease afflicted Nazi Aziz, got away lying and misleading the country with the connivance of the Speaker in Parliament. He maintained that when he answered the questions that APCO was paid a fee of $27 million, he meant US$27 million. This was in line with international norms, e.g. when President Obama says healthcare costs $1 billion, he always, really means, Malaysian dollars.

This lying government of thieves is now pretending that someone accused PM Najib and his wife of receiving this tainted moneys from 1GDB, and that if they could show that such was not the case, then the citizens would have to accept its word that although they received these moneys in their personal bank accounts, they did not personally benefit from it, but used it for for laudable purposes - such as bribery, buying votes and engaging in nation-wide vote rigging at the 2013 general elections!

Well, we can excuse PM Grosmajib and government of thieves comprising the (wooden IKEA) Cabinet and BUMNO/SCUMNO for lying, since dishonesty, stealing, looting and plundering have become the culture within the ruling party. Given also that the Special Task Farce will be reporting to its boss, none other than PM Grossmajib, we can rest assured that their report will be a whitewash. 

PM Grossmajib, his wife Grossmah and 1GDB will be exonerated of the slightest wrong-doing or thievery. The fact that the Special Task Farce is increasingly talking about 'going after whistleblowers.....national security' is a sure indication that PM Grossmajib and his cabal will be vindicated, and compared to the likes of Mother Teresa, Ghandi and Mandela where honesty, probity and integrity are concerned.

Of course, the fact that the government will fall should these billions of dollars be linked to money-politics, vote-rigging, CBT, money-laundering, fraud and corruption, and many, including PM Grossmajib, his wife Grossmah, the Attorney General, the Auditor General, the PAC and the head of the central bank will all have to face the firing squad sooner rather than later, is totally irrelevant to the issue. 

And if we look at it dispassionately, the roots of this culture of corruption are traceable to none other than Maha Firaun, who, in desperation, signed a pact with the devil 30 years ago. Where do you think he found the money to resurrect a bankrupt BUMNO? It was his paradigm shafting that developed and made permanent the BUMNO/SCUMNO biz-money-model of inflating government procurement contracts awarded by direct-nego basis to selected crony Bumiputra and non-Bumiputra fraudtrepreneurs, to secure party funds through bribes and kick-backs, described as "donations".

Which traitorous and treacherous PM do you think devised the first super-inflated IPP give-away contract to rape our national electricity board - Maha Firaun or Golda Meir?

Neither of his successors, the Sleeping PM nor Grossmajib have that kind of nimble brain to embark successfully on global-scale thievery. In trying to outdo the master, Grossmajib the pupil, has delivered the nation to the brink of the abyss of moral and financial bankruptcy, recession and chaos.

Yes, a RCI is the only way out of this mess, unless the Council of Rulers shows steel and gumption, and takes the bull by the horns, where all the arms of government have been severely compromised. No citizen buys Grossmajib's imbecilic and really, utterly stupid philosophy, that if your house is on fire, you should not attempt to douse the flames, but should wait for the fire engine to arrive, even if that means the house being burnt to cinders.

Yes, PM Grossmajib should go on leave, or preferably, be arrested and incarcerated in Bamboo River Prison, while the RCI hold court and deliberates.

But really Kit Siang, really, do you want one set of crooks and thieves to sit in judgement of another set of crooks and thieves? The very Mafia chiefs who set-up the whole system of gangsterism and extortion and perpetuated it? Headed by the very monster who in 1987 had you and Karpal Singh (and 104 others) illegally arrested under the ISA and locked-up behind bars for nearly two years on trumped up and false charges?

Has Maha Firaun accounted for all the money lost during his premiership? CLICK HERE for the zillions of dollars lost during Maha Firaun's reign and remain unexplained by him. You think the Sleeping PM did not help himself? Who made a fortune in commissions selling Telekom and Tenaga shares to Temasik? Whose brother was the beneficiary of an unheard of 25-year sapping food contract with a national airlines? Who cannot account for multi-million dollar houses in Australia? Where did all the Petronas money go to during his tenure?

