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by dickhead m. nixon, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for prime ministerial impeachment affairs

One of the greatest prime ministers anywhere ever of the 20th century, Winston Churchill, was once warned by the UK Speaker  of The House of Commons, not to engage in ungentlemanly behaviour by referring to an opposition MP as an unmitigated liar. Churchill duly apologised, and then continued slamming the MP as one who, as a matter of congenital habit, persistently indulged in making terminologically inexactitude statements! 

A few years ago I asked an Aussie friend of mine why the popular Kevin Rudd was displaced as prime minister in 2010 by his own party. She replied that Aussies will take any nonsense from their PM, but not lying. By that reckoning, Najib should have been thrown out the windows of his palatial office in Putridjaya, a long, long time ago.

Let's list down a few occasions on which PM Grossmajib had indulged in this sort of 'ungentlemanly behaviour', to the extent that many refer to him as a consummate practitioner of the art of serial terminological inexactitudeness:

1. In Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy II case, he denied having heard of or met Saiful, the accuser. When unmasked by online pictures of Saiful posing outside then Deputy Prime Minister Grossmajib's office with his personal assistant, Khairil Annas Jusoh, Grossmajib claimed Saiful had only met Khairil at his office to lobby for personal scholarship assistance. He maintained that he still had never met Saiful.

2. Next, when RPK exposed the story of Saiful meeting Grossmajib at his house shortly before the specific instance of alleged sodomy, together with a few others, he did a 180 degree U-turn. What he did not say, and this was confirmed by Saiful when he testified under oath, was that he had telephoned the IGP to assist Saiful!

3. 3 lies about 1 MDB. CLICK HERE.

4. On 10th March, 2015, he explained in Parliament that 1MDB had redeemed some of its investments, and that cash of $3.5 billion had been deposited with BSI bank in Singapore. When subsequently Sarawak Report challenged this claim, he back-tracked and said that there was no cash but only US$ assets. When pressed further by DAP's Tony Pua, Najib's Finance Minister II, Husni Hanadzlah, waffled about the assets being in "units" and patently refused to explain further! Ex-prime minister Mahathir then labelled Grossmajib a liar and demanded that he be investigated by the police for criminal conduct. CLICK HERE.

Now, we have this matter of $2.6 billion of mysterious money that was channelled shortly before  the 2013 General Election, from abroad to Grossmajib's personal bank accounts in Malaysia, exposed by Wall St. Journal and Sarawak Report. Refer my blog posts. CLICK HERE and HERE.

Instead of clearing up with very clear and precise language to assuage any doubts about him having committed CBT, criminal fraud, money-laundering and theft, Grossmajib further fuelled suspicions and speculation about gross financial misconduct and inappropriateness, by stating:

"I have never taken funds for personal gains. I will not betray the people. If I wanted to steal, I will not put the money in Malaysia in my personal bank account. I will strive to seek the truthful path to rebut all allegations against my leadership. To produce an 'ulul albab' (thinking) generation in the country not only requires physical strength, but also mental capability." Sounds like a lot of mangled and warped sheesh and sheikh kebab, doesn't it? 

Any innocent and honest person would have stated unequivocally that there were no such personal bank accounts anywhere, ever and that no such $2.6 billion has ever been deposited in any of his personal bank accounts, and that he had no knowledge of the money. But that statement from Grossmajib was blindingly conspicuous by its total absence!

His aides and a clearly rattled Cabinet and UMNO colleagues were reported as saying that he would announce on Tuesday 7th July, that he would be suing the WSJ and Sarawak Report. Well, that deadline has come and gone by, with a lot of nothing more than hot air, which was exacerbated by the return of the haze from Sumatra. Grossmajib suing WSJ on Tuesday was blindingly conspicuous by its total non-occurrence! 

Today's news that PM Grossmajib's lawyers had sent WSJ a legal letter does nothing to allay suspicions that a kind of sandiwara is being acted out. The words 'embezzled' or 'misappropriated' do not appear anywhere in the original WSJ article; nowhere is there an accusation that PM Grossmajib embezzled money from 1MDB. So, what are the lawyers up to? Are they hoping that with their vaguely worded and inaccurate letter, that WSJ will cave in and admit in black and white that they committed criminal defamation and slander?

Till today, PM Grossmajib has not explained, that if the money is not in any way linked to 1MDB, then where and how did he amass such a large $2.6 billion fortune, into whose pockets the money went into and what it was used for. Make no mistake that in the absence of clear answers and statements from PM Grossmajib, there is a prima facie case of money-laundering and corruption. 