Well, Black Musang may not have been a PM, but look what happened to a local MNC under his stewardship as Chairman. First, there was the merger in which a bank associated with Grossmajib's brother made over $500 million in fees. The IPO was a total failure as its post-merger price is till today still languishing at 1/3 below its pre-merger price, at about $9. Then this same MNC lost $4 billion in dubious ventures in the Middle East, its CEO was charged with fraud and many senior officers sacked for financial misfeasance and improprieties. Black Musang walked away from the mess, scot free! 

Enough is enough! They did not get the Nazis to sit in judgement of German generals at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal or Hirohito to look at atrocities committed by Japanese generals in World War II.

So, I worry that Kit Siang is championing this terrible trio to deliver truth and justice. As the Malay saying goes - 'Bapa Borek, Anak Rintek'. And so, Kit Siang's son, still exhibiting a degree of immaturity in politics, is rushing in where angels fear to tread, in supporting his father in this foolish folly.

Why, after remaining absolutely quiet about the Altantuya murder and the 1GDB fraud for so many years, has Maha Firaun suddenly woken up? Could it have something to do with the fact that PM Grossmajib turned down his "request" for $2 billion to bailout his dying "national car" company? Could it have anything to do with Grossmajib snubbing Maha Firaun and refusing to start a war with Singapore by reviving the 'Crooked Bridge To Nowhere' project, where in past years Maha Fiarun got Minister Semi Value to compensate the aborted project's crony contractor to the tune of $700 million for nothing more than perspective sketches?

So, Maha Firaun's motives are extremely suspect. 

To paraphrase from the truly great epic Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Gita, when fighting pure evil, we humans are excused from adhering to the Marquess of Queensbury's rules. We have God's blessing to be as Machiavellian as needs be in opposing the forces of darkness. So, we accept Maha Firaun's help in our endeavour and struggle to unseat PM Grossmajib and his government of thieves from office into jail.

But, we do not need him or any of Maha Firaun's past prime ministers or deputy prime ministers to head any RCI to bring Grossmajib to heel. 

Malaysia is not short of men and women of sound alibre, integrity, honour, qualifications and experience to head any RCI into the global-scale corruption, looting and plundering by and under the administration of Grossmajib.

Do remember that although I am not a member of your party, I have always supported your ideas, ideals and philosophy for Malaysia. I do not buy one bit of Maha Firaun's evil demonisation of DAP as anti-Islam, anti-Malay, anti-monarchist etc. But that is politics and you will have to combat, counter and neutralise Maha Firaun, who inadvertently, is responsible for setting off groups whose intent is the Talibanisation of our nation. Remember, no one put a gun to his head to declare in Parliament that we are an Islamic nation. For Maha Firaun, it's all about BUMNO/SCUMNO Baru staying in power, regardless of the price we all will have to pay for the promotion of evil. 

So, do not champion the devil. Use him wisely. No one is indispensable or irreplaceable.

So, YB Kit Siang, shake off the cobwebs in your brain. Do not give the impression that premature senility has set in. Keep Maha Firaun et al at arm's length. Make use of them as it suits us.  Take on Grossmajib and his government of thieves directly in and out of Parliament. Keep up relentless pressure until they cave in. The Rakyat are with you and you canot fail. Unfortunately, at the moment, your blog posts are the stuff of tame pussycats, not roaring tigers! Where is Bersih 4?

If you have a problem identifying who could head the RCI and deliver Grossmajib's and BUMNO/SCUMNO Baru's head on a platter to the Rakyat, do not hesitate to write to me. I will be more than happy to oblige!

Donplaypuks® with who heads a RCI , man!

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Anonymous said...

It would explain why the comatose MCA has sprung into desperate action to build a hospital/ offer future employment opportunities etc...LKS sees opportunity.....he daringly is busting up old bonds and creating new alliances...
Dangerous? Ruthless? Yes but what a game changer if he pulls it off and offers the country a temporary reprieve from the abyss we are hurtling down....