This is what leading lawyer Art Harun thinks of PM Grossmajib's legal letter to the WSJ. CLICK HERE. 

Really, wtf does Gossmajib think he is doing or achieving? Does he not have an iota of shame, honour, self-respect, integrity or dignity? He's been caught skirting with terminological inexactitude and trying to cover up. Again and again. He's been implicated by some in the Altantuya murder and the $7.5 billion Scorpene submarines government procurement contract, with suspected inflated costs. This inflated contacts and kickback modus operandi seems to have infected 1MDB, Felda, MAS and MARA, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

And note too this filthy habit of gigantic risk-taking with the Rakyat's money. You think he would ante up 1 cent, if asked to fork out from his own wallet? He is the worst and most lowly of craven cowards. Bugis warrior, my ass! Only an insane man will borrow 46,000 times the paid up capital of his company. Look at the debts he's piled up:

1. National debt in excess of $550 billion.
2. PMO office budget of $17 billion, with much suspected slush funds.
3. Private Finance Initiative projects, where it is the government that will have to come with $30 billion cash to eventually to re-pay loans from EPF and KWAP, when in fact, by definition, the private sector is supposed to fund BOT projects in exchange for land, concessions or licences!

All these debts will fall on the shoulders of future generations. There is no way, short of refusing to pay the debt, as Greece's experience tell us, that Grossmajib's poor economic policies will make a dent or extinguish this $550 billion national debt, in our life-time. 

Grossmajib has been nabbed in broad daylight with his fingers in the cookie jar, and yet, does not have the dignity or decency to come clean, and bow out. The emperor's nakedness has been exposed, and yet, with the help of his demented coterie of sick sycophants, party and government of self-interest motivated, selfish and greed-filled thieves who think they can take it all with them when they meet their maker, he carries on as though nothing serious has happened! I suspect he his half, if not fully, mental. We have a leader (not mine) who should be in Tanjung Rambutan and not sitting in the prime minister's chair!

Good God, how could this man have progressed to the highest public office in the land, and not have been found out and booted out way, way before he could get anywhere within 50 kilometres of Putrajaya? He does not originate from or belong to the human race. No such ogre can. The system of checks and balances in out political and financial structures is very, very poor indeed. This could only happen when corruption and thievery becomes the dominating culture within the ruling party; God, the Rakyat, truth, justice and fair play all take second place to Mammon!

A serial terminological inexactitude practising prime minister is the bedrock on which a government of thieves takes root. With the current state of our government, this is no mere hypothesis; it is a certain fact. We have thieves, looters and economic plunderers from the top to the bottom of government.

It is our inherent duty to root out this evil force that has taken hold of our government. We must exterminate these vermin as surely and as quickly as we would, a surge in rat population that would herald the onset of plague.

As for Grossmajib, let me put it in clear, concise and succinct language what I feel and think right now:

You lying, thieving, robbing, looting and plundering brute, you monster and miserable excuse for a human being, FUCK OFF from office today. Neither GOD nor the PEOPLE want you or your kind in this country for 1 second longer!  

As for those who think that the credentials of whoever succeeds Grossmajib will be just as bad, and so we might just as well persevere with the devil we know, I can only say to you:

1. Persevering with Grossmajib will eventually, certainly lead to Nazism, a police state, and the total collapse of Malaysia. So, you too can fuck off to Kazakhstan or wherever with Grossmajib and his entourage, if you support him.
2. No one is indispensable.
3. Cometh the hour, cometh the man.
4. Have faith in God, but He will not help those who will not help themselves.

So, get rid of the pure, unadulterated evil and scourge of Grossmajib and BUMNO/SCUMNO Baru/BN now. Put your shoulders to the wheel. Do not sit on the fence. When you hear the clarion call for Bersih 4, don't cower under your beds or bitch about it while taking a  vacation or run off to London, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or the Costa Del Sol.

The price of your failure to stand up for our universal rights, truth and justice will be the future of your and my children!

 Donplaypuks® with serial terminological inexactitude, man!


Anonymous said...

Liked your post, you put it very well. How are the mighty fallen.

Purple Haze said...

He was the major factor in giving UMNO Team A the mandate in the close fight with Team B. As a result, he got the plum jobs and perks and eventually rose to the height of his incompetence (much to the rakyat's dismay, as we find out).

He never actually was a leader in any organisations, other than by virtue of being a politician high up in the hierarchy.

Thus, unfortunately, and much to Mahafiraun's dismay and even his siblings, the hole that he has dug is so huge that the rakyat is going to have to pay to fill it back again